Neela Vermeire Creations: The Joy of Rediscovering Perfumes




Hello APJ! Hope everyone is enjoying a part of autumn or spring. On this snowy April day, I am missing the flowers in the Netherlands and am attaching some pictures here.

One of the joys of unpacking and settling in is the rediscovery of my ‘things’. As a child and in my teenage years we moved quite a bit over three continents. Naturally with those moves we had temporary housing while we waited for our shipment to arrive and while we looked for permanent housing. I remember the joy of helping my parents unpack and rediscovering my toys and books. As the new house was either smaller or larger I remember insisting with my parents that somebody had swapped out our furniture and replaced it with either larger or smaller identical pieces.

Neela Vermeire Creations: The Joy of Rediscovering Perfumes

As an adult moving about, I am still struck by the difference in housing and how our furniture fits in in the new place. Temporary housing forces us to live without our belongings and only a suitcase full of clothes that we carefully chose. We focus on what is necessary and we look to climate, season and how to dress in the new host country. This concerns shoes, clothes, medications and in my case of course perfume.

My move to Basel proved to be completely incorrect in my choices of clothing and creams. It is much milder and drier here and I brought far too many winter clothes and not enough facial moisturizers. My perfume choices on the other hand were spot on. I brought Frederic Malle’s Dries van Noten, Dior Fève Délicieuse and Neela Vermeire’s Ashoka. I did not bring any samples, no other bottle.

So imagine my joy when I unpacked the perfume box. I actually waited until my men were out of the house so that I could enjoy the moment.

I have placed them all in a cupboard up in my bedroom but I think I need to store them in the bunker in the cellar as the upstairs gets so much heat from the sunshine. My chore this weekend is to actually choose a handful to keep upstairs and to move the rest downstairs where it is nice and cool.

So what am I going to keep upstairs? Sounds like a silly question, but seriously I want to keep a handful easily accessible. At the moment my choices are going to be some gems from NVC.

Let’s start with Bombay Bling!, Niral and Rahele.

Bombay Bling! has a wonderful burst of juicy mango at the start. It remains fruity and playful throughout its development giving me moments of colourful happiness throughout the day. It reminds me of my walks through a garden with mango trees heavy with ripe fruit and lots of lush greenery around.

Niral is a beautiful iris perfume with a realistic champagne accord in the start with a delicate floral bouquet of a black tea leaning towards Darjeeling. It does have an almost tactile quality about it reminiscent of silk. This floral woody perfume is gorgeous.

Rahele is perfect for spring now. I love its delicate osmanthus with its apricot leathery goodness. This perfume starts green on me and then warms up as it develops with the leather note.

I just noticed that Neela is offering free shipping on orders until 18 April. Also, Neela Vermeire Creations now ships WORLDWIDE if you mention APJ in your comments! What a treat. With summer coming, I may just have to indulge and rebuy a bottle of Mohur or Trayee. Hmmmm.

I will have to see how best to rotate my perfumes out of the bunker. How do you rotate your perfumes? Or store them? Do you have a favorite house? Have you tried any Neela Vermeire Creations perfumes?

Until next time. Oodles of fragrant kisses,

Sandra xo

28 thoughts on “Neela Vermeire Creations: The Joy of Rediscovering Perfumes

  1. I own Bombay Bling from Neela Vermeire and i can say one thing, fruity/floral perfume taken to another level. The quality is obvious in this juice and i’m pretty sure the other two fragrances are at least equally beautiful with Bombay, but i did not sampled them yet. I think the house deserves more attention, even if the prices are not so “friendly”.

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    • Hi Alen,
      Bombay Bling is always such a joy to wear. What is great about the NVC perfumes is that they last forever on my skin. Other perfumes at the same price point need multiple spritzing and reapplication through out the day. How does Bombay Bling hold up for you?
      Sandra xo


      • Sandra i agree 100%, Bombay has great performance and stays a lot on my skin, also if i spray the clothes, pretty sure it will stay there for several days :)) top quality 👌🏻 So what’s your favourite from the ones you mentioned Sandra?

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  2. What a beautiful post, Sandra. You have a gentle, well considered way of writing that is a balm for the soul.

    I did try some samples of Neela’s a year ago. Portia kindly sent me some. I was taken with Trayee. I really need more skin time to understand them better.

    Rotating my scents is a day long task. Storage is a massive issue. We have a tiny house and my eldest son and my mother are hoarders. I have to drag out perfumes from every dark cranny of my room and place them in a central spot. Then, they get sorted by my current feels. I do it only 3-4 times a year. It is seriously time I do a massive down size.

    We moved a lot when I was a child, and well into my mid 30s, I kept mobile. Wasn’t through choice, but circumstance. Our belongings have been thrown out and replaced so often that I really have little attachment to things. I am on the road to zen buddhism, I believe. My books are precious, but my perfumes are naturally my life line to self actualisation. (I am semi serious!) My mother, in response, has a paranoia of not having back ups of things, hence our very crowded home.

    Do you get tired of the moving, Sandra? I miss it, in a way. And how does your son find the new schools, making new friends?

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    • Thank you for the truly kind words Kate. Your response has touched me. Trayee is so moving and I really should repurchase it soon. It centered me. I understand you so well about your attachment to things. With every move I get rid of so many items and it drives my husband crazy. But it is how I grew up with the international moves. As I am aging I find it more challenging to meet friends – it takes me longer to meet people. My son, on the other hand, thankfully loves his new school and is slowly building new friendships. After about 6-12 months I can truly enjoy the new adventure and situation. I do understand that you somehow miss it – I get the urge for change after several years in one spot. Hopefully we will be here for a while though. I like Basel.

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  3. Beautiful irises, Sandra, and what a fabulous collection you have there!
    I’ve read a lot of great reviews on Neela’s perfumes but I haven’t tried any so far. I think it was you who wrote a passionate one here about Ashoka, if my memory serves me, you called your shiled of armour.

    I own 100+ bottles (and am trying to downsize my collection) so it’s not that difficult for me to store them in my room: I keep them all in two drawers, one’s for the ones I wear and the other is for backup bottles (it’s not even full, I keep my skin care there, as well). It would be great to have a wardrobe or even a whole room for perfumes, especially if I ever buy all those vintage ones I like but until that day I’m happy with what I have. A girl can dream, though 🙂

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    • Thanks Diana. I am really blessed. Ashoka is definitely my shield of armour. You must have a wonderful collection. If you downsize or not, enjoy them and wear them. If I knew that I was going to stay put in one place, I too would dream of having a perfume room with gorgeous vintages that I know too well I would love. I’ll dream with you.
      Sandra xo


  4. I love all three of these and Mohur as well. Spring is definitely the right time for Rahele and Niral! I’ll wear Bombay Bling anytime at all when I went a happy blast.

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  5. I am today busy unpacking my perfumes, and just realized I forgot my bottle of Mohur in San Diego :-(. I move every six months between Montréal and San Diego so it is always a worry I will forget something important, but moreover it’s an adjustment to a completely different environment three time zones away. Another climate, another language, another country.

    This move in particular is huge because we are doing a Marie Kondo spring cleaning and absolutely everything is getting pulled out, evaluated, and kept or discarded. I’ve been back for 5 days and I’m exhausted, because I have to get it all done as quickly as possible – clutter makes me unhappy and anxious. So I am pushing to get it done asap. I will feel so much better when there are no boxes or piles anywhere.


    • Hi Tara, Oh no! At least you know where it is. But moving every six months must be very stressful. My parents did it for about ten years. I love Kondoing my apartment. I too find it exhausting and yet so satisfying once I am done. Good luck in getting unpacked and cleaned up. I am waiting for my closets to arrive next week before I can continue cleaning up. The piles are driving me insane.
      Sandra xo


  6. I once had a decant/sample of Ashoka but I drained that rather quickly. Would love to be able to add it to my collection, but first I need to downsize some of it.
    I’m organizationally dysfunctional (I prefer that to messy or unorganized) so I find packing for a move or even for a holiday to be extremely difficult and uncomfortable.

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    • Hey Tatiana. I hear you about downsizing before adding. That has been my motto for a while now too. My husband tends to be organizationally dysfunctional too. However, after 21 years of marriage he is slowly getting used to me cleaning everything. Sandra xo


  7. I’m crazy jealous of your beautiful bottles, Sandra. If you have to wear just a few perfumes for the foreseeable future then you have picked some of the best. I’ve tried a couple of samples thanks to Portia, Mohur and Pichola. Both beautiful. Is your friendly neighbourhood welcoming committee still coming to visit? (The cat) I admire your organisational/decluttering skills. It’s a necessity of course when you move house occasionally. Glad that your son is settling into school well. That’s half the battle won. Continue to enjoy that lovely city even more when you get your possessions into their rightful places.

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    • Hi Cassieflower, In fact, yes. The neighborhood cat comes by several times a day. We made the mistake of letting it indoors and now it wants to stay. I am getting better at shooing it out again. I think with these moves I am in a better place about not acquiring things. I actually think long and hard whether or not I truly need something. This week will be the week when finally things are working and then I can really organize. Have a great week.
      Sandra xo


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