Saturday Question: Which Fragrance Does Your Partner Love?




Hello Fellow Fumies,

Every Saturday we have a Question, an idea purloined from Olfactoria’s Travels. Everyone gets to chime in with an answer, chat with other responders and it is a fun event each week. Taking sides never means taking offence and everyone keeps it respectful and light, even though we can sometimes trawl the depths.

The idea is you’ll see it on the weekend or chime in through the week. Hopefully you will come back and see if anyone has responded to your comment and you can reply to them.

Saturday Question: Which Fragrance Does Your Partner Love?

Most of us have partners who shake their heads in bewildered fascination or horror at our unreasonable lust for perfume collection. Some even have partners who are uncomfortable around a lot of fragrance and who suffer our addiction on a multitude of levels. Jin finds a few of my fragrances give him very uncomfortable prickles in the nose and a few have even induced nightmares.

So this makes the fragrances they love even more special and important. The ones they notice happily, snuggle in for or that are downright fabulously dangerous to wear around them. Today I’m wondering what your partners really like that you wear.

My Answer:

Jin is a funny one. He rarely outright compliments a fragrance after all this time together. Almost the only times I hear what he thinks about my fragrance is if it irritates him in some way. Fairly standard partner stuff I’m sure.

When I wear Neela Vermeire Mohur and he picks it I get a happily surprised reaction. He likes it, thinks I smell particularly good in it, is also really happy when he can pick it and feels quite impressed with himself.

Guerlain Samsara is another one he compliments most of the times I wear it. It’s not that often so the wear to compliment ratio is pretty high. I have some old parfum that is particularly lush and just a half spritz of it smells fabulous.

My Saturday Question to you is:

Which Fragrance Does Your Partner Love?

71 thoughts on “Saturday Question: Which Fragrance Does Your Partner Love?

  1. I read somewhere that vanilla type scents are popular with blokes, and maybe this is true chez moi. Mr B likes Blue Amber by Montale a lot, also Cuir Beluga and Volutes. This is good!

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  2. Is Jin related to Mr. Marzipan? because my hubs also usually just comments to tell me something is “too strong”!

    However, he commented that I smelled great on our first date and I was wearing Gap Heaven. I wore it during our first year of courtship exclusively because anything else I attempted to wear he did not like. I am down to my last bottle of that d/c beauty. Cassieflower told me they sell for a song on ebay so I am seriously considering a back up bottle (Cassieflower, you get an enabler pin from me!)

    and then there is Mx…first time I tested it he said “What are you wearing? Smells like an 80s perfume”. He will ask me to wear that sample when he is feeling frisky …guess he likes that one too!

    and you already know he does not wear fragrance anymore but he will wear St. Clair Scents First Cut for ME when I am feeling frisky…it smells absolutely freaking amazing on him and one small spray on his chest lasts 12 hours!!!!

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      • Not really, my son lives in Scotland so I don’t see him on a regular basis. I don’t think he would notice anyway.I mentioned on the other thread about my sister’s partner making a show of his hay fever,blaming it on my perfume. I don’t think that counts !!!!!
        But my 7 year old great grandson gave me a hug last week and said “Nanna you smell nice” . I can’t remember what I was wearing.
        I have to rely on my daughter and Grandaughters…..I’ve mentioned them before. They love perfume.

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  3. I get pretty frequent compliments from my husband on my perfumes, so I can’t say there’s any one he especially loves. It’s easier to cite the few that got negative comments: Tauer’s Le Maroc pour Elle, « that’s really strong! » and Annick Goutal Petite Chérie, « Don’t wear that one again. ». He also didn’t care for Angel Muse and said Mon Guérlain smelled nice but not « me. »

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  4. My husband Ron rarely notices my scent. But he adores Jo Malone Pomegranate noir and never fails to say something when I wear it. I also just got some Clive Christian X for women and he has so far also complimented me every time I have worn it!


      • Hey Portia! Yes, I’ve been rather happy, I’m quite self-sufficient and I know more about my wishes and boundaries now. After I got divorced at 24 I spent a couple years dealing with post-marriage PTSD (we were two drama queens, to say the least), and I haven’t really met the right person which is fine with me. Met two wrong ones, though, not gonna fall for that again.


  5. Hi Portia, Carl is quite picky with what he wears but does not say much about my perfume choices unless I am wearing Mohur, Cuir Beluga, Shalimar or Chanel No 5. Those are the ones that he loves on me. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs to you both. Sandra xo

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  6. Hello all. My other half has very little sense of smell and he’s colour blind, so he can rarely appreciate either my fragrances or my colour-changing eyes!
    He was very supportive of the start of this adventure, however, which was to find a bottle of Tendre Poison 10 years after it was discontinued. Now I get a slightly different reaction when parcels arrive!
    The first time I wore Cuir Altesse, however, I did get a positive reaction, but reactions are rare!


    • Hi there Sue,
      Tendre Poison! I buy that when I see it for our girlfriend Alice. It’s one of her go-tos. Getting VERY hard to find nowadays.
      Cuir Altesse is so good! It’s not often we read about those frags here. Thanks for the reminder.
      Portia xx


      • Thanks so much, Portia. You’re right, Tendre Poison is hard to find. Sometimes I feel like curling myself around mine like a dragon guarding its hoard.


  7. His nibs likes the spicy scents, loves Opium and Coco especially. Though occasionally he will comment on a floral. His own frags are mostly spicy too. He wears Spicebomb very well, and his current favourite is Aramis Calligraphy.

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  8. My nice husband likes just about anything he has bought for me, even when I haven’t given him specific suggestions, lol. He picked out Blasted Bloom for me, by himself, and we both love it. He notices and likes scents that include vanilla, lately Shalimar Cologne (the 2015 one, which I recently got and am LOVING). He and my teenaged son both like Montale’s Intense Cafe, which I think has brought me the most unsolicited compliments from them and others in the last two years. He tends to prefer scents with some floral notes, even if they aren’t dominant.

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  9. I mostly get happy tolerance. There are a few things I’ve worn that, on the first outing, get a pointed question or a semi-negative comment (Rozy smelling like bug spray or medicine, Rentless being too hippy-patchouli) but… if I wear them a few more times it usually mutates into “oh, you smell nice” or “I like that”, or, in the case of Rentless, it moves across to his side of the perfume niche when I’m not looking…

    There are only a few things that have got wholehearted, unprompted positives first time around, including Kiste (“comforting”), and Zoologist’s Civet.

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    • “It moves across to his side of the perfume niche when I’m not looking”….priceless!!!! This happens a lot in my house as you already know but it is always a mini marzipan and usually not my hubs doing it.

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  10. Late to the discussion – fundraiser yesterday – but the only perfume my husband has ever commented on is SJP Covet. I did go through a phase of wearing it regularly but he seemed to like it. He doesn’t have much of a sense of smell, sadly, so he doesn’t comment much but is very tolerant of my obsession! (Even wanted to know if there was a local perfume store that I liked for gift card purposes – unfortunately there is none!)

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