Scent Diary: 29.10 – 4.11.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

Full week again. We are warming up here in Sydney. Friday hit 38C (100.4f) which is quite hot for spring.  Wore some awesome fumes and hung out with some of the crew. Quite a bit of my time was spent being a homebody though. BLISS.


Scent Diary: 29.10 – 4.11.2018

Monday 29:

Jin had us up early today to do an Aquarobics class at the Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre. It was so fun doing the Shallow Water class that I stayed for the Deep Water class as well. Jin went off to sauna and soak in the spa pools. Then I did a couple of laps to stretch it all back out. Beautiful morning.

SOTDay: Rahele by Neela Vermeire Creations

Home to Chicken with Veg & Noodle Stir Fry.

Jin has now gone to bed and I’m starting on my TRIVIA Q&A.

The house was so thoroughly cleaned on the weekend I’m giving myself a break today and only cleaning my bathroom. The rest of the place still looks great.

Did some blogging.

Watched the rest of Daredevil Season 3.

Finished TRIVIA Q&A 12.13am

SOTNight: Masque Milano Luci ed Ombre from a carded sample. WOW! Just wow. It’s eye rollingly, heart palpitatingly, good stuff.

Luci ed Ombre Masque Milano Fragrantica

Tuesday 30:


No Scotty today

Did a little bit of stuff but really it was a nothing day till my bath. Blogged, watched Arrow Season 6 (a bit unfinished, each ep seems to not really go anywhere), hung with Jin till he had to sleep for work tonight.

Granville by DIOR! If you are going to spend stupid money on cologne, this is a seriously fine choice.

Work was excellent. Now I’m home and about to watch more Arrow.

SOTBed: Niki de Saint Phalle

Wednesday 31:

Today flew by.

Morning Spritz of Hermès Monsieur Li.

Jin and I went to the gym.

Then we shopped, came home made lunch, watched some Arrow.

Grabbed Wendy and went for trivia. It was SO QUIET! Halloween has really taken off in Australia and we think everyone was out doing spooky shit.


SOTNight: Majaina Sin by The Different Company

Thursday 1:

Up early and spritzed some Imogen by Evocative Perfumes. It has been hidden in a box full of Indie stuff and I just rediscovered it. As you can see it’s been a firm favourite over the years. A dark, luscious rose with leather and vanilla. Beautiful. Perfect for the dog walk this morning.

Jin and I went and did some Aquarobics again this morning. My calves are tight from the gym yesterday and they REALLY felt the burn today.

Straight after I went and met my girlfriend Natalie for lunch in Mosman. One of the poshest suburbs in Sydney. We had Italian. It was SO DELICIOUS! I must admit to you all here I had two pieces of white bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. It was heavenly. Then I had a prosciutto, pear and mozzarella salad with steamed veg on the side. Also delicious. No photo.

Came home, watched Arrow.

Had a gorgeous Radox Bath Salts bath to give my calves some love. They do feel a very little bit better for it. Also I’ve been doing some simple calf stretches.

Had some Chicken & Veg Penang Curry with Brown Rice for dinner. Jin makes it in advance as a ready meal and I microwave it. So delicious. MMMMMMM

SOTNight: Grenadille d’Afrique by Aedes de Venus’s from a decant. Dark, smoky woods with a hit of lavender and vanilla.

Grenadille d'Afrique Aedes de Venustas Fragrantica

Friday 2:

DAMNIT! I was sniffing the cap of my Surrender To Chance decant of Serge Lutens Le Participle Passé and now it’s on my nose. End of any sniffing I was hoping to do today. Shop Shut.
Thank goodness it’s so freaking gorgeous, so no real hardship. Today I’m getting all sorts of Bal a Versailles correlations from it. That’s news.

Le Participe Passé Serge Lutens fragrantica

Jin has the day off. He got home around 7.30am and has commandeered the couch. It’s in the middle of the house and impossible to do anything in the kitchen, dining room or watch any TV while he’s there. I was going to New Sniff my morning away before we go to the gym. BUM!

We spent quite a bit of our day organising our travel in 2019. Meeting Jin’s Korean friends in Paris, then solo for the Balkan states, trains across Russia, Mongolia and meeting up with family in South Korea. It’s feeling ridiculously epic already.

38C in Parramatta (100.4F). The dogs are inside panting. We are pretty comfortable.

By 2pm I’ve been able to smell other things than Le Participle Passé. Hopefully by tonight I can give my face a good wash and then do some sniffing.

Threw on some spritzes of Diptyque Eau Duelle to go to the gym. I love its smoothness and the way it wafts softly as I sweat.

Basically lazed the rest of the day away with TV and reading. Very relaxing.

At about 7pm I finally started doing some sniffing of some Surrender To Chance stuff, and some splits. The notable ones will be in New Sniffs next week.

I cooked us some Penne Bolognese tonight with added shredded carrot & silverbeet inside and some snow peas as garnish. It wasn’t my best effort but it went down fine.

SOTBed: Samsara EdP by Guerlain.

Saturday 3:

I smell so good this morning a hefty reapplication of Guerlain Samsara EdP occurred. YUM!

After the dogs Jin and I went and put a new fan/light up in Kath’s place. Her balcony garden is looking so pretty right now.

We headed off for brunch quite late. It was bloody delicious.

You’ll also notice Jin is wearing the T Shirt I bought him in Paris earlier this year. Isn’t he a dish? I had Eggs Benedict with Spinach and Ham on Lindseed Sourdough. The Hollandaise isn’t on my diet list but everything else is all good.

Then Kath, Jin and I hit the gym together. Then you’ll see my new Gym Boyfriend Ray. SO SWEET! This photo doesn’t even do him justice.

We then met Alice at Kath’s Ma & Pa’s place. Chattering, swimming and reminiscing. It was a lovely afternoon.

Jin and I headed off to collect Matt and we had Korean Fried Chicken. I know. Not on my diet list but I didn’t eat very much and I LOVED every fricken morsel. Well worth the plunge. MMMMMM

Home for the evening. Bath, TV and hang around with Jin and the dogs.

In a cloud of Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sunday 4:

Jin was supposed to go SCUBA diving this morning but my snoring kept him awake till very late last night so he didn’t go. Bummer.

SOTDay: Coco extrait by CHANEL

Met Kath for a Pedi and Lunch. ALWAYS good hanging out just the two of us.

Home. Doing some blogging, answering comments.

Dyed the beard, bathed, became flamboyantly gorgeous for work.

SOTEvening: Imogen by Evocative Perfumes.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

38 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 29.10 – 4.11.2018

  1. You are amazing sticking to your diet and exercise! Both you and Jin are ” dishes” LOL 🤣 😂
    A normal hectic week for me work wise. The men are away yesterday and today so I mopped the entire house and today will do some yard work.
    Best perfume part of my week was receiving Portia’s lovely draw win as well as sending out some of my own fragrant packages


  2. Yummmm so much great food! Prosciutto, pear and mozzarella, gimme some.
    Imogen is my fave from what I’ve tested from Evocative – I dismissed it at first but it’s a sleeper hit for me.
    SJP Lovely is kind and inoffensive, but I had to give mine away after I used it a lot as air freshener, especially for our cats hairballs, haha. Developed a bad connotation! I kind of miss it now, and so affordable.

    I’m looking forward to THAT job interview (!!!) in the coming week. Today I accidentally sucked up a giant house spider while cleaning, feeling a bit guilty. And now who will eat all the bugs?! Currently buying some stevia water flavouring online. I want to get an ice shaver for summer as well, so I can make my own Morrigan-friendly slushies. Ice, ice, baby!


  3. Another wonderful week, Portia. It’s great that you loved the Aquarobics. If you can find a workout you enjoy that’s half the battle. Don’t stress about the odd meal that’s not on the diet sheet. You’re doing brilliantly. It’s what you do 90% of the time that makes the difference.

    I recall being impressed by Luci Ed Ombre. Truly a fragrant interpretation of light and shade.


  4. Sounds like you had an amazing week. I envy your ability to follow a diet, I can’t even stop eating stuff I am intolerant to.
    Last week was interesting perfume wise, I agonised whether to re-purchase a fragrance I used up. Decided that since I love it enough to use it so much, then I must break my dumb rule, now awaiting the arrival of my much loved Lune Feline

    Prepared a tone of food on Saturday, as lately I have been tootired to cook after work on most week days. The down side to the tone of cooking is the associated ‘tone’ of eating (especially cake).
    Hubby surprised me with a new bottle of Guerlains Gourmand coquin on Saturday night; it’s a habit I want to encourage, so in return I made his favourite lasagna (from scratch, just like his grandma 🙄)… he promised more next week😊.


    • Lune Feline and Gourmand Coquin are both wonderful, congratulations! Hope your husband will find another beauty to gift you with after the lasagna extravaganza. 🙂


  5. Hi Portia, What a wonderful week you had. You are doing so well. Carl came back this afternoon after 3 weeks and will be home for 4 days. Hurray!!! So nice to have the family together again. Sandra xo


  6. Another lovely week with our new puppy, Mila. She is so sweet. Took her for her first walk with our Papillon club, she did great, made momma proud. Other than that, just more tidying, organizing and clearing out. This weekend is the great perfume clear out. Trying to get all the fumes put away and pass on those that need a new home. Next week, jewelry!

    Today I am going to give Aedes Musc Encensé a full wearing. Despite liking all the listed notes for Grenadille, I just could not get on with that one. I do love nearly all the Aedes scents.

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAY TaraC! So glad your puppy is working out. I have a mortal fear of owning young dogs, one of the reasons greyhounds are so perfect for me.
      Aedes Musc Encensé!! Can’t wait.
      Good luck with the cleanup. Are you putting a Sale Doc up anywhere? I’d love to see it.
      Portia xx


      • I’ve had three young puppies, they do cause trouble but they are so cute. As for the perfume clear out, I have a special friend I send them to, so much nicer than selling for both of us. Share the wealth!

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Portia, reading your scent diary is always a pleasure! I love Jin’s T-shirt, – I’ve got a metal plate with le Chat Noir!

    I’ve had a rather quiet week again, work and having watched tons of series pretty much sums it up, – I’ve finished the first seasons of Sneaky Pete and the 100, and also started Kidding starring Jim Carrey. I don’t want to jinx it but this one seems to be an outstanding TV show.


  8. I just love reading about your weeks, and aminspired by you and Jin to hit the gym again! So freaking busy as we slide into the holidaze, our 9th annual Store Open House is on the 18th; 300-500 people, caterers, servers, and a shitload of decorating and bringing in new hol merch to set up for the big “reveal”. Ugh. My nerves. Highlight of my week was that 200 ml. Of Iris Ganache arriving from Berlin, I haven’t even cracked it open yet. Also stocking up on that fabulous Chanel 5 dry body oil that I am obsessed with. It sold out in 2016 after 5 weeks and I am bound and determined NOT to be caught short this time! 😘😘😘😘


  9. A big week for perfume socializing: yesterday was a perfume happy hour with a couple of new people joining in. I had finished going through the Neela Vermeire draw pack and passed the samples along to a pal, as promised. Oh, except for Ashoka which is staying home with me. Earlier in the week I came along to an unboxing event and got to meet other local perfume folks, this time all guys for a change of pace.


  10. Way to go! with consistency going to the gym and aqua classes, as well as being engaged with your healthy, delicious food lifestyle! Sounds like you are eating healthy and well! I had knee arthroscopy surgery this week and proceeded to not follow instructions, and overdid it the day after surgery. As a result, I had increased pain and swelling, and am hobbling around on crutches. The positive is, while sitting with my leg elevated and icing, I’m sampling and reading about perfumes, my favorite pastime! I just ordered a travel size of Lancome Iris Dragees after reading a review; I’m re-visiting some vintage favorites; and I am enjoying three samples from Elizabeth Rose’s (of Ave Parfum) The House of Gray new fragrances created in collaboration with Auphorie’s Au brothers. All three with gorgeous dry downs.


  11. Reading between the lines it appears you are on track in attacking the pre-diabetes monster. And, I’ve not heard any whining and whinging, so good stuff!
    I’ve not had any fun at all this week. Or last, for that matter.
    Crazy busy finishing up my client’s huge re-build/reno and getting my daughter’s new apartment painted, wired, outfitted and completed. She will officially spend her first night there on Wednesday, after her bed has been delivered. And my oh my, I will miss her when she’s gone 😢.
    My husband has scuttled off to the cottage until shortly before Christmas. At this point, I doubt I will miss him 😂. In order to keep this marriage rocking, we’ve found that spending significant time apart every few months does the trick. If not, we would most likely murder each other. Don’t get me wrong, we are still very much in love but with him being retired and me doing the majority of my work from home, we drive each other nuts after a while.
    So, I will turn to my perfumes and kitties for comfort and some peace.
    Pour Un Homme has been ordered. So has a roller-ball if Sedona Sweet Grass. Both of these perfumes keep me grounded and zen. Also looking forward to receiving my sample pack of St. Clair Scents, which received some very positive comments by Mrs. Marzipan. My vintage Shalimar and Arpege are also getting a lot of use. I’m carefully eeking out my small decant of Carnal Flower cuz it’s sooo gorgeous. Not feeling my dirty-girl, funky animalics these days tho. I suppose with the days being shorter and terribly dark and gloomy the familiar and comforting scents are needed to keep the spirits up.
    Never mind, soon the snow will be on the ground, Christmas lights up and everything will look cheerful and exciting again. Love, love, love the Christmas season 🎄☃️🎄🎁🎁


    • HA! I imagine that Jin and I will need to do that kind of thing if he retires. We lead fairly separate lives so being together is al;ways a boon.
      I did have a mini meltdown today thinking I’ll not be eating Haig’s chocolate in the next 9 or 10 months. SO SAD! Otherwise I’m enjoying the change of diet and even the gym regime. As yet I’m not feeling any different. I think my body might be going through sugar and junk food withdrawals so it is a bit due-ey.
      Looks like you are sorted for frags during the crossover pre Xmas!
      Portia xx


      • Well… can always eat one square of Haig’s chocolate every other night or so. But, if you’re anything like me, having forbidden foods in the house automatically sends off the alarm in my brain. Directives are issued post-haste: Find chocolate. Eat chocolate. Eat ALL of it. Do it now!


        • HA! I have a bottle of chocolate peanuts and a box of biscuits in the cupboard just in case it all gets too much. So far so good.
          When I quit smoking I kept a couple of packs around the house for just in case but I’ve never even had a puff of a cig since.


  12. Hello gorgeous.

    It’s always a pleasure to read your fabulously scented diary…
    I am so impressed of your discipline. Keep up the good work.

    My week started with flying to Seoul from Shanghai with 3 girls where we ate and shopped our way there. Then I spend remainder of the week in Shanghai eating some more. Oops… Sorry just realised I probably shouldn’t mention food but mostly seafood so you haven’t missed out much.

    On the fragrant side of my trip I bought CDG Dot and Sugi at 10 Corso Como Seoul at a huge discount. I was also gifted a bottle of Do Son by my friend in Shanghai (i know I am so spoilt).

    Hope this week is treating you well so far.
    XXX… T


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