Scent Diary: 5.11 – 12.11 2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

Another jam packed week. Except NO JAM because that’s off my list of eatable foods. This week was fun. Loads of fragrance, friends, food and fun. I have a lovely life and I’m grateful for it.

Scent Diary: 5.11 – 12.11 2018

Monday 5:

Up and at the Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre to do a shallow and a deep aquarobics. Funny thing about having been a dancer. We are used to 2 hour classes, that’s how our lives were formatted. So one aqua class feels like half the job. I do a few laps in between.

After the pool on Monday is my official Weigh In Time. Very happy, dropped another 1.1kgs last week!

Jin and I went to the Sexual Health Clinic to get our check ups done.

SOTDay: Pour Un Homme Caron. I really am a teensy bit obsessed with the way it smells. Lavender candy. MMMMMMM

Home and got quite a lot of TRIVIA Q&A done.

Cleaned the house, 4 loads of washing. Now that I’m getting a bit fitter and my body has remembered how to sweat and the temperature is a bit warm cleaning is a very sweaty affair. Bloody hell, had to wring my T-Shirt out.

Around 8pm I got out the bottle of CHANEL Boy and gave myself a few big fat squirts to keep the lavender theme going but to change it up a bit.

Back to the TRIVIA Q&A.

Tuesday 6:

Up at sparrows fart to have my three Ss. It’s Melbourne Cup day here in Australia and I have to be at work by 11.45am. Bit early for me.

Equistrius by Parfum d’Empire. It’s my only horsy type frag name but i would have chosen it for today anyway.

Came home, got naked and lay under the fan till I had to get ready for work again. BLISS

Parramatta RSL Trivia, in the same make up, just touched up.

Geranium Pour Monsieur by Frederic Malle. I needed something crisp, fresh and zingy to get me ready for Trivia tonight. A double booking makes it harder to keep my energy levels up.

After work I snuck into the bedroom to my sleepy husband and gave him a surprise. “Old age creeping up on him” as it were.

Started watching Bodyguard, a new UK TV show.

Wednesday 7:

Fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up feeling woozy.

The dogs loved their walk in the cool but muggy morning air.

Lolita Lempicka EdP for me today. I would be really sad if they ever DC it.

BUGGER! Bodyguard only has a few eps. Finished it already. It was good though. I hope it becomes a real series.

Afternoon spritzes of Liberté by Cacharel. Sizzling citrus fairy floss.

Had a bath this evening then spritzed a lavish amount of Donna Karan CHAOS! I’d forgotten how freaking lovely this is.

Jin and I trotted off to the gym after work. 10pm gym buddies. I’m a bit sore now.

Thursday 8:

Today is gorgeous. Sunshine is out but not ridiculously hot. People wee all smiling and chatty on the dog walk. Great way to start the day.

Jin and I trotted off to the gym for a back, biceps and abs workout.

SOTDay: Niki de Saint Phalle

Gym. No parking. BUGGER! Jin and I then went to the pet store. Bought the food and treats and got some aquatic plants for the fish tank.

In stead of the gym we did 200 sit ups and leg stretches.

Wearing more Niki de Saint Phalle.

Town with Vicki to Pawn shop. Lunch with her husband Laurie in Chinatown. The spiciest chilli Kung Pow Chicken I ever had. SIZZLING!

I might have tried on this AUD$7k gel opal and diamond ring in white gold. Isn’t it fabulous? This is exactly how amazing it looked, no filter, no enhancement.

Coffee at Birkenhead Shopping Centre. Bought Jin’s 7 year Anniversary present (we aren’t celebrating the marriage but we do celebrate the day we met).

Scent change to Jacomo Silences

Meet Tina at Auburn Mega Mall to couch shop.

May not have gone to the gym but I did do a fair amount of steps.

Watching Arrow Season 7. SO GOOD! Only FOUR eps so far. GRRRR!

SOTBed: Nuda by Nasomatto. Gasoline jasmine.

Friday 9:

SOTDay: Let It Rock by Vivienne Westwood. It’s a sweetish amber, pretty, wearable and comfy. I like it and would wear it a LOT if I had bought the big bottle. The bottle and lid are FABULOUS though.

Hung around the house with Jin. Did a load of washing. Low key day.

Saw this though. Made me laugh.

Watched Snow White and the Huntsman sprawled all over the couch with the dogs. Charlize Theron is amazing.

A few hefty swipes of vintage CHANEL Coco extrait to go to the chemist and the grocery. Damnit! Why should I smell anything but fabulous even when doing the most mundane things.

Came home. Cooked myself Sausages, Asparagus and Beans in Onion Gravy. SO YUMMY! I guess sausages aren’t TOTALLY diet but they were bloody delicious and I only had two.

Watched some TV, nothing great.

SPTBed: Niral by Neela Vermeire Creations from a decant. So pretty. The opening is very rosy to me.

Saturday 10:

WOW! It’s a very warm morning. Warm and muggy.

SOTDay: Violetta di Murano (Italian Journey No. 4) DSH Perfumes. Cool bite of blackcurrant, ivy and violet open to a mimosa heart backed by the warmth of resin and woods.

TinaG came over for lunch and a sniff.

Then we trotted down to City Perfume’s store in Merrylands. Had a ball. We smelled SO MUCH PERFUME. We helped customers, made some videos, tried everything and generally had a fabulous time. I now smell like a perfume store.

Tonight we met up with Phil, Alice & BFF Kath for Chinese Dinner at my favourite restaurant, Liu Rose. We were so gutsy that 2 full ducks were consumed. We also had a couple of other dishes but they were merely flourishes compared to the Peking Duck, Sang Choi Bow and Duck Noodles. Perfect night out. A DIET BE DAMNED night.

Home. Having a bath. MMMMMM

Sunday 11:

Up early and gave the dogs a very short walk.

Hurried down to the pools to do Aquarobics but the class was full. GRR! Jin and I used the gym there and did legs and abs. We worked up quite a sweat in the warm air. It was nice. The pools were so full by the time we finished it was going to be impossible to do laps. We were beat and headed home.

Grabbed Jin’s bestie Matt on the way home and they watched TV while I slept and got ready for work.

SOTDay: 24.9.11 by Hilde Soliani. A light amber, cooled by incense and spicy greened with calamus (imagine papyrus crossed with cinnamon)

Matt and Jin came to work tonight because it is Jin & my 7 year anniversary. The Austral BC crew was so happy to see them and I loved it.



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

72 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 5.11 – 12.11 2018

  1. Well done you guys on the fitness regime, I love a good muscle burn!
    The Bodyguard is fabulous…is it not a full series? Devo. How many episodes are there?
    Perfumes. Is it my imagination or is Kilian Taste of Heaven similar to Caron pour un Homme? I bought the Areej le Dore sample set and am loving them, especially Koh i Noor jasmine and oud.
    Quiet week here as Mr B is on a surfing holiday with his mates at Scotts Head. Bed to myself, no snoring. Bliss!


  2. Oh Portia! I so adore this column as well as your Thursday review one. It always reminds me that there is no such thing as “just an ordinary day.” Every day is extraordinary if one is open to it present in it. Thank you for being you and for reminding me how wonderful this world and this life really are. ❤


  3. Hey Portia. I get FOMO reading your Scent Diary every week! The last couple of days with Val in town have been fabulous though.
    That day out at the perfume store with Tina sounds super fun.
    Bodyguard was gripping but Killing Eve, also on the BBC was better if you can access it.
    Sounds like you have a good balance with your exercise and diet regime. Most of us don’t manage that so well.


    • TARA!!
      You’re week has been spectacular. Hanging with all the London Cool Kids, well a sizeable chunk of them anyway. Val is a supercharged whirlwind, I know you had the best time with her. You got to hang with Nick and Thomas, Hannah and a slew of others. Are we getting a post about the day?
      TinaG is so fun. We got two days together this week, I feel very privileged. She is sunshine.
      Killing Eve sounds awful. What’s it about?
      I don’t know about balance yet Tara. I really needed a blow out this weekend. Maybe this week there will be no loss of weight but I really feel more focussed now for letting myself splurge. The yearnings have subsided considerably.
      Missing you.
      Portia xx


      • Portia! Having an occasional cheat meal is the ONLY way to maintain these long-term goals. This is about a life-style change that will sustain you as the birthdays fly by. Don’t think of this as ‘being on a diet’. Think of it as being good to yourself and taking care of your body. You’re simply making healthier choices.


        • Marcella,
          I totally hear you. This first phase is really diet city though to get my weight and diabetes under control. I’m reminding myself of all the good stuff I know, but didn’t follow. As my body readjusts and gets back in the swing of regularity more normal eating habits will become habitual.
          You’re right. Celebratory food events are an important part of the whole process. Reaching goals and getting rewarded. That is the way I work.
          Portia xx

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  4. I enjoyed Bodyguard. I recorded each episode of Killing Eve, but I haven’t watched any yet.
    Can’t wait for new series of Luther and Peaky Blinders to start. Idris and Cillian Murphy..Yum Yum.
    Have you seen any of these Portia?


  5. Want that ring! Want that bottle of Let It Rock! And frankly, I would kill to have a pool with palm trees in it.
    Portia, I must say, you do clean up well. The photos you post of yourself in drag are just fabulous.
    Great shot of you stepping on the scale. Congratulations on the loss, but wow! for the toenail polish!!
    My daughter wore that colour most of the summer. I think it was an Essie.
    Like usual your week was waayyyy more fun than mine. I’ve been pre-occupied by getting all the niggledy-piggledy hardware store nonsense completed at my daughter’s apartment. It’s driving me nuts. Tomorrow the clients I did the huge home reno for are returning from Europe. Obviously I have kept them updated over the months as to progress with reports and pictures, but they will see it for the first time tomorrow. It was a mammoth undertaking but the finished project is outstanding, if I do say so myself. I am similarly obsessed with Pour Un Homme and eagerly awaiting my bottle. First Cut by St. Clair Scents has won me over. I think it was Mrs. Marzipan who turned my head in it’s direction. A full bottle will be ordered. Loved the Saturday Question you conjured up. It’s leading to so many interesting responses.
    Finally, I am sooo envious of your weather. Reading words like muggy and hot literally make me wanna cry. I’m shattered by the weather here. Cold-humid, damp, grey, drizzly, grey, cold……I’ve been leaning hard on Carnal Flower to bolster my spirits. Also working to expand my tuberose portfolio with samples of Fracas, Mahora and a couple of others on the way. Stay well!


    • HA! Marcella, the Sydney Olympic Pool Complex is amazing. 2 x 50m, 1 x 25m, several hot tubs (some with bubbles), a couple of shallow pools and a water recreation area with so many water spouts, slippery slides and other stuff.
      WOW! I hope they love your reno for them.
      Yeah, we have good weather here in Sydney. It’s fairly Californian really.
      Enjoy your tuberose search.
      Portia xx


    • Isn’t that ring simply splendid? I couldn’t wear it though, well I don’t think so anyway. My fingers are probably a bit short and stumpy for a statement ring like that.
      Well done on your completion of the project. You must feel like a proud mother as you gaze around it. I wish I was rich and could bugger off for months and leave instructions, and come home to perfection. Dream on🙄. Keep spraying that Carnal Flower, it will brighten the gloomy days.


      • Thanks Cassie. Pretty chuffed with the reno. And these guys are incredibly, luxuriously wealthy. I shaved my prices to get them on board, so this won’t be a big earner for me. But….they have a country house up north for the ski season and another property by the lake somewhere….Townships? Vermont? Don’t remember. I’m hoping the gambole I took in low-balling my price will pay off in further work elsewhere.
        Very interested to try Mahora. I need flowers. Summer flowers. Or flallies, as my youngest daughter used to call them.


  6. Mr.Marzipan and I binge watched the Bodyguard…loved it and he is adorable.

    A psycho week at work…mostly administrative crap…I have five folks to answer to and each one says something different…now I am putting everything in writing…and yet , still getting vague and conflicting answers….

    got a few fragrant packages from friends so I will have lots of exploring to do in the upcoming weeks…such generosity never ceases to amaze me.

    Yesterday it sleeted on and off all day…so I guess winter is officially here…bummer … 😦


    • Hey Brigitte,
      Working for people is hard. I’m REALLY bad at office politics so it’s much better for me to run my own businesses where possible. I don’t know how you all do it. PLUS you have 5 people giving you orders. Nope! I’m out.
      YAY! Winter. You can wear your warm woolies and break out the amber, woods and smoky scents. Yum.
      Portia xx


    • What on earth is The Bodyguard?? I remember watching a movie if the same name with Denzel Washington and….Whitney Houston? Can’t be that.
      I had a job once where I answered to three different managers with three different MO’s. I HATED IT! Drove me absolutely stark, raving mad! I lasted maybe 4-5 months, then I had enough. Life’s too short for that $hit. I took a crappy part-time job for a year and a half while I was studying interior design. But I swore I would never work under those circumstances again. I’m just not cut out for it. I guess I just don’t have the patience for it.

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  7. Well done you. You’re really up and rolling on your fitness regime. And as usual after reading your diary I want all sorts of spicy nicies😋
    I had a very busy week at work, and there must be something in the water because I’ve encountered some total a$$holes that have pressed my buttons. But enough of that now! I have a small confession to make, or maybe two☺️ I broke my no-buy rule again. Scored a bottle of Shalimar Souffle for very little outlay, so I couldn’t not buy it. And a mini of Versace Blonde, but that’s not even my fault, it’s yours, Portia 😇


  8. Another good week with the puppy (well, minus the Monday midnight run to the vet due to « dietary indiscretions ») but she’s fine now. Did some swaps and giveaways and cleared out the perfume cabinet, which is still by the way filled to overflowing, but I am bringing some of it to Canada in April so that will sort itself out. Sunny and hot here, so immensely grateful not to be in Montreal where it is dark and snowy. I love California.

    Perfume-wise I did a fair amount of sampling, the best thing I found was Memo Tiger’s Nest, an incensey ambery thing. The Black Friday sales have started early this year, Twisted Lily already put out a 20% off coupon as well as Beautyhabit have done the same. Love those discounts! But trying not to go overboard.

    Did a couple of killer yoga classes, I am starting to get some serious upper body strength. Wish it could also fix the wrinkles in my neck but alas no such luck. Good thing it’s turtleneck season (well, not here).


  9. Thanks Portia for sharing your lovely week. Love that you love the aqua aerobics. I think the key is to find something you like doing exercise wise. I’m still looking for mine!! I used to do boxing which I liked and then the dude moved interstate. Busy busy at work. Chasing people for money (accounts receivable) is tiring. Went to the movies last week and, as mentioned singing loudly in the car as I drive to work with my new appreciation for Queen. Did some baking yesterday, some sewing and just relaxed – getting a few hot days here so washed just about everything in sight and now all ready for another busy work week.


    • Hey Melanie,
      Have you ever done Aquarobics? It’s a FULL workout.
      I have to find a cinema buddy to see Queen and Star. Better hurry before they drop off the play list.
      Isn’t having all the washing done a wonderful feeling?
      Portia xx


  10. First of all, happy anniversary to you and Jin!
    Another great week, I can only admire how many things you get done, work- and fun-wise.
    I switched to the winter tyres since it’s getting colder every day, bought some merlot and chocolate cookies. If I could afford to go into hibernation, I probably would 🙂


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