Saturday Question: What is Your Fave Date Night Fragrance?




Hello Fellow Fumies,

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Saturday Question: What is Your Fave Date Night Fragrance?

Date Night! Be it with your long time lover, spouse, one nighter, blind date or casual fling. Do you wear for you or them? Do you wear to feel super sexy or go under the radar in case their last partner, boss, sister, uncle or teacher wore it and they’ll be freaked? Heavy handed or ultra light? Do you have a date night signature, spend hours trying to decide or is it the last thing on your mind?

My Answer:

Jin is a funny one. He will love one of my fragrances one day and then complain that it picks his nose the next, only to do an about face a week later. It does make it tricky. I can wear Shalimar five days running (this NEVER happens BTW) and each day will get a different reaction to it.

So whatever I’m going to wear for our date night I make sure it’s at least an hour old on my body before we leave. That means Jin isn’t confronted or ambushed by the loud top notes and he can cuddle up and enjoy the calmer waters of heart and dry down.

Shalimar, Miss Dior, Mohur and Mancera The Oudh are all pretty good percentage of likes and happy compliments. Mostly though he will only make more than a passing comment if it’s annoying him. So I really wear them for myself and my own inner feeling of beauty.

My Saturday Question to you is:

What is Your Fave Date Night Fragrance??

40 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What is Your Fave Date Night Fragrance?

  1. My husband tolerates my perfume obsession. He rarely comments either way- but I do make sure I’m not freshly sprayed when we go out so he isn’t blasted with my scent. One he does like is SJP Covet, surprisingly! For myself, my favorite winter date perfume is Jungle l’Elephant, but I have to be quite stingy with it! Some others: Seville a l’aube, Shalimar ode Mexique, and for a humid hot evening or beach vacation, Bronze Goddess.

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  2. I wear something pretty but no more than a bit strange on a first date. Orange Sanguine, Vetiver Pour Elle, Ambre des Merveilles.


  3. Date night? What’s that? LOL! But seriously, my hubs is like Jin in that he will only comment when something is too strong or bothering his allergies. He did, however, remark on Eris Perfumes Mx not too long ago (“it smells like something from the 80s”) and will occasionally say “Go put on that 80s perfume” when he is feeling frisky 😉

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  4. Ooh, that’s a tricky question, Portia! I haven’t been on a date for a few years; not that I don’t want to, I just don’t seem to want it enough 🙂 Anyhow, I wear what I like, except, of course, for the scents that would make people choke and wish to leave (or make me leave, lol).
    I was married in my twenties and I remember letting my then-husband sniff a perfume I chose to make sure he wouldn’t hate it.

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  5. For date night, I get to wear my “bigger” perfumes because my husband doesn’t have any sensitivities, and he likes most fragrances, especially my vintages. My husband grew up with his Mother and Grandmother wearing the big fragrances from the 60s-80s, and understands my perfume obsession. I don’t have a favorite date night fragrance; today I will wear Tauer Orange Star.

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  6. Date night, what’s that? :-). I am an old married lady with dogs, we prefer to stay home and cuddle. But if I were to go out on a date, it would be something like Amouage Fate or Dior Mitzah.


  7. Date night? Mostly I wear scent to please myself, in all scenarios. Also most of my date nights are last minute, spontaneous events, ie neither of us can be bothered cooking, or cannot decide what to cook ,lol .If it is a ‘special’ preplanned event ,though, I can spend hours, even DAYS choosing my scent. My date scents are Samsara, Jungle Elephant ,Eden , Lou Lou, Grey Flannel..{if I feel like being cheeky!. .hubby is a strict, Men’s/ Women’s scents should not be crossed over type} and many times I grab a sample scent on the run.


  8. My husband doesn’t really notice unless it’s something he doesn’t like – then he’ll comment. He likes me to just smell clean – the smell of my skin. Sigh. Kind of a let down for a fragrance lover. I just wear whatever makes me feel beautiful. Right now I’m loving Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille – cosy for winter, a little spicy and sweet vanilla to satisfy my current love of gourmand.


  9. The tinterweb ate my comment🙄. I don’t have a specific date night frag as we don’t really do date nights, because any night could be date night. But I know he loves Opium and Coco.


  10. If it’s a REALLY dressy date night, as in floor-length gown dressy, I like to wear Amouage Gold or Chanel No. 22, as they make me feel so elegant. If it’s a casual date night (like going with my DH to see Mamma Mia 2 last night — GO! it was wonderful!), I wear something lighter and usually a fragrance he has given me. He has excellent taste in fragrance and has never given me one I didn’t like, and that way I get to wear something I enjoy, which I know he will like, and I can show him how much I appreciate his gifts.


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  12. My husband’s one and only perfume love is Carnal Flower, so when we go out I wear that. He never notices any other perfume, and can always appreciate CF, so I wear it for him. I wear my others for normal days.


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