Incredible Things by Laurent Le Guernec for Taylor Swift 2014


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Hello APJ folk!
I went through a phase last year of buying up random perfumes to store in a pile of unopened ones under my bed. Someone suggested I buy things when I see them cheap and open them up in the future when I think I may like the sound of the notes. So, I saw Incredible Things on massive discount at a little chemist in a tiny shopping centre and bought it. About Christmas time I was feeling depressed through my enforced no-buy period and thought I’d open it to see how it compared with Ms Swift’s other very fruity and sweet offerings.

Instant love!

Incredible Things by Taylor Swift 2014

Incredible Things by Laurent Le Guernec

Incredible Things Taylor Swift FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Grapefruit, Pink pepper
Heart: Passion flower, Vanilla orchid, Suede
Base: Haitian vetiver, Madagascan vanilla, Musk, White amber

I imagine Ms Swift has a serious, contemplative side to her personality. Though she is marketed as girly and romantic, I think there is a marvellous deeper side to her. I glimpse this through Incredible Things. It is a quiet, almost serious scent, in that it does not project with laser like capability and does not pierce with high pitched notes. There is a calm leather and pale violet quality in the opening of Incredible Things. Her other scents are seriously sweet and hit me with an immediate punch to the front of my brain. Incredible Things slowly sings its way to me, and it is a welcomed relief.

Longevity is a problem with Incredible Things, I get about an hour of the leather and violet unfolding to a powdery floral, which then dies down to nothing after three hours. At the price this fetches, I can justify regular spritzes. I have tried spraying a lot on at one time, but it makes no difference to the opening effect. It is simply a serene scent that works best with two or three sprays, reapplied often. I find it is best applied and left to do its magic. I rarely lift my wrist to my nose. Projection is modest enough to allow people to notice I am wearing it, but loud enough for me to catch wafts of it now and then.

If Incredible Things were released by a niche house, I’d bet it would be more favourably received. The fact it is housed in a garish bottle and seated alongside the numerous celebuscents might contribute to the lack of noise over it. I must admit to being floored by the combination of notes done in such a demure yet classic manner. Especially given the harsh sweetness of Ms Swift’s other scents.

Now, let me tell you that the major notes (as listed by Fragrantica) are vanilla, suede, passion flower, musk, vetiver and orchid. It surprises me that vanilla is voted as the most prominent. I registered the florals and vanilla as a mild violet and I get a light trace of the vetiver, but I needed that pointed out by the notes list. Do I love it enough to be eyeing off a back up bottle.

Have you been surprised by a celebrity scent?
Til next love,
K xx

26 thoughts on “Incredible Things by Laurent Le Guernec for Taylor Swift 2014

  1. Besides SJP, the celebrity scents I enjoy are Queen by Queen Latifah (vanilla!); Adam Levine for Her (sandalwood!); Eau de Gaga (leather!). All three ere super cheap blind buys (less than $10) and as such are big wins for me!

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  2. Yay! Kate is in the house!!!

    I like the sound of this one and the bottle is cute too. I think the recent celebrity scent that I have enjoyed has been Stash and have been eyeballing the ones MMK mentions in her comment above. I am supposed to be on a no buy and have already broken it so it may be a while before I get to those. And then I would also be breaking my rule of blind buys-LOL!

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  3. My head is waaaaay to far up my backside to even look at celeb scents. But you have such a good point – if it was bottled and put under a different name, who knows? I do have a bottle of Stash which I was given. it is surprisingly good, but lasts at least 24 hours on me, which is rather on the coma inducing side. I tried it in the summer though, and will give it another go in cold weather, I think it will be better. Nice to finally have you back here Kate. I wondered where you were hanging out! Hugs. xxxxxxx

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  4. Kate, I will definitely try to find and try Incredible Things, it sounds promising. I like a couple of celebuscents: Covet by SJP and Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson (I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Jessica released such an unexpected frag). I still haven’t tried Stash or Lovely but I’m very curious about them.

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  5. Just off the top of my head the only ones that I’m familiar with are Stash and Covet, and both excellent frags. I can’t really be bothered with even trying any more so-called celeb scents, they don’t catch my interest. Maybe there’s an element of snobbery, I dunno, though I’m not a perfume snob at all.

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    • Cassieflower, not many others catch my interest either. I deliberately went out yesterday to sniff a few and found I didn’t like any. I also tend to rely on word of mouth for these scents too. I guess willingness to be open minded is what it is about.


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