L’Animal Sauvage by Marlou 2016


Val the Cookie Queen


Hey APJ Gym Bunnies, or not!

I have just walked in the door from my workout. Currently I am preparing to go and meet Vanessa from Bonkers About Perfume in Germany tomorrow. I am two days late writing this, failing to meet my own deadline. FFS. Face palm.

I have a question for those of you that go to the gym. I am sure it is not the first time it will have been discussed, but let’s do it anyway. Over the years I have not put a scent on to workout. Seriously, who want to be next to someone in a cloud of Portrait of a Lady huh? I reckon it is kinda rude. But I usually take a perfume with me for afterwards, and include taking a picture of it for my Instagram. Yeah yeah, whatever, it’s fun. 🙂 After workout #scentoftheday !

Still as a fairly hardcore perfumista, I do feel that something is missing when I go out of the house not wearing anything. Which brings me nicely to:

Released in 2016 L’Animal Sauvage is the first scent for the Amsterdam based Marlou fashion label, founded in 2016 by Marlou Breuls. And I absolutely love it. I mentioned in a post towards the end of last year that I did not have a musk in my collection. Never took the time to search one out, and those that I tried along the way did not bite me in the arse.

L’Animal Sauvage by Marlou 2016

L'animal sauvage Marlou FragranticaFragrantica

Marlou give these featured accords:
Orange blossom. Violet.
Sandalwood. Patchouli.
Civet. Musk.

Seriously this stuff is freaking gorgeous and I cannot get enough of it. It melts into the skin and seems be an extension of my own smell. Which is maybe what a musk should be anyway? All in all making it absolutely perfect before a work out. So after many years of the gym I finally have found my SOTG. I am complete.

I cannot describe how it smells. Read the damn notes, they truthfully say it all. If you are into musks, and even if you are not, this is an elegantly sexy one, and you must give it a go.
You can order 1.5 ml samples, or 30 mls or 50 mls. Prices are brilliant. The 50 ml is only 95 euros. When I think of all the utter rubbish that is out there at ridiculous prices …..

I bought the 30 ml bottle, as I liked the plainness of the rectangular bottle. The spray on it is fantastic, as good as, or better than any Chanel or Dior. It was an absolute bonus. But I reckon I will need to grab the 50ml bottle next, as I am more than half way through it. This really is Fucking Fabulous stuff. Oh wait, has that name been used? LMAO.

Luckyscent has $75/30ml
Marlou has 95/50ml

Do any of you APJers have an opinion of perfumes in the gym? Yes? No? Over your dead and mangled bodies? Drop me a comment, I need to know.

“Marlou’s L’Animal Sauvage is sexiness pure, wrapped in sweet florals that lie to you.”

Musky Muscular Bussis



(Ed: Photos by Val unless specified)

31 thoughts on “L’Animal Sauvage by Marlou 2016

  1. Aaaah, this sounds like the kind of musk I’ve been hoping to stumble across but never have. I am drawn to the musky fur coat perfumes but this one seems more like Your Skin But Better. Samples and 30ml? Brilliant!
    On workout days I normally spray perfume on the backs of my hands so by the time I go it’s usually washed off. In summer I spray light citruses with abandon.


    • Hi Tara! I know, 30 mls huh? Not so overwhelming for us as a big bottle is. Knowing that we will never use it, and indeed might even go off it. :). You do need to try this, I will bring it home when I come. I can often guess if you will like something or not but I really don’t know with this. I cannot wait to wear it in the summer, where it really belongs! Hugs. xxxxx


  2. oooh, that sounds *good*.

    I wear perfume at the gym. But only when I am lifting at the lifting gym, rather than the local council gym. Because weightlifters’ knee sleeves. Seriously. Those things smell like the devil’s unwashed nethers after a bout of norovirus. So perfume means I have a protective cloud of lovelysmell, *and* no one gets to moan about stink. Because knee sleeves.

    But I now also associate it with heavy training, so it’s also worn at competitions, as part of mental prep and link to that training. And to drown out meet day smells of powerlifter sweat, ammonia, and chalk.

    Most worn scents for lifting: Mitsouko, L’heure Bleue, Damn Rebel Witches, Chypre 21.


    • Afternoon Crikey 🙂 I wear my knee sleeves over my leggings, but that will change in the Spring. You have scared me spitless and I guess I had better get at least another 10pairs, I am pretty new to knee protection. But it makes such a difference that I would not want to be without them now. But no, I don’t lift like you do that is for sure. Those are some serious lifting scents – fantastic. Perhaps I need to get more adventurous. xxx


      • oh… I am so sorry I scared you. I should have specified it is *unwashed* kneesleeves that are so vile. Sweaty boys who don’t do laundry. And old sweat in neoprene gets nastier at a shocking rate. One chap I asked admitted he had never washed his sleeves… in two years. two pairs usually covers washing and airing, I believe. (I don’t use them myself, obv, only doing upper body stuff)

        As a bonus, some of the lifters are a little medieval on their approach to bathing and THEN getting sweaty.

        (A good soak in vinegar can help, apparently)


    • I used those neoprene knee protectors for a while during rehabilitation, cannot understand how anyone can stand not washing them twice weekly at least! It puts me off exercising when people wear unwashed clothes to the gym.

      Criikey, you have some bold perfumes for that heavy weight training.


      • Maybe a wee bit *too* bold, Ingeborg, but they give me a boost 🙂

        (At the risk of sounding overblown and/or hippy…they help me to feel very present in my own body and focused on physical reality, and help me to claim the space and the right to lift.)


  3. ‘Read the damn notes’…love it. 😉 I don’t go to the gym as you know, but I did find I enjoyed yoga more the other week while wearing Mito Voile d’Extrait and Le Jardin Retrouve Sandalwood Sacre another time. I like a bit of citrus to put a pep in my stretches. Did you wear that Marlou on one of the days I saw you? I remember you mentioning your upcoming review, certainly.


    • Hi Madame B! Yeah, I think whatever exercise we do it is kind of nice to gt a whiff of something. Nothing at all seems like something is missing, at least to me. Nope, I was wearing Oud Ispahan from Dior. Both days, as it lasted about 48 hours and my scarf still smells of it. Lady Jane gave it to me and I am going back to Vienna for more. Love it. Both you and Tara mention citrus. Hmmmmmm. xxxxxxxxxx


  4. Heya Val,
    Jin has bought me a Gym Membership. Let’s see if we ever get there.
    I remember the Mens Changerooms being an aquatic and aromatic scent adventure. Towards the end of my gym going days LYNX (Axe elsewhere) taking over and making me choke.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Honey. I have no problem going to the gym because I absolutely love it. If I had to make myself go, I probably wouldn’t. Yes, Axe makes me hurl too. I never have worked out if it is the way it smells or that the guys use half a can at a time. See you soon. xxxxxxx


  5. I wear essential oils on the tops of my feet when I go to yoga class (which happens to be in a gym)….lots of times it can be something simple like patchouli, sandalwood or lavender…other times it may be one of my homemade concoctions….

    this fragrance sounds divine…I DO like me a good musk..and I also love that it comes in smaller sizes.


    • Hey chez Marzipan! If you actually like musk then yeah – try this, I cannot imagine that you wouldn’t like it. I train barefoot sometimes, and then I like a spritz around my ankles. My husband is a. yoga teacher and when I do it, I feel so good it makes me cry. I really should do it more often. Gosh. I do do a number of hip openers and stretches before training ………. a ballet dancer? I bet your are beautifully stretchy and elegant. 🙂
      Let me know if you get to try the Marlou. xxxxxxxx


  6. Chez Marzipan, you must be seriously flexi if you can get close enough to your feet to smell them!!
    I wear dabs of scent in my cleavage for yoga class and find it brings my attention back if it wanders.
    Have never been to a gym.


    • Many MANY years ago I was a professional ballet dancer…now I just like to be upside down in yoga 🙂 So when I am in headstand or handstand the tops of my feet waft in the air for others to enjoy whatever scent may be on them….and I do also enjoy smelling my feet when I am in forward fold.


    • Hi Jackie b – nice to see you. I like a dab on the top of my wrist if I do a proper yoga session, which as I just said is not as often as it should be. In reality it would be better than so much time in the gym, but, well …… The gym is my refuge and I love being there.


  7. I’m a committed gym-goer, at least 6 days per week, mostly lifting and Crossfit. I wear fragrance but applied lightly so it’s close to my body and not offend others. There used to be a woman who always wore Angel heavily (the one and only fragrance I can’t tolerate), and it would make me nauseous. I don’t want to be that person at gym! Thankfully my gyms are fairly clean and benign smelling, but occasionally there is that guy who didn’t wash his smelly shirt and chose to wear it again.
    I purchased L’animal sauvage and Ivan attest to its gorgeousness! Sadly as I was opening the package, my exuberant boxer puppy jumped up forcefully to check it out and knocked the bottle out of my hand. It fell on tile floor and shattered! I was heartsick about the loss, but it happens. I’ll replace the bottle soon.


    • Oh no Kathleen! Damn dog. My cat knocked a whole bottle of Rum Extract out of my hand a few years ago, spilled the lot. I empathise. 6 days? Oh I am jealous! I would go six days too, but someone has to make the cookies. I manage 4, two of them with a trainer, so I cannot complain. The only person who would get away with Angel in the gym would be The Candy Perfume Boy. :). Hope you get a replacement, thankfully it is not as expensive as some other stuff. Love, Val xxxxx


  8. This sounds rather yummy. Musk and I generally get on well. I don’t go to the gym as such, but go to exercise classes, and yes, I always wear perfume! But I go in the evening so my fragrance has died down since morning and won’t put anyone’s eye out. I can cope with other people’s frags no bother at all, but there used to be a teenager who absolutely stunk of BO and seemed to always stand behind me. Jesus H Christ it was indescribable sometimes! I’d even prefer Angel to that.


    • Hey Cassieflower! Angel or BO? Hmmmmm. :). I am enjoying finding out that most of like to have some kind of scent when exercising. An addiction is an addiction, an we wouldn’t be writing and reading stuff like this if we didn’t have one! I am always stunned when people don’t not that they have BO. such a turn off. Hugs, xxxxxxxxx


  9. Currently I don’t go to the gym, – I work out on my own, – but even if I did I’m pretty sure I’d wear something, – perhaps something musky since it blends so well with the skin chemistry.

    Loved your review, Val, it really makes me go and find some of that gorgeous musk 🙂


    • Hi Diana! Exactly right. Musk and the gym. Perfect combo. Although there are some musks that might be little too much. What I like about this, is I can spray it and go straight to the studio. Of course I have never asked anyone if I smell as fabulous as I t think I do. hahahahahahah. But I do. 🙂 Love to you, Val xxxxx


  10. I purchased a small bottle of House of Matriarch Fitnessence, and I do think it’s a great workout scent. It is enlivening and doesn’t overpower people around me, but keeps me sort of focused on my workout. It may be marketing on Christi Meshell’s part, but it works and smells great pre, during, and post workout. Probably just the idea that I’m wearing a perfume for working out specifically, motivates me…lol.
    I like the idea of a musk though, and this one seems to smell like sexy warm workout, so I’ll have to try. I’m going in search of my toes today Chez Marzipan!
    The notes listed in Fitnessence are Top: bay, basil, nutmeg, shiso, clove, galbanum, coriander, khella, atlas cedar, blend of five peppers. Heart: cypress, turmeric, coffee, linaloe berry, Texas cedar, spruce, narcissus, barberry, green tea, saw palmetto, goldenrod
    Base: helichrysum, frankincense, sandalwood, ginger, myrrh, opoponax, amber, eagles wood, carrot seed, yohimbe, guarana, ginkgo blend.

    It’s quite a mixed bag, a bit less spendy than her other offerings.


    • Blimey Shiva-Woman! Theose are enough notes to sink a battleship. I need to work on seeking my toes out too, at least getting a lot closer. Love the name Fitnessence.
      Whatever motivates is good …..! Love, Val xxxxx


  11. Ah, Val! Yes, I simply MUST wear a scent to the gym. It used to always be Ralph Lauren’s Notorious, cos it helped make me alert at 4am. I know, I know…no one else was at the gym. Perfect!

    Notorious is hard to get hold of now and I am after work gym bunny at present. Because I pong of the used waste from diesel heavy vehicles, I have to apply something decent. It is usually a Cult of Scent or a Chanel Chance perfume. The citruses don’t last, aren’t overwhelming and distract from outrid clutch dust.

    This Marlou L’Animal is second to Bal a Versaille. It is a stunning perfume for sure. I blund bought it and loved it upon first spray.

    Keep on lifting, Sister Iron!


    • Awesome Kate. Nothing better than a risk that pays off. It really is quite gorgeous. Yep – no intention of quitting any time soon. Leg day tomorrow – might need a double spritz. 4am is early even for me. I look forward to the day we meet! :). xxxxx


  12. I don’t go to the gym, but I do go to classes at a yoga studio and I do wear scent. Nothing huge or animalic, but I don’t worry about offending since the teachers use aromatherapy oils, burn candles, incense and palo santo wood, so it’s definitely not a scent-free environment.


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