Scent Diary: 4.2 – 10.2.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

WHAT A ROLLERCOASTER! This week has been a series of highs and lows with no warning of change.
Still, through the peaks and troughs I managed to get some sensational fragrances on, hang with mates and have a lot of fun.
Jin, as always, was one of the highlights and I got some couch cuddle time with the dogs.

Scent Diary: 4.2 – 10.2.2019

Monday 4:

Jumped out of bed and took the dogs for a wee.

A couple of Shalimar EdC spritzes got me going.

Off to the Sydney Olympic Aquatic Center where I did a shallow and a deep aquarobics class and 500m swimming. Boy, it felt so good,

Weigh in: 108.7 kg. This is really exciting. I can’t tell you all how happy this makes me.

Came home and cleaned the house top to bottom. Even got on my knees and did the tiles in kitchen and bathroom. Did 3 loads of washing and hung it up. LOVE Mondays.

Wearing Teone Reinthal Wan Chai again today. It’s so lavish and glamorous it even makes cleaning, washing and cooking feel like fun. Mine is decanted from the bottle because it smells even more fabulous spritzed. MMMMMM

Have cooked up a big batch of Savoury Mince again. It will be my staple food this week between eating with friends. I love it so much. Yes, I know it looks awful. Full of vegetables and mince meat, so healthy I can hear my arteries applauding.

Got started on the TRIVIA Q&A.

Jin came home and is absolutely wrecked. Working in a huge tin shed in this heat is so awful for him. No A/C. He also isn’t sleeping so well due to heat & mosquitos. I’m dealing with a man regressing to 5 years old right now.

We hung out, had some dinner together and watched an episode of Titans.

He’s in bed

SOTNight: Pour un Homme de Caron. I needed something cool and calming to help me think my way through these TRIVIA Q&A. It’s still so hot and muggy at midnight my mind has turned off: 26C. I just turned the A/C on, hopefully it will cool my brain.

1am-ish and I’m done writing my Q&A. I’m bushed. Today has been a big day.

SOTBed: Vintage Hermès Caleche

Tuesday 5:

Today I spritzed a few things for this weeks New Sniffs & Thunked post.

It’s a bit cooler here so much more comfortable. The dogs were much happier to walk morning and afternoon.

Got caught up on my Trivia stuff, paid some bills, got stuff done. It seems like I did nothing but the day was full.

Read some more of my current book. Not really involved in it 100% yet, waiting for my engagement to blossom.

Tonight for work I got really excited and over spritzed vintage Youth Dew by Estee Lauder. I was so fragrant and no one noticed. Bastards!!

The RSL celebrated Lunar New Year with Duck Pancakes (Peking Duck). They were fricken DELICIOUS!!

Home again. Dogs fed & walked. Blog sorted. Bit of TV and then bed.

SOTBed: Boucheron Edp

Wednesday 6:

Jin got home from After Work Drinks at 4.15am this morning. I was expecting him around 1am so I stayed up watching my newest Netflix series Outlander. When he finally got home it was by cab. I’m so happy he is starting to hang out with people. Jin is usually a hermit who would be happy just the two of us doing everything and the rest of the time on the couch. Hopefully this mad fun will become something quasi regular. I really believe having a bunch of friends can save you from anything.

I was still awake so off I trotted to Aquarobics for a 6am class.

Slept on the couch till Scott dropped over for coffee and a chat.

SOTDay: Thunked my spray sample of Leather Shot by Olfactive Studio. It’s quite nice. I like it but don’t LOVE it. Should a bottle land in my lap I’d wear the shit outta it.

Did some computer stuff, now going back to sleep.

Jumped out of bed, gave myself a whores bath and got on the road to collect Wendy for Trivia. I rang her as I was leaving and she was so excited to be coming after her two weeks in hospital. When I arrived 15 minutes later she wasn’t out the front waiting for me. I was just getting out of my car and ringing her when her son Nick rang and told me she was dead on the floor of her bedroom. He got the dogs out of the house and started CPR on her while I called 000 for ambulance. Two ambulances arrived after about 15 more minutes, Nick was unceasing in his efforts to keep her blood pumping. As soon as I saw that the Ambos had taken control I had to skedaddle off to work. At half time I rang Nick and Wendy hard died.

Vale and vail my friend. We had such good times, even in the shittiest situations.
Thanks for everything. The laughs, the fun, the trivia and even the fights. I loved it all and will miss you.

Thursday 7:


SOTMorning: Nirvana Black by Elizabeth & James.

Collected my friend Margaret and we drove into town to see the AGNSW Hermitage show. It must be my 10th time seeing it and every time I learn more, find something new and different and am given the gift of seeing some of the worlds greatest artists. Here we are with the Kandinskys.

We wandered across the Domain to meet gorgeous Kerri for lunch. Kerri & Margaret are new friends and we all got on so well. It was excellent fun. Avenue Chifley, or something like that, was a super lunch choice by Kerri, we sat in a lovely breeze, shaved from the sun and laughed away an hour. Perfect.

Tried CHANEL 1957

Smelled modern Samsara EdT also. Boy! How the mighty have fallen. Shameful. It has been attenuated and white musked almost to oblivion.

Margaret and I might have also dropped into Hermès to try on more fragrance and some silk cashmere scarves. So glam.

Darling Harbour. I had about an hour to kill so I found myself a quiet cafe with a view and chilled.

Dinner at Sofitel with Jin. He has this new Accor card that gives him 50% off meals so now we are trying all the restaurants in their hotels for our date days/nights. It’s a really fun way to go new places and get to hang out just the two of us.

Gym on the way home. The perfect response to a huge and delicious meal.


SOTBed: Mitsouko in honour of my Mitsouko 100 Years Perfume Posse post today.

Friday 8:

Up late. Didn’t make it to Aquarobics. BUM.

SOTMorning: Velours by YSL

Doctors appointment for bloods. My GP is so happy with my progress. Genuinely thrilled that someone is listening to his advice and taking it. Jin came with me and we sat companionably together on our phones till I got called by GP and bloods.

Coffee date with my Best Man Phil. Always so much to catch up on.

Lunch with Hyun and Georgie at David Jones Food Court. Sorry I forgot to take pix.

SOTAfternoon: CHANEL 1957

Hyun got a mini makeover at CHANEL with Anna. O M G! She came out looking even more gorgeous.

May have purchased 200ml of CHANEL 1957. I’m splitting it amongst the Aussie Fragrance Network crew.

Hyun and I had some time to kill so we went and visited DIOR. They had their Trunk Show today and we arrived just afterwards to see all the newest stock and the magnificent white leather toille print skirt that I salivated over. We were also given a history lesson by Jolanta and shown how Christian Dior’s tastes were still being followed in 2018. VERY cool. (Hyun with her CHANEL mini makeover really looked the part of the uber glam DIOR shopper.

Coffee with David and Hyun. Loads of delicious chatter and film reviews. Totally fun, still madly in love with him.


Hung out with Jin watching Korean TV.

STORM!! I’ve never been in anything like it. Winds, rain, hail, lightning and thunder. Trees falling down. The streets around us are all in blackout. we are a beacon of light amongst them. PHEW!

Walking the dogs tonight. Our suburb is a scene from a disaster movie. Unreal.

SOTBed: Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden. 100ml THUNKED! In the bin.

Saturday 9:

SOTMorning: Issey Miyake L’Eau Bleue d’Issey Pour Homme

Issey Miyake L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Pour Homme

Lunch with Jin, Giovanna, Glenda, Artemis, Maggie and James at Gioia Leichhardt.

Apologies. I didn’t take any people photos today. Completely carried away with them and having such a good time I forgot. BUMMER!

Dinner at home with Jin, Matt, Kath and Alice. Jin cooked Spicy Korean Pork. SO GOOD!

SOTEvening: CHANEL 1957

Watching Outlander. LOVE it.

SOTBed: Mona di Orio Eau Absolue

Sunday 10:

Lovely morning. Took the dogs for a wander in the clear warm sunshine. Not too hot.

SOTMorning: Kolonya by Rasei Fort

Was making up the send outs for APJ winners. Thunked decants of Camellia Intrepid by Atelier Cologne, Figment Woman by Amouage and Maravilla by Bulgari.

Beard dyed, shaved and bathed. Ready to become a beautiful lady.

SOTAfternoon: Trayee by Neela Vermeire Creations

Trayee by Neela Vermeire Creations


Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my week. It has been a challenging one and you all helped me through. My Sydney buddies, APJ buddies, friends from Australia and beyond. Everyone came together and buoyed me in choppy seas. Thank you. It was noticed. I’m grateful we are all together on earth in this time, to share the bits we can.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

45 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 4.2 – 10.2.2019

  1. That really was a week of highs and lows Portia. Good to know you always have lots of people around to help you through it all. Friends really do make all the difference.


  2. I am so very sorry for your loss , P. As Tara said above having friends around both in real life and virtual I hope eases the pain a bit.


  3. A hard week for you guys, sorry to hear about Wendy.
    We have been hiding from the heat, walking early in the morning and going to the beach. I have one more week before Uni starts again so better rev myself up!
    You sent me a sample of David Jourquin Cuir Altesse recently, which I tried today…lovely leather, soft but lasted all day!


  4. What a sad loss for you but how special you gave your friend some pleasure and excitement in her last minutes here. It is such a thin veil.
    You smelled gorgeous throughout this turbulent week. Hugs and kisses from my German Shepherd.


  5. Portia, I am very sorry about the loss of your friend Wendy. Reading your weekly Scent Diary posts, I’ve always been touched that you were always there for your good friend, helping her and giving her your love, time, and attention, especially with her health needs. This did not go unnoticed, and may the warm memories and friendship you shared give you peace as you mourn your loss and miss your friend.
    How do you like 1957? I’m guessing a thumbs up, as you purchased a bottle? I also purchased a bottle, unsniffed, based on reviews and because, CHANEL! (long term love of mine and rarely disappointed). I am still enjoying the excitement and anticipation of my bottle arrival, expected on Tuesday! xx


    • Thanks Kathleen,
      My advice on 1957 is to keep your anticipation low. While being a beautifully crafted, elegant piece of perfumery it has nothing new to say. I would have been far happier if it were added to the faux range. Having said that, for all its introverted laundry washing powder style, it does get the compliments. It’s a bit like BOY, perfect go-to squirt for every day. I think it will sell like hot cakes.
      Portia xx


  6. Wow! You were not exaggerating about highs and lows, Portia! My condolences to you on Wendy’s passing. I lost my best friend 3 years ago. She was a few years my junior and died suddenly of a massive heart attack. I still mourn and miss her. You made Wendy happy and were a good friend. She’ll be saving you a prime seat in the Great Beyond.

    A hearty congrats on your weight and health progress! It’s not easy but it is rewarding to see the numbers change. If it ever gets tedious, tell yourself you’re doing it for Jin as well as for yourself.

    You gave me a wonderful, much needed laugh with Savoury Mince which I read as ‘Savoury Mice.” My first thought was that it was some sort of Aussie slang and I sat here, tea getting cold, trying to figure out what the ‘mice’ part could really be. lol I am going to start calling my own healthy fry ups Savoury Mice.

    The weather is psychotic here. 2 days in the 50s (Fahrenheit), one day in the teens, wild winds, torrential rain-don’t know how to dress from one day to the next!


    • Hey Cee,
      Thanks. I keep going to ring Wendy.
      Weight loss is a weird one. It feels like I’m doing something so enormous and insurmountable. Yet, such little things make a huge difference. I’m trying to make it weekly goals, to break it up into smaller chunks. That is making it easier too.
      HA HA HA HA HA!! Savoury Mice is hilarious.
      Good luck navigating your temperatures, that must be really difficult to keep up for any length of time.
      Portia xx


  7. Hey Portia, I am so sorry for your loss. What a challenging week it must have been with the highs and lows. Freaking amazing job you are doing in taking care of yourself. Sending you hugs.
    Sandra xo


  8. So sorry for your loss of a dear friend, Portia. Sending you some good energy.

    How great it is that you get to try so many new restaurants, that must be fun. You absolutely deserve it, congratulations on your weight loss progress.

    I’ve had a quiet week which is fine. It’s been cold outside anyway 🙂


    • How can someone as beautiful as you have a quiet week ? 😉
      I was up at night and enjoying everyone’s instagrams and I really liked the photo of your perfume bottle chess board…I am curious, do you play? All three of the marzipans play/played competitive chess (regionally, nationally and internationally).
      And I really enjoyed getting a bird’s eye view of all of your mini bottles as well as all of your Miss Diors!


    • Thanks Diana,
      Oh yes. Trying new restaurants with Jin is so much fun. We are also Trip Advisor-ing our progress. That’s fun too and adds to the experience.
      Quiet weeks are good, especially when it’s cold. I hope you’ve got some good reading and TV lined up?
      Portia xx


  9. So sorry for the loss of your friend. But congrats on your health improvements, and Jin’s venturing out socially. It does make a difference. I am a massive introvert and probably should make more effort to get out too! I hope your coming week is peaceful.


    • Hey there MMKinPA,
      Jin got a bit of free pass from me for the first few years of our relationship because I knew he found it hard to follow conversation in English if there were more than 4 or 5 people around him. It meant I didn’t push him to see his own mates and we almost exclusively saw mine. Last year he did sign up to get his SCUBA Dive Masters license so he has made a couple of new friends there, his workmates always want him to come out with them but he rarely does, his best man at our wedding is his Footy friend, so they go out to every game. Sorry to ramble but it’s obviously on my mind.
      Portia xx


      • I will recommend that you read Susan Cain’s book Quiet. It gives great insight into different personalities and temperament. Gave me a greater understanding of myself and my loved ones.


  10. Dearest Portia – I am so sorry about the loss of your friend Wendy. Such a sudden shock! You sound like a wonderful friend with many good times to remember.

    Congratulations on the workouts and healthy eating. It’s inspiring watching you make so many positive changes before my very eyes.

    I am team Jin – mosquitoes turn me into a five year old as well. Screens forever.


  11. So sorry for your loss. You have been a good friend to Wendy and it has not gone unnoticed.

    I am just very curious about the A/C – why couldn’t it be left on all the time so your house stays a constant temperature? Perhaps I am just spoiled here in the northeast U.S. where we just leave it on as it would take much more to cool it down after it gets stifling hot than it is to just leave it on temperature control.


    • Hi Hajusuuri,
      With the A/C it uses a lot of power and we try to keep our footprint a little smaller. I know that we do a bunch of things that are totally un-green like flying and posting and dozens of other things. Where we can we try to keep it as green as possible. Less energy, more recycling, broom instead of blower, white vinegar instead of bleach or fabric softener. We do little everyday things. I know it’s probably not going to save our planet.
      Portia x


  12. Portia, what a week for you. Condolences being sent with a big hug. I’m sure you have plenty funny and lovely memories of Wendy to recall and make you smile. My dearest other half has a funeral Friday for a best mate – sadly it reminds us life is short and we need to fill it with all the things that make us happy. My week was good and I was home alone for a few nights which means new salads for dinner, some tunes, a little wine, knitting and tv I like!


    • Oh, I forgot to mention. As a proud Aunty, we attended my nieces’ 18th. Wow, I felt old! And somewhat perplexed by the youth of today. Girls in skirts way too short, and tottering high heels and boys couldn’t even wear a shirt with a collar, just T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Can’t wait to see what the fashion is when the 12yo niece turns 18!


  13. You are truly an amazing Human Being Portia Turbo and I love you, From your ever loving Aunty Tracey xxxxxxxxx 🌸🌴💚💕


    On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 9:31 PM Australian Perfume Junkies wrote:

    > AustralianPerfumeJunkies posted: “. Portia . Hey there APJ Crew, WHAT A > ROLLERCOASTER! This week has been a series of highs and lows with no > warning of change. Still, through the peaks and troughs I managed to get > some sensational fragrances on, hang with mates and have a lot” >


  14. My sympathy on the loss of your dear friend. Your post inspired me to reach out to a couple of school friends with whom I haven’t had contact in some while and I thank you for that, we are meeting for lunch today to catch up. Make new friends but keep the old, for one is silver and the other is gold as they say. Per the a/c, I find that I’m so much in a better humor all day if I’ve had a cool restful sleep, so I allow myself that luxury and scrimp more on the heat in winter.


  15. I’m so sorry about your friend’s death Portia. And glad that you had lots of friends and art and perfume and good times this week too.

    And exercise! So excited for you! I once lost 50 lbs in around 9 months, now have gained it back and more, so have to make a commitment. Too many years living underweight on ciggarettes and Diet Coke left me with no good habits in middle age. Ah well. At least I haven’t smoked in years and years. And I know I *can* do it.

    My person is quiet and sometimes I worry spends too much time either with my crowd or just me. When he goes to sports events with a couple of his friends, I swear they don’t even talk. But I think he has fun regardless. I can imagine with a lot of people speaking your non-first language, it’s even more challenging. So I can see why you think about this. No advice to give, just that I sort of know what you might feel.


  16. Oh, Portia, I’m so sorry about your friend Wendy. I couldn’t believe it, one day you were having lunch with her, she was smiling and having a good time, and a few days later I read that she has passed away. You can’t take anything for granted in life.
    Your savioury mince must taste delicious, but like most mince dishes isn’t very photogenic. Even the best Ragu Bolognese looks terrible in photos.
    I applaud your commitment to your health regime, it has obviously paid off.
    Take care, my friend!


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