Hi there Fashion Fragrances,

Dropped by CHANEL yesterday and did some spritzing of the EdPs. It inspired me to do some catching up on their CHANEL F/W 2018 fashion today. Here’s a best of quick trip down the styles and accessories that made waves.

CHANEL F/W 2018 Australian Perfume Junkies

I would like to say that their cutting down 200+ year old trees to host this parade makes me grumpy. Having done it though they make the simple wild woods look as Disney as CHANEL only can. I love seeing all the cool celebs chattering and watching this completely OTT event in the woods. The juxtaposition is clever.


The clothes are wonderful.



Film from YouTube

9 thoughts on “CHANEL F/W 2018

  1. The tree thing raised my hackles but other sources say none of em were more than a century old (um, that’s still pretty frickin old) and that they’ve planted 100 new trees to make up for it. Plus forests can be sustainably managed precisely by cutting down old trees.

    Plus I live in a country where half the population installs a dead tree in their living room for the sake of one special day, every damn year. Younger trees to be sure, but judge not lest ye be judged!?


    • Hey Earl Grey,
      Ahhh, I missed those stories. yes, forests can be managed sustainably but do you really think the CHANEL machine was thinking like that before the brouhaha?
      Yeah, we have had the same plastic tree for two decades now and a silver tinsel tree before that. There were a couple of years in our childhood we had a big old real tree and the smell, needles and general drama of it gave Mum the willies.
      Portia x


  2. I love Chanel fragrances; however, I was distressed about the trees as well. Humans can be so destructive. I also don’t see the point of cutting down beautiful evergreen trees for Christmas decorating. I have had the same artificial tree for years.


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