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Hey Hey Perfume Junkies,

APJs new Thursday thing for September. Hoping to combat the guilt I feel when so much arrives and so little gets written about, the idea of New Sniffs emerged.

The idea is that anything worthy of comment, either good or bad, that’s passed under my nose through the week will get a short write up. Up till now I have kept APJ positive comments only, those days are gone. If I think something is terrible, shamefully lazy, greedy or stupid and you should know about it, it will be said. Not everything works for everyone and it would be pretty boring if it did >>> YMMV. I’d love it if you all agree, respectfully disagree, have any thought-out opinion and want to share, do so in the comments below. The point is starting a conversation.

New Sniffs Aug 2018

Anything that I’m not keeping becomes a super simple GIVEAWAY. All comments are entered. Next week I’ll tell you who picked. If the winner doesn’t eMail me during the week it will JACKPOT to next weeks winner who will get both.

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New Sniffs: 27.9.2018

This week I had my girlfriend Hyun over for dinner and we got our sniff of a couple of envelopes that had been put aside while I went on holiday and then forgotten. It was really fun. First impressions are from spritzing, sniffing, wearing during the evening. There are a couple of updates as I smelled the scent strips again next morning.


Il Mio Segreto by Olibere Paris

There is something perfectly poised about Il Mio Segreto. It’s sharp and zingy citrus opening and warm, cuddly vanilla woods base feels instantly welcoming to me. Wearable in the best possible way. I’d love to cuddle up to someone wearing this.

Savannah’s Heart by Olibere Paris

Resinous labdanum is cut through by a brisk citrus that smells to me like hot rocks and sand. Seriously, there is a feeling of enormity and heat, like walking through central Australia or JEEPing it through an Indian Tiger Reserve in summer. Savanna’s Heart feels dry but not parched. It’s full of the scent of unseen animals and the crackle of dry grass and twigs. The sensation of heat perfectly captured in fragrance.

Paradis Lontains by Olibere Paris

Though Paradis Contains is nothing new it is beautifully done. A fruity tuberose that ends in a fruit sweet amorphous woods. The purists will poo-poo it but I really enjoyed wearing it and even now the paper strip I first spritzed on a few days ago smells inviting with its fruity woods left whispering softly.

Sogno Reale by Talismans

A boozy, aquatic  amber with a healthy dose of animal in the background. Happily weird at the start and softly beautiful dry down. You northern peeps moving into autumn will be LOVING it. This is the good stuff. The amber of dry down will keep chugging away for hours and hours.

Aromatics Black Cherry by Clinique

This was sent by an APJ buddy. I have a great love for the way Aromatics Black Cherry dries down. It smells like boozy cherries but in a frag kinda way, so not photo realistic. So most of the wear is absolute bliss. The opening is a punish though. There’s a note that the big companies are using in cherry fragrances that smells incredibly artificial sugar-ish. It has a similar back of throat ache and shiver of disgust I get when drinking diet sodas.

The ones that didn’t work. YMMV

Id by Mendittorosa

This is a funny one. I’ve tried Id before and loved it. Tonight it seemed really flat, lifeless and never got lift off.
Update: Smelling my strip this morning it is a whisper of gorgeous. A spicy, nutty praline. Much more what I remember from previous wears.

Omega by Menditterosa

I find myself nearly anosmic to Omega. Even this morning smelling the card all I smell is the absence of smell. Like there’s a hole in my ability to smell. My nose has the familiar tingle of new scent but nothing.

Le Mat by Talismans

Amazing. Here’s a story for you. In Korea they have a toothpaste called Pine Salt. I love it. Whenever we are in Korea I buy a tube. It tastes not far from its name and is this kooky mouth experience. Somehow with totally unrelated ingredients the Talismans crew have recreated it almost exactly. Smells great, can’t wear it because it’s stepping on another scent/taste memory.


Have you tried any of these? How did they work for you?
Portia xx

58 thoughts on “New Sniffs: 27.9.2018

  1. A lot of wonderful juices in this list, i guess. I’ve only had the chance to test Sogno Reale and Le mat from Talismans. I think Sogno Reale is a fantastic creation and you need some time to fully appreciate it. At first was a little weird on the first spritz on top notes, probably from the animalic touch but after several wearings it evolved to something amazing. I love these type of fragrances where u need to work a little and explore it on all the sides, then finally u get to find the real treasure chest 🙂


  2. I really like Le Mat. In theory. Though I have a decant, I rarely wear it–it seems to be one of the rare scents that wears me, rather than the other way around. It feels a bit like wearing someone else’s clothes. They might fit, but they feel wrong on.

    Sogno Reale seems yummy, though, from the one sampling I’ve done so far.
    Savannah’s Heart sounds interesting.


    • I know that feeling when you’re wearing a fragrance that makes you feel like you are wearing someone else’S clothes. The funny thing is that I will often love the fragrance. Some of the 1000 Flowers scents come to mind. They are undoubtedly beautiful, but they just don’t fit. For me, the decision to buy a new scent or not really does hinge on whether or not it fits and is comfortable. It can certainly be a challenging wear, but somehow it has to fit into what feels right on me.


  3. I tried the Black Cherry at Harrods (don’t know if it’s obtainable in the US) and I couldn’t get on with it. Definitely not what I expected!


  4. I’ll be the cheerleader for Black Cherry. It’s like the fruit has been slowly simmering in the booze with just a touch of sugar to make it palatable. Works for me. Years ago had Cartier Delice. Now that was a sugar rush.
    That Paradis sounds like me to a T. Love me some tuberose.

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  5. I had very high hopes for Savannah’s Heart and unfortunately got overenthusiastic at the release and bb a fb but it was all about oud for me upon the wearing and does not interest me now, a bit more on the rhubarb would have helped tremendously. Currently seeking out the Meditterosa brand, these days I am all about gourmand scents, bring on the praline! I have not yet tracked down Black Cherry but it sounds a certain win.


  6. My eldest daughter has the Black Cherry. She wanted me to try it because I love PG Aomassai and she felt that the two drydown were similar. I did not, although once the Black Cherry had passed the opening stage it was all sorts of gorgeous.
    Sogno Reale is securely on my to try list. Portia, you have awakened my inner funk/animalic lover. Antique Ambergris was just soooo good. I seriously crave it. And not just on the odd occasion either. It’s a daily sniff for me. Perfecting my chop and change technique!


  7. I haven’t tried anything from your list, but Savannah’s Heart and Sogno seem interesting to me. The former for capturing the scent of the heat and the latter for the boozy aquatic part.

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  8. Ooh, thankyou for the boost to my morning!
    I have always wanted to try Mendittorosa, but it seems the most intriguing on your list is the Cherry one. Although I do remember detesting that other Clinique one, was it Happy? It was swiftly donated to our tennis club raffle!


  9. le mat smelling like a toothpaste is a funny story. I bought a used le mat bottle which has about 20% left. I felt this is not much but now it seems from reviews it is not really a perfume people wear frequently even if they love it,. looks like maybe 20 ml is more than enough for me now. i must admit i have not worn it yet, just caught a quick whiff from spray and it was likeable.


  10. Tried none of these but I’ve read a couple of reviews on Savannah’s Heart and Le Mat, they do sound like my kind of thing. Also, Pine Salt? Sounds gorgeous!!


  11. I’ve tried the Menditterosas and the only one that worked for me was Nettuno, a somewhat metallic outer space smelling iris. It goes on a little abrasive and then fiteen minutes later I am wondering who smells so good. Le Mat and Id and Omega did nothing for me, alas.


    • Well now. This week’s New Sniffs has me very intrigued by the Talismans/ Menditterosa line. It’s becoming quite an obsession. They’ve gone into my cart three times and been removed. Because I try to be responsible and mature. And yet…..they keep coming up. Like weeds. They won’t leave me alone! But why should I try such heinously expensive stuff? What if I love it and must have it? It’s not likely that I would part with such a stash of money to get it in the first place. So conflicted. STC has a 20% discount. I’ll wait and hope that more people chime in saying that none of the scents really worked on them. But….


  12. Oh I want that toothpaste!
    Sugary cherry will not work on me. Or sugary anything.
    Sogno Reale is already on my list. So is Osang. Yes, OSANG!

    Also I am quickly losing track of the new sniffs- these are going to have to go in a spreadsheet. Both good & bad. Sigh. On second thoughts, that might be fun!


  13. I have tried nothing new. September has been a ghastly month for family illnessness, all worrying. Most of this winter was beastly.

    Hope everyone is doing well. xo


  14. The Olibere range, minus Sav’s Heart, were sent to me as a prize a year ago. None struck me as worth the chase, delivery fees, exchange rate etc. The one I was very keen on trying was the very one I didn’t get. I think I secretly want a replacement for my beloved vintage Safari. Le sigh….!

    Next on my radar are the Arquiste range. Libertine perfumes do samples, correct??

    I did try a few of Teone’s new ones. Kodama is an oud with a cedar openong and develops into a slightly ambrette and just there citrus oud. I can easily wear this any time.

    Also, Tenderness got a quick run. Bright floral in a light handed touch. I need longer with it, but definitely a summer one for me.

    I finalised my Aromatics collection by Teone with Energique. The most lively and robust of them all. Strikes me as a shot of espresso for the soul. A buzz of cinnamon gives it a kick and the bergamot has me a little more alert. I can see this being a Saturday morning wake up call.


  15. Apart from my raging obsession for the Talismans, another line has caught my eye. Initio perfumes. I’m busting to try Side Effect and Absolute Aphrodisiac. Perchance, has anyone tried these?


  16. I looked at the Talismans range again. And again. And honestly Osang is The One. Hoping to find someone who has tried it?

    Portia- where did you get your Talisman samples from? tia!


  17. I did google korean pine salt toothpaste and got something called amore pacific pine salt toothpase in green packaging. Will go looking next time I’m at the Asian store- we have heaps of Korean students here. So who knows!


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