Scent Diary: 26.11 – 2.12.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

This week felt quiet until I look at everything that went on. Heaps of fragrances, some friends, shopping, eating, swimming and Trivia. A little bit of Jin time and some quiet down times.

Scent Diary: 26.11 – 2.12.2018

Monday 26:

Jin got home from work at around 7am. He took the dogs out for a wee and I woke as they came home.

PHEW! I jumped out of bed and rushed off to Aquarobics. Did a shallow class and a deep class with 200m swimming in between. Afterwards I was hoping to do 300m more but at the mid point of my 200m lap I got a calf cramp. Finished that lap but felt my body was telling me to sop.

Came home and weighed myself. I’ve admitted here and elsewhere to falling off the diet wagon last week. We also didn’t do any weight lifting last week due to schedule clashes. Nothing eats calories faster than pumping some iron. I fully expected to have gained a LOT more than I did. Extra 500g, no sweat. Back to the grindstone.

SOTDay: De Bachmakov by The Different Company. LOVE these 10ml Travel Bottles from The Different Company. So cute and the have an extraordinary tin to carry them in.

Came home. Dusted, swept, vacuumed and cleaned my bathroom.

Doing the clothes washing no, second load at 12 midday.

MORE TRIVIA Q&A. I have a Christmas gig tonight and am trying to have as much ready before I start all that as is possible.

Bathtime. Had a beautiful 40 minute relax in there. Used Kiehl’s Original Musk lotion and fragrance. I smell amazing.


Got ready to be a BEAUTIFUL drag queen.

On the way out I might have spritzed some Liberté by Cacharel.

Did a fabulous gig for Castle Hill RSL Staff Christmas Party. We had a ball. I love staff events because I can be so rude and crude, they were all hysterical. Excellent night.

Came home and Jin had organised VIETNAMESE ROLLS for dinner. My happy place.

SOTBed: Beyond Paradise Blue by Estee Lauder

Tuesday 27:

Today was busy, busy, busy again.

SOTMorning: Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations

Took Paris to the vet where he had a urine test. Nothing unusual at all in his urine, they tested everything they could from it including sugars, protein, blood and a bunch of other stuff. NOTHING!! That tells us that this is probably excitement or telling us he has the shits.

Scott came over for Office Day. We got through so much stuff. Excellent day. Jin was home with us so there was a lot of laughter and chatter. There was also a LOT of perfume sniffing, so many new arrivals. You’ll meet some in New Sniffs this week.

SOTEvening: Eau d’Epices by Tauer Perfumes. Got two unsolicited compliments about it through the night too.

Work! Tonight the Tequila Mockingbird crew won the $1000 Jackpot! Amazing! The whole room was so thrilled for them and they got a standing ovation.

SOTBed: A teensy swipe of vintage Shalimar extrait by Guerlain on my hand backs, just to help me nod off to sleep.

Wednesday 28:

Woke up to the most outrageous storms. Rolled over and slept for another hour.

Jumped out of bed, took the dogs for a quick wee.

Went to Sydney Olympic Park Pools for Aquarobics. One class, 300m swum. Done.

SOTMorning: Yuzu Fou by Parfum d’Empire. Citrus fun.

Fed & walked the dogs. After I dried them off they came to the lounge room and slept.

My last long term partner Varun sent me through a book store voucher for my birthday in September. I only just got around to buying the books. Can’t wait to get my nose into these babies.

Collapsed on the lounge and slept till about 4.15pm.

Jin came home, chatted and went to the gym. He was later than expected and I have to work so we couldn’t go together.

Cold old rainy night in Sydney tonight. I even put the dogs coats back on.

SOTEvening: Eau Absolue by Mona di Orio


Wednesday night is so weird. Bucketing down with rain, expected the place to be empty, we have a full house for trivia! Only one spare table at the start of the game. Here are Wendy, Steve and Claire, collectively known as the Three Roads for trivia. They came in second tonight. No Claire is not Goole-ing an answer, this is after the game. We have a zero phones policy while playing.

Watched Jack Reacher: Never Go Back on Netflix tonight. It was kinda good. I got swept up in it.

SOTBed: Vanille Noire by Yves Rocher. The first fragrance I bought in Europe this decade, in Prague with Jin. Just around the corner from our hotel in the red light street. It was also our first trip together. Happy memories galore.

Thursday 29:

It’s 7am and the Medical Centre just called to confirm my appointment tomorrow. 7 AM! Are you freaking kidding me!

SOTMorning: Parfum de Maroc by Aftelier Perfumes. Spicy, resinous and sweet, Mandy has captured a fabulously Disney-ised version of the markets in Morocco. This one is really hard to find now but if you get a chance, sniff it.

I went and grabbed Wendy to take her to the shops. It was her very first outing with a wheelchair. It made almost everything so much easier. She didn’t struggle to get around, there was no waiting for her to catch her breath.

We met up with Liz and Sue for coffee and chatter. Liz gave us a new doctor for Wendy to go to. We went down there and they were excellent. Seriously amazing. Wendy will be going there regularly and is even seeing a Dietician next Thursday!

Home. Relax for an hour. YAY!

SOTAfternoon: Mandragore Pourpre by Annick Goutal in the old bottle. So lovely and green with a spicy hit. You can see there’s quite a bit of air in this bottle. It’s been a favourite on and off.

Grabbed perfumer/candlemaker extraordinaire from her work and we drove her home through the peak hour traffic. Excellent catch up. So excited for all the good things happening in her life.

Next door to Ainslie’s is the Imperial Hotel where we shot Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. My friends Andrew (ex Aussie) and Renato (his gorgeous Italian partner) are in town from London and Andrew celebrated his birthday today with a legion of his Aussie mates there. Here is an old work buddy from the Albury Hotel, James.

Came home and hung out with Jin for a while.

SOTEvening: RIMA XI by Carner Barcelona

Jin went to bed early so I stayed up a bit and watched The Day After Tomorrow for about the 6th or 7th time. Maybe more.


Friday 30:

Jan and I were up and out to do a 6am Aqua class (me) and Treading Water Practice (Jin). Then we both went to the gym together and did a short back, biceps, core and abs workout.

Home for brunch. I really splurged this morning. Eating all my daily 4 slices of bread in one meal with BACON on them. It was well worth it.

Fed/walked the dogs.

SOTMorning: L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Intense. This screams summer at the pool to me. I wanted to keep that water baby scent around me all day.

Had my Dr and Dietician appointments. Both were extremely happy with my results. The 3 month sugars average is sitting at 6.2 which is a vast improvement. Everything else that was slightly above or on normal has evened out. Both of them were happy with my result and excited that someone has taken their advice to heart and followed the rules they advised. I did have a run in with the dietician because I think Lite Milk is weak as piss. On comparison it’s 2% to 4% fat, yes I know it’s saturated fats but for that minimal amount in my coffee, maybe a glass on its own a week and on my cereal I really believe that the incredible joy that Full  Cream Milk brings me is worth it. She agreed that my bloods said that this was not having a deleterious effect. PHEW! I also told her Guardian cereal tastes like cardboard, HA!

Jin went off to bed at 12.30pm because he’s back to night shifts for four nights now and I’m left with the rest of the day at leisure.

Watched some TV, read and snoozed. It was a close to perfect afternoon.

Did some blogging.

Watched the Reese Witherspoon movie This Means War. In what alternate universe would anyone EVER pick Chris Pine over Tom Hardy? AS IF? What a load of steaming turds. That’s almost as annoying as Dermot Mulrony going for Cameron Diaz over Julia Roberts. SHITE FACTOR = 98.77%

SOTBed: Black Saffron by Byredo. My mate Pia gave the most precise description of Black Saffron. Starts out all fruity and dewy, ends up cold, wet, tarmac.

Saturday 1:

LAZY MORNING! Didn’t even get out of bed till nearly 10am. Jin came home around 5am but I didn’t even stir when he got into bed.

Walked the dogs in the peaceful, sunny Saturday morning.

Jin cooked dumplings for brunch and we watched some Modern Family. He’s been watching the series again from the start. It’s amusing.

Bathed, shaved and sorted myself for a Christmas Event tonight. YAY!

SOTDay: Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. I have a couple of bottles of this roses musk adventure lying around the house. So easy to wear and so, so lovely. We have a lolly in Australia called Musk Sticks, it’s one of my favourites and smells just like lovely. Jin can’t even be in the room when I’m eating them because he says the smell is like the taste of Korean soap. Funnily, he likes Lovely.

Got ready, looking good and wanted to up the ante scentwise. SOTEvening: Methaldone by Aether Parfums.

The gig was excellent. Had a wonderful time. The hosts decided they wanted a Paris Is Burning, walk the runway, everyone in houses, extravaganza. There were four categories: Military, Cowboy, Corporate and Runway Virgin. Everyone got dressed up in crazy outlandish costumes. Here I am with one of the owners Ken.

Afterwards my BFF Kath was supposed to collect me but she was still at Alice’s birthday Dinner of Tacos at a local pub. She came and collected me and we sat outside in the balmy evening eating and drinking till they kicked us out. Sydney is so funny. I’m sat there on the sidewalk dressed in all my finery, people walking past, revellers and drunken Xmas party people. No one even notices me but almost everyone stops to pat and cuddle Kath’s dog Ruski.

Got home. Fed & walked the dogs with my Drag Face on but in mens attire. Felt like a right freak and was very glad the few people out didn’t notice.

Home again, TIRED!

SOTBed: On my chest DIOR Granville, refreshing cologne plus. On my wrists a dab of vintage CHANEL Coco extrait. Excellent contrasting combination. They give each other extra life.


Sunday 2:

This morning I gave myself another swipe of CHANEL Coco, just for fun. Fed and walked the dogs wafting it and loving myself sick.

Got a good start on my Christmas cards.

BFF Kath’s sister Jane had a 50th birthday lunch at Ma & Pa Waples house. It was nice. I left as the Chinese food arrived.

Started on the 2019 Christmas Cards. Daunting task.

Bathed, shit & shaved. Bloody forgot to dye my beard! Damnit! Oh well, you’ll get to watch it turn very white this week.

SOTAfternoon: Brasil Dream by Estee Lauder. So tropical. Full of creamy ylang, coconut, citrus and patchouli. It was a 2009 summer release and I adore it. So hard to find now, even online.

Work was fun. Good crowd, loads of laughs.

Home and more Christmas Cards.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

58 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 26.11 – 2.12.2018

  1. What a great week you have had! I always love reading about it and also your fragrance choices!

    The usual wash rinse repeat week for me dealing with irrationals at work.

    Perfume wise, tested the newest release from St. Clair Scents- Casablanca- and I am in love. I will start saving my pennies now because there is very little discretionary income in the house with three going to college. And of course, enjoying some of my other beauties as well (Paprika Brasil, eau de Lierre, Bottega Venetta, Estate Vetiver and First Cut). And I thunked four decants!!!!


  2. I think my comment didn’t upload as the site chucked me out while I reset my password!
    I think it said I love you. I loved reading this. I loved catching up with you and seeing you and seeing all the bridges of Sydney in peak hour. And I’m so happy to know you’re looking after yourself and it’s paying off. AND I also love Brazil Dream and have a bottle. You are the only other oerson I know with it. So SNAP 💖💋🥰


  3. I am so happy that Paris got a clean bill of health, it’s horrible when you think they are not well and you can’t fix them.
    Kiehls Musk is my newest crush, I bought the shower gel but want it ALLLL now!
    My week was Christmas shopping, but I will make quite a few of my gifts this year, lotions and potions and soap etc. Family lunch is at my house and will include my sister’s highly abrasive ex husband…why? You may ask. I did!


  4. I love how you and Jin coordinate so well considering both your schedules.
    Nice to see a pic of the lovely Sue and cool that Andrew and Renato were in Sydney after meeting them with you in London.
    Poor Reese Witherspoon and her shite films.
    The fabulous highlight of my week was a phone chat (counselling session) with you.


    • Hey Tara,
      Yeah, I think the bad schedule co-ordination makes us work harder to have time together. It always feels extra special.
      YAY! Sue is beautiful. So glad you remember her, and the boys. I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo of us all together.
      HAH! That was one of my highlights too Tara. It was a fun chat and I’m so excited for you and your new chapter! It will be brilliant.
      Portia xx


    • I’m really loving that so many people are using the word shite. I think it may have originated here😉 I say it often!


  5. Hey hey lovely Portia!

    Wonderful news that Paris is in the all clear and fabulous that you got good news on your 3 month labs. I do hope you buy yourself some new scents as a reward! : )


    • Thanks See,
      Yes, I have bought myself a couple of celebration frags. FINALLY getting the full 60ml ombre purple bottle of NVC Niral and the new Oriza LeGrand Secret Joly.
      Jin has been such a help. He makes sure there are some healthy choices in the fridge, pushes me to come to the gym with him and go to the pools. Without him I never would have made it this far.
      Portia xx

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  6. Yay to yours and Paris’s test results! Glad to see that changing a lifestyle really pays off.
    BTW, I’m with you on the That Means War denouement, wasn’t expecting it at all. In all fairness I hated Chris Pine as an actor until I saw him in Into the Woods, and I’d watched TMW long before that. Still, a strange choice and not a great movie, either.

    Another quiet week. It’s been so cold outside, snowing and raining, so I mostly read and watched films. Rewatched three Doctor Who seasons, David Tennant era, – those are my security blanket 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Outstanding news on your three month sugar appointment! I hope you’re feeling well pleased with yourself. It ain’t easy but it can be done.
    Random observations: your eye makeup in the picture with Ken is off the charts spectacular! Are your eyes green? And what’s up with that movie The Day After Tomorrow? It’s not exactly a Grammy winning juggernaut, but bloody hell! everytime it’s on, I end up watching. I reckon I’m at six or seven viewings as well.
    I’m good and glad November’s over. Arguably my least favorite month of the year. It feels like we had a total of fifteen minutes of sun this month which really gets on my nerves and effs with my mood. I usually dive into the swaddling comfort of vanillas, woods and gourmands for comfort, but it’s not working this time. I’m finding them claustrophobic and am reaching for lighter, brighter scents instead. Looking forward to receiving my sample of Casablanca and also ordered a nice sample set from Papillon Artisan Perfumes.
    Always nice to catch up with you and your goings on. Till next week!

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  8. A suggestion: I agree that normal fat-free milk is watered piss. But, have you tried nonfat organic milk? It tastes like whole milk. I switched about 10 years or more ago. I serve it to people and they say it’s too strong because they drink 2%. I tell them it is 0%. They can’t believe it until I show them the carton.

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  9. Congratulations Portia on your fabulous sugar results!!! A lifetime withOUT medication is worth it. You had a lovely week. Sending you hugs
    Sandra xoxo


  10. Congrats on the test results! Great to know that your hard work is paying off. I’m gearing up for a busy few weeks. Will be spraying my go-to comfort scents to get me through. This morning a little Chergui. Donated blood this morning so I get a few extra snacks while I gulp down water.


  11. You had quite a week, I am always amazed at everything you get done and all the perfume you wear! My life is a lot quieter and slower. It was even slower than usual as I’ve been under the weather since Wednesday and lying low. But yesterday I felt well enough to go to our monthly dog club walk and the local Christmas parade. Back to lying low again today.

    Great news on you & Paris’ test results! So happy you have Jin to be your gym buddy and healthy eating partner, that really helps.


  12. I’m very happy to hear Paris’ test results ruled out anything concerning, and that your lab results are improving! Hugs to you both. You’ve had a very fragrant week; vintage Shalimar extract! Be still my heart! I’ve never sniffed the Kiehl’s musk and notice you wear it or bath in it often. It’s on my list to try out of curiousity. This week I’ve ordered many samples after reading everyone’s favorite artisan perfumers! And I ordered a back up bottle of Dior Hypnotic Poison. Somehow this week, I feared running out one day, for some strange random reason. Can’t figure out that sudden irrational fear, but oh well, now I’m set!
    Portia, do you do your own makeup? I’m in awe!


  13. So much lovely stuff Portia in your week. One day I’m going get to one of your trivia nights – they sound like a lot of fun. Another busy week at work – this time of year starts to get a bit crazy, busy. Everyone wants stuff yesterday! And commonsense and patience seems to go out the window. We’ve been working in our garden and tidying up so nice to see it coming together. I may have ordered some new sniffs (Spiritwoods Botanicals) and then a bunch of other stuff which includes a couple perfume gifts for Christmas. Will let you know my purchases as I try them. I did treat myself to some L’artisan Saffran Troublant…


  14. Great result for you and Paris. And it doesn’t matter one jot about the weight fluctuation. You’re doing all the right things and will continue to drop weight. I love the headpiece you’re wearing here, do you have them specially made. Very intricate by what I can see. And as Marcella said, the makeup was really looking good. You must spend a fortune on it, and cleanser.
    My week was phew! Was running just to keep up with myself. Was from one end of the country to the other, south to see my daughter’s show. An absolute hoot, I love Mel Brooks, he’s so un-PC it’s refreshing. He probably wouldn’t be allowed near a pen or stage or cinema nowadays as the keyboard warriors would eviscerate him. We were picking up daughter to bring her to the theatre so got to see The Smallies for a while. They get funnier every time. They’re a pair of mad hatters. Didn’t get home til 3.30a.m. and was dragging myself around next day. Work is very busy too, and it’s party season for a lot of people, including myself😃 Saturday night was Nile Rodgers and Chic. So fabulous, can’t wait to see them again. Went with hubby and my nephew and his missus. We always have great times. I’m very lucky to have nephews and nieces who are also friends. And met up with another niece and her partner. I’m back at work for a rest today😉


    • Hey Cassieflower,
      I make all the headdresses myself. They take so much time and effort it would bot be economical to have them made.
      You’ll be sad to know that I’ve had the same small make up collection for years and merely buy more replacements when I run out. I spend about AUD$1500 per year on it. Make up remover is currently 50/50 Avocado Seed Oil and L’Occitane Immortelle Oil Make-Up Remover. Together they get my face so clean after wearing all that slap.
      WOW! You make my week look positively snails pace. What a fabulous week.
      Portia xx


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