Scent Diary: 10.12 – 16.12.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

Where did this week go? It seems to have sped by in moments. I have been to distracted to wear a lot of fragrance but did see a bunch of friends and get some work done. TBH the week went by in a blur.

Scent Diary: 10.12 – 16.12.2018

Monday 10:

OK, did not jump out of bed today. Feeling a glimmer short of a sparkle. No reason, just flat and a bit achy.

Weighed in and not surprised I’ve only lost 100g this week. Slow progress is better than no progress. There were a couple of happy blow outs during the week and I’m really grateful that I got to spend joyful food times with special people. TBH I think it’s water storage, I just feel a bit lumpy.

SOTCleaning: Auburn by Tauer Perfumes.Surreal orange and stuff, like outer space fragrance. LOVE IT!

I can’t seem to motivate myself to anything today. Did the most desultory clean of the house since we moved in I reckon. Vacuumed, cleaned kitchen and bathroom. Totally ignored the dusting. Three loads of washing and hanging clothes and I’m done.


SOTAfternoon: Peau de Bete by Liquides Imaginaires. It’s OUTRAGEOUSLY skanky but still manages to be wearable and lovely.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me today. I’m not with the program at all.

Jin came home from work and cooked the most amazing chicken and vegetable dinner all coated in chilli sauce. Bloody delicious.

I washed up the cook plate, packed the dishwasher, fed & walked the dogs.

Went in and lay with Jin while he went to sleep. That was nice.

Came back to write Q&A and my eyes are telling me to go to bed.

Couple of big blasts of Aromatics Elixir by Clinique. SO GOOD!

Night all.

Tuesday 11:


SOTMorning: Teazzura by Guerlain. perfect focus scent. Light, refreshing, gives me a dry ache in the back of my throat. Lovely.

Got the TRIVIA Q&A done by 8.30am, took another hour to answer APJ comments. Fed & walked the dogs.

Scott and i did Office Work for about an hour, then we went and got a bunch of must do things on the list done. Had myself a haircut & shave, bought Jin’s Xmas present, Post Office run Etc.

Home and cleaned myself up, beard dye, nap.

SOTAfternoon: Miss Dior EdT and Extrait

Off to work!


Wednesday 12:

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but all I want to do is sleep. It’s like when I was a teen and growing. I’d sleep for weeks and my body would sprout up and out and I’d need new clothes.

SOTDay: Vanille Noire by Yves Rocher

Hardly moved today until I had to go to work.

SOTEvening: L’Heure Brilliant VI Cartier. The aromatic, ozonic elegance of Jin’s favourite from the line. I had to go to his wardrobe to spritz. This range is sheer perfection for me, sadly on their way out.

Home now, ready for bed.

SOTBed: Shalimar EdC by Guerlain

Thursday 13:

Up and off to Aquarobics and the Gym with Jin.

Went to town and my buddy Phil bought me lunch. SO YUMMY! We had so much catching up to do that I forgot to snap a pic.

Raced across to the Art Gallery of NSW to see the Treasures of the Hermitage exhibition with another mate Lisa. WOW! We had a wonderful tour guide who knew so much it was overwhelming. Amazing afternoon.

Dashed back near home to see Ainslie walker at her new job but the traffic was horrific and I missed her by 12 minutes!!! Still shopped at the Glasshouse Sale Store.

Home just in time to farewell Jin and did a three point collapse on the couch.

Jumped in the car this evening and went to IKEA to grab my Xmas wrapping paper and a couple of mini presents.

9-10pm I walked the dogs in the cool, sultry, sprinkling rain. It was lovely.

I’m bushed.

Friday 14:

Jin and I trotted off to the Sydney Olympic Pools again for Aquarobics, Laps and a Gym Session. It was a TOUGH one.

SOTDay: Pour un Homme Caron. The lavender lovely.

Came home, had lunch and both fell asleep.

We went out and saw The Crimes go Grinelwald. What a bloody let down.

Afterwards we tried a new Thai place just around the corner from our local cinema. We have been talking about going there for over three years and it was AMAZING! So delicious. Four dishes just over $40. Such good value and service. Loved it.

Now jin’s snoring on the couch and I’m going to cuddle the dogs.

Retried some oils from India that I bought a few years ago. The perfumer is a fifth generation perfume wallah in Delhi. They used to make excellent, beautiful, rich and elegant oils but these ones are full of cheap synthetics. They smell like cleaning products to me.

Watched some TV and now ready for bed.

SOTBed: Trefle Pur by Aftelier Cologne

Saturday 15:

It’s this muggy weather that enervates me so. I woke up under the fan in the living room bathed in an icky, sticky, half sweat,

The house cleaned. There are some perfumistas coming for a lunch sniff.

Had a thunderstorm here about 15 minutes after everyone left. Now we are in blackout.

Sunday 16:

Still blackout. Don’t want to waste my phone battery. More next week

SOTD: Amor Amor by Cacharel. A gift from Anna Maria. I am sweet and fruity.



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

48 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 10.12 – 16.12.2018

  1. yes, P, any weight loss is good no matter how small so just keep at it..and if you feel the need to sleep then by all means do it!
    Nothing overly exciting…had my observation and evaluation at work and that’s a relief that it is over for this year…
    did lots of thunking this week and also got a Christmas package of smellies so am enjoying those…will be thunking my decant of Jungle Elephant today as I could not stop wearing it since I received it..
    the eldest marzipans came home from university… and will be with us for several weeks….the ‘fumes are all over the house-LOL!
    A good friend of mine and I are committed to no buys for 2019 and also to using up decants and samples before they evaporate…let’s see how long we can last-LOL! Please wish us luck!!!


    • Thanks Brigitte,
      I bet you’re thrilled the O&E is done. Was it nice or brutal?
      I’m thinking about swapping out the Saturday Question for a What I Thunked This Week post. What do you think?
      Good luck with the No Buy. You can do it. Maybe give yourself some goals like a 3 or 4 month $100 splurge. At least then there will be something to look forward to and obsess over.
      Portia xx


      • It was neutral the obser/eval which is all I could ask for!!! so I am happy about that.
        OOO! love this idea of what I thunked post! It will encourage us to use our lovelies and not hoard…especially samples and decants which end up evaporating. The middle marzipan discovered that her Bon Perfumery decants had all but evaporated so now she has given me the task of thunking all eight of them which will probably occur over the next four days. And the eldest found her Dark Horse decant is all but gone….time to really use these lovelies before heading directly to the full bottles.

        I think I will do a splurge at the end of the year if I make it to no buy…honestly, there is enough in the house to last several years if I start using some of everyone else’s stuff…..and i bet they would not even notice-LOL!


    • Wow, I want your resolution to not buy fragrance in 2019 and enjoy what I have. I am definitely committed to reducing my purchases. I won’t commit to no buy just yet but I admire your resolve!


      • I can’t guarantee that I will stick to it but I will try!!! A few years ago I went two years without making any full bottle purchases.


  2. Interesting you mentioned Yves Rocher Vanille Noir. I ordered shower/bath/hand gels for Christmas gifts and also purchased So Elixir Bois Sensuel, a fragrance by Olivier Cresp and Marie Salamagne. I was curious and the price was good after discounts with my big order. Sweet patchouli, vanilla, and iris. I wish I had ordered the Vanille Noir now. I completed my Christmas shopping this week, and my last stop was at Nordstroms. I fell in love with a couple new to me Sisley fragrances immediately, and on impulse purchased Soir de Lune and Izia gift boxes (small EDP and small body cream). Then when home I researched the fragrances, and discovered I could purchase larger perfume bottles for much less on websites. Huge buyer’s remorse! Has anyone else done this? I have to return the gift boxes to Nordstroms of course now, and I so dread that! I don’t know why, they totally overcharged me.


    • No shame about returning stuff, I just march right in with my receipt and hand it back. They won’t even bat an eyelash so don’t worry.


      • Thank you for the encouragement. I don’t know why I’m embarrassed to return things. But I’ll never be happy with the fragrance after paying twice as much for it!


    • Hey Kathleen,
      The retail industry charges you first price. Discounters almost always have it for 3/4 of that or less.
      Returning is easy, you have the receipt? Be friendly, don’t explain, just need to bring these back, how do we go about a refund?
      Portia xx


      • Yes, I have the receipt and bag and I didn’t even open the package. Thank you for the support! I should know better; research prices before buying fragrances. There are so many discounters with reduced prices. Somehow it still surprises me.

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  3. Like Brigitte, I’m on a mission to not buy more perfume in 2019 and to use up decants & samples. The only out I’m giving myself is buying perfume out of my paypal funds, so if I sell something, I can buy something else with the money. :-). But the goal is NO increase in the size of the collection.

    It’s been a good week for exercise, 2 bike rides and 4 yoga classes, by Friday I was like a limp quivering noodle. The puppy is eating like a horse and getting bigger by the day. Can’t wait to see what her final size will be. I’m hoping when she finishes growing we can start doing agility and obedience training together, I need a hobby and she needs the exercise. 🙂

    Wore lots of fumes this week, mostly grabbing things randomly in the closet and spraying. I have so much I often get paralyzed trying to decide, so now I just grab and spray, it alleviates the anxiety and I wear more of my scents.


  4. You’re a bizzy bee as usual. Your little bottle of Miss Dior parfum is the same as mine! It must smell amazing layered over the edt. Have got to get me some edt! That’s a dinky little Yves Rocher Vanilla Noire. Will have to poke my nose into that shop in Germany when I’m there as we don’t have any here. But why???
    Can I borrow Jin to rustle me up some grub? I’ll freeze a ton of it and it will do me for months. I couldn’t ever be accused of being a good cook. Too lazy to spend ages on prep and all the watching, stirring and whatnot. I’m a bit of a one pot wonder kind of cook. Ah well, I can’t be perfect at everything 😉
    It was busy for me at work, my last night was yesterday and my last day will be Wednesday. Cannot wait, it has been crazy this season. We’re all frazzled. My daughter and Smallies were here for couple of days last weekend. She’s also very excited at the prospect of meeting her new aunts, uncles and grandparents. It is still utterly surreal that there are so many of them. Hopefully it turns out well with hubby’s other siblings that we haven’t met yet. His two sisters have totally clicked with us, and his BM has rang him twice since they met only a week ago. Onwards 😀. Am enjoying a lazy day on the couch listening to music. House is festive, I have three trees up, big one in the hall, smaller one in sitting room and living room. The smaller ones have red lights and the glow is rather like the windows in Amsterdam ☺️ I’ll have strange men knocking on my door, maybe.
    Off partying tomorrow with my besties. Can’t wait to kick off the season properly. Hugs, byee.


  5. Thanks for sharing Portia, so many lovely scents! Busy week here, it’s very crazy this time of year at work so some long days trying to keep on top of it all. I agee that muggy, humid weather drains and tires one more than usual. Some Christmas shopping underway, some purchases for myself – some new skincare, Australian company using essential oils and no chemical stuff, called Black Chicken. Funny name but great products. Also treated myself to some scents and balms from another Aussie brand, Spiritwoods.
    Heading into the Christmas home stretch it’s going to be super busy.


      • Hello! Spiritwoods is from Tassie. I got some perfume oils and solid perfumes. There’s one called The Drawing Room and one called Smoke & Mirrors both of which are great. They just don’t last very long on my skin. Need to give the oils are proper test – I’ll let you know. Packaging is beautiful too. They come in sample size – give them a go xx


        • I enjoy naturals but the downside is the longevity is usually not so great. Would love to hear what you think of the others thanks 🙂


    • Good luck dealing with the busy work week Melanie,
      Those new skincare sound interesting. I don’t use such stuff but am always a bit intrigued by it. A few years ago L’Occitane asked me to do a two week challenge with one of their new products and I really did see a noticeable difference in my skin texture, it was amazing.
      Portia xx


  6. Busy week, Portia! Sorry that you didn’t like the Crimes of Grindewald. There were some good bits, though.

    I made a point of seeing at least a couple of full features this week, so I did: Mortal Engines and Aquaman. ME is a visual feast. I found the book, will read and compare with what I saw. It was the hot guys week: Taron, Robert Sheehan and Jason Momoa 🙂


    • I’ve not seen the film, but the Mortal Engines books are fantastic YA novels. (The author wrote a trilogy of steampunky victorian space adventure stuff too, for a slightly younger audience. They are very funny, and gorgeously illustrated)


      • The film might be less dark than the book since it was made for 12+ y.o. but the images are breathtaking. The whole production reminded me of Terry Gilliam’s and George Miller’s artistic vision.


  7. Hi Portia,
    Sorry to hear your power is out, hope it returns soon. So many people we know are in the same position, we somehow got lucky powerwise.
    I too tried Indian/Indian styled oils this week! I discovered an old NZ brand called Kama and brought a bar of soap which I’m looking forward to using.


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