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Hey there APJ,

You may know that Thursday is my day to post on Perfume Posse. Every week over there I do some kind of fragrance review. As we don’t really do them here on APJ anymore I thought it might be nice to give you a heads up on what’s happening elsewhere.

Today on Perfume Posse

Freeway by 4160 Tuesdays

Today I take a sniff of a Sarah McCartney, 4160 Tuesdays creation called Freeway, made in conjunction with the guys from LuckyScent. Come on over and join the chatter there.

Portia xx

2 thoughts on “Today on Perfume Posse

  1. Five times I have tried to leave a comment on Perfume Posse concerning your post, and I keep getting “server was reset” and comment disappears. 😦 So I shall leave my humble thoughts here!

    Thank you for the review. Even the insinuation of petroleum is enough to put me off trying this one, although I have sampled quite a few from 4160s over the past couple of years. I own and love Eau My Soul (SO good!), Centrepiece, and Rhubarb & Custard. However, I do feel in general that their scents have very poor longevity. I read Sarah’s comment under the Freeway Fragrantica entry and was surprised to find out how tiny the house actually is, given the volume of forums chatter they generate. They do make interesting and creative scents, good for them. Next on my list to try are Ealing Green, Fruits of the Tree of Knowledge, and Invisible Ben.

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