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Hey there APJ,

One of Jin and my buddies we met through perfume is Tara. Every UK trip we make some Tara time, she came to our wedding here in Sydney and has popped over to meet us a couple of times on continental Europe too. Lately I’ve also been guest posting on her blog A Bottled Rose.

Today on A Bottled Rose

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori by Gucci

YAY! Really excited to be back on A Bottled Rose as a monthly contributor! Especially for summer in the Northern Hemisphere I thought the newest Gucci Bloom flanker would make a good post. It’s very summer oriented and a fabulous fragrance. Much better than much of the Designer and Department Store offerings lately. I’d love to see you over there too.

Jump on over and see the Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori by Gucci post on A Bottled Rose

See you over there,
Portia xxx

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