Scent Diary: 28.1 – 3.2 2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

It must be so boring for you Northerners to read about our heat but I’m getting my ass kicked by it. Utterly enervated.
Still, managed to get out a bit and do some stuff. Nothing enormous, quite a lot of jin and Portia laying around in the cool air time.
Loads of good frags though.

Scent Diary: 28.1 – 3.2 2019

Monday 28:

Slept in again. Missed Aquarobics. SHAME on me.

Started responding to blog comments and matty was asking about a YSL Opium bottle. Thought I better get mine out and take a pic for her, then figured it would be rude not to give myself a swipe of extrait, seeings that it’s out! O M Giddy Aunt!

Hung with Jin for a while.

Someone asked on a FB page what my favourite bottle in my collection is. It’s this old 16oz Shalimar EdC bottle by Guerlain. I love it so much I can’t even open it.

Fell asleep on the couch. This heat is wiping me out.

Woke up around 9pm. Fed & walked the dogs.

Melange No 16. A lily/Lily of the valley weird ass thing. White flowers and green leaves, narcissus and soft sappy stems.
It’s a rollerball and I want it to be a spritz, it seems impossible to get enough on me.

Started on my TRVIA Q&A. Can’t concentrate. Turning on the A/C and giving the house 30 minutes to cool down so I can think .


It’s 2am and I’ve just finished TRIVIA Q&A. All I have to do is send out the eMails to our fabulous Drag Queen Hostesses and I’m done for today.

SOTBed: Traversee du Bosphore L’Artisan. I forget how good this fragrance is. YUM!

Tuesday 29:

Jin finished his row of night shifts this morning.

We had brunch up the road at our favourite cafe.

I’ve been wearing odds and sods of perfume for review and test purposes. You’ll see them all in due course.

We have the dry mode on the A/C on all day and it does make the air infinitely more comfortable. I’m still lazy as though.

Thunked Hamdani by Parfums de Marley. Meaty leather full of resinous animals. Not so polite. The whole vial smells wonderful.

Went to work at Parramatta RSL. We had a fun time all round.

Came home and Jin has been cooking Kimchi Soup. O M G! The whole apartment smells like feet and rotting flesh. I turned off the AC and opened all the doors and windows. The first 10 minutes I was gagging a bit. SO AWFUL! I’ve come to the perfume room to hide while the stench dissipates.

SOTBed: Sublime Balkiss by The Different Company

Wednesday 30:

Up and walked the dogs in the sweltering morning heat.

SOTMorning: Santal ++++ by Miller et Bertaux

Jin and I went into the Russian Embassy here in Sydney to get our VISAs for May. That was exciting. They are sticklers, fortunately Jin is a whiz at bureaucracy.

Home and reading Circe by Madeline Miller at Tara from A Bottled Rose instigation. WOW! Can’t put it down. So good.

Did some blogging, commenting and organising for next month.

SOTEvening: Sharp by Andrea Maack. Weird ass orange blossom with stuff.

Went to work at Greystanes Inn. It was a bit quiet this week but we still had a good time and ended the night with three teams.

Watched the finale of GRIMM. Terrible ending. Fabulous series.

SOTBed: Feminite du Bois by Serge Lutens. Thunked an OLD sample of this. It seems so much plummier than my older bottle.

Thursday 31:


SOTMorning: Vintage Madame Rochas. This is the bottle that exploded forth when it was first sprayed. I bought 120ml BNIC and in the explosion lost about 20ml. Safely decanted it and now there are only a few ml left.

Trying to get ready for work in this heat was hideous. I was sweating like a farm hand.

SOTWork: I wanted to be gloriously elegant at a new gig and decided Seville a l’Aube by L’Artisan was the perfect choice. All those orange blossoms and incense were a perfect fit.

The new gig was wonderful! Out of eight teams five were longtime buddies come to support. Such a fabulous night. Pinchos in Glebe behind Despina Tapas. The food was EXCELLENT!

SOTBed: Exultat by Maria Candida Gentile. Incense BOMB!

Friday 1:

What’s wrong with me. Jin tried to wake me to go to Aquarobics this morning when he got home and I was agro and resistant. Even in my sleep. HA!

Thank goodness! The temperature has finally dropped. 22C is our high temp today. YAY! Overcast and spitting rain, my perfect weather.

SOTDay: Kiehl’s Original Musk.

Learned something today. When someone dies, some people say Vale (Vah-Lay) and others Vail (VayL). Vale means a written or spoken farewell and Vail means to take off or lower a hat or crown as a token of respect or submission. Both acceptable for use. In fact, I’m going to start writing Vale and Vail as my respectful goodbye from now on.

We had a magnificent day together. Caught the bus and train to town where Jin took me out for lunch at Q Dining. It’s in a fancy 5* hotel and overlooks Circular Quay. We had 3 magnificent courses. Duck wontons and a Charcuterie plate for entree. Roast duck and beetroot with goats cheese foam and a side of Kipfler potatoes for main to share. Dessert was the best Creme Brûlée and Pistacio ice Cream I’ve tasted in my life. I ate a third of it before I remembered it was a TASTING food only now I’m diabetic. OOPSIE! We had a half bottle of Pinos Noir (Jin had the loins share) and a sparkling water. We managed to sit, eat and chatter away over 2.5 hours without missing a beat. It was utterly splendiferous.

Caught the train home and walked the 1.3km home in the misty rain, still chattering madly. I really enjoy his company and wit.

Now Jin has hit the hay because tomorrow is a 3am wake up. I’m blogging merrily.

SOTBed: Santal Blanc by Serge Lutens. Thunked my old sample of this one. It is pretty and cozy, bit sotto voce for my liking but I get why it has its fans.

Saturday 2:

Blessed relief. Today has stayed cool and overcast. The dogs are thrilled because I never want to walk then across streets in the heat because it’s so hot on their paws. We’ve been pretty much walking the same block for a week or two now. Today we went two blocks around and they acted like they’d never seen any of it before and made up for lost sniff and snuffling time with gay abandon.

SOTMorning: Shalimar EdC by Guerlain

I’ve got the day to myself so I’m going to read Circe and chill around the house.

Went and did some food shopping and the Post Office. Nothing very exciting.

Home and reading Circe. It’s wonderful.

SOTEvening: Velours by Yves Saint Laurent

Caught a bus and train to town this evening and met Jin, TinaG and Michael. We went to the Greyhound Races and had a fabulous time. Jin won a TRIFECTA! Amazing.

This is our boys trainer Charlie. He must be pretty good because every time we go away the dogs stay with him and they are so excited to go back and hang there. It was cool seeing him there and having a chat.

Afterwards while walking the dogs through the cool but muggy night the dogs got excited when we arrived home. They had discovered a nearly ready to leave the nest Rainbow Lorikeet right next to out front door step. We brought it inside and gave it a feed of Lorikeet rearing mixture (Yes, I have it in the cupboard because so many young birds lose their parents to ravening cats whose owners don’t keep them inside the house. GRRR!). We have named it Apollo and it is a loudmouthed squawker. He did deign to let me get some mixture down his gullet after much to-do. Hopefully he’s still with us in the morning.

SOTBed: Gentry Jockey Club by Oriza Legrande. From a decant that Scotty gave me. Dark, birch leather and stuff. VERY nice.

Sunday 2:

SOTMorning: Silences PdT by Jacomo

Walking the dogs this morning was beautiful. It was cool and sunny, little bit of cloud cover zipping past. So gorgeous.

Got home. Fed Apollo the Rainbow Lorikeet and took him and his box down to the local vet so they can pass him on to the Wildlife Rescue Service WIRES.

By the time I got home at 11am 32C and nearly 60% humidity. Sweating like nobodies business. It feels much hotter and wetter.

I have to clipper and dye my beard today, then become a beautiful lady (read Truck Driver in a Dress). Not feeling it. It’s an A/C kinda day.

Bubble Bath in Musc Nomade by Annick Goutal (I think only one bath left in this beauty), lotion Kiehl’s Original Musk,

SOTDay: Musc Ravageur by Frederic Malle

Annick Goutal Musc Nomade Kiehl's Original Musk Malle Musc Ravageur July 2018


Face, Frock and off to work. It wasn’t very busy tonight but we all had a ball. loads of chatter and catch ups. The Austral BC Crew are fantastic, love the so much.

Home, walked the dogs for over an hour tonight. Jinx didn’t poo. Oh well, no worries.

Now I’m in front of the computer, checking eMails, FB and APJ comments.

What a great week.



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

78 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 28.1 – 3.2 2019

  1. How great that you keep that rearing mixture to rescue Lorikeet babies, Portia. Hope Apollo is doing okay.
    It makes me so happy you’re loving Circe. Great read.
    Oh that Melange fragrance sounds fab.


    • As you wrote on the bottled rose you wanted to read more historical fiction, maybe you will like The Words in my Hand by Guinevere Glasfurd. I just finished it (I am still a lot on the couch) and enjoyed it very much (no Circe but that one is hard to beat), partially because it is situated in 17-century Netherlands (Amsterdam, Deventer and more). It gives a very good impression of the lives of Dutch women and maids on those days, and sheds a little bit of light on the philosopher Descartes.


    • Hey Tara,
      Lorikeet food works for most Aussie natives as a stop gap restorative. If they just need some nutrients and water. Fingers crossed for Apollo.
      Circe was wonderful, now I am reading something else. Not sure where the rec came from.
      Melange is very interesting.
      Portia xx

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  2. Baby birds are so cute! I reared a baby magpie once, he adopted my black spaniel as his mother and was like a shadow. Flew out of the kichen one night to join his own kind. Happy sad.
    SOTBed Traversee du Bosphore, thanks for the reminder.


  3. I am so bloody jealous of your hot weather after having to deal with a polar vortex in the northeastern part of the States…finally it warmed up a bit today…

    not much happening in my neck of the woods…pretty much wore 31 Rue Cambon all week until my son stole it from me. then switched over to Phlur Hepcat (originally I thought of this one as a powdery tobacco with a touch of oud but in the extreme cold it turned into a most yummy cherry sweet cherry tobacco frag and I was gaga over it…received for compliments at work the first day I wore it).

    Also will have lots of thunking to report on Thursday as I went beserko testing some 1/4 full vials of DSH frags…

    and discovered a fantastic indie brand thanks to a close perfume pal of mine…Fum Perfumery…gorgeous extrait perfumes…only three releases (instead of 20 all at once…which I love) but they are all amazing!

    hope everyone has a good week!


  4. I love you even more Portia that you rescue baby birds! Apollo is gorgeous! We don’t have many colorful birds like that here in CO. But I love the birds that come to my backyard feeders, and we also rescue birds in need when found.
    You’ve had another fragrant week! I’ve always been curious about YSL Velours by Carlos Benaim, very interesting notes. Is it a love for you? Thank you for reminding me, I need to order a sample. I have Silences (per your review) and I’ll wear that today.
    I’ve been giving Guerlains a lot of wear time this past week. And I am loving L’Instant Magic, a recent blind buy.


    • Hi Kathleen,
      Thanks, Apollo is a sweetheart.
      Velours is definitely a love. I can’t wait for the weather to cool a bit. I think it will be even better then.
      Isn’t L’Instant Magic interesting, so sweet and yet cool.
      Portia x


  5. A week of organizing here as my school was cancelled Wed – Fri for the polar vortex and fresh snow/ice. Got my perfume shelf, bathroom closet (too many backup bath products!!) reorganized. Did not get to start on the kitchen – the spice cabinet is a mess. (I make a lot of my own spice mixes and they end up in small containers and baggies which are all over the place.). Currently wearing DSH Colorado – American Perfumer was kind enough to send me a sample and I’m absolutely loving it.


    • I loved Colorado too. What did you make of the new Dame perfumes? I know you got oil samples but I was just curious as to what you thought of them.


      • Trying to decide. I need to wear Duality on its own- when I tested with stuff on my other arm I felt it got lost. Mimosa Mixte is a nice mimosa – enjoyed that one but it needs another go as well.


    • You guys have had some awful cold temps over there. I hope you guys are all safe.
      Cleaning and reorganising takes it out of you. Good on you for getting the bath products done.
      OOOOHJ! So glad you’re loving Colorado. Isn’t it amazing?
      Portia xx


  6. Had a very tough week due to sudden and excruciating shoulder pain in my right arm. I am not feeling up to wearing much perfume, sticking to white musk oil and essential oils until the agony abates, which I am told could take many weeks. :-(. Unfortunately I have to make a week-long trip to Canada on Wed. that can’t be put off, which is making me feel doubly anxious. Husband is totally unhelpful but at least the dog is being sympathetic.


    • Shoulder pain is terrible. The one thing of comfort I can offer is that it does pass, but in my case it took a year (not all the time excruciating fortunately). I couldn’t wear sweaters as I couldn’t lift my arm so it was a year of blouses and cardigans. Wishing you well, I hope you find painkillers that will work (for me: tramadol/paracetamol combination I am not sure if that exists in the US).


      • I had two frozen shoulders. First one took two years to resolve. Second one eighteen months. Still don’t have full range of motion. I had forgotten about the difficulty in dressing until you reminded me. My husband had to dress me for all that time because even bras and underwear I could not put on as my range of motion was extremely limited. I would not wish that on anyone.


    • Thanks god for your baby being there to give you comfort. Keep at the exercises and yoga and hopefully the pain will eventually subside. Good luck with the trip on Wednesday.


    • Sorry to hear of your pain. See/enquire if you can take some magnesium- either tablet or liquid form direct onto your shoulder. Might help some xx


  7. Truck driver in a dress, indeed! No. You’re lovely, Portia. Always.

    Took a friend out for a belated birthday dinner. It was 18 degrees and snowing all that day, though very little on the ground. We went to an izakaya which was a lot of fun. 10 course menu of “bites,” and fantastic drinks. I am 20 years her senior but she was ready for home and bed at the end of the meal while I was up for more chat and drinks. The youth of today! LOL! It was her birthday, so she won.

    Did a house/space clearing with candle, special incense and salt mixed with herbs for Imbolc (aka Brigid’s Day) and the oddest thing happened. I work remotely from home and have (to be genteel) a very difficult boss. When I got to my home office to clear that space, the charcoal in my censer would not stay lit and the resin incense grains would not adhere to the charcoal when I sprinkled it on. Needless to say, that room took a lot of time and was a challenge to clear. Got the charcoal finally going and staying hot and left it on the resins in the room with the door closed for a few hours. Woke up this morning to a marvelous smelling house that feels renewed.

    Still very cold all week so I’ve been liberal with the heavy hitters-Youth Dew, Royal Secret, Original Commes de Garcons, Tauer Orris and DKNY Black Cashmere. Had an at home spa evening for myself one night after work and smoothed on quite a bit of champaca essential oil in a fractionated coconut oil base while still damp from showering. Got the ageing neck and decolletage well hydrated and went to bed smelling of warm, far away places.

    The 2 cats have barely left their heated beds and I don’t blame them!

    Move slowly and stay cool, dear Portia. : )

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    • Wow, champaca essential oil…bet you smelled amazing! My current oil obsession is cardamom. Can’t get enough of it.


      • Brigitte, Nature’s Gift (online essential oil store-woman owned) has it and it’s a luxury that I treated myself to ages ago. Well worth it, especially in the greyness of winter. A little goes a long way and it’s beautifully decadent, especially under winter clothes. I tried a lot of fragrances with champaca, but absolutely nothing even comes close to the real thing.


    • Hey Cee,
      I was thinking WOW 18 degrees and snowing, then it clicked; 18F!
      That house clearing sounds wonderful. I do a very low key version of that after cleaning each week.
      WOW! You’re week in fragrance sounds wonderful.I would never even think to make up my own lotions, is it very hit & miss? Do you ever have reactions to the Eos?
      Portia xx


      • I’m a certified aromatherapist, Portia. Since I learned some lessons the hard way, aeons ago, after putting cinnamon eo neat on my pulse points and raising welts that lasted for days, I never have reactions. Less is more with eos.

        Bless you for rescuing the lorikeet. 💋👌👍

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  8. Circe is so good (thank you Tara again)! What a cutie Apollo is, I hope he allows you to keep feeding him. I am a bit of a compulsive garden bird feeder, in the morning they come close to the house and give me demanding looks (animal rights!) until they are fed.
    I am wearing Naja, found a discounted and full tester, clearly we were meant to be ;-). It is very lovely and I am glad I bought it. Almost always when a perfume really feels right in all aspects to me, my dog loves it too and smells it very attentively for a while on my wrist. She gave Naja the longest sniff.


  9. Portia, now you’ve got your Russian visas there is nothing more to worry about on your trip! We found getting the visas a horrendous experience (Edinburgh) and wondered if we would get through it all. But the trip itself is amazing! We took lots of dried fruit and nuts from home to enhance our brekky.


      • Once you’ve been to the Consulate I think you are fine! We had to be fingerprinted and the lady complained I hadn’t entered my last place of work (25 years earlier!) – we very nearly had to go back to Belfast from Edinburgh and start over again!!


  10. Thanks for sharing your lovely week Portia. Your lunch out with Jin sounds delish!
    Tough week here – too hot for me 🥵. Struggling to find my sparkle. I think it’s the warm nights and constant need for the fan or air con that throws me.
    A new Chief at work, and some of the Indians not happy. Need to make room for three new desks in our already small office. Interesting times ahead.


    • Hey Melanie,
      It was super delish. LOVE that word.
      Sorry that you’re struggling with the heat. I hear you.
      Good luck with the works changes. Doesn’t help that you’re tired and uncomfortable in the heat, I bet.
      Portia xx


  11. A friend gave me a gift card and I ended up buying some Shiseido Ever Bloom body lotion. Will tackle the Bulgari lotion first though.


  12. Hi Portia
    I think I said thank you for supplying the Opium pic on the thread where I asked the question about my bottle. Yes it is the same one. Thanks again. i knew someone would know. XXXX


  13. wow, that nearly 500ml bottle of Shalimar… Silences should be more popular. the vintage can still be had for quite cheap and it clearly has the dna of fullsome green perfumes such as Chanel 19. Vintage Silences does come as quite harsh at times but only because it is so rich.


  14. Portia, you look amazing! Congrats on the visa thing, – oh, the stories I could tell on the Russian bureaucracy!.

    Not much happening here, but there are a few things worth mentioning: I’ve restarted doing my yoga workout, feels nice! Am rediscovering Beyonce’s Lemonade, – I admit that I didn’t fully appreciate it when I heard it for the first time, – now I do! And I’ve watched the whole season of Happy! over the weekend. If you’re a fan of Tarantinoesque violence and, say, Terry Gilliam’s imagination, give it a try. LOVED it.


    • One day we will sit down and you will tell me the whole Russian Bureaucracy story. Go to Whoa Diana,
      Beyonce is the bomb. She is living the dream, creating it from next to nothing. Inspirational to everyone, especially POC. I think she is doing it with aplomb. She brings out banging tunes and doesn’t hold back on the message.
      Happy! sounds like I probably;y won’t like it but maybe I’ll give it a try.
      Portia xx


  15. So. I know you’re all waiting to hear with bated breath ALL about my fantastic TWO WEEK vacay in GUADELOUPE! 😈 it was GLORIOUS!! Warm to hot. Sunny with the exception of not infrequent afternoon monsoon-like storms that would last maybe 20 minutes and then be followed by more bone-warming sun. There was plenty of lazing on the beach and cocktail sipping poolside. The rainforest was breath-taking. Daily walks to inhale humid earth, moss and green stuff. Lazy paddling through picturesque lagoons. And dining out.
    We had made friends with a similarly aged couple. Early thirties, right 😏 Madame, who was generously endowed enjoyed wearing low cut blouses to display her eye-popping assets. Frequently we visited their favorite restaurant which was a bit of a ramshackle affair seating at most a dozen diners. One evening the chef/owner came over to our table to chat as he was exiting the washroom. A very tall, hefty man in gleaming whites. Perched saucily on his shoulder was a shiny, dark brown cockroach the size of a VW mini-bus, casually admiring the view. I alerted him to the monstrosity sitting on his shoulder and he nonchalantly flicked it off with the back of his hand. It rocketed across the table and landed cozily in Madame’s cleavage! No word of a lie! To her credit, she fished it out of there quite coolly but I was so horrified and relieved that it hadn’t happened to me that I started laughing like a mad woman. I mean, how embarrassing 😒. The dinner ended shortly thereafter and I had to make small of myself around the hotel after that. Naturally Mr. LH’s new job was to inspect every nook and cranny of our room each evening for anything that had more legs than is necessary.
    I’m in my ‘new’ office. I rented some office space not far from my home, mostly for meetings but also as a convenient escape hatch for when Mr. LH decides another annoying workshop project is in order. Quite liking it!
    Glad everybody has survived the bitter cold/extreme heat that has been around. Back to work now.


  16. I’m still playing catch up as I was otherwise engaged at the weekend. I always feel a tad wistful when you’re talking about places you’re hanging out, that I’ve visited Portia. Especially when it’s your summer and our winter. Mind you, the humidity would leave me looking and feeling like a sweaty farm hand/truck driver. And the hair😱 🐑.
    Anyway, Saturday was a big day family wise. Hubs’ birth rellies had arranged a lovely dinner and hotel stay as a surprise for his birthday, which is actually tomorrow. I knew all about it though. He thought there were a few of them coming but his Mam, Dad and all ten siblings were waiting to surprise him in a room😂 It was very funny and surreal. He looks so much like them all that you’d note the similarities even if you didn’t know. We had a wonderful night and they’re just lovely people. His feet still haven’t touched the ground.
    But the important thing here: I wore PoaL, he wore Aramis Calligraphy and our daughter was rocking Fragile.


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