Scent Diary: 8.7 – 14.7.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

This weird thing has happened to me since going on our honeymoon holidays. I’ve started to enjoy a drink. Nothing excessive but it has become quite regular. Normally I’d be lucky to have an alcoholic drink a month. What fresh hell is this?

In other news, we had a quiet, homey week and I got to wear some amazing scents.

Scent Diary: 8.7 – 14.7.2019

Monday 8:

I’m so naughty. The pool was calling me this morning and I ignored it. Rolled over and slept till 10am. Don’t think I just turned one alarm off, no no no. I have a choice of Aqua classes 6, 8.30 and 9.30am. I would reset the alarm to be in time for the next class but NOPE! Didn’t happen.

SOTMorning: Datura Noir by Serge Lutens. I don’t know why but this cool white floral beauty rarely gets a run around here. So pretty and elegant. Perfect for a sunny winter morning.

The dog walk this morning was cool but with warm sunshine, lovely.

House cleaning day. It’s 1pm and I’ve already done three loads of clothes washing and hung them, the dusting done and halfway through the vacuuming. Currently having morning tea with some Peanut Butter toast. YUM!

3pm now. three more loads of clothes washed. One tumble drying, one hung and the other awaiting hanging. Cleaned the area behind Jin’s huge curved TV, it had DUST BUNNIES hiding in there and was utterly disgusting. Feeling like I’m a very naughty cleaner, haven’t been behind there properly since we moved in. BLEAUGH! Super clean now.

Floors are all vacuumed and now I only have kitchen benches & floor and my bathroom to do.

Last night after my bath before getting ready for work I was aftershave balming my face, went to put the lid back on and the damn bottle slipped and jumped out of my hand. It flew across the bathroom, bounced off the toilet seat and ricocheted into the wall where it took a big old chunk out of my beautiful, bevelled tile. Then it proceeded to smash into a million pieces. Of course I had no shoes on, no one else was home so I had to get out to clean it up. Bloody stood on a bit of glass and cut my finger getting it out (Yes, I know, IDIOT!) So that was my drama and I have to properly clean up the mess today. GRRRR! On hands and knees doing a hot wash.

SOTAfternoon: Sevilla a l’aude by L’Artisan. I really feel the need to ramp up the white flowers this afternoon so this thick and rich beauty is exactly what I’m craving.

5pm now and the house is pretty much done. I’m starting on TRIVIA Q&A before Jin gets home.

Jin came home and cooked us Korean BarBQ on his table cooker. We had two different cuts of beef, sweet potato, onion, capsicum, cauliflower, mushroomson the grill with a shredded spring onion, sesame oil & chilli salad and a sliced tomato with salt and balsamic vinegar. SO DELICIOUS! All washed down with a bottle of Cab Sav.

Back to TRIVIA Q&A at 9-ish pm.

SOTEvening: Madonna Truth or Dare. Fulfilling my day of BWFs it’s a perfect, cool yet sweet tuberose/vanilla. Gorgeous.

Trivia, Trivia, Trivia, with a couple of sideways turns to Facebook and APJ. OOPSIE!

SOTBed: Midnight and I’m sick of TRIVIA Q&A. I’m globing to give myself some big spritzes of Bulgari Man In Black to send my BWF day into the woods.

Tuesday 9:

Bloody Hell. I didn’t finish my Trivia Q&A last night. Set the alarm for 7am top get it all done. its 9.30! So I’m in a flurry.
Thinking I’d wear something quiet and focussed… nope.

SOTMorning: Ambre Ceruleen by Huitieme Art. Perfectly delicious amber, cool yet cuddly.

Finished trivia then napped. I think my body is trying to repair itself after the cold. SLEEP! It seems to be craving it at every turn.

Bathed and beautified.

SOTEvening: Samsara EdP by Guerlain. Quite modern version but not the current screech fest. That opening on the new version is very hard to take for the first 15 our so minutes before it settles.

Trivia was quiet tonight. Tomorrow is State Of Origin and a lot of people don’t do two nights in a row on weekdays.

Home, hit the computer for a while. Jin is watching Stranger Things oon Netflix.
I’m just about ready for bed.

SOTBed: Marions Nous by Oriza Legrand. Aldehydes, hyacinth, iris and tonka play lead in a lovely fluffy and sparkling fragrance. An excellent take on CHANEL No 5.

Wednesday 10:

SOTDay: Cuir Amethyste by Armani Prive

Jin and I went shopping, just groceries. Did get these two glorious postcards from our mates Graham & Phillip.

SOTEvening: Kiehl’s Original Musk. Bloody hell. This stuff smells so freaking good and is so reasonably priced. I also rubbed the lotion into my head, it was heavenly, like a sweet musk scented halo.

Trained it into town. Caught a bus to the Seymore Centre, where the nights shows were on.


Met my buddy Tim and we saw Jennifer Holliday give a masterclass to four up and coming Australian singers. They sang their hearts out. Then when Jennifer got up to critique them and just sang a few bars to give them the idea she casually wiped the floor with every one. Afterwards there were some Q&A and then we got to spend a moment with Ms Holliday. WOO EEEEEE! She was so friendly and welcoming. I gave her an Aussie Tea Towel, it had to be explained to her. Maybe she doesn’t do the dish drying around her place.

We went and met Alice for pizza. It was just down the road and freaking delicious. I want to go back there ASAP!

Alice and I then wandered back up to the Seymore Centre to see one of Australia’s most famous musical theatre men, Tim Draxl. He was singing the songs from a revolutionary 1962 album called Love Is A Drag. An album of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Barbara Streisand and Sarah Vaughn style standards, love songs sung by a man to and for men. So they didn’t change the pronouns in the song for a man to sing. Back in 1962 America this was highly subversive, and illegal. The name of the singer was not released until 2012. Frank Sinatra spent years trying to discover who this beautiful, croony voice belonged to but to no avail.

We walked back to the station and went our separate ways. Jin collected me at Parramatta station and we came home, lolled on the lounge with the dogs and watched some TV.

SOTBed: Wild Roses extrait by Aftelier Perfumes.

Thursday 11:

Woke up this morning and had a radio Interview with Michael and Antionette on 2RRR. It was fun and they asked some really good questions to get me talking. It’s so easy when the hosts can steer you towards interesting, controversial and touching conversation with only a few words and then let the guest get on with chatter and stories. I enjoyed it immensely.

SOTMorning: Kolonya by Rasei Fort

Jin and I walked the dogs through the sunny cool morning .

Then we trotted off to do some errands. Dive shop, hardware store, plant shop. I bought us Japanese for lunch. Chicken Katsu Curry and salad for me, I’m not sure what Jin had. YUMMY!

Then we came back and Jin fixed the back gate closer on our apartment block. It has been banging in the wind all winter, since we got back and now it’s fixed. Jin is a freaking hero.

I did some repotting plants and added Parsley into the mix. I love having the fresh, ultra curly parsley on hand.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a happy blur of readying the filling for dumplings. We are having guests tomorrow night and the evening will be packing, cooking and eating the dumplings. They will come in soup, steamed and fried. It’s going to be noodles of fun.

One thing I did find was this spectacular shot of Peter Flann and myself at last weekends Greyhound Rescue Fundraiser. How fab do we both look?

Jin and I had to taste test the dumplings, the first batch needed a little sprucing up but the second lot were perfect.

At about 11pm I decided it was Bubble Bath time.

SOTBed: Madonna Truth Or Dare Naked

Friday 12:

Well, I have slept soundly again. Around 10am I surfaced, immediately walked the dogs and then came in to do some computer stuff. The sun is shining like spring and finally some bees have arrived to the hawthorn hedges in the cemetery park across the road, they’re not in full bloom yet but normally there’d already be dozens of bees not this smattering.

SOTMorning: Charlatan by Fort & Manlé. This is the most spectacular amber ++++++ fragrance. No wonder it is one of the biggest hits from the range. I love it.

While cleaning the house I listened to Val the Cookie Queen’s Radio Show <<< JUMP. You can click and listen anytime. While it’s not all MY music choice it’s really interesting and has loads of historical content. Learning stuff.

This weeks meme. O M G!

Jin came home and we organised dinner together.

Michael and scott came over early. Scotty wanted to buy some of my fragrances that had been sitting here unloved for a while. He was so happy, I gave him fabulous prices. It’s nice to know they are going to a home where they’ll be worn and used. It also freed up a little space around here too.

The crew came and we had an excellent night making dumplings. Jin fried, steamed and made soup with them. It was a dumpling bonanza. We had tea and fresh cherries for dessert. Excellent night with Michael, Scott, Kerri, Simon, Kath, Alice,TinaG and us.

I stayed up watching More Tales Of The City on Netflix. Jin went to bed because he starts super early.

SOTBed: FAKE Red Aoud by Montale, bought in Russia.

Saturday 13:


Books arrived yesterday from a friend. What a stellar surprise. You know who you are K! Thank you.

At lunch time Scotty and I caught up. He was working on a Saturday and an extra cup of coffee was a very happy addition to his day. We had good chats, as always. It was nice to sit in the warm sun outside his work.

My mate Susan sent me three lovely soaps for my Birthday I think, or Xmas. This is the last of them, opened today to grace our kitchen sink. Having nice soap there is extra important because we use it so much.

SOTAfternoon: It’s 5pm already and I realise that my body remains unscented. La 3rd Homme de Caron.

Spent the afternoon cleaning up after last nights dinner party and lazing around watching all the remaining Further Tales Of The City. Then watching the Armistead Maupin documentary. Love that Netflix has just got the whole series and I was able to binge them.

Jin came home from work and wanted some Korean Pork BarBQ. We got out the table cooker, some veggies and rice. I love it so much when he cooks. Jin had some red wine, I had a coffee. Afterwards we walked the dogs together. Really lovely Saturday.

SOTNight: Liberté by Cacharel. I wanted something fizzy and fun. Perfect choice. You’ll notice I’m nearing the end of this bottle. Don’t stress, there are a couple of backups hiding around the place. I will never understand why this wasn’t a hit.

Went to bed with Jin but I wasn’t sleepy, was restless and every time I moved he would wake up. I am now self evicted and am going to watch some TV.

SOT Late Night TV Watching: My Liberté is still softly buzzing around but I wanted a complete change so I’ve given myself a couple of blasts of Miller et Bertaux: A Quiet Morning. The woodsiness melds beautifully with the remnants of fizzy orange.

Sunday 14:

Sunday! It’s cool but sunny here.

SOTMorning: Mure et Musc extrait by L’Artisan. Imagine the original with all the screech removed, a tranquil version that blooms slowly and softly.

Chill day. Spent some time at the computer chatting with you lot, started on my TRIVIA Q&A, social media. Very cruise.

Beard dyed, bathed, shaved and ready to become gorgeous.

SOTEvening: Trayee by Neela Vermeire Creations.

Got home tonight and was craving Queen by Queen Latifah. Gave myself a few big spritzes and now I’m in heaven. This is also one of my BFFs signature scents so I’m also getting all the warm cuddly feels.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

30 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 8.7 – 14.7.2019

  1. Portia, you and Jin eat so well! Your dinners at home are so elaborate and delicious sounding! I enjoy a glass or two of wine as well. I figure in moderation must be okay because it is such a wonderful accompaniment to relaxing evenings, nice dinners, or good times with friends.
    Ooooh that slipped out of the hands bottle landing on tile. Been there and done that. I’m sorry! It is quite the mess.
    It has been a very fragrant week for me with samplers and oils generously gifted from sweet Brigitte, and my new purchases of Alien Essence, Laura Mercier Ambre Passion (a replacement for one of the few bottles I thunked in my lifetime way back when released), Heeley Blanc Poudre, and Annick Goutal Songes.
    Summer has finally arrived in Denver, and it is Hot in the 90s and therefore, very early morning dog walking with lots of wildlife sightings!


    • I am elated that you are enjoying everything AND that our States side “APJ traveling perfume box” is still going strong!!! I am loving that we are sharing amongst each other and have the opportunity to chat here on APJ and know what the scents we are each wearing actually smell like! A shout out thanks toPortia for being the wonderful host of this fabulous blog and making me feel as though I finally found my “tribe”. Love you guys xoxo


      • I appreciate every one of you, taking the time to share samples, thoughts, feelings, knowledge, experiences. It makes my perfume journey much more enriched and enjoyable! How wonderful we can take a few moments out of our busy days to touch base on a subject that we all enjoy so much.
        And cheers to Portia for guiding us all and leading these discussions!


    • Heya Kathleen,
      We are really lucky in Oz, so much choice. Also Jin has been a cook so he nails it. Eating is so much fun and we try to keep it all as good as possible to deal with Jin’s high blood pressure and my diabetes.,
      WOW! You have had a stellar week of fragrance. You guys sending all those frags around North America must be a hoot. Glad you’re all sharing and having a wonderrful time.
      Portia xx


      • It’s so amazing the generosity of the North America APJ’ers! Brigitte has been so kind with sharing fragrances and expanding my world of scent, and I’m so happy to be in the loop and able to share from my collection.


  2. It’s been hot here, so lots of early am dog walks and lazy afternoons. Been having leather cravings, despite the heat, doused myself in Dior Cuir Cannage yesterday, it has such great floral undertones. Baked a berry crumble last night, sooo good, but I am not much of a savoury cook, I would love for someone to make me dumplings!

    So sorry about your bottle crash, I have done it and broken a couple of my beautiful glass bathroom tiles as well, it sucks.

    I’ve been having big orange blossom cravings too, wore Kilian Sweet Temptation to bed, Seville is going to get an outing this week for sure.


    • WOW TaraC, Leather cravings in a heatwave! You are hardcore. Cuir Cannage is beautiful, what an elegant frag.
      You know dumplings are 100% easier than you’d imagine if you buy the pre made casing rounds. Just throw a bunch of minced meat, sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and ginger in with some finely chopped/grated veg and sprouts. There’s your insides. Plop a teaspoonful in your casing, wet the edges and squeeze them together hard. Fry. EAT!!
      Bloody bottle crashes are a bitch. Hopefully Jin can get the piece back in with silicone.
      Maybe you should wear leather on one side and orange blossom on the other. MMMMMM
      Portia xx


  3. Portia! don’t start daily drinking because if you are like me, the alcohol will make you lose your inhibition and you will eat EVERYTHING in sight 😉

    I have had an extraordinarily fragrant week thanks to my APJ friends and have sampled many, many iris perfumes and other new perfumes unknown to me. I feel so extraordinarily blessed to have such generous perfume pals whom I consider to be true friends.

    On the home front, eldest marzipan passed her NCLEX which is a huge weight lifted off all of our shoulders because she NEEDS her nursing license in order to work-LOL! She moves into her new apartment on Thursday and starts work on Monday!!! yikes!!! Youngest marzipan is a National Merit Scholar and received a substantial scholarship from the oldest engineering school in the country which is where he will be attending in the fall. I have done my job-LOL!!!


    • Congrats to you, Brigitte and the younger Marzipans. You must have done your job well with teaching them that hard work really can pay off. I’m so happy we haven’t got those enormous tuition fees over here, they must be a worry for students and parents alike.


      • Oh yes the college costs in the States are OUTRAGEOUS. Even the public state universities are $29-35K now. The youth of today are exiting college with very substantial student loans.


      • Thank you , Kathleen , but I really can’t take all the credit. All three work very hard and value education and learning. They were all that way from the time that they were born.


    • Congrats to you and your husband! Job well done! The same to your Marzipans! They have excelled and will be amazing professionals! Cheers to you all! 🥂


      • Thank you, my friend! And thank you for your friendship and support along the way! Now that youngest is leaving the nest that means more time for me to make trips into the city to meet up with you 🤣🤣


    • HA! Brigitte, you are a crack up. I don’t like the feeling of being drunk. It feels greasy and awful to me. The one or two glasses though is OK, I can cope and keep my wits about me.
      WOO HOO! Love that you lot are sharing your fragrance passion. More than anything friends make all the downs of life bearable.
      Congratulations on your Nurse Marzipan and Engineer Marzipan.
      Yes, you have done your job. I bet they’re really likeable too.
      Portia xx


  4. I am surprised the bottle took out a chunk of tile, I thought tiles are stronger than that. Also does Bvlgari Man in Black smell like Spicebomb. I have Spicebomb but have not smelled Bvlgari though keep reading about the similarities between the two. If they are similar, which one you think is better?


    • Hey Fazal,
      It must have hit it in just the right spot and it was going fast. Buggeration!
      For me Bulgari Black and Spicebomb are so different, can’t think what the crossover would be. Maybe the newer BB is spicier than mine?
      Portia xx


  5. Hi Portia, it’s a treat to hear about your week and scent choices. Dumplings are one of my favorite foods. Yours look delicious. 😋 I also love a good house cleaning session, it always feels more like home after I’ve sweated over things for a bit.

    A perfume name can be so enticing, A Quiet Morning and Marion Nous sound lovely. 🙂 It’s interesting to wonder how those names were chosen.

    Very sorry about your broken glass and tile. I feel your pain. I drop things – phone, purse, glasses, dishes, perfume – all the time. It’s a miracle that many things bounce without breaking. I’m my family’s clumsy klutz. much of the time.😆 But my pants are still clean, so in the end it was a good day and week. 😃


    • Hey Tiffanie,
      Dumplings are YUM!! You’re not Sydney are you? If you are you should come have some one day.
      Clean house is a major positive for me. Keeps my head clear too.
      I am a klutz too. We have to change my screen protector on my phone regularly because I drop it ALL THE TIME.
      Happy your pants remain clean, all week. It’s a WIN!
      Portia xx


  6. I turned 50 today. I had three days of festivities. I wore Bal a Versailles vintage pure parfum and modern as well as SMN vintage Melograno. Divine.


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