Scent Diary: 10.6 – 16.6.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

HOME! It’s been a busy week of getting the businesses back in order and welcoming Jin home. LOADS of gigs too. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Woo Hoo! It’s also been excellent to be back amongst my fragrance collection, love the overwhelming choice. Really feels like home.

Scent Diary: 10.6 – 16.6.2019

Monday 10:

I stayed up to nearly 4am watching the Tales of the City series on Netflix. Bloody hell. Make sure you have your tissues handy. All the feelings.

SOTDay: Tea for Two by L’Artisan. So good. I forget how smoky it is until I’m waring it. YUM!

Beard trim done.

Pedicure done.

Emails done.

As many bills and Trivia hosts paid as possible.

Had a nap on the couch.

Wasted about 2.5 hours on social media while also doing some catching up on stuff. The jobs could probably have all been done in 15-20 minutes but while waiting for responses I got lost in the feeds.

Couldn’t focus on anything so I went and read my book.

Fed and walked the dogs tonight. Only did 5,500 steps today. Oh well, tomorrow I’ll try and do better.

SOTBed: Thunked a Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors sample.

Tuesday 11:

Dogs in the morning.


Did some running around to the Post Office, Korean Grocery (Jin will be home tomorrow so I wanted there to be some treats here for him), saw Scotty at his work to stop off his holiday travel gifts.

Read my book. Finished it.

SOTAfternoon: Parfum de Maroc by Aftelier

Cleaned the Fish Tank. Leaving it basically unattended for over five weeks meant it was hideous. BIG clean out.

Beard dying day. I’m a little sad because the natural colour is so pretty. Soon it will be all white and I can leave it that way for drag. Salt & pepper is not very pretty for the drag thing, you know, not quite out there enough.

SOTEvening: Secret Joly by Oriza Legrand

Work was super fun tonight. So good being back in drag and hanging with the Parramatta RSL crew.

Jin is now in China and sitting pretty in a Business Lounge in the airport. He will be home in the morning. We chatted and I can’t wait to see him. YAY!

I walked the dogs late and we did a huge circuit. I ended to get my steps up. So annoying when you clean and cook without your phone in your pocket and then miss out on a bunch of steps. I’m reading 6, 100 but did more.

ALSO, did you see this deal at First In Fragrance? AMAZING!!

While I’m sitting at my computer just doing nothing much I am listening to some opera being played in the next apartment block or maybe upstairs. It’s just snippets and floats around, lovely.

SOTBed: Creme de Cuir by bdk Parfums

Wednesday 12:

SOTMorning: Shalimar EdC by Guerlain.

I went out to collect Jin this morning and my battery was dead. DAMNIT!! Always something after a holiday, eh? Thank goodness for two things; Jin also has a car so I was able to collect him and a battery is easily and not very expensive to replace.

YAY! Jin is home. He was delayed a couple of hours in China and then the runways were busy so another hour at Sydney. Finally he got off the train at Parramatta around 10.40am and we went for Yum Cha! I’m so glad to have him home.

We jump started my car and I went down to our local car mechanic, Josh. He’s so sweet and always super helpful. 15 minutes and AUD$185 later I have a zippy little car again.

YAY! Two postcards arrived today! Thanks to Tara and Ainslie!

Jin is now happily ensconced on the couch, snoring like a freight train. I’ve done his washing and hung it up.

He brought a bunch of extra souvenirs back too. We spent more on souvenirs than anything else this holiday. We have OODLES! Ready to be given to friends and family.

Hanging out around the house.

Bathed etc

SOTEvening: Bulgari Man In Black first go. I smell like a figgy woods, manly dream.

So good to be back at Greystanes Inn tonight. We had a good house even though a couple of the regular teams weren’t there. It was bloody freezing so I completely understand why people stayed home.

SOTBed: Niki de saint Phalle. Inspired by Brigitte. I smell amazing.

Thursday 13:

Woke up late. I’m feeling really fuzzy. Think it may be the dreaded curse of the after holiday cold raining down on me. Serves me right for having such a fabulous holiday!

SOTDay: Giverny In Bloom by DSH Perfumes. I wanted something utterly cool, green and summery to make my body think it can burn this oncoming cold off. Perfect choice.

Still eating my magnificent Beef, Barley and Veg Soup. SO YUMMY!

Jin sent me this picture. He’s home for one day and then back to work. You can see how hard it is for him to smile, it looks painful. What a bloody cutey!

ALSO, in very exciting news LIBERTINE PARFUMERIE is having its half yearly pop up sale! Woo Hoo!

Re-dyed my beard, it’s a much nicer dark brown now.

SOTAfternoon: Wild Roses extrait by Aftelier perfumes.
I smell freaking AH MAY ZING!

By the time I was going to work Wild Roses has calmed considerable so I gave myself a few hefty spritzes of…..

SOTWork: Amor Amor by Cacharel

Super fun TRIVIA tonight at Lane Cove Country Club. They were really sassy!

SOTBed: The Aoud by Mancera.

Friday 14:

I was supposed to go and do Aquarobics this morning but when Jin woke and was leaving for work I just couldn’t. So I slept for another couple of hours. BLISS!

SOTMorning: Indochine by Parfumerie Generale

Doctors for bloods today. My blood pressure perfect! BUMMED though. In Korea I had dropped to 106kgs, today I was back up to 109kgs. I had drunk a couple of big glasses of water before the test because they like to have your veins plumped.

Did a little running around for Jin, just some food shopping.

Visited Scotty at work, took him a coffee.

Walked the dogs through the cool morning sunshine. It was so lovely we went for an extra long walk.

SOTEvening: Mecca Balsam by La Via del Profumo

Worked at the Sydney Stingers Water Polo Team annual Trivia Fundraiser! It was so crowded. They maybe could have fitted two more seats in the auditorium, that’s how many people were there, and they were rowdy AF. My handsome Co-Host Tim and I had an uphill battle just getting them to listen, ALL NIGHT! There were shows, I even played Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act with a super cute quartet of Bearded Nuns to do I Will Follow Him. Riotous! With my payment I’d bought a table and had Jin, Kath, Alice, TinaG, Sam, Kerri and Simon there. Sadly Phil was too sick to come. Having them there made the whole event ultra special. TinaG won a four night holiday in Tasmania for four people! AMAZING!

After the event we sat around and Jin and I were able to give everyone their holiday gifts. I think they liked them. Really, we just like buying stuff for people.

Got home and we were both so bushed that we basically went straight to bed. Jin was so tired that he was snoring like a freight train and restless, jumping all over the place. I jumped out of our bed and hit the spare. BLISS!

Saturday 15:

SOTMorning: So Nude by Costume National

My voice is gone. Thank goodness I have today off. My first day off since returning from the honeymoon. I’ve earned a lazy day. Jin also went to work the day after he came home and has been non stop, he works tonight so I’m letting him have a sleep in today. When he surfaces I’ll take him for brunch.

We took the dogs for a walk.

Then we had brunch around the corner at a new cafe. It’s pretty cool and the food was excellent.

We were going to do other stuff but…….

Had a knock down fight on the phone with an incredibly condescending, aggressive and threatening woman whose Turbo Trivia fundraising event went awry while we were on honeymoon. I get it, she had a fairly huge issue. Our hostess forgot that she had the gig and when they finally found her she got to the venue VERY late. They filled with games till she got there. When she arrived she went straight to work and fulfilled her obligations.  Some people are so mean, like REALLY mean. I hate confrontation of this kind and she is making it personal, and scary. I’ve already lost sleep over it and then today she was just awful. GAK!

SOTAfternoon: Youth Dew by Estee Lauder

Was going to go out and hang at the Heaven Social Dance but it’s my only day off this week so I decided to stay home. Have some down time with Lucifer Season 4 on Netflix.

Sunday 16:

Slept in till 11am! WOW! What a glorious, beautiful, deep and dreamless sleep. I feel invigorated and ready to face the day.

SOTMorning: Guess by Marciano

Watching more Lucifer. The story has gotten so much better but some of the directing and acting in this season is pretty lame. Made up for by some moments of genius.

Jin surfaced around midday, he’s working nights last night and the next two. He has commandeered the TV and it’s playing Korean travel shows. Even though I don’t understand a word it washes over me nicely and I can understand more body language than anything.

We had some lunch and then Jin hit the hay and I went and bathed.

Watched Lucifer Season 4.

Stayed scentless tonight. Went to work at Austral Bowling Club. I love our regulars there, they are wonderful and fun and warm. Eve and Rita gave me a good advice talking to tonight, I’m grateful. Sundays is special. Anna Maria and I have our weekly catch ups there too.

Walked the dogs in the drizzling rain. It was cold and wet but kinda fun.

SOTBed: In honour of Anna Maria, we bought these bottles together. Rose Oud by Yves Rocher. I smell fabulous.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

47 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 10.6 – 16.6.2019

  1. Hooray that Jin is back! You must be so happy, P! ( I was also tickled pink to see that I inspired one of your fragrant wearings).
    There is a large issue at work amoungst my department and administrators (female drama) I am not involved but it does affect morale. Will be happy when summer vacation arrives
    Sent out several fragrant packages and received as well. I am forever grateful for the generous nature of fellow APJers (looking at you pl67 and Tara C and Annie and Portia!!!) And I love to pay it forward to other APJers as well in hopes that the samples and decants literally travel around the globe….our very own traveling perfume box.
    Wore Niki de Saint Phalle for the beginning of the week, SSS Winter Woods in the middle now that I don’t need to hoard it and Tracy Reese ( gorgeous freesia and Lily of the valley) on the weekend. No thunking. It was a full bottle week.
    And Happy Father’s day! I have my dad a bag full of Decants and travel sprays yesterday. He was quite happy.


    • Yay for the traveling perfumes! So happy to see them go out into the world, making people happy. When does your summer vacation start? You must be counting the days with that office drama.


      • June 26 and it can’t come soon enough!! Will spare you the details but a co-worker who I am friends with refers to it as a ” sh$#t show” and she is spot on . I will still have to go to work for some training but it will be more relaxed.
        And I love how all of your gifts to me are making the rounds amongst our crew!!!


    • Glad to hear the love for perfumes is being shared. I hope the traveling box goes as far as possible and brings enjoyment and happiness to all who receive it!


      • I agree! It has already brought me great pleasure and the ability to sample so many things that y’all are talking about! and it’s so much fun to pass things on and get someone else’s perspective.


    • Yes indeed Brigitte, much as I love alone time having Jin here is even better.
      Niki de Saint Phalle is so good, one of my al time faves. There’s quite a stash of it here.
      HA! Travelling perfume box is a really good analogy. I love it.
      Nice week for frags, yum.
      Portia xx


  2. Wow, all kinds of action, most of it good. But I’m so sorry you have to deal with an angry, threatening customer. Regardless of what happened for her event, there is no call to be threatening and aggressive. I hope it gets resolved quickly and you can move on.

    It was a standard quiet week here, the highlight was going to an event at Etiket Montréal where I met Dimitri of Goldfield & Banks for the launch of their new scent, Velvet Splendour. It’s a yummy mimosa, tonka and opoponax scent. My husband kindly gifted me the bottle for our anniversary which is this week. Yay!


    • Hey TaraC,
      Thanks. It is such a surprise. I’ve been doing this job since 1988 and NEVER have I come across a customer so vile. Fingers crossed for swiftest, yet fair, outcome.
      OOOOH! I love that you guys get your noses on G&B stuff before I do, even though they’re Aussies. Your guy is cool buying you the bottle. Nice big ones too, you can spritz like crazy!
      Portia xx


  3. I’m so sorry about your encounter with the mean and unreasonable woman. I despise the hurtful feelings that those responses from people evoke. I hope you can compartmentalize those unpleasant encounters with her as an unnecessary response to a human mishap and let it go. Perhaps use your incense to dissipate her negativity!
    My Mom is visiting this week, having a lovely time mostly doing relaxing things and enjoying wonderful dinners. We saw Rocketman movie (Elton John), completely well done and intriguing.
    I finally have my coveted Solange Stoned eau de parfum! Elusive for many years and I finally found the bottle from it’s source, at the Solange boutique in New York. It is fabulous!


    • I think it is you that I owe an enabler pin to? I picked up the mini perfume of Ombre Rose today for three dollars! I am collecting mini bottles in order to turn them into Christmas ornaments for my tree once the mini Marzipans divide up their own ornaments which have been decorating our tree for many years. I haven’t worn Ombre Rose since 1982 so I am very excited to revisit it!


  4. Welcome home, and to Jin too! The drama with the vexed customer is so difficult, but you project such positivity, Portia, remember to be your gorgeous self and either it will eventually rub off on her or she’ll be a tiny footnote in your wonderful life. You smell fabulous, you have Jin, and you have dogs! Also, you’ve done an amazing job improving your health! Everything else is details. And probably not important ones.

    I’m trying to get back to the gym and you are a big inspiration for me so thank you for being you and sharing with us!


    • Hey Empliau,
      Thank you. I really love this, “remember to be your gorgeous self and either it will eventually rub off on her or she’ll be a tiny footnote in your wonderful life” Such good advice.
      I’m going to go back to Aquarobics this week. Wednesday. Enjoy your gymming.
      Portia xx


  5. Isn’t it great to get back into the swing of things. You’re certainly a doer. Poor Jin having no chilling time before the slog. But maybe there’s the element of ripping the Bandaid off? I’m sorry you’re dealing with such a horrid harridan. It really rattles you to the core when you’re dealing with utterly unpleasant people, there’s no reasoning with them sometimes. I know well how some people are, have come across many in my working life. My colleague had two women accost her outside work just a few days ago who berated her like a tag-team for about 15 minutes until one of their hubbies told them to shut up and get in the car. Your friends will undoubtedly see you right😉💪🏻 You’ve certainly been enjoying your collection this week but I cannot beeelieve you went to work unscented! That’s unthinkable, ha.
    My own week was fine, if a bit frustrating at times. Training a new girl whose nerves are holding her back big-time. She’s very capable if she could just relax a bit. She’s not new in the workplace but just shifting to another role.
    Hubby and I went to a great gig in the city on Thursday. Sophie Ellis-Bextor accompanied by a 23 piece orchestra, all her hits reworked. She’s an amazing vocalist. The last segment was full on Studio 54 style. Had a great night. Have a couple of days off now. It’s Father’s Day here today so we will go out for late lunch when he gets home from work.


    • Hiya Cassieflower,
      We try to get back to work within 24 hours of landing home. It makes our bodies readjust so much faster to life back home.
      I’m hoping that I can deal with another person, let’s see how that goes.
      Ha Ha Ha Ha! I went to work unscented tonight because after my shower I smeared my feet and elbows with Tea Tree Oil & Manuka Honey Healing Balm. It was quite fragrant and I couldn’t think of anything to match it. HA!
      How freaking cool, Sophie Ellis-Bextor !
      Enjoy Father’s Day.
      Portia xx


  6. Welcome home Portia and Jin!
    Nothing special for me this week. I have been trying and thunking some samples and also spraying lavishly from full bottles. I blind bought a full bottle of Courreges Blanc, thanks to Cassieflower’s comments in the iris post. Waiting anxiously to receive it sometime this week. Wishing all here a good week!


    • Hi there PL67,
      Thank you.
      The original Courreges is a US friends ultimate Holy Grail. She gave me a bottle and every now and then I grab it and give myself a big splash. Such a fabulous scent, impossible to find. Magic. Enjoy your new Courreges Blanc, I bet you will smell amazing in it.
      Portia xx


      • Thank you, Portia. Hope this blind buy is a success. I never tried the original Courreges, but I am sure it is a great perfume!

        Liked by 1 person

    • If it makes you feel any better I also did a fragrancenet purchase today. The eldest wanted two more of the Escada limited editions for her birthday in two months…Cherries in the Air (which is a fantastic marshmallow cherry) and Born in Paradise (coconut, pineapple and a woody drydown) as she had officially thunked her two existing bottles. With the 37 percent off coupon they were literally more than half price! (around thirty dollars each for 50 ml ) But I had to add to the cart for free shipping…so I got a mini pure perfume of vintage Ombre Rose for three bucks ( I think I have Kathleen to thank for alerting me to its existence and cheap price on fragrancenet when I mentioned that I wore and loved Ombre Rose in the early 80s ) and a travel spray of Safari for women for $12 as I have been lemming that one for a very long time as I wore it many many many years ago! I am cheating and not counting those two as purchases because of their small size. I could have been naughty and picked up a few more travel sprays of LArtisan or Serge Lutens for that great price but I refrained 🙂


      • That was a fabulous purchase considering the low prices. The minis and travel sizes that FragranceNet offers are so convenient and very tempting.


      • OMG that’s a fantastic deal on the Ombré Rose. I wish I could still order from Fragrancenet without paying a king’s ransom on shipping.


      • Ombre Rose is gorgeous! I believe Ombre Rose can challenge any niche perfume in the “lipstick/makeup” category, especially for the price per quality . It was truly ahead of its time. And the bottles are very pretty as well, clear or black.


  7. It’s Fathers Day here in the US so I am preparing the family dinner – my father in law is 91 so every one is a gift. Trying out Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom. Wish there was more cardamom! Busy week, we leave on the 22nd for a week in San Francisco and Monterey/Carmel.


  8. It sounds like you and Jin have settled back in to normalcy at home. No post-vacation blues. That’s fantastic. Incidentally, you make a terrific nun! That photo had me smiling ear to ear.
    I am swamped with choice after having received two perfume packages from the magnificent Mrs. Marzipan!! All this sampling of new to me and vintage scents has me gaga with delight. Apparently I am now part of an international scale smuggling ring, with other APJ members. I have been assigned the dicey task of getting a shipment to Cassie across the pond 😬. Brigitte is the collecting depot for scents from perfumelover67 and Tara C. Assorted sniffs are then sent to me. I add my own, choose from amongst what I have received and then ship to Cassie for distribution to Neva. And of course, Brigitte gets stuff from me via my recently recruited mule. This bunch of deviants sure knows how to set up an operation.
    Apart from this perfume deviousness, I also spent the better part of Thursday at the ER. With a carefully wrapped piece of finger sitting on ice. One of the workers sawed off a decent piece of a digit cutting the furring for the kitchen cabinets. Since I was on site, I took him to the hospital and shoved my grisly parcel in the hands of the nearest doctor. Apparently the section of finger was considered too small to reattach. Oh well, I tried 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Picked up a new client this weekend and left another one sitting in the dust. My nutter radar was going haywire when I met with her. I’ll take a hard pass on that headache.
    Oh, and vintage Bal a Versailles is to die for!!! Thanks Brigitte or Tara C or perfumelover67 or whoever contributed this beauty! It actually reminds me of Salome, which in my books is a good thing!


    • Marcella I’m such a dunce that I had to go back and read that a second time. At first read I was thinking how the hell did one of the workers saw off a bit of your finger? Where did you have it stuck that it was in the way? And why are we only hearing about it now? But I finally got it. I’m lying in bed laughing my considerable a$$ off 😂 Not at the poor guy’s predicament, of course. I have a ‘thing’ about fingers. The idea of getting them chopped off or stuck in something or some terrible hand injury gives me the heebeejeebies.
      Hey, what are we going to call this international perfume smuggling ring? Answers on a postcard, please.
      I hope yours arrive tomorrow, they haven’t been returned to me so I’m quietly optimistic 🤞


      • I’ll be lying in wait for the mailman. Fangs bared and ready to pounce.
        Our dedicated smugglers of perfume will be called The Eris Organization a.k.a. TEO. Eris for the mythological Greek Goddess of Confusion, Conflict and Cacophony. We’ll have to bring that up for a vote. Since I made it up, I’ll vote aye of course.
        As for my heroic finger saving exploits, I like saving the telling for the weekends. Ya know, spice things up a bit 🤪


    • I LOVE the idea of a perfume smuggling cadre Marcella. Should WWIII occur we may need your particular skill set and up it to people. Good training for the inevitable I reckon.
      Woo Hoo for perfume packs arriving, yes vintage BaV is utterly gorgeous.
      Poor finger guy. How long is he out for?
      Good luck with the new client.
      Portia xx

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    • Excellent news on the enjoyment of samples! Bad news on the worker’s finger! Yikes! The Bal a Versailles came from pl67 and I have already put aside some more for you. And I also vote AYE for the name of our smuggling group. Finally, you dogged a bullet with a potential whackadoodle client.


  9. Cacharel Amor Amor is good. I had Yves Rose Oud but recently sold it because I felt there are many rose oud combinations I have that I like little more.


    • Hey Fazal,
      Amor amor is fun, I’m glad you like it.
      YR Rose Oud is such a cool version of the combo that it stands far apart from the rest of them in my collection. I like it’s crisp easiness and it gets more wear than almost all the others because it holds such happy memories of being in Paris with Anna Maria, Scott and the crew last year.
      Portia xx


    • YAY! Jin is home Jyotsna!
      It has been a 98% fabulous week. If that cow of a customer is the worst I have to deal with in a week then I’m OK with that (even though it puts me on edge and scares the living shit out of me).
      Glad you enjoy the photos too.
      So glad you’re back.
      Portia xx


  10. Great to have both you and Jin home all safe n sound. What a super dooper adventure you’ve had. Bet the fishies are happy with a clean home! Too much work for me to keep up with which makes one tired chickadee but I’m hanging in there coz help is on the way! And while I don’t always get to comment on this bloody awesome site, I still LOVE reading everyone’s comments xx


    • Hey Melanie,
      So nice to see you here when you do comment.
      The fish are still going through cleaning angst. Being left on for over 5 weeks meant the algae basically took over. Every couple of days I’m having to give it a bit of a fix. It will sort out, no sweat.
      It’s really good to be home.
      Portia xx


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