New Sniffs: 13.12.2018




Hey Hey Perfume Junkies,

The idea is that anything worthy of comment, either good or bad, that’s passed under my nose through the week will get a short write up. Up till now I have kept APJ positive comments only, those days are gone. If I think something is terrible, shamefully lazy, greedy or stupid and you should know about it, it will be said. Not everything works for everyone and it would be pretty boring if it did >>> YMMV. I’d love it if you all agree, respectfully disagree, have any thought-out opinion and want to share, do so in the comments below. The point is starting a conversation.

New Sniffs Aug 2018

Anything that I’m not keeping becomes a super simple GIVEAWAY. All comments are entered. Next week I’ll tell you who picked. If the winner doesn’t eMail me during the week it will JACKPOT to next weeks winner who will get both.

Last Weeks Winner: Diana

eMail me at (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with your address please

New Sniffs: 13.12.2018

Palindrome III by Santi Burgas

Scott says, “fluorescent pink strawberry lolly lipgloss” It also has a hairspray vibe and red cordial.

B683 by Marc-Antion Barros

Michael likes it, and he’s a snob. “Rubbery, woody, leathery” Spicy, lightly green and I get a minty vibe.

Musc Immortelle by Atelier des Ors

WOW! This is really good. Softly resinous iris drizzled lovingly over immortelle.. The iris is dry and carrotish. So pretty. This is by far my favourite of the week. Through the heart the immortelle

Fougere Platine by Tom Ford

Michael says, “Fougere de boredom” but was so happily surprised when he LOVED it. Scotty is smelling angelica, desiccated green. Anna Maria came back to it 30 minutes later and said “Old mans aftershave”, meh.

Liquid Illusion by Juliette Has A Gun

This one is weird. Scott, Michael and Anna Maria all got cherry chapstick and strawberry impulse. I get an iris fragrance with some juicy strawberries above and hefty white musk below. YMMV

Escapade de Byzance by Olibere Paris

OK, this is an interesting fragrance. The whole crew couldn’t decide on anything in it except some iris and incense. It smells really good though. Our collective agreement is that there are a bunch of good synthetic created molecules that don’t really have analogous references in real life.





Have you tried any of these? How did they work for you?
Portia xx

68 thoughts on “New Sniffs: 13.12.2018

  1. I was wearing Musc Immortelle yesterday, courtesy of Sandra’s amazing parcels of samples (and chocolate!). Got to agree with you: it’s lovely. (and very much the sweet-smoky maple type of immortelle rather than curry for me…)

    not sniffed any of the others from your post. But, new to me this week: Tauer’s Au Coeur de Desert was fabulous.

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  2. Nope, not smelled one iota of these. The Musc Immortelle would probably be my pick of the bunch. And strangely, the Liquid Illusion sounds not bad really. Probably nice for summer. A good strawberry note is hard to find without it being polluted by sugar.


  3. Haven’t tried any of the mentioned perfumes after reading your comments, I’d go for Musc Immortelle too. Escapade de Byzance also sounds intriguing.
    On the other hand, Palindrome III has “avoid me” written all over it 😀


  4. I have not tried any of these.
    No need to enter me because the perfume gods have been good to me and I don’t want to be greedy.
    Congratulations, Diana!


  5. No, I haven’t tried any of these either. Immortelle is a difficult note for me, but I really want to try more from Atelier des Ors.

    Never liked artificial strawberry flavour, so would happily pass on the first perfume in your list.


  6. I have not heard of any of these. Liquid Illusion sound like the best to me, iris and strawberry couldn’t be all bad?
    My new sniff while at Nordstrom’s gift shopping (had to stop and look at makeup and fragrance of course) was at the Sisley counter. The fragrances from thisskincare/makeup line were new to me.
    Izia, a beautiful musky citrus rose like no other rose, and Soir De Lune, crested by Dominique Ropion, a chypre with a floral heart. I fell in love! Who knew?


  7. I’m over the moon, seriously! Portia and perfume gods, thank you! Yay! Obviously, please don’t enter my name this week, or do since B683, Musc Immortelle and Escapade de Byzance sound very promising 🙂

    I’ve had a few good new sniffs this week, and a couple of discouraging ones: Fleur de Lalita Parfums Dusita, Rose de Molinard, Eau de Zen Shiseido, Resina, Clarins Eau Dynamisante – great cologne albeit simple, – fall into the first category. Vintage Revlon Charlie and Coty Complice seem nice but slightly shocked by the journey, I’ll give them some time. Baruti Chai and Voyance scared the shit out of me! Chai is beautiful, though, it reminded me of Teone Reinthal’s Wan Chai and Baraonda.


  8. Escapade sounds intriguing! I have the Olibere parfums on my list to try someday. I’m especially keen to try Savannah’s Heart.
    As for me I picked up a couple of Opium flankers, yesterday I wore Opium Vapeurs de Parfum, a bit ‘meh’ really but good for a humid sticky day as it was yesterday.

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      • Hi Portia,
        It’s an old one. Vapeurs was released in 2012 as an
        Oriental/Mediterranean blend.
        It’s mainly fresh white flowers with a tiny hint of incense in the drydown. Is basically a watered down Elie Saab Le Parfum to my nose.
        The other Opium I wore last night is Orchidee de Chine from 2007 which smells more like an Opium but with that modern sweet feeling (still not my cup of tea unfortunately).
        Thanks for sharing Portia,
        I look forward to seeing what you sniff next!

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  9. I have not tried any of these but recently wore Diptyque Tempo and it surprised me. Was ready to hate it but it is actually pretty good. Both Fleur de Peau and Tempo have been great releases and might be my most fav. Diptyques even. Now need to get a good deal on Tempo as I already have Fleur de Peau

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  10. I’ve only had the chance to smell fougere platine by TF and it was quite nice but on my skin something goes in the old vibe territory…i dont know exactly what note is sending me there; anyways it was nice but not a love for sure. That musc immortelle from atelier des ors sounds pretty awesome by the notes list. Is the iris note in it super powdery? Or a wet type of iris?

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  11. I haven’t tried any of these either! Musc Immortelle by Atelier des Ors seems like the best of the lot. I do like everything I read on the Baruch site. Voyance is definitely on my list. The Chai has me intrigued, All chai fragrances have been pretty much a disappointment to me.


  12. Don’t know/sniffed any of this bunch. Made me laugh that Tom Ford would have a scent with such a boring or traditional name. I’ve got some new sniffs on me today – cheap and cheery purchases of Adam Levine for her, Gap White Amber 541 and Ungaro Diva.


  13. Apart from Atelier des Ors, I’ve not heard of any others. I tried Iris Fauve from AdO last winter and almost sprang for a bottle. This leads me to suspect it might be a line that I get on with.
    New to me this week was Le Mat by Talisman, or is it Menditterosa. Confusing. What an odd one! But I admit to liking it a lot. Fell down the Papillon perfume rabbit hole with a thud. Salome and Anubis are both huge loves. Angelique, I have a feeling, may creep up on me, as well as Dryad. Tobacco Rose will be worn on my scarf (thanks for the tip, Portia!) since most roses go vile and sour on my skin and Tobacco Rose was no exception.


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