Saturday Question: Who Would You Bring Back?




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At APJ we have a Saturday Question. Everyone gets to chime in with an answer, chat with other responders and it’s a fun event each week. Taking sides never means taking offence and everyone keeps it respectful and light, even though we can sometimes trawl the depths.

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Saturday Question: Who Would You Bring Back?

OK, now I really want this to be about people who are World Renowned for their contribution to change, important growth or help. Yes, I’d like to have my Mum back too but that’s not todays question. Also, there will be no language barrier.

Today on Saturday Question I am offering you all a free hypothetical 4 hour lunch in The Ritz Paris. You’ll be flown first class, stay at The Ritz for 5 nights and be given tours of the city of light and all its perfumeries. On your last full day you get the lunch with any dead person who is World Renowned for their contribution to change in their field or world events, sports achievement, important growth or help. You must explain why this person and give us two questions you would ask them.

My Answer:

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

International style icon, married two incredibly influential men and had to lay them to rest, always managed to give the impression of floating above the worlds swill. I find her childhood and early years so far removed from my own. Being First Lady and the tragedy of JFKs death, marrying Onassis and being a regular Studio 54 partier and world influencer. Everything about her intrigues me.

Wearer of fragrances like Fleurissimo by Creed, Joy and 1000 by Jean Patou, Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez, Jicky by Guerlain and Jil Sander No.4. Even that glorious line up seems rick with pedigree.

My questions?
If you ever wished you’d stayed at the Vogue job you kept for only one day, how did you daydream that life might have been?
What are you most proud of making happen through your husbands’ power?

My Saturday Question to you is:

Who Would You Bring Back?

49 thoughts on “Saturday Question: Who Would You Bring Back?

  1. Only one person? That would be John Lennon. I’d add a few more names to the resurrection list but he is the one whose name popped up in my head immediately. He wanted to live and yet died so tragically.

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    • Oops, I was in a hurry and didn’t read the terms properly. The Beatles have been an important part of life my whole life, they taught me to love rock’n’roll, to speak English, to be curious, be it new forms of contemorary art or new points of view. I can honestly think of only one question: Did you call Paul yet?
      I used to think of meeting new people as a sort of mutual interviews but turns out it’s better just to let them speak their mind.

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          • I do 😀. Mrs. Marzipan, a.k.a. Brigitte is the best 🤗 and I think her friends know it too. They’re always sending her perfume pressies, which of course, she completely deserves. I mean, who else knits hats and scarfs and makes lush e.o. blends for their friends? A very special, teeny-tiny, ex-ballerina, tractor-wrangling lady, for sure!


  2. Too many to mention in the people I admire category.
    I’d be more inclined to have the controversial and infamous ones around my table so that I could pepper them with questions on why they did this or that. Or why they didn’t. I’m a bit fascinated by what makes people utter b@$tards and what shaped their thinking.
    Right, I’ll take one person from my admiration list: George Michael. It’s coming up to his anniversary and I loved him from the moment I set eyes on him, and his talent was off the scale! I’d have to have him in his younger years so that I could save him from himself and the damage he inflicted on his poor body. And of course, the moment he set eyes on me he’d want to marry me😂.

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  3. I’ll have to think about this — Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is a great choice, especially in Paris! While I’m thinking, I’ll share this anecdote: I grew up in a suburb outside New York, and the mother of my closest friend often took us into “the City” to museums and shows. She was very slender, and stylish, and had shoulder-length brown hair. So my teenaged self is standing in front of some modern masterpiece, which hasn’t impressed me, and in the corner of my eye I see my friend’s mom, so without turning around, I make some snarky comment about the painting. Then I turn around. And it’s not her, it’s Jackie Onassis. I gulp, she smiles very warmly, and I walk away as fast as I can. Still kicking myself, decades later!

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  4. Okay, not sure he’d like the Ritz in Paris very much, but I would love to have a meal and conversation with Abraham Lincoln. He is endlessly fascinating and admirable. My two questions: 1) when and how did your views on slavery evolve? and 2) if you had lived, what would you have like to achieve after the Union’s victory in the Civil War?

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    • Oh crap..already I failed because I did not follow your instructions, P! LOL!
      Audrey Hepburn was a humanitarian and beautiful inside and out

      and I would ask her
      1- Why did she not think herself beautiful? (she was in my book)
      2- Why did she not pursue her career as a ballet dancer?

      and she also wore fragrance and inspired fragrance!!! L’Interdit 🙂

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  5. Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. I was always drawn to her and felt empathy towards her. I thought she must have been a wonderful person; I admired her charity work and she seemed like a very sincere person.
    I would ask her what she would have done with her life had she not married incompatible Prince Charles, and if she would have been more emotionally happy without being part of the Royal family.

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  6. Anthony Bourdain. Because he was such a smart funny interesting person that felt deeply. I don’t know what I’d ask him… I’d just let the conversation go wherever it would go.

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  7. This is a *tough* but fascinating question. So many possibilities! I think the one thing in common for all my ideas were people with untold stories, or fragmented stories that have been written by the people who wanted them gone. Hearing their own stories would be amazing. (the big question for any of them would be: how fast can you talk, because we have just four hours…)

    So I’m cheating with extra choices, because I’m torn between Christopher Marlowe–because I think he’d be a blast to have dinner with, and there is such a tangle of myth and half facts about this dramatist and poet. What really happened with that final arrest, and then his stabbing a few days later? (so many theories over the centuries, from political assassination to debts, to jealous)

    –and either the Icenii warrior Boudica or the Palmyrene queen Zenobia, with the same questions to both about invasions, colonisation, and self determination–how does a small group challenge a power as huge as the Roman empire beyond short-lived insurgency? And, most of your history has been written by the angry victors–what’s missing from those stories about your power, rebellion, and your end?


  8. I would bring back Carl Sagan. He reminded us objective facts should have place in every aspect of our lives and objective facts should also drive the society including politics. His teachings, despite being a scientist, are even more relevant today then they were before. And I have had a wish for a long time to have his voice. He was not only extremely smart but his voice was also so enigmatic and so soothing…


  9. I’d bring back Martin Luther King. I’d want him to have a look around our so-called civilized nations and ask him if he thought the legacy of his civil rights movement was being respected. I think he would be disappointed.


  10. Tough question. There’s a lot of people that I would like to meet and ask questions of. For this discussion, I think I will choose Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was an example of a leader who put the interests of his country and his people ahead of himself, his family and his political well-being. He achieved great things in ending slavery and preserving the /union. It is impossible to imagine today’s world had mainland USA been split into two countries, an outcome he prevented.

    I would ask him if he was content with the outcome of the war and whether he thought it was worth the huge loss of life that it entailed. I’d also ask him where the Gettysburg Address came from; such a phenomenal speech, apparently composed on the fly a very brief time beforehand.


    • Looks that way.

      I really enjoyed this question, and pondered it for ages while doing my penance on the elliptical. (This thread also led me back to a good re-look and good think about Judy Chicago’s artworks, The Dinner Party and The Heritage Floor. So, thank you Portia!)

      Here’s a bonus answer from Mr crikey: Georges Perec. 1. Which of your books was the most fun to write? And 2. Tell me about your cat, please.


      • Excellent questions from Mr. crikey, and I’m off to read more about Judy Chicago. This thread has been very enlightening thanks to you. I’ve never even heard of the Dinner Party before.


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