Scent Diary: 11.2 – 17.2.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

What a week. Another roller coaster ride. Some of the troughs were especially deep. My life has been altered and edited heavily with the loss of two of the most important women in it. This is going to take some healing time.

In brighter news my fragrance wearing week was a really good one.

Scent Diary: 11.2 – 17.2.2019

Monday 11:

Spent the morning getting the house ready for the carpet steam guy. It hasn’t been done for nearly two years and I hate worrying that the house might be smelling doggy. This way all dog smell, creepy crawlies and dirt are washed away all at once. He came at midday and the house was walk ready by about 2pm.

Muggy heat has me beat. I’m wearing vintage Dioressence today, inspired by my buddy Margo. Her FB post had me scrabbling for it. I smell FAB U LOUS!

Watched some Outlander while the floors were drying.


Jin came home. We had dinner and watched some TV.

Came back in to do TRIVIA Q&A but my head had gone.

BEDTIME! I’ll do its in the morning.

SOTBed: Diptyque 34 EdP. So different and WAY greener than the EdT. This one is happily weird.

Tuesday 12:

Up at Sparrow Fart to get the Trivia Q&A done. My head is much clearer after 8 beautiful hours sleep.

SOTMorning: Nirmal by Laboratorio Olfattivo

Ran around doing office and Post Office stuff. Postcard from Tara at A Bottled Rose, YAY!!

Took Scott a cup of coffee at his new job. I miss him on Wednesdays.

Also got some APJ winners stuff together and my split of CHANEL 1957 went out to the buyers. Thunked these lovelies while making extras for everyone. Musc Nomade by Annick Goutal, Musc 25 by Le Labo and a Bronze Goddess.

Bathtime and I thunked a large Annick Goutal Musc Nomade Shower Gel. Lovely feeling. Now I can open my gift from Tara, the Musc Ravageur Shower Gel, WOO HOO!

SOTEvening: Cuir Beluga by Guerlain. Even in 37C heat it smells amazing and I felt very grand all night.

Work at Parramatta RSL was super fun. We had 78 players tonight. WOO HOO!

Also, got the good news today that Longueville Sports Club night has Sold Out for Thursday 21st. That’s 150 paying players. Amazing.

Came home and walked the dogs. Watching more Outlander.

SOTBed: Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder. White flowers and cold petroleum. Perfect way to find sleep.

Wednesday 13:

Jin and I jumped up and went off to the Russian Consulate to get our VISAs today. They were all ready to go. YAY!

Wearing Velours by Yves Saint Laurent again

BFF Kath’s Mum is in hospital again. This time it seems very serious. I raced up to see everyone there. I’m really sad.

Had to go get Wendy’s Death Certificate and take it to her son Nick. All sorted. Did some last minute stuff with the funeral director and celebrant.

Came home and collapsed on the couch, then came to the computer and did some comment answering and general fart arse-ing around.

Off to work wearing Armani Prive Cuir Amytheste. It was a lovely night with a few teams and I miseducating Wendy terribly.

After I went back to the hospital and sat and chattered with Kath. Mum is now going in and out of consciousness. We did get some moaned conversation and a couple of laughs from her. The prognosis is dire. I took a photo of her room number.

I did pop on some snazzy socks this morning though.

Home to watch Outlander.

SOTBed: Serge Lutens Arabie

Thursday 14:

SOTDay: Vintage Opium by YSL

Longueville Country Club

Rhodes lunch

Strathfield Jin’s teeth

visited Mum in hospital, Jin lost it

Dinner at home with Jin, TinaG and Scotty

Back to hospital. Dad, Kath, Alice and me.

Home to write Wendy’s Eulogy

SOTBed: Equistrius by Parfum d’Empire

Friday 15:

Had to jump out of bed and get a photo for Wendy’s funeral at a ridiculous hour.

SOTD: Exultat by Maris Candida Gentile. A perfectly grounding incense that is both reverent and soothing. I needed all its elegant beauty.

Saw the doctor at 8am. He is so happy. Even over the Xmas period my sugars were still good at 6.7 and everything else on my chart has improved as well. He gave me a big pat on the back and congratulations.

Went and grabbed Scott and we headed off to Wendy’s funeral. When we got there I spritzed the first row of chairs from the aisle with vintage Madame Rochas EdC. The place smelled wonderful.

Wendy’s funeral was lovely. We saw so many of our mutual trivia friends. She was really loved. I gave part of the eulogy. We had some drinks and food afterwards and so many people had beautiful stories of Wendy and how she;’d touched their lives. We will miss her, a lot.

Scott and I went to Wendy’s favourite Food Court for lunch. Perfect way to decompress after all the build up.

SOTAfternoon: Russian Tea by Masque Milano

Home and collapsed on the couch.

I’m back at the computer and trying to blog but my brain has decided a holiday is in order. I’m going to have a cuppa.

Saturday 16:

SOTMorning: Kolonya by Rasei Fort

Caught the 7am from Sydney to Gold Coast. Grabbed a car and drove to Brisbane.

First stop the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art. I was NAUGHTY and had a cheese and ham croissant and it was fricken DELICIOUS!

Next I jumped in the car and went to Libertine Parfumerie Brisbane and met my new crush Khosro. We spritzed and laughed with Gaye and Felix. They have an extraordinary selection and know so much about fragrance. Excellent time.

SOTAfternoon: L’Insomnuit by Robert Piguet

Then we headed off to Stokehouse Q to have a drink and natter while waiting for my guests to arrive. Khosro is excellent company and I’m crushing hard.

Then my cousin Mark and his fiancee David showed and it was lunch, drinks, chatter and fun. The food and service were exquisite. Before I knew it my alarm was blaring 4pm and like Cinderella, I had to leave the ball.

Drive back to Gold Coast. While waiting for my plane Kath text to tell me that Mum had checked out. So sad. I will miss her good humour, love and care. Bummer in the extreme.

Flew home in seat 2A

Went to Kath’s. We sat and reminisced for a couple of hours. Very nice way to wind down. Some tears and hugs.

Came home to Jin, who is happily ensconced on the couch watching some new TV Series.

I am utterly bushed.

SOTBed: Shalimar EdC by Guerlain

Sunday 17:

SOTMorning: Vintage Opium by YSL in honour of Mum Waples.

Up and out to see Kath and Dad. We had some lunch and talked about Mum and the future. Future as in immediate and further down the track. No real plans made but loads of options voiced and thought about.

Home and into a big hot bubble bath.

SOTAfternoon: Opus 1870 by Penhaligon’s. A largely forgotten woodsy, pepper and incense bomb softened by rose and citrus.


At work tonight the Sluts United trivia group won the $400 CASH JACKPOT!!!



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

50 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 11.2 – 17.2.2019

  1. My condolences to you and Kath. It’s horrible to have lost two dear friends so quickly.

    Nothing special happened to me this week except the fact that I’ve cut down on the time I spend on Instagram and was able to read actual books instead of captions. Almost finished watching the beautiful TV series Kidding starring Jim Carrey. He’s amazing in it. Also went to see Alita but you already knew that.


  2. So sorry to hear of your loss, both important women in your life.
    You did smell great this week, some of my well loved favourites. And I must try the MR shower gel…I bet it costs an arm and a leg!


  3. Condolences to you and Kath. Such a difficult time. Long week for me, another cold (preschool children are germ factories, sometimes I wonder why I took this job!). Today I’m wearing my new DSH Colorado. Making me smile through the coughs!


  4. Your world has certainly tilted on its axis the past couple of weeks. I’m so sorry you’ve lost two important girls from your life. Don’t even want to contemplate losing friends! But you’re always a busy bee and you and your other friends can buoy each other up. Nothing of note in my tiny part of the planet. Had a lovely dinner with friends on Monday to celebrate Valentine’s since everyone was working on the actual day/night. Fabulous food and lots of wine, hic! Work for the rest of the week. Got some lovely walks in with Miss Fourlegs. I live near some boglands that have had pedestrian paths put in by the council over the last two years and sometimes we can walk for over an hour and not see another soul. And she can run as wild as she wants. She still can’t get near the crow that torments and teases her. She’s not in tip top health anymore and her time could be limited now. Not even going there. Was just a tiny bit naughty, bought a used vintage of Magie Noire. Should have it in a couple of days. Hope it’s a good one. My watch list on eBay has gotten ridiculous. I’m trying to stick to my low buy. Next week I’m going to try a reorganisation of the perfume drawers and cupboards. Try being the operative word.
    You had some truly fab perfume on the go last week. Not jealous of that Opium bottle, no sir. (I’m a big fat liar, ha.) Wishing you and Kath the best as you negotiate the next steps through the process. Ciao x


      • HA! That Diarrhoea of the fingers is all good by me Cassieflower.
        O M G! I love the idea of walking solitary with pup through your marshy parklands. How freaking amazing. Do you feel like the last soul on earth?
        That old Opium is fricken perfect. If ever you picked a good thing to be jealous of, this is it.
        Portia xx


  5. Portia, you are such a beautiful soul inside and out and I am so sorry that you are going through this. Thank you for keeping up with APJ through it all. I know it can’t be easy. Hugs to you and Jin.
    My week was crazy because work is crazy but this too shall pass.
    I have been sampling lots of lovelies as well as enjoying the full bottles that ate all over the place Chez Marzipan.


    • Holy crap!!!!! ARE, not ATE, you dumbass spell check!!!!
      And since I am commenting again I love that phrase, “sparrow’s fart”…..Mr. Marzipan and I refer to it as ” the butt crack of dawn”…..spell check wants to call it “fawn”… better not change it, spell check!!!! 👿👿👿


  6. Death and grief are taxing and exhausting, Portia, as you well know. Be extra kind and gentle with yourself for the next few months,

    High fives to you on the fantastic blood work!

    I’ve been revisiting L’AIR DU DÉSERT MAROCAIN and am really enjoying it on this go ’round. When it first came out, I didn’t “get” what it was about and also had a pissy boss who criticized me for wearing it. Perhaps wearing it in winter brings out nuances I did not get before. Who knows? It’s wonderful and makes me feel good.

    I’m getting ready for a visit from a young Rainbow co-worker/friend who lives on the West coast. It will be fun to have someone to pamper and spoil for a few days. We both have our fingers crossed that the Weather God’s keep the snow in the clouds until my pal heads back to sunnier climes. If not, I assured him that other than shoes, I can outfit him from head to ankles with winter gear, we can faff about and laugh at the snow and cold.


    • Thanks Cee,
      High Fives right back.
      LDDM is wonderful. The first Indie Niche i ever bought, with Eau d’Epices. What a perfumer!

      WOO HOO! Visits are super fun. Calling the Weather Gods to gift you snow free adventures.
      Portia xx


  7. Thoughts and prayers for your Portia, as well as Kath and her Dad. May fond memories warm your heart as you mourn the loss of two wonderful friends. You’ve had a tough couple of weeks, and have done so much for others while grieving. Honoring Wendy at her funeral and with memories (and Madame Rochas), keep the warm feelings tucked in your heart.
    Congratulations on your positive health report! You’ve worn some wonderful fragrances this week. My favorite from your week hands down is the the vintage Dioressence.
    My new sniffs this week are Chanel 1957 and I am loving it big time; and a beautiful vintage Ysatis i found on eBay (perfect condition thank goodness, the seller was a gem). After reading about Ysatis few weeks ago not he blog, and somehow never wearing it in the past, I had to have a bottle and I’m not disappointed.


    • Thanks Kathleen,
      Oh yes, the vintage Dioressence is something special. So mossy.
      YOU have had a week of fragrant light and shade. 1957 and Ysatis! So different yet both so good. You’ll get so much wear out of both hopefully.
      Portia xx


  8. Loss is exhausting Portia – please make sure that you take some time to step back and take care of yourself. I wish healing for Kath and her Dad.
    My eldest greyhound, Beaker, recently passed away, so I have been focused on helping the other 2 houndies accept and grieve. Easy on scents, as I don’t want his loss to become anchored to a favourite perfume.


  9. So very sorry for this double loss of your great friends. How lucky to have such people in your life, and you certainly enriched theirs. Remember the good times! Hugs to you and Jin and Kath.
    I’m loving Jeffrey Dame’s new Labdanum Doux. A real old fashioned chypre. Worlds away from current fluff.


  10. Again, my condolences. Sometimes, there is just too much loss. It’s okay to be fragile. So many people run from grief. I sit with it a bit — dark night of the soul.


  11. Oh no, Kath’s mum too! A huge loss on top of the loss of Wendy. I am so sorry. Be kind to yourself as you grieve.

    I am feeling down due to chronic shoulder pain, it is really sapping my joie de vivre. It seems to be a rotator cuff injury rather than a frozen shoulder. But it is making sleeping tough, which undermines everything else. Praying it heals soon. It’s been two weeks so far. I’m keeping up with yoga classes to try and limit the loss of strength and range of motion.

    We had our trip to Victoria BC to decide whether we wanted to move there and the answer is no, so that is a relief to have that uncertainty removed. Now I can focus on moving forward with life in Montréal. We are going back in six weeks and I am praying for my shoulder to be better by then, as we have a lot of unpacking and reorganization to do there.


  12. So sorry to hear you lost another friend. I hope times will get better soon.
    The only new thing i wore this week was Chypre-Siam, a gorgeous vintage-like chypre by Rogue Perfumery.
    Boyfriend and i went to a valentines dinner at Ambrosinos Pizzeria. On saturday i had a job interview for a new job, which went very well (Chanel N19 maybe helped), but as radiooncologists are a rare specialty, i think they would have wanted me in every case. I will go to hospitate next week to see if i like the new co-workers.
    Today we went to our allotment and did some garden work in the sun, then had a cocktail on our balcony. Now just relaxing after a nice dinner with goulash and dumplings.


  13. I’m so sorry to hear of these losses, Portia, it is hard to lose people we love, and people loved by people we love. What a good friend you are, to help out in all these ways! (Though of course, we know you don’t do it for recognition). I’m glad Nirmal was in your line-up this week, I find it to be very serene, and it sounds as if you needed some serenity this week. Did you know that one meaning of the name Nirmal is “tranquil”? I will hope for “serenity now” for you, Jin, and your bereaved friends.


  14. That is a lot of loss in a short time. Wishing you and Jin all the support and strength you need.
    What a good news about your bloodwork! That must be so encouraging after all the efforts you made.
    I made a short walk around the garden this week, what a gift to be able to do so. Not yet without pain but bearable enough for the good to outweigh the bad.
    Wearing April Aromatic’s Jasmina, comforting and uplifting. More hugs from me and my fourlegged for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • AMAZING Hamamelis! A wander around the garden is a big deal. I hope there was some pretty things to look at even in the dead of winter. Were you uplifted by it?
      April Aromatics gets a LOT of love. One day I’m going to try the whole lot.
      Portia xx


      • Very much so, and the gift of not having been able to do something for a long time is doing it for the first time again! Especially wonderful as the hamamelis is in bloom (it is still winter here, but the hamamelis flowers in winter) and its scent is a stairway to heaven, my absolute most favourite scent, and as far as I know there never has been a perfume composed trying to smell like it. Maybe better that way.

        Do try AA, ofcourse human experience is mostly very subjective, but her fragrances almost always have an effect on me that goes quite a bit beyond loving it.

        Liked by 1 person

  15. Condolences on yet another loss. Life can certainly turn the tables rather quickly. Happy to see you’re in good enough cheer to be sporting those fuschia socks. Brilliant! Also brilliant: that bottle of Russian Tea. It’s totally one of my faves and I have to do some scheming to get me some more.
    My week has been a rollercoaster as well. The high side of the ride a good one tho. The bathroom/spa job is just about ready to commence and in the offing is a potential huge contract. I’ve done some preliminary work on it, so we’ll see. I’ve been a bit too busy for my taste and not even always wearing perfume 😱
    I must correct that, post-haste!
    I hope your upcoming week is calmer and cooler but still loaded with all the fun.


  16. I am going to commit blasphemy here but I think Dioressence is better than Miss Dior 🙂 (talking about vintage versions of both)


  17. I hope the pain of your losses eases in the comfort of shared love, and in the memories of your beloved friends.

    Many congratulations on the continued work you are doing to improve your health. And on, as always, smelling beyond fabulous. (Musc Ravageur Shower Gel?! Is it as good as I would imagine?) Libertine Parfumerie looks dangerously good…

    I’ve had a quiet week: alternating between the still-dragging post viral echoes and associated black dog bites (damn thing is really chewing on me at the moment and won’t leave me alone) and the more fun activity of pre-competition training. Technical work, drilling my set up, drilling on the commands. Feeling almost ready!

    The daffodils are *so* close to blooming in the park, and there are patches of bright crocus. The magpie is strutting up and down outside my window shouting at everything that is not a magpie. And I’ve got a couple of guide books to Hong Kong that are making me get all wriggly-excited about the upcoming trip in April.


  18. Dear Portia, thanks for sharing. It’s been another big week for you, and busy and so many lovely scents. Sending big hugs to you. Only heard good things re Outlander. I’ve just been busy at work. It’s Fringe time here so plenty on. Been to my yearly show with my darling sis-in-law, which this year we didn’t really love so much. But we enjoyed the night out. We should go see some more stuff because there’s really is stacks on ring now. Take care xx


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