Scent Diary: 5.2 – 11.2.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

It freaking hot here. Loads of fun and adventure this week with friends and a few fragrances. What I really want to do in this heat is take off my flesh and lie under the fan just in my bones.


Scent Diary: 5.2 – 11.2.2018

Monday 5:

My opening spritz this week was from a 15ml travel of Hermès Cuir d’Ange

This morning was running around with Jin doing the banks, health insurance, etc. We did a health check on my health Insurance products, looking to see if they would give us a better deal when we are married. NOPE! Bastards. So we kept my hospital, teeth, eyes and physic all at premium levels, lopped a bunch of stuff off the extras list, and cut my quarterly investment by over $180. We felt it was a big win.

While wandering I gave myself a spritz of the new Cristiano Ronaldo fragrance and was pleasantly surprised at how wearable it is. A lovely choice for a budget buy. I think the boys will go crazy for it.

Parked at my BFF Kath’s place for my gig tonight and she dropped me there due to lack of parking in the vicinity. Got to say hi to my mate Ruski too.

Evening was taken up hosting a 78ers Fundraiser. The 78ers were anyone who protested or marched in the 1978 first walk down Oxford St in Sydney. Their catch cry was “Out Of The Bars And Onto The Streets”. There were a bunch of them beaten and charged by the police. Having a record and being and out homosexual in 1978 Australia meant that many careers were terminated or truncated, work was hard to find and it has left many of our pioneers in poor financial straits. This year is the 40th Mardi Gras Anniversary and many of the 78ers are unable to afford tickets to some of the major events this year. So there was a Trivia Fundraiser where we raised well over what they hoped and needed so that means the 78ers will get to go to more events this year. It felt good being a part of it.

What else would I wear for a 78ers fundraiser but vintage Lanvin Arpege. I’ve never had so many compliments on how beautiful I smelled. They we’re all swooping in for a cleavage sniff.

Home and Trivia Q&A till the early hours of Tuesday

Tuesday 6:

SOTBed: Cartier Baiser Volé

Up again to finish Trivia Q&A. Needed a clear head so opted for a big spritz from my decant of Eric Buterbaugh Apollo Hyacinth

Scott and I ran around doing office work during the day.

Tabu bubble Bath, Madonna Truth or Dare Naked lotion, Caron Infini EdT which is a much attenuated version of my vintage stuff. I did a giveaway on one of the FB boards. Hopefully it will go to a home that loves it.

Work was fun. We had 62 players tonight and it was loads of noisy, silly, Trivia madness. I love my job.

SOTBed: Amouage Gold Man. Why don’t I wear this glorious baby more. So fabulous in the heat. I bought this tester off FragranceNet ages ago. No cap or box but the smell is divine.

Wednesday 7:

GAWD! I was up till 3am doing NOTHING on the computer. Jin starts early so I jumped on the couch and slept. Funnily, I woke up beautifully refreshed and ready for the day at 9am on the dot.

On our morning walk we discovered a fabulous street art vignette. It was only there for the day but it lifted our wandering decidedly.

Because it’s pretty warm I decided something calm and contemplative was in order. CHANEL Boy won the day and it was a very nice, low key accompaniment to a day out.

Lunch with Marian, Joe and James at one of my favourite Italian cafes, Gioia in Leichhardt. It’s a comfy, delicious, easy going place where you can while away a couple of hours eating, chatting and catching up.

James took this stellar shot of me chatting to Jin on the phone.

Afterwards we wandered to the Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative a few streets away. We chatted with some of the artists and curators there and it was an extremely enlightening experience. For one thing I learned that our first Australians prefer to be called Aboriginal, not indigenous as our small group have been taught. I bought Jin a lino cut of our Australian native birds the Rainbow Lorikeet.


Thursday 8:

Had lunch organising a hosting gig for the Parramatta Council booked today but Stevie cancelled till Monday. It looks like a cool job opening the Parramatta Aboriginal Collectives Exhibition.


My cousin Patsy-Anne sent me a photo of most of the grandkids with our beautiful grandma at her 80th birthday. There I am centre back with the grey shirt on. You can see my sister front right in the black polo neck and blazer, doesn’t she look like a movie star compared to the rest of us?

Vintage Miss Dior EdC and smelling like a BILLION $$$$

Seems like today is a day I can’t really get anything major done. Oh well. Tomorrow.

Did some laundry, made lunch, blogged a bit and watched TV.

In the evening I vacuumed and dusted the house. Jin came home and we chattered for a while but he was tired so he went to bed after we walked the dogs.

Back in front of the TV watching Grimm. SO GOOD!

SOTBed: Vero Profumo Onda VdE from a decant that I LOVE!!!!!

Friday 9:

I’m up. Wearing my decant of Phaedon Tabac Rouge. Even in the heat this beauty is a superstar.

Went to our mates Lisa and Mark’s 25 acre property a couple of hours south of Sydney in Robertson with the two dogs. Lisa is a dog trainer, Mark is some high flying corporate something or other and they have this fabulous place on the side of a large hill that they Air BnB rooms for. There is a dog training arena and alpaca yard (they’re SO cute) with about 20 girls and a bloke across the driveway. Chooks on the home yard acre and a few dogs & cats.

Cheese, biscuits and home grown tiny tomatoes on the back verandah lawn in the afternoon. Lisa cooked Shepherd’s Pie and Broccoli for dinner which we downed with some of the McLaren Vale wine I’d brought. I was having too much fun to remember taking photos but did get this terrible one of Mark and I boozing. The next is of their persimmons.

It was the first night our greyhounds have stayed anywhere but their trainers or our place. They behaved extremely well, not perfectly but well enough that I will gladly travel with them. No toilet accidents but they were staying in my room on sling beds and didn’t sleep very well. Consequently neither did I but no drama. The photo is my 4am wake up by the dogs.


Saturday 10:

In the morning I got in touch with my mate Lesley and the four of us all went for brunch at a cafe. It was excellent fun to hang and chatter. The locals are friendly and the staff were helpful. Food and bev for four was under $70 all up! Amazing.

A healthy couple of spritzes of CHANEL No 19 vintage extrait. Ready for anything.

In the car and back to Sydney. The dogs are becoming super car travellers, not a problem from them.

Tonight is dinner with Jin. YAY! Korean BarBQ. Not new but bloody delicious, my mouth is watering in anticipation while typing.

On the way out the door I gave myself a quick spritz of Parfum d’Empire Equistrius.

Mildly amusing story. Dinner is for a small bunch of us. Kath, Alice, Moose, Jin and I. Totally forgot we were going as a crew. It was delicious, we had a great time, conversation flowed and laughs were had. Didn’t take a damn photo!!!

When we got home I had forgotten that Phil was coming over. Do you see a pattern here? Yep, so he came over for tea and biscuits. It was nice to see him but I’m worried for him. Losing your Mum is shit. Especially when she was the kindest, most loved and revered matriarch. Still no photo!!

Sunday 11:

It is cloudy and humid today. I feel like I’m in summer in Vietnam. Everything feels slightly damp and the air won’t dry my sweat. Saw this beautiful flower today, what colour! It’s just growing as a weed beside the pavement.

Jin is stuck to the South Korean Winter Olympics like you wouldn’t believe. Sadly our Australian coverage is pathetic, even though he has paid for the extras.

For lunch we had Pork Schnitzel with Rice, Mushroom & Onion Gravy and Peas. Jin cooked and it was bloody delicious. SO GOOD!

I’m off to bathe now. Boucheron Trouble bubble bath with the very last of my shower gel. Smells Ah May Zing!

My fragrance tonight, and totally unrelated to my bath, was Tom Ford Ombre de Hyacinth.

Here’s the sunset at Austral Bowling Club. So beautifully Australian with the eucalyptus in the foreground.



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

37 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 5.2 – 11.2.2018

  1. Congrats to Jin for the South Korean gold medal for the shorttrack men! Well done to Lim Hyo-jun! Ofcourse being Dutch we are a tiny bit disappointed for ‘our’ man Sjinkie Knegt (yes, in Dutch is sounds as funny as it reads in English!) getting the silver but then we had 3 Dutch medals for the 3000 iceskating for women, gold, silver and bronze! And today gold on the 5000 iceskating men!
    I’m still commando but have been wearing a lot of Ce Soir ou Jamais, newly discovered: love.


    • HA! He will be thrilled that someone is noticing Korea’s wins Hamamelis.
      I have Ce Soir ou Jamais also, will spritz some. Thanks for the reminder.
      Portia xx


  2. Sounds like you had a lovely trip with your dogs, the more you travel with them the more they adjust to new places.
    I am tiling the laundry this week, we saved tons of money installing new cabinets ourselves, and it is so satisfying!
    That old photo touched me…I have an old school friend who is writing her memoirs (not very interesting unless you like Barbies and dressing up) but anyhow, she is finding stacks of old photos of us all as kids. Hilarious!
    New perfume was Teone Reinthall Wan Chai sample, quite warm and spicy, I like it a lot.


    • Hey JackieB,
      Yeah, one of the reasons I wanted to take them away really. They are such good dogs.
      Wan Chai is really smooth after that initial bang. Glad you’re enjoying it.
      Portia xx


  3. Sounds like you had another wonderful week. That old photo is extraordinary…whilst your sister looks beautiful I have to say that you, Portia look quite the devil yourself! So handsome (although you still are now as well 😉 !) Not that long ago my mom brought me photos of my childhood friend of 50 years and I from the 1980s…my kids were laughing at our hair!

    Nothing outrageous for me this week except for a bit more snow and ice and freezing rain…I will gladly take your heat!

    Spent the week sampling many fragrances from my three month early birthday package from my best friend and perfume partner in crime….while I usually “conehead” my way through anything new that comes in I have been trying to practice moderation and only sample one per day….let’s see how long that will last-LOL!


    • Hey CM,
      You are kind. Queer scrawny looking thing that I was, surrounded by all these wonderful cousins that were so glam.
      Hairdos are the eras biggest giveaways.
      MODERATION? What is this thing?
      Portia xx


      • You will always be glam in my eyes 🙂

        Yes, in my beyond middle age trying to find some equanimity by practicing moderation…something I am NOT good at, especially with food and perfume!


      • You sell yourself short, Portia! We were all young and scrawny in the 80s, haha. And you had that 80s floppy hair! My hubby was the same and now he resembles a billiard ball. I can’t venture near my ‘photo box’ which lives in my wardrobe, because I get all absorbed in it and end up laughing and crying. The last time I was looking for a particular picture ended up in a marathon session with no dinner cooked and sore sides from laughing. Looking at digital images just doesn’t have the same impact as a photo that you can hold in your hands. You don’t quite immerse yourself in the images and they don’t have such emotional impact. (Am I showing my age here?)


  4. Portia, your story about the 78’rs made me cry. Actual tears. Then you said how they loved your vintage Arpege and it was like I was there with you. And I cried a little more! I hope they go to bed at night knowing they are heroes.
    💝 Alanna


    • Yeah Alanna,
      The world is grossly unjust. The few who dare to stand tall in the face of authority are rarely treated well.
      I think that many of them would trade their heroism now for an easier life.
      Portia xx


      • I just googled this. It’s strange in this day and age that such things ever happened. Why the authorities and the church tried to quell and beat down people who liked other people of the same sex is a mystery. People are people are people. What did they think would happen? That we’d all end up wearing leather chaps and ‘taches? (Though one night in Key West was a total hoot for just this thought) Sorry for the mini-rant!


  5. What a great roundup this week! Love the picture of the Lorikeet and the old family photo. I cringe when I see pictures of myself from the 80’s. The shoulder pads, the big earrings, the huge permed hair! But back then we thought we were hot stuff.

    Not much happened this week other than a trip to Palm Springs where my husband rode in the Tour of Palm Springs bicycle ride. It was hot and dry. I’ve been sniffing a lot of samples from Byredo and Mancera, fell in love with Atelier Cologne Santal Carmin and ordered a bottle, lots of valentine’s day coupons coming out in the states so temptation is high (got the Santal Carmin for half price). Need to have a clearout and sell some stuff on ebay but I am lazy, will give myself a kick in the rear this week and get moving on it.


  6. What an emotional week for you, Portia. I loved the photo of all of you. You had a spark of aliveness that is marvellous to see. It is a quality that cannot be bought, raised or moulded into being. Most precious gift a person can have.

    The 78ers story is pretty hard hitting. It should be part of history readily taught, not just in the school system, but as part of our national culture. What I love most is the cameraderie that has gelled everyone to support each other. It is Aussie mateship.

    Oh to have your social skills, Portia! You meet such diverse and interesting folk. The longer I spend at home supporting my youngest, who is hardly leaving the house, the less inclined I am at catching up with people. Anyway, I can join in the community here – which is filled with gorgeous souls! Thank you all for joining us here. Xx


    • And thank you, Kate, for giving us your perspective on things. I wholeheartedly agree that this is a place of gorgeous souls, light-hearted, thoughtful, an escape from the day-to-day humdrum. It’s like you all are virtual friends, without even knowing what you look like, what age you are, your political, religious or sexual leanings. These things don’t matter a jot. So for me, it’s an extension of ‘real life’ where I’m lucky enough to meet interesting people through my work (theatre) and a few live-wires that I’m related to. And that’s a whole other story!


    • Hey there Kate,
      Interesting what others are seeing in that shot.
      The 78ers are heroes. Largely unsung and definitely not taught in our school system. It doesn’t pay to teach modern revolution to impressionable youngsters. Yeah, Aussie mateship can see us through a lot of dark day.
      HA! I really have to push myself to be social. I could happily hibernate. The fear of going into my own head and thoughts too much keeps me seeking diversity and friends. They keep me even and give varying perspectives that I can mull over.
      APJ has become a real hub of wonderful people connecting across the globe. It’s all of you that bring this light and love. There is no way I could have foreseen the fabulous thing APJ is becoming. Lucky us.
      Portia xx


      • Lucky us, indeed! Thanks, Portia for keeping this blog going for almost six years. Such a joyful place to come to 🙂


  7. *Love* that lino cut you bought. And, like others, found the story you tell of the 78s a mixture of heartbreak and outrage–realising the 40 year legacy of ruined lives from such acts of courage. Courage that shouldn’t have been necessary.

    I’ve had a strange week: Monday in London to go to the US Embassy for my visa interview. Amazingly, they said yes.

    I went to celebrate by going for a sniff of all Vero’s perfumes at Bloom (the fabulous Cookie Queen had given me some guidance). Though the passionfruit note of most of the EDPs still makes me recoil, the Voiles had my eyes rolling back in my head with pleasure. I didn’t dare try the extraits. And then that stressful train muddle on the way home. Ugh. But it was all sorted and I didn’t get stranded, so no damage.

    Good perfume score today: found a 50ml bottle of Chergui for 40% off, and the SA who knows me of old and is sad she won’t be stocking SL any more, gave me a bar of SL soap she’d stashed away for a good customer who might appreciate it 🙂

    A major panic midweek when I learned that the year I had to put my PhD studies on hold might not change my deadline, and I need to get a full draft written in the next year. Full tailspin time. A good conversation with my supervisor helped. Still utterly terrified, though.

    Exercise rehab is going well. It’ll be a long journey, but worth it if it gets me back to lifting.

    A rare social weekend. I spent yesterday helping out at a powerlifting competition, which was a blast. It was nice to be useful–every comp I go to, there are people working away at the desk, keeping track of very attempt, every lift. Was good to return that favour, hang out with lifters again, and see some good lifting.

    And lunch today with one pal I’d not seen in ages; she’s turned around from some tough times and is thriving again. And another friend round for dinner–though she’s in a hard, hard place right now with mental health, but fighting to get help. I’m so proud of her determination to hold on when part of her wants to let go. The world is a better place with her in it.


    • Gawd but I’m in awe of you. You have so much going on in your life, work and education, it makes me feel like a sloth (I am, and not planning on changing that anytime soon). It always amazes me that people of my age are such go-getters. I’m not exactly sitting in the armchair looking at life pass me by, but I just can’t be bothered with schooling and stuff of that nature. I was one of those people who skated through school being the class clown and rebellious for the sake of it, probably would be termed nowadays as ADHD. I eventually grew up in my 20s and went to college, and found that I wasn’t totally stupid. And as for your powerlifting, well holy sh1t!!! But take it easy, and don’t over do it too soon.


      • Oh, Cassieflower, you are too kind. I’m mostly just flailing about. And trying to make up for chunks of lost time in the past. The education stuff is because I didn’t finish my degree way back when, and after over 20 years of regret I finally went back and redid it with the Open University, and got a bit of a taste for it. It’s bloody hard, though. The powerlifting is just *fun*, and it was a delight to discover a sport that I could do after a lifetime of being rubbish.


    • 10% what Cassieflower said.
      That perfume score was a karmic payback for your hard work at life Crikey.
      Portia xx


      • See, i look at the stuff other people are doing–looking after families, holding groups together, managing businesses–and realise how easy I have it!



  8. Portia, that’s so sad about the 78ers but such a nice thing you were involved in to help. To be honest, I hadn’t heard about this so I googled it after reading your post. While the story of these heroes is inspiring, it’s so sad to hear about what they lost in the process. Our world is just too cruel at times. My heart also goes out to Phil. The loss of a parent is so much more than just a person. It’s the loss of your foundation, security, and family if you had a good home. Everything changes and you are never the same. He’s lucky to have a friend like you, and I hope he pulls through this OK. Lastly I always enjoy hearing about your travels and pups. Please continue to share those. I don’t have the opportunity to do half of what you do, so I love living vicariously through you 🙂


    • Candice,
      Yes and yes. Phil and I are both lucky.
      You have just given me leave to travel the dogs more, YAY! This time I’ll try and remember to take more photos.
      Portia xx


  9. What a lovely week Portia – thanks for sharing. Your quiz nights look like a hoot!
    Pretty quiet for me. Wasn’t feeling 100% so a couple days at home out of the heat, laying low. Enjoyed Riveria (SBS on demand series) with Anthony LaPagila and Julia Stiles. And caught up with the Vikings. Went to the movies over the weekend – saw Shape of Water which was really different. Very cinematic, stunning visuals and really interesting story with lots of characters. House sitting again so enjoying the shorter travel time to work. Perfume highlights for me – James Heeley Cardinal and my Goldfield Banks samples.


    • Hey there Melanie,
      Nice patch of viewing. Are you feeling better?
      Isn’t Julia Stiles and interesting actress? I thought she was headed for Julia Roberts levels for a while there.
      Portia x


  10. I didn’t know the story of the 78 ers’, I was in Year 7 in a Catholic Girls School they didn’t mention it! My Dad was in and out of hospital at that stage, so I guess we were preoccupied.

    You are gorgeous in your family photos! I love how the fashions bring back so many memories, what perfume were you wearing was the question in my mind lol.

    Been watching Berlin Station on SBS on Demand and bought two more 30ml $10 each SJP Stash! love chemist warehouse lol!


    • Hey Anna Maria,
      The nuns didn’t mention it to us either at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. I must have been in 3rd grade.
      It was 1990 and I think I would have been wearing YSL Jazz or Aramis.
      YAY! $10 is a freaking BARGAIN!
      Portia xx


  11. Thanks again for letting us APJ ers into your life. Good on you for helping the 78 rs. Down here in Hepburn shire the billboards are up for The Chill Out Festival, mostly in Daylesford, which follows on from the Sydney Mardi Gras.:)


  12. Nice and emotional week for you and beautiful perfumes this week – Arpege, omg I forgot about it! Cuir d’Ange, Baiser Vole and then Onda – a treasure. I like old family pictures. They always make me feel nostalgic for the good old times. Recently I’ve been going through the albums my father had sorted shortly before he died. He did a great job and I’m so thankful to him for doing it because it took plenty of time to arrange it by the events and years.
    I had a quiet office week, no travelling for business because it was snowing. I was mostly testing out perfume samples from Nobile 1942 and Clive Christian. CC has some really good stuff but his prices are sky high so I’d better forget about it.


  13. Wonderful to read about your week Portia. Glad to hear you and others are still looking out for those 78ers. Sad that it’s necessary.

    Oh Onda. I blind bought a full(ish) bottle on eBay and it’s so fantastic but it wears me, rather than the other way round. Had to sell it on, but you never know, one day I may be ‘man enough’ for Onda!


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