Saturday Question: What Cheapy Do You Wear?




Hello Fellow Fumies,

At APJ we have a Saturday Question. Everyone gets to chime in with an answer, chat with other responders and it’s a fun event each week. Taking sides never means taking offence and everyone keeps it respectful and light, even though we can sometimes trawl the depths.

The idea is you’ll see it on the weekend or chime in through the week. Hopefully you will come back regularly and see if anyone has responded to your comment and you can reply to them. The aim is to generate real conversation and connection even though we are scattered around the globe.


Over 100 responses I will draw a Secret Scent Sample Pack (from my collection)

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Saturday Question: What Cheapy Do You Wear?

So many ways you can find a cheap. It might be a Drug Store fragrance, or a Celebrity Perfume. Maybe it used to be expensive but now it’s dirt cheap at the Discounters? Did you get a really good deal from a Sales Doc on FaceBook? No matter why it’s cheap, please tell us, and when you wear this Budget Beauty!

This question is SO ME! Really, I love to get a bargain. Sure, I buy a bunch of full price perfume but when something is deliciously discounted, has super bang for negligible price or is being sold on a Doc for peanuts I’m a goner!

Just recently there was a Libertine Parfumerie half yearly clearance sale. I didn’t go in person but got a phone call from my mate Tim telling me what was available. I couldn’t help myself, the price was TOO GOOD for a 100ml lidded tester bottle. Who can resist? So my cheap is a cheap because it was on SUPER SALE!

My Answer:

Patchouli Patch by L’Artisan Parfumeur

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Star anise, Violet, Plum, Fennel
Heart: Patchouli, Osmanthus, Vetiver
Base: Musk, Oakmoss, Cedar, Sandalwood

This 2002 release signed by Bertrand Duchaufour and Evelyne Boulanger is very in keeping with the L’Artisan credo of keeping it ultra smoothly blended, pretty and elegant. No one will be skunked, scared or even mildly challenged by Patchouli Patch. A slightly sweet, fruity chocolate version of patchouli that hums away quietly, giving little huffs through the day.

The opening is quite patchouli/plum centric and the heart softens considerably with the addition of lightly green white flower, osmanthus. Vetiver is named as a major note but doesn’t show much for me. The woods and patchouli are softened by a lovely vanilla feeling sandalwood and a little something that is reminiscent of oak moss but doesn’t smell like our old fashioned scent image of it.

A lovely, lightweight patchouli that is very spritz and go. Hopefully I’ll be getting loads of wear from it in the near future and beyond.

My Saturday Question to you is:

What Cheapy Do You Wear?

107 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Cheapy Do You Wear?

  1. I am most definitely not a BD girl – But I looooooove Patchouli Patch and am deadly jealous and now I want another bottle. I rarely look at any sites for perfume. Maybe I should.
    Hmmmmmm. Cheap? I guess would be my 30€ EdC Shalimar. Found by chance on Ama**n when hunting for a book. Bussis xxxx


  2. When I think of cheap fragrances I love, one of the first names to come to mind is almost always Grey Flannel. I think even the reformulation was pretty good at least until 2010 when I last smelled it and it goes without saying it was magnificent in original formulas.

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  3. Good question Portia, and one that I have so many answers to. I prefer to use the term “affordable” vs cheap! I love a quality perfume for an affordable price. My most recent purchase was Boucheron, both ept and edp are gorgeous to my nose and such a please to wear.

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  4. That would be vintage 4711 cologne. Nice to apply after showering in the gym. Another one I wear quite frequently during summer is the minty Lush Dirty.


  5. Easy peasy answer for me. Caron Pour Un Homme. And I have you to thank for this Portia. You sent along a sample in the first PPP I won. It didn’t take me long to buy a FB for peanuts. A great fragrance. Goes anywhere, anytime. Also a pleasure to wear at bedtime.

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  6. I don’t pay much attention to prices when something is less than $100, and I have quite a few of those from the discounters: Alien Essence Absolue, Guerlain Insolence and most of my Serge Lutens 50ml bottles are in this category. I really want a bottle of that Patchouli Patch though!


  7. The cheapies that are currently in rotation are Courreges Blanc, Safari, Niki de Saint Phalle, Noa and Azur Riviera. and of course, Caron Pour un Homme but I see that more as Mr. Marzipan’s fragrance that I get to “borrow”.


  8. My collection is liberally salted with adfordable scents, mostly finds from TJMaxx. Some of my favorites: SJP Stash and Covet, Adam Levine for Her ($6!), Alaïa. All found for less than $25 US.

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  9. I have a few affordable, but not dirt cheap perfumes I like to wear, but they don’t really get a lot of wear. One is the fig scent from 100Bon, another the Y. Rocher Neroli (essence de fleur or something?). Other than that, my partial bottle of Ostara came with a very reasonable price tag (it was “too much” for my friend, so he quickly sold it).

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  10. The first one that comes to mind is Gap Dream! I have worn it since the 90s and will never stop loving it. Also I am still into Ralph Lauren’s Ralph perfume, in the blue bottle. And Burberry Brit. And B&BW Sun Ripened Raspberry for life!
    I also have a huge perfume oil collection, they aren’t “cheap” per mL but they are small volume bottles which makes them inexpensive. BPAL, Nocturne Alchemy, and Solstice Scents comprise the majority of my oils.

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    • OMG!!! Gap Dream!!! those Gap scents were so amazing and so affordable! Burberry Britt I had too as well as the two flankers Britt Gold and Britt Red (such a great rhubarb scent).


    • Hey Erica!
      So good to see you over here at APJ.
      Burberry Brit woman is a staple of mine too. I need to haul it out for some winter wearings. Did you ever grab the extract? It’s even deeper and richer. Wearing it with the EdT gives the whole lot an extra burnish.
      Portia xx


  11. I have lots of cheapy/affordable perfumes in my collection. Quite difficult to mention them all. The cheapest ones that I am enjoying now in summer are the Pacificas, like Mediterranean Fig, Persian Rose and French Lilac. Others that come to mind are from Bath & Body Works like Cherry Blossom, Cotton Blossom, White Citrus, Coconut Lime Breeze. Also Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose, Yardley Iris, Dolce& Gabbana Light Blue. I don’t want to make the list too long, but definitely I enjoy them all.

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    • Pacifica!!!! yes!!! I had at least 20 of their fragrances in my perfume lifetime! such a pity that 99 percent of them have been discontinued. Their candles were also amazing and ridiculously affordable. And I love Light Blue too (even if it gets a bad rap!)


  12. I’m going to say Miss Dior and Jolie Madame EDTs because I’ve paid less than 50 pence per ml for them, and Eau Fraiche, half that. Lush/Gorilla perfumes aren’t all as cheap as they used to be, but my friendly comfort scent What Would Love Do is pretty bargainous at £19.


  13. I actually found one of my favourite cheapies for a great price yesterday: Gucci Pour Homme II, 50mls for $40, score.

    Besides that I regularly use L’Occitane Eau Des Baux (paid $50 for 100mls) and Carven Homme (paid $40 for 100mls)

    Now I need to try Caron Pour un Homme and L’Artisan Patchouli Patch!

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  14. I rarely buy really cheap perfumes: being a perfume snob, I know that I won’t wear them often enough to justify shelf space. I’d rather spend the same sum of money on 5 ml decant of something expensive that I’ll love wearing.

    But whenever I plan to buy something, I’m a merciless deal hunter: if I know that it’s possible not to pay full price for something (which is not always possible), I might wait 6 months or more – it’s not like I’m short on what to wear.
    Three inexpensive perfumes that I really like, own and wear are Bvlgari Black and mentioned by others above Pacifica Lilac and SJP Stash.


    • Heya Undina,
      That makes a lot of sense. A 5ml decant of something can last me years.
      Bulgari Black is an excellent affordable choice. Remember when it got DCd for a while and we all went dooolally getting back ups before they were all gone. Then it came back about a year later in a slightly more accessible, less tarry rubber version of itself?
      Portia xx


  15. I’m not going to count my good deals for this, just the ones that are usually available at affordable prices. Some of my faves for myself are Adam Levine for her, Jessica McClintock, Cabaret, Stash, Salvador Dali. I like Grey Flannel and Old Spice on my hubby.

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  16. I think if “cheapie” is going to include expensive stuff found at unbelievable prices, then it’s hard for me to go past my pre-WW1 era Jicky that I found in a flea market.

    In terms of general cheapies, Monsieur Balmain, Mugler Cologne and Eau de Rochas are great summer scents that can always be found cheap. I’ll always have at least one of them on hand, I think.

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  17. Unopened Caron Nuit de Noel and Tabac Blonde parfums, along with Narcisse Noir, Habinita, and one other I can’t remember the name of. ….at a garage sale! Bought them all for about the cost of one of the parfums retail. It was a good shopping day 🙂

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  18. Hello Gorgeous.

    It looks like I’ve been outed for procuring that bottle of L’Artisan…

    I love myself a bargain and I have plenty to choose. Thx latest from that sale was Seville A L’Aube and I should have grabbed the other less full bottle of patchouli patch. Damn!

    Others bargains I wore recently are Bvlgari Black, Yatagan, Tom of Finland (£10 at Harvey Nics years ago) and Futur (which I was so lucky to get for $10 for a 50ml bottle).

    XXX… T

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  19. Im not a great bargain hunter but like some of the others above I have 2 Pacificas, Spanish Amber and French Lilac, that I adore and my eye on Lush.


  20. Portia, this naughty question had me up for three hours in the wee hours of the morning during one of my insomnia bouts looking on fragrancenet and fragrancex….Oh the things i found!!!! Old old loves from the past that are selling for a song! 4711, Trouble Legere (how is that one, btw? similar to Trouble?), Brit Extrait!!! for dirt cheap, a mini sampler of eight of the Prada Infusions….Oh I could go on and on….luckily I did not whip out my credit card!


    • Hey Brigitte,
      I do that too. ALL THE TIME!
      Trouble Legere is beautiful, just a little less powerful and a slight juice accord to soften everything else. My Legere even has a shimmer through it, GORGEOUS! Burberry Brit extrait is SO GOOD! You’ll love it.
      Those damn mini samplers are NEVER spritz, it makes me so annoyed.
      DIDN”T pop out your card. Woman, you are STRONG!
      Portia xx


      • I am trying SO HARD to be good and not whip out that credit card……not easy when you are trolling the online discounters at 1am in the morning-LOL!

        Thanks for the info on Trouble Legere….sounds like something I would definitely wear. Brit , because of the name, has significance to me, and given that I already thunked full bottles of Britt EDP, Britt Gold and Britt Red I think eventually I will NEED to have the extrait in my collection.


  21. When I think of cheapie, I’m talking really cheap. 🙂 Usually these are reserved for weekend runnings about. My fave is Love2Love Fresh Rose + Peach (Calice Becker!) and Auric Oils One Love and Honey Almond.


  22. I’m writing my reply to this unhinged persons demand letter for one of my Queens turning up late to a gig. This stuff makes me so sick in my stomach. Unfair demands, bullying tactics, time and outcome fabrications have all set my teeth on edge.
    Wearing good old Shalimar to help me cruise through the drama.
    Portia xx


  23. Wearing Le Labo Iris 39 today, just like yesterday. I’m not sure I can smell properly today, there’s straw high as bushes in front of the cabin, so my hay fever has reached a peak. Weather is 21C, which is a normal summer’s day here.


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