Scent Diary: 1.7 – 7.7.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

So half of 2019 is over! That sped by. WT A F!

Back in the pool this week! YAY! Feeling good for it, proud. Some adventures, events, fun, friends, food and it has been a stellar week for fragrance.

Scent Diary: 1.7 – 7.7.2019

Monday 1:

Jin got home from work around 7am. I heard him taking the dogs for a wee. When I got out of bed it hit me.

BLOODY HELL! I am sick. Basically my body has become a snot and phlegm farm. Oh the glamour! It’s fairly feral but obviously I’ll survive. The whole adventure is starting to head for my chest now. Loads of water and Jin’s honey, ginger, lemon and Nashi pear puree in boiling water to help flush all the bad crap out. Vitamin C and multivitamins, I’m cuddled up in layers of clothing and going to sleep most of today off. My only MUST DO is writing TRIVIA Q&A. So I think going back to bed till lunchtime might be the order of the day.

Jin’s Chicken Soup! YUM

This meme made me laugh out loud, which induced a coughing fit. Still, it’s a bit funny.

Took a couple of Demazin PE Cold Tabs. Even though my nose is still running and I’m coughing and feeling disoriented it does feel a bit better and I’m able to somewhat concentrate on TRIVIA Q&A.

SOTAfternoon: Trouble by Boucheron. I know it’s widely panned, sweet, sticky and a bit of a mess. Still it smells bloody wonderful to and on me. Especially warming for a sick person.

Watched some Jessica Jones

Finished the last of my beautiful Bonapatre No40 tea by Lupicia that Anna Maria bought for me while we were in Paris last year. If you ever see this brand the teas are gorgeous.


Got all the TRIVIA Q&A Done by 11pm tonight. WOO HOO!

SOTBed: So Nude by Costume National

Tuesday 2:

Last night before I went to bed a couple of Nurofen Plus might have found their way into my system. I slept like dead people, really beautiful, dreamless, healing sleep. I woke up feeling rested and ready to face the world. Still sick but definitely on the mend. YAY!!

Woke, walked the dogs and filled & ran the dishwasher.

Now I have the day at leisure till my 3pm beard dye and bath. I’m going to the Post Office, get some reading done and enjoy the fragrances that arrived yesterday. Yes, I had a couple of packages arrive but yesterday I was so sick the fragrances hardly smelled right, they probably still won’t today but I’m feeling optimistic.

Went and did some running around with Jin. I’m not perfectly healthy but there are breaks in needing to blow my nose.

You know what REALLY turned my grey skies to blue. A KFC burger. Suddenly the whole world seemed brighter, healthier and happier.

Came home and had the hottest bath, with the bar heater on in the bathroom and drank scalding coffee. Sweated it out in there.

Went to bed for nearly 2 hours, all rugged up, sweated it out again. Feeling about 80% myself. YAY!

Got into drag and went to work.

SOTEvening: Marion Nous

We had 85 players tonight and though I wasn’t 100% I managed to get through the night. Blowing my nose when I got home was sheer relief.

Hung out with Jin for a while. Early to bed.

Wednesday 3:

Went back and hit the Sydney Olympic Pool today. I’m wasn’t 100% fit for it but feel so good having done a few laps and an Aquarobics class.

SOTMorning: Dark Lord by Kilian from my last Surrender To Chance order. I bloody love this stuff. Yes, I know it’s not his best offering, yes there are others quite like it, no I haven’t gone mad. This suits me, smells excellent on and for me and I love it. Shush you haters, shush.

Came home and ate an ENORMOUS bowl of chicken soup.

Spent some time repotting some Zygocactus. They are grown from my Mums kitchen shelf plants. She died in 2001 and I keep these babies alive in her memory. I did lose some while we away because the soil was so poor and even giving them a weekly water wasn’t giving them enough love. All repotted and ready for the next three or four years of their lives.

Nap time.

Hot bath.

SOTEvening: Bohea Boheme by Mona di Orio

Trivia was quiet tonight but the whole pub was empty. I think the cold weather is keeping people at home.

Thursday 4:

RAINING today.

SOTDay: Pour Un Homme de Caron.

Jin dropped me to the station. He isn’t even properly awake. AWWWWWWWW

Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay with Marian. We did the 11am guided tour of the permanent collection. Everything makes more sense when you get even a little explanation that can help to direct your thoughts and appreciation. Things you miss or that the artist has subtly implied can really bring the pieces to life. Some still look like globs of shite too but on the whole it’s an illuminating experience.

We wandered through the misty rain for lunch across the Quay. Just a cafe but perfected right on the edge of Sydney Harbour, with its food and ferry hustle and bustle makes a wonderful spot to sit and chatter away a couple of hours.

Train, walked home from the station. It’s relaxing walking home, especially nice in the cool of winter.

SOTEvening: Patchouli Patch by L’Artisan

Korean BarBQ with Jin,  TinaG, Miranda Faire (as Glenn) and his lovely dude Greg. Excellent night out.

How dapper is Jin in his scarf, a gift from Neela. He’s a cute, who wouldn’t fall in love with that mug?

Home and I couldn’t sleep so I did some computer stuff, social media, wasted a couple of hours. Bed.

SOTBed: Trayee by Neela Vermeire Creations.

Trayee by Neela Vermeire Creations

Friday 5:

It’s bloody chucking it down heard in Parramatta this morning.

6am Aqua this morning and a couple of laps. I thought there was also a 7.30 class but the next one isn’t till 8.30. On Monday I think I’ll do both the 8.30 & 9.30 classes. Really get my body going.

Came home, had some breakfast and had a sleep on the couch with Paris. LOVELY!

SOTDay: Cuir Ottoman by Parfumeur d’Empire

Dogs walked and fed through the cool drizzle.

Sleeping and trying to shake this cold.

Made myself gorgeous.

SOTEvening: Coco EdT by CHANEL. So good MMMMMMMMM

Hermès re-released their Gloria Petyarre scarves earlier this year. Jin and I looked at them in South Korea but they didn’t have the colour way I was mad for. Sydney had TWO that I desperately want. The blue one is almost the same as the painting we have opposite our bed, it’s the first thing we se when we sit up each morning and we love it, a lot. The bright colourful one is heaven. GAK! Which do I chose??


Sydney Cabaret Festival Gala Opening. Caught up with so many old mates, only remembered to take a pic with Adrian who chatted with me while I waited for the crew to arrive.

What a fun night. Jennifer Holliday, the star of Dreamgirls Original 1981 Broadway Cast Recording sang And I Am Telling You to close the show. I’ve been miming that number for over 30 years, to see her sing it so effortlessly, flawlessly, was sheer unbridled pleasure for me. I was so happy, tears streaming down my face. I wanted to take a pic of her after she sang but I was crying and everyone surged to their feet and I didn’t get a chance. It was perfect. I can’t tell you how magic.

Afterwards Alice, Jin and I went off for Dumplings in Chinatown. YAY!

Saturday 6:

Woke up. Walked dogs.

SOTMorning: Trussardi Donna (original)

Post Office, grocery shopping, made lunch of Ham & Cheese Toasted Squishy Sandwiches.


Nap. Oh yeah, it was delicious.

SOTEvening: Bal a Versailles EdT with a couple of swipes of extract. HEAVENLY!

Hosted a Fundraiser for Greyhound Rescue. Their 10th Anniversary. It was all very Ra Sha Sha with a dinner party atmosphere. Loads of black tie and gowns. There was some money in the room and they spent. We had musicians, stand up comedienne and myself for entertainment. The speeches were short enough and the evening was a resounding success.

Hung out with my BFF Kath afterwards. I parked at her place and she drove me to and from. What a superstar.

Came home and it was late so I let the dogs in and we all slept in the living room, leaving Jin in the main bedroom alone.

Sunday 7:

Up early and walked the dogs through a foggy winter wonderland. BRRR!

Came to the computer and this weeks Saturday Question: Name One Fragrance Released In Your Birth Year has gone wild. So I spent a very happy hour or so commenting on everyone who’d named one frag.

SOTMorning: Escape a Byzance by Olibere Paris. Modern oriental done seamlessly.

Lazy day today.

Bathed and beautified.

SOTEvening: Mitzah by DIOR. It has been a week of some super favourite fragrances. Winter, as mild as it is here in Sydney and understanding my lack of seasonal rotation, is still my favourite time to wear perfume.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

40 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 1.7 – 7.7.2019

  1. I am sorry to hear that you were so sick at the onset of the week 😦

    Yes, Jin is a cutie!

    I also love Trouble!!!

    I like the blue scarf because blue is the color of the throat chakra and it reminds me to speak my truth. Plus, blue is such a calming color to me.

    The onset of my week was tough as I left the house at 6am for 7.5 hours of training with no lunch. Two days of that and then a long week (Wed to Sun) for the US 4th of July celebration so no work (yay!). I started exercising (again! LOL!) and plan on sticking with it until it becomes ingrained in my routine!!! Also, no coffee and 8 glasses of water per day (I usually do not drink ANY water…my bad!) Thus far I am on day five and have been a good girl. thank you, P, for inspiring me. Even though I am very thin I really need to take better care of myself and my body.

    Received some lovely fragrant packages throughout the week and have had so much fun exploring new scents! I pretty much had a week of “powder” perfumes with a few others strewn in there such as Rochas Absolute and Ambrette 9 to break things up. I have enjoyed sniffing everything and there was nothing in the bunch that I did not like and several that were loves. Next week I might continue a theme with iris week and the week after might do roses.

    I hope everyone else had a wonderful week and will have a wonderful week to come!!!


    • Hey Brigitte,
      TROUBLE twins. Its kind of perfect really.
      Bloody hell, that’s a full day of training. Couldn’t you eat while they were teaching? After a few hours without food my brain turns to mush.
      Good luck with your regime.
      Sounds like your week was perfectly fragranced. Always fun to find a few new loves. LOVE the idea of you doing weeks of things. such a fun way to rediscover the collection.
      Portia xx


  2. Chanel Coco is amazing, very regal especially in older formula. Love Trussardi Donna, too. I recently smelled Boucheron Trouble and I do get why some people in reviews compared it to Dior Addict. It does have that vibe though maybe sweeter due to more vanilla.


    • Hey Fazal,
      I wonder if Coco ages well? It seems to get better and better in the bottle as I use it more. That may one the reason your older bottles smell better?
      Can you believe I have no memory of DIOR Addict?
      Portia xx


      • I had Dior Addict when it was first released!!! it’s been reformulated since then. I remember it being a deep boozy vanilla…sweet and quite good. I did think of it the very first time I tried Trouble….although if I am not mistaken Trouble came before Addict, right?

        Maybe hajusuuri will chime in because I know she has and wears Addict and I also gave her a decant of my Trouble.


        • Oh myyy, have just realised that I haven’t worn my Addict for about ten years. That’s truly shocking! I keep it in my daughter’s bathroom cabinet and I just forget to pull it out. I find it to be a very dark and mysterious vanilla. It’s about 14 or so years old so should be maturing nicely.


      • Portia, that must be it. All of my Coco bottles (all concentrations) are vintage which might be why they smell so damn good. I have not bothered with the latest versions as I could get vintage ones for pretty much same or even less price. In addition to aging, we also know vintage were made with better materials and no censorship. I have not smelled latest but I get a feeling they must be quite cleaned-up now and smell thinner as well.

        Addict is really good. I believe I have the vintage version as well. Trouble def. seems in the same vein though sweeter.


  3. What a mixed week you had! Was it the magic tea that cured your cold??
    I have to tell you something weird, we are in Capri (sorry) and this afternoon revisited our lovely perfumery girl who spritzed us with something I am now loving on my arm. Do you think I could remember the name? Nope…now I open your page and there it is, Escape a Byzance! Yay!


  4. Hope you are feeling better by now, I hate being sick. I was folded up with a hurt lower back, hobbling around until the doctor gave me some good muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories. I’m completely upright now, walked 2 hrs and did 1 hr of yoga today. It is absolutely gorgeous here right now, after a week of beastly humidity. I looove Trouble, Cuir Ottoman and Mitzah. This week I wore Hiram Green Shangri La, L’Artisan Traversée du Bosphore, TDC Adjatay and SL La Réligieuse, plus sampled a bunch of stuff. It was a good week of perfume.


    • You are my hero! Walking is next on my list of things to do. But I will have to find a safe place to walk 🙂 My roads are treacherous!


      • I do love Adjatay! Would like to get a FB some day, all I have is a sample. BTW I love the multicoloured scarf on the right, that would be my pick.


  5. Portia, first things first: from now on I think you should include your meme of the week, every week. I for one enjoy them. And my scarf vote goes to the colour on the right because I think that blue is a bring-me-down. (aren’t we just a varied bunch?) Hope that by by now you have kicked that lurgy into the tall grass. The only thing missing from that remedy is Jameson whiskey, but maybe I’m just biased😉 It always works for me, though, it gets the sweats going in earnest which flushes the baddies out. Nothing outstanding here, weather has been fairly passable, and I’m typing this on the deck sunning myself, so not all bad. We have been taking care of my furry daughter’s sister for the past few days. In the animal world, just as the human one, each one is unique. So many similarities yet markedly different. A lesson for life, eh?
    Had Smally’s birthday party yesterday and had a few hours of fun there. What can I say? I love children, but I couldn’t eat a whole one. Phew. Mother Nature knows what she’s talking about.


  6. Sorry to hear you’ve got a cold, but seriously? I would be faking one constantly if I knew I was in for a steady supply of Jin’s chicken soup!
    Glad to hear you’re back at the pool, I remember you really enjoyed the aqua fitness with the blue rinse set. Ha! I’d fir right in!!
    Busy week here but stunning weather. I’ve been wearing a lot of Carnal Flower. So good in the heat and humidity. Vintage Shalimar perfume and even Eau Duelle works beautifully in the heat. Although I waited for the humid air to blow out before I tried that one.
    Hired a great young girl, fresh out of school, as an ACad technician to help me out when I start surveying and drawings for the carriage house conversion. She’s cheerful and seems to be a real go-getter. Best of all, she’s happy to work with my erratic schedule.
    I’m enjoying the heck out of this summer and every time I read your posts and look at the pics, I marvel at your trees still holding leaves. In the dead of winter!! Major weather envy here.
    Hope you’re back in fighting form pronto!


    • Hey there Marcella,
      Oh yeah, Jin is an excellent cook and he makes it look so easy. We only really give each other a few days of coddling then we kind of ignore it so continuous faking would lead nowhere.
      SO excited to hear you’ve got a new helper. Good luck with her, I hope it’s a years long happy mentorship for her.
      We do get to keep quite a lot of our trees leaves in Australia, the seasons are quite mild really but even in the snowy regions the eucalypts are evergreen.
      Portia xx


  7. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from being sickly Portia. I enjoy reading about your fragrance choices of the week. I am a fan of Trouble as well. I wore it when it was released and I recently bought a bottle after you reminded me of it. Me and most Boucheron get along well.
    I’ve had a wonderfully fragrant week exploring new perfume samples, I’m so blessed to have received beautiful fragrant packages with special fragrances.


    • Thanks Kathleen,
      Nearly recovered now. PHEW!
      YAY! I think APJ is the very last bastion of Trouble lovers on earth. Yeah, the only Boucheron that didn’t work for me was Miss Boucheron.
      NEW STUFF!!! So fun eh?
      Portia xxx


  8. Wow, what a week and you being sick and all? You sure did a lot. All well in FNQ, Lots of love, Aunt T xxxx

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  9. Tried M.Margiela Beach Walk from the Replica-series pre-shower this morning. Quite a good description of sun baked skin, but not very salty. Something, possibly a musk?, started irritating me after less than half an hour. So just washed it off.

    Then sampled my stepmothers Arron perfume, Waterlily Sun (sorry, I didn’t look up the spelling). Nice top notes, floral-citrusy, but disappeared in less than an hour on my dry skin. Given it is said to be edp strength I am not impressed with the performance. So again wearing Iris 39. I didn’t bring much perfume for my vacation.


    • Too much in vacation mood! The above was meant for the SOTD post.

      I always vote for blue if there’s some bright blue in the pattern, but both scarves look beautiful!


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