Scent Diary: 26.8 – 1.9.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

YAY! We had rain in Sydney. LOVE it when it rains. Perfect for getting those last winter fragrance wearings in before SPRING next week. Saw a bunch of mates, spent some much needed QT with Jin and watched a lot of Netflix.

Scent Diary: 26.8 – 1.9.2019

Monday 26:

At about 1am on Sunday night/Monday morning I realised that there was no sleep coming so I tidied and vacuumed the house. Did the last loads of washing and cleaned my bathroom. It was a very productive couple of hours.

SOTMidnightCleaning: Shalimar vintage extrait by Guerlain. Nothing makes cleaning feel more glamorous and wonderful.

Jin came home from work and slept. I stayed in bed till about 9.30am when I got up to feed and walk the dogs.

SOTDay: Slowdive by Hiram Green

My ankle is still giving me gyp.

IT’S RAINING!! We need it so badly and it’s coming down steadily. YAY!

Spent the day doing my Trivia Q&A and organising the blog.

Jin brought home Hungry Jacks for his dinner and I had the last of the Spicy Pork BarBQ leftovers with salad and chips.

How cute are these dogs?

We watched the two last Matrix films together. Really Jin watched them and I was in and out. Did some blogging, had a couch nap with Paris, watched some TV. It was a really lovely home night.

More rain. Lovely heavy rain that came down for a couple of hours. Best way to spend a home evening while listening to the rain outside.

SOTBed: Ashoka by Neela Vermeire Creations

Tuesday 27:

Up and walked the dogs in the rain

SOTMorning: Velours by YSL

Jin had to take his car for service which meant we had brunch at the nearby mall. Pure Kebab! OMG! Yummiest kebab I ever had. Everything was so clean and they didn’t overfill it. Chilli and hummus as sauce. YUMMY!

Home, organised the rest of TRIVIA. FORGOT to send the girls their Q&A for the week. PANIC STATIONS.

Beard dye, trim, bath and moisturise.

Took Jin back to collect his car. Did some grocery shopping on the way home. Very low key.

NAP time

SOTEvening: Courtesan by Worth. You may remember this pineapple and musk beauty. It was DCd a few years ago and I snaffled a bottle and a back up. It rarely gets out of the box but it perfect for this warm winter evening.

Work was fun. We had 59 in the house. The Q&A was really hard tonight, challenging for everyone.

Home, hung out on the computer.

SOTBed: Queen by Queen Latifah. Can’t stop myself wearing it. YUM!

Wednesday 28:

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I currently LOVE sleeping. Can’t get enough. Slept till nearly 10am this morning.

SOTMorning: Le Colle Noire by DIOR

Walked the dogs in the perfect late winter sunshine.

Went to the Physio who agrees we need an ultra sound and X Ray. She manipulated my foot again and it does feel better. Also, she has given me some new exercises, hopefully these will help improve the problem.

Spent the afternoon catching up with Office Paperwork and Bills. I’ve been so slack on it since Scotty got a real job and we haven’t been doing our Tuesday Office Day. There is quite a backlog. I’m now paid up to date, just some Credit Card debt after the kids were here and some splurging on perfumes. It’s well under $5k and I will get that down ASAP.

SOTAfternoon: Tzora by Anat Fritz. Hay, woods and spices. This smells like the Wombat enclosure at our local zoo. How did it take me so long to buy this fabulous fragrance?

Bathed and made myself fresh for work tonight.

SOTEvening: Dolce Patchouli by i profumi di Firenze

The Greystanes Inn was heaving for Trivia tonight. 57 players! There weren’t enough tables and groups were sharing them. It was such a fun night and we had a laugh.

I’d like to point out how cute I look in this shot. You can tell how happy I am that this night is really working.

Home and my ankle is SORE!! I did the exercises and gave it an ice bath. Those things are pretty painful too. HA! It’s hardly life threatening and I am such a baby but OW OW OW!

Jin went to bed early and I watched Rampage with Dwayne Johnson and then Murder Mystery with Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler on Netflix. Both fun but silly romps. I enjoyed them.

SOTBed: Youth Dew by Estee Lauder

Thursday 29:

It is dark and stormy looking outside today but no sign of rain yet. Fingers crossed for a deluge. The dogs are so frisky in the cold.

SOTMorning: Guerlain PH L’Eau Boisee. This is no woodsy warmer but a cool freshie. A bit like the L’Eau d’Issey range but more cologne-ish. Very nice, I can see why it’s a popular iteration of the Pour Homme range. No lid because my bottle is a tester bought for peanuts at the discounters.

Went to the doctor to get a referral for an X Ray and Ultra sound of my ankle.

Home for a quick catch up with Jin and a cuppa.

Met Kath for the entree to my lunch at Macquarie Centre. My all time favourite mall. Sadly there was no shopping time. Good catch up. SO DELICIOUS! All gone.

My main lunch was taking Phil out for his birthday. We walked from his place to the Dendy Cinema Cafe in Newtown. It was a terrific catch up. So good seeing his new home all set up and everything looking so beautiful.

From Newtown I had to skedaddle to get to my Ultra Sound and X Ray across town in Toongabbie. the new WestConnex is amazing. I did the trip in about 40 minutes on a late Thursday afternoon. There is loads of fluid caught up in between very angry muscle and ligaments. X Ray showed a fracture in my ankle that never healed properly and it’s causing distress all over the place. Good to know I’m really in trouble and not a hypochondriac. I’ll see the doctor tomorrow.


SOTEvening: Vintage Miss Dior extrait. O M G! This is exactly how I wanted to smell.

After all this driving and adventuring today my leg is really sore now. Glad to be able to relax.

Walked the dogs through gorgeous shimmery drizzle. It was beautiful.

Could not get off the couch, cuddled with the dogs. We watched THREE Netflix films. London Has Fallen, White House Down and Otherhood. Enjoyable romps all. Gerard Butler, O M G! He just keeps getting more desirable at every turn. Jamie Foxx makes an excellent president and the cast in White House Down is STELLAR! Stay with Motherhood, the opening is terrible but the rest of the movie is good. Look out for the Becki Newton  cameo, who I adored in Ugly Betty as bitchy Front Desk girl Amanda Tanen.

It’s 2am and I’m into the bath. Want a long hot bubble bath before bed so I sleep like a baby.

SOTBed: Ambre Nuit by DIOR

Friday 30:

Woke up to PARCELS!! I have been shopping again. First pic is from the Peony Melbourne SALE.

This picture is from a SUPER SALE DOC on FaceBook. Thanks Nicholas!

SOTMorning: Sampaquita on chest, Glacialis Terra on right hand and Ambra di Luna on left hand. I smell freaking amazing.

It’s Friday and I have the day to myself, at leisure.

Walked the dogs in the lovely cool drizzle.

Wen’t to the Dr to get my Ultrasound and X Ray results. Took them to the physio.

Did some grocery shopping, nothing much.

Jin woke up and went straight to the kitchen to make us Dumpling Soup for lunch. Tell you what, having him around is so freaking good. Sure you all get it when I tell you how thankful I am to have met this extraordinary man. Obviously, he’s not perfect but he is a perfect fit for me.

It’s 6pm and I want to do some blogging but my head isn’t in the game. I’ll set up a couple of Perfume Posse reviews and come back later to wear the perfumes for writing the post.

SOTEvening: Embers + Musk by Aftelier Perfumes. WOW! You want some smoke with your smoke? All the smokes? From BarBQ to incense to campfire to roaring hearth fire? Then you smoke-loving Perfumistas, go straight to Aftelier Perfumes and get you a sample. DO IT! The extrait is one of the richest tapestries of fragrance I have ever smelled.

Watched Hummingbird (also called Redemption) with Jason Stratham and the very cute animation Small Foot on Netflix. Resting this damn foot has had me TV bound. I am kind of loving it TBH.

Walked the dogs in the cool and wet. Perfect weather for ducks, and NETFLIX!

SOTBed: Cuir Ottoman by Parfums d’Empire

Except I wasn’t sleepy so I watched Barely Lethal on Netflix. It was fun. I particularly loved Bernard’s progression but the ending is corny as anything. Jessica Alba is so bad she’s good, kind of steals the movie.

Saturday 31:

Jin got home from work around 9.30am. He woke me while taking the dogs for a wee. When he came in our room we chattered away a short while, he makes me laugh, what a funny guy. So now wide awake I jumped out of bed.

Still have the smoky residue of last nights fragrances. Maybe I’ll go on a completely different direction.

SOTMorning: Snob by Le Galion. With a flawless apple, marigold and lily of the valley opening, modern snob is so different to anything else in my collection. It floats effortlessly and always smells amazing.

Jin got up around midday and I made us some lunch. Rissoles with hot and cold salads. YUM! I already had a couple of bites before Jin reminded me to take a pic.

He went back to bed for work tonight.

Dyed my beard and trimmed it into shape. Jumped in the bath. YAY! This week I thunked two of my Shower Gels, Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden and British Sterling by Dana (used as Bubble Bath, of course). Such a good feeling. Can’t wait to grab some new stuff out tomorrow. YAY! I had to cut the end of British Sterling off to get the last of it out. Waste not, want not.

SOTEvening: Sampaquita by Ormonde Jayne

Tonight I hosted a Dance School fundraiser to help some kids live their dreams on a cruise ship. 150 parents and friends. The hope was to raise $5000 clear but we exceeded their expectations. Totally fun. This is the crew that put the night together.

Home now. Out of drag. I’ve fed & walked the dogs and I’m ready to hit the hay.

SOTBed: Botticelli by Teone Reinthal. A resinous rose with lovely green twiggy backdrop. Perfect to send me dreaming to the land of nod.

Sunday 1:


I woke up really early on the couch, still dark. Got up, had some water, used the bathroom and went to bed in the spare room. No reason why because Jin was at work.

Woke up to a text message from BFF Kath saying lunch was arriving at Father’s day, where was I. O M G! Jumped up, brushed teeth, dressed, spritzed and left.

SOTDay: Elegance Animale by Lalique. I’m so surprised that this sweet, fruity, animalic concoction has become my no worries, spritz and go scent. If you’d asked me the first time I wore it if it would become a favourite I’d have laughed. I was already thinking of gifting it to a mate. It seems to have stealthily become a real favourite.

Lunch was fun. Loads of chatter, laughs and some good news from BFF Kath. I think Dad had a good time.

Came home and bathed.

SOTEvening: Ostara by Penhaligon’s for the first day of spring.

The sunset was so amazing tonight. This was the only place I could pull my car over and get a photo. The pink was so fluorescent it was burning my eyes out.

One of my beautiful Austral BC boyfriends.

We had $1000 Cash Jackpot Winners tonight. Congratulations Virgins United.

Anna Maria also bought me the most thoughtful gift. Do Son Shower Gel by Diptyque and a Mecca Cosmetica make up brush. Can’t wait to use both. I am thoroughly spoiled and so grateful for her friendship. Anna Maria is basically one of my sisters. We are so lucky to have each other.

Home. I’ve fed & walked the dogs. Jin is snoring happily on the couch and the living room smells like farty old man.

SOTBed: Petit Fracas by Robert Piguet


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

51 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 26.8 – 1.9.2019

  1. I hope your ankle heals up soon! Despite the injury you have had a busy week.
    My week was spent doing some massive cathartic cleaning. Yesterday Mr. Marzipan and I had a proper date. After single handedly raising three incredibly bright and caring children with virtual no family assistance we finally have time to be together alone!!! and we are enjoying it! We went to the farmer’s market and then my favorite bakery for coffee and muffins. It was a leisurely morning without worry about who needs to be chauffeured to where ever.
    Wore Love at the onset of the week. Thunked it , along with Paris Deauville. Received another fragrant package from one of our APJ tribe so I will probably spend the next three weeks testing. Tomorrow I will start a Kenzo week.
    Love Animale Elegance because it reminds me of pl67 who gifted me a decant.

    Liked by 1 person

    • And notice how I forgot to mention that I went back to work???LOL! Portia, you know what I do for a living so you know why 😉 Wore 1957….it was aromatherapy all day long…thunk.


    • oh and the older minis are visiting their baby brother today! Eldest is driving. Hope they have fun 🙂 I am ever so grateful that they support each other. I hope it continues when Mr. Marzipan and I are not around anymore.

      and RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT….I remembered this morning…so good luck for me this month..

      OK I will shut my trap now before cassie or marcella yell at me 😉


    • Brigitte!
      I’m so happy to read that the missing MMs have given you a space to do your cleaning (LOVE having a clean home with Jin away, it stays SO MUCH neater for nearly a week). Also you got a DATE DAY/NIGHT! That is a total win.
      Love getting fragrant packs and the CHANEL Cologne series is really good eh?
      KENZO week? You have a lot of Kenzo? That’s cool.
      Portia xx


      • I only have / had two from the cologne series and yes, they are quite good!
        Thanks to my APJ tribe I do have enough for a Kenzo week….Amour, Indian Holi, Flower, Summer, Elephant…Decants and an FB.


  2. Hope your ankle improves. You still manage to have a very full week.
    Going to ahve a shower anf get ready to go out for a carvery. Will be wearing Lalique L’Amour.


  3. 🗣 REALLY BRIGITTE?? Three comments before anyone else realizes that Scent Diary is up??
    Well Portia, angling to get my voice in here. Good read. Favourite sentence of all time by you: “I’d like to point out how cute I look in this shot”. That started my Sunday off with a laugh! Thanks for that.
    Sorry that ankle is still pestering you. You’re doing all the right things to get it sorted out tho. And now that you have proof via ultrasound and x-ray that something is legit wrong, I have a word of advice. Milk it for all it’s worth!!
    After several trying weeks work-wise things have settled down to a more normal rhythm. But all those weekends and late nights working seem to have taken their toll. Came down with sore throat/cough thing, but it seems to be withdrawing before turning in to anything nefarious. Still rather tired and low energy tho. And skipped several days of wearing scents as I just wasn’t feeling it. Currently wearing Le Mat which is becoming a huge favorite. I feel like I could easily wear it for a full week. Oddly enough, it’s become sort of a comfort scent for me.
    High approval on your movie choices from me! From time to time I love some mindless entertainment. Movies or books. My guilty pleasure reads have been the Jack Reacher series. Good, clean violent fun!
    Enjoy spring!!


  4. Sore ankle or not, you’re a proper little run-the-road (my mother’s word for me when I was young). You’re still on the ballistic buying jag😆 Next thing you’re gonna need Marcella to draw up a big home extension plan to house the collection. Good that you’re getting the ankle sorted slowly but surely. Foot problems impact the whole body. You gave me a chuckle commenting on your own pic, at least you’ll always have one big fan even if nobody else in the whole world loved you😂 I’ve come to the conclusion that, seeing as you love a bit of rain, we should swap homes. You’d be in paroxysms of ecstasy here. The wet stuff has been falling almost incessantly this whole flippin’ month, except for about four or five days. ☔️ 🌧This morning started out gorgeous and I got out for a great long walk, though it’s still strange to be walking without my girl, and Smally said the same when she was here. Her reasoning was like, but we can’t go walking out in the bog, we haven’t got a dog. The rain clouds are gathering again right now🙄 You’re not the only one who had a TV week, I too had one, the first time I’ve really had couch time in I don’t know how long. Started watching Peaky Blinders and we’re on to series two now. Lord, but there’s some serious violence in it. Also watched Lion early in the week. Cue the 😭 but really enjoyed it. Last night watched Jungle Book. Loved it. Today we’re meeting up with friends at the home of one of them who’s going back to the US after a month-long holiday. I’m cooking a big ham to take with me and everyone will bring something to eat. And there will be wine. Oh yes. These are are oldest besties and we will no doubt cobble together a plan for our new year getaway. Have a lovely week APJers.


    • Ha! Cassieflower, I love that.
      Yeah, I don’t think there’s much more perfume coming. That’s about it.
      HA! Hopefully it never comes to “even if nobody else in the whole world loved you”. That would be pretty sad, but you’re right I’d still be a fan of me. He He he.
      I love rain like I love snow. It’s always fun to be in because we see it so rarely. We’re not as bad as LA but we are pretty dry lately.I’m sure if it was happening weekly and we didn’t always need it so badly I’d be less in love.
      PEAKY BLINDERS!! I loved that series. It felt so real. I thought the writing was excellent too.
      Hoping your party was a fun one .
      Portia xx


  5. Sending healing vibes, Portia! I hope that you ankle is better soon after getting the right diagnosis. Love your picture! You look awesome, as usual!

    An insane week at work dealing with a supertisious coworker that went out of control one day when she saw a tiny roach crawling on the wall near her desk. It was out of this world! I am sure her screams were heard in Australia! She was shouting that that was bad luck and that whoever carried that roach inside the building was spreading bad luck all over the place. She was so hysterical and we were all shocked and in disbelief. I had never seen such a huge drama in my life before! We all hate roaches, but that over reaction was excessive, very unprofessional and immature. Good grief! “Kill the roach and report the incident to maintenance, but behave yourself! You are at work, not at home, you are an adult, not a child!” She is on vacation for 2 weeks now. What a relief!
    Besides, that I am working directly with one of the lead engineers on a project who lacks experience and thinks she is a genious. She has been trying to make things more complicated than they are, unnecessarily. If she wants to impress the bosses, it is not going to work. After stressing myself greatly for a couple of days I decided to start doing things my way, despite her “guidace” and if she does not like it at the end, “GO and handle the situation with management. I am sure you will NOT be successful. I am pretty confident”. Enough with my rant! 😅
    I worked half day on Friday and went to the beach to walk on the boardwalk for a couple of hours. I had late luch at a Russian restaurant on the boardwalk. Ate some crepes with meat and mushrooms and drank a beer. It was peaceful and relaxing and I regained some energy. I adore the ocean and being close to the water is one of my greatest passions.
    Long holiday weekend now. I have been doing things at home, running errands, relaxing a bit and cheching all emails from the perfume discounters with the Labor Day discounts. So tempting! I am sitting on my hands, trying not to get decants of Amouage Imitation Woman and Gold and a very discounted bottle of L’Artisan Drole de Rose that I love. My decant of Drole only has few drops left. I hope to survive the discounts!
    Wearing April Aromatics Irisistible. Such a great iris scent. I just finished the sample. I hope to finish all the decants and samples that I brought out of my perfume cabinet yesterday, before the Fall season starts in 3 weeks.
    Have a nice week, APJester!


    • Your female engineer sounds a lot like my young female administrators whose only credentials are that their parents were even higher administrators who guided them into their positions. I wouldn’t mind if they left me alone but as you know they don’t. It’s irksome when you are much older with a lot more experience.
      Amen to crazy co worker being on vacation!
      I hope you can squeeze in more relaxing days by the shore 🌅


    • Thanks PL67,
      GAH! Why is it that newbies always want to rediscover the wheel? Is this person consulting you in her endeavours or just giving orders? Roach girl needs a smack.
      Boardwalk afternoon sounds perfect. I love the water too but swimming pools are my jam. Hope to be back in it again this week.
      SALES are my kryptonite, as you can see over the last two weeks. Real discounts and bargains will often draw me in. Usually I’m stronger but I think my ankle might be giving me an excuse to indulge in retail therapy.
      Enjoy your samples,
      Portia xx


  6. Hope that ankle gets better soon. 1. Your dogs are amazing. 2. Perfume choices this week were fabulous as usual – I have only a mini of Queen but wish I had just bought the full size.

    I hope everyone has a great week. I have been crazy busy and not checking in daily but hope things calm down as we get into the school year routine here.


    • Hiya MMKinPA,
      Thank you.
      The dogs really are amazing. We often say how freaking lucky we are to have such beautiful boys. They are so quiet, obedient and affectionate. These are my three top accolades for dogs.
      Queen is becoming impossible to find. It’s also my BFFs fave for the office and she’s just started her third 100ml bottle. I bought three extras when she fell in love and now there’s only one left. Plus my tester, which I may have to give up at some point to her.
      Good luck with the school year starting. Fingers crossed you get more time to come hang with us.
      Portia xx


  7. Can’t believe how much you get done in a week, and with a busted ankle! Kudos on finishing two shower gels, I can never finish anything because I buy too much. In fact I just bought another one today during a visit to our local lavender farm, which was just gorgeous! Then we went to an apple orchard and picked a big bag of apples. We are going to have pie coming out of our ears. The dog and I are having a rest before I start peeling and coring.

    Your dogs are indeed gorgeous. Aren’t they so fun and comforting? I’ve been hugging and kissing my girl all weekend, she is just so precious to me.

    I am sitting on my hands trying not to buy Nishane Ani, a gorgeous woody vanilla scent. Fortunately the local shop is generous with samples. I am using them to satisfy my craving.


    • Wow on the lavender farm!!! Beautiful ❤️. One of the very few things on my very short bucket list. I am drooling thinking about what goodies you will make with your 🍎 🍎 🍎 🍎


    • Hey TaraC,
      I figure that I’m probably about two thirds through my life. If I don’t fill my time here on earth with the stuff I love there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth at the end. Hopefully there will be very little of that.
      HA! You have exactly the same shower gel problem as me. Finishing two bottles and I jumped online and bought about 5 more. COMPULSIVE!! Having only a couple on the go at any one time tens to go through them better.
      APPLE PIE!
      Yep, dogs are the best. They are so full of love.
      Is there a reason you’re denying yourself the Nishane Ani?
      Portia xx


      • I’m not supposed to be buying any perfume because I went totally overboard last year. 🙂 But maybe I can sweet-talk my husband into getting it for me.


  8. Portia your perfume choices are amazing! Far out love your descriptions and the smokey smokey one sounds like my cup of tea…
    I also watched the Otherhood on was good! I am reading Little Fires Burning Everywhere…
    In between working watching. Reruns of X Files on SBS on demand and season Two of Riviera with Julia Stiles


    • Hey there Anna Maria,
      YOU made my day on Sunday night. What a thoughful and beautiful gift.
      How is Little Fires Burning Everywhere…?
      You know I’ve never watched an episode of X Files? Weird because I reckon it would be super fun.
      Portia xx


  9. I have vintage Snob but have not tried the new one though I expect the new Snob to be nothing like the original that is quiet representative of its era. You know Snob has an interesting origin story. Le Galion was poking fun at Patou Joy as you may remember Patou marketed Joy as the costliest perfume in the world upon its release. So the naming of perfume as ‘Snob’ was Le Galion’s attempt to poke fun at Patou’s marketing positioning of Joy.


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