Scent Diary: 11.3 – 17.3.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

Fabulous fragrances and a chill week of work, people and hanging around the apartment. We are getting our much needed rain now in steady, and often heavy, amounts.

Scent Diary: 11.3 – 17.3.2019

Monday 11:

Slept. Slept. Slept.

Got up at 10am. Fed and walked dogs.

SOTDay: Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations.

Cleaned the house. Dusted, Clothes Washing, Swept, Vacuumed, Cleaned the blades on the retractable ceiling fans and started on the vertical blinds (jobs get done twice annually), Bathroom.

Started writing TRIVIA Q&A

Watched the first The Fast & The Furious movie.

Jin picked me up to go to the gym and pool. We had a spectacular fight about nothing. He turned around and dropped me at home. Fight continued when he came home. Bloody boring TBH.

Jin then made the most delicious Dumpling Soup. OMG! So yummy.


Started the new member of the Mood Scent 4 series today, working with the women from I Scent You A Day, L’Esperessence and Megan In Saint Maxime. Do go have a quiz, they’re fun.

SOTEvening: Bulgari Eau Parfumée Au Thé Vert


SOTBed: Veil by Oliver & Co. (review coming)

Tuesday 12:

Got up. Ready to go for Aquarobics and gym.

Remembered the tradespeople were coming to do some minor concrete repairs around the building and that I had to be on site to let people into other apartments. GRRRRRR.

SOTMorning: Hermès Monsieur Li.

Watched 2 Fast & 2 Furious and Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. I can totally see why these films became hits and are still running today. So much dumb fun and bad assery.

Bubble bath, shave and scrub.

SOTAfternoon: Wan Chai by Teone Reinthal. I find it blooms beautifully in the heat. MMMMMMM

Lay around. It got really hot again this afternoon. Enervating. Jin finally couldn’t stand it and put the AC on.

Off to work. I love Tuesday nights. It’s a really fun crew at Parramatta RSL. They feel like family and we all have a laugh.

Home and I watched Fast and Furious and Fast & Furious 5. It’s rubbish but I’m utterly swept away in the fun of it all. No wonder these have been such enormous hits.

SOTBed: Black Perfecto by Guerlain. This shit is SWEET. I like it though. The bottle is better than the scent but the scent is OK. Puts me in mind of a more foody Tresor Midnight Rose.

Bloody hell, it’s 3am. BED!

Wednesday 13:


Walked the dogs all around the neighbourhood for over an hour this morning. It was lovely. Here are a couple of pics of them. Paris first, then Jinx.

Did some blogging.

Watched The Fast & the Furious numbers 6 & 8. For some reason Aussie Netflix doesn’t have 7.

SOTEvening: Seville a l’Aube by L’Artisan. Orange, orange blossom and smoke. Perfection. Inspired by MMKinPAs SOTD.

Worked. another good night at Greystanes Inn. They have a really nice crowd and the food is awesome.

Home and Jin and I went to the gym. YAY. We did Chest and Triceps. I’m already a bit sore.

Came home and finished our VISA applications for Mongolia. So excited about it. We have a friend helping us with the itinerary. Woo Hoo!

SOTBed: THUNKED my Dzhari by Phaedon sample. Sweet, boozy, woodsy and a hint of dates

Thursday 14:

Woken by the guy who is delivering dabbers for BINGO tonight. PHEW! I thought they’d never get here.

Jumped up and walked the dogs through the cool, misty raining morning.

SOTMorning: Jardin Clos by Diptyque. Thunked my 2ml spray sample. It’s a pretty lilac/hyacinth and oak moss. So lovely.

Jinn and I ran around doing stuff. Had some lunch and i came home fort a rest after our draining morning (He He He)

Into the bath jumped I and thunked Vintage 2016 Shower Gel by Molton Brown. A full bottle in the bin. Woo Hoo!

SOTAfternoon: Lys Soleia by Guerlain

BINGO was jam packed tonight. Complete Sell Out! About 150 players. So much fun.

Home and decided to douse myself in Un Jour d’Ete by Keiko Mecheri

Watched the movie Hancock, with Will Smith, Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman. I like it. Easy, fun and should have spawned a franchise, totally bummed that it didn’t.

Friday 15:

Walked dogs


Coffee with Kath and her Dad.

Came home and gave myself a sneaky spritz or two of Santal ++++ by Miller et Bertaux

Bus & train

Lunch with Hyun, Phil and Michael at the Lobby Bar in Castlereagh St. SO YUMMY!

Hyun and I went to perfume try in Cartier, Dior & Tiffany & Co. VERY fragrant by the end of that.

Train & bus

Home, Took dogs for a wee. Collapsed.

Watched The Hunger Games again. Loved it.

SOTBed: Escapade a Byzance by Olibere Paris

Saturday 16:


SOTMorning: Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

Visited Scott at his new job and took him a coffee from his favourite Parramatta coffee house. He was chuffed.

Hung out with Kath and Dad for a short while.

Jin and I went and saw Alita: Battle angel. It was good. Some very slow bits but I was fully invested in the outcome, which never came. TBH the whole movie felt like an introduction.

Had a nap.

SOTAfternoon: Liu by Guerlain. Their very Guerlain response to CHANEL No 5.

Kath came to join us for a night of Parramasala. The local Indian event that coincides approximately with their festival of Holi. Sadly the rain had scared almost everyone away. There wasn’t even a decent Indian food van. We were sad.

SO, we walked to Jin and my new favourite Indian restaurant so we could have give Kath an experience of their Garlic Naan, Paan Tikka and Butter Chicken (among other things). Heaven. Walked back home, said goodbye to kath.

Jin fed the dogs and as I started walking them the heavens opened and I am SOAKED to the bone. The dogs loved it, positively frisking in the downpour. I think they’ve never been outside in a full storm before.

Sunday 17:

SOTMorning: Mona di Orio Eau Absolue

Jin woke up feeling most unwell. Tonsillitis symptoms.

It’s still pissing down. The roads are awash and if it continues like this Sydney is going to be submerged.

We popped around to our mate Paul’s place for morning tea and to check out his renovations.

Bathtime. Dyed, shaved and shaped my beard, got myself feeling glowing and fresh.

SOTAfternoon: Caravelle Epices by Frapin

Off to work at Austral BC tonight. I love it there. Going to be quiet because it’s so wet.



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

30 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 11.3 – 17.3.2019

  1. Sending get well vibes to Jin. Glad to be of inspiration this week! I have a nasty cold, we are still in the dregs of winter here. Heading into a painfully busy week so wish me luck in surviving! Today I’m wearing Twilly, for no particular reason except the cute little bottle (30ml) caught my eye. Oh – and I just got a 30ml Black Perfecto in the mail – yes, I bought it for the bottle!!


    • MMKinPA! I buy for bottles too sometimes. Black Perfecto being a prime example. My next discounter order will include Twilly, so cute. Smells good too.
      You get well over there. Jin will be fine, he’s got nurse Portia to help.
      Portia xx


  2. I hope Jin feels right as rain very soon!
    I too buy things just for the bottles 🙂
    Another wash rinse repeat kinda week but the girls came home for spring break so that is nice.
    Went on a massive sampling and thunking spree this week.
    Today I am wearing eau de Lierre for the green notes.


  3. Massive snow storm in Colorado this past week and I had extra time off work as a result. Bliss; with more time walking and snuggling with the dogs. Sending get well wishes for Jin! And Portia, you’ve worn some lovely Guerlain’s this week.
    I’ve had a fragrant week with Fath de Fath (a couple of new bottles purchased from eBay); Youth Dew (I purchased a bath oil back up bottle just because I panicked); and new spring sample pack from Luckyscent arrived yesterday. I also found a bottle of Florence Gunnarson bath oil on eBay in pristine condition! I couldn’t believe my good fortune! And, I ordered a sampler coffret from 1000Flowers after reading Brigitte’s endorsement. Also, I’ve worn a lot of No 5 Eau Premiere this week.


  4. Beautiful week, Portia! So many movies 😉

    Nothing special happened except I received my Parfums Dusita package. Was a bit anxious as it changed weight during transit, turns out they weighed it without the box in France (why?). All’s well that ends well 🙂


  5. That all sounds like a rather quiet, uneventful week for you, Portia. Probably a nice respite after the roller coaster rides of weeks past.
    I’m thrilled to have won the PPP two weeks running, which makes the next bit of my post rather embarrassing. I’m taking a sabbatical from commenting for a bit. Truth be told, I haven’t been feeling that chipper. A bit of that black dog nonsense we discussed several weeks ago. Hopefully the situation will be resolved once this work project wraps up and warmer, sunnier days arrive.
    I will be reading from time to time and know I will be entertained and amused by all of you. No worries, I’ll be back!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nice to see you here! It’s OK to take a break from perfume and social media in general. I think we all do it from time to time when life gets stressful. Hopefully all will resolve itself in the upcoming week and you will be in better spirits.


    • We will keep the home fires burning here for you, Marcella. Be good to yourself. Sending a big fat hug. See you on the other side😘


  6. We will start to pack for our Japan holidays tomorrow, today we just relaxed, did a bit of gardening and i watched Star Trek Next Generation. Now testing some mini Gin bottles my boyfriend bought at the christmas market in Stuttgart


    • WOO HOO Tanja,
      Japan! Happy, safe travels.
      Gin is the new thing, isn’t it. We are seeing a huge market for Indie Gins here in Oz. Very exciting. Recently a friend bought us a bottle of pink grapefruit infused Gin. YUM!
      Portia xx


  7. Slowly packing and preparing for our return to Montreal in two weeks. The boxes are piling up and husband is eyeing them nervously. Puppy got spayed and had baby teeth pulled, but is basically recovered already – ah, youth. Meanwhile I am still suffering with the bum shoulder. Last week was a whirlwind of car and roof repairs, but all the big jobs are now done so hopefully, fingers crossed, nothing bad crops up between now and departure day.


    • Hey TaraC,
      I love that you move twice a year. Pretty sure it would not work for me. Do you often pine for stuff in the other house? Eric Bana, the actor, would buy enough of everything in clothes and have one in each of his houses around the world.
      Good luck with the shoulder.
      Fingers crossed here for smooth sailing till you go.
      Portia xx


      • I have a whole lot of duplicate bottles for this reason – every once in a while I get an intense craving for something unavailable, but in general it’s okay.


  8. I love Bvlgari eau parfumee and clinique aromatics elixir. Bvlgari pioneered tea note but I think they fell off the wagon at some point when it comes to tea fragrances even though they have continued to release tea-inspired perfumes.


  9. I have always loved the green Bvlgari and have gone through a couple of bottles over the years. The snow is starting to melt where I live, and I feel the never-ending funk of winter finally lifting. Not quite ready to break out the spring scents yet, though–I’m waiting for the first peek of green grass first.


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