Scent Diary: 9.9 – 15.9.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

This week has been infinitely quieter. Thank everything. I really needed some chill time. Still managed to get out and about, saw some buddies and spent some quality time with Jin. The good thing about having more time is wearing more fragrance. YAY! Big week of scent.

Scent Diary: 9.9 – 15.9.2019

Monday 9:

Woke up when Jin got home. Went to the spare room and slept till 11.30am! WOW!

Fed & Walked the dogs.

SOTMorning: Glacialis Terra by L’Artisan

Jin and I went out to get my head shaved, him some lunch, hit the Post Office and the local Korean grocery store and butchery for tonights dinner.

Home and I got busy on TRIVIA Q&A and got the laundry done. Jin is still watching The Big Bang Theory. Every time I walk out to make a coffee or anything it turns into 15 minutes of TBBT and chatter with Jin.

Remembered today, through FaceBook, that this time in 2017 I was travelling with Varun through North East India. It was a wonderful holiday.

Because Jin has been home and parked in the loungeroom I didn’t give the house a full scrub. It has been vacuumed thoroughly though, kitchen and bathroom cleaned. Feeling a little guilty because I didn’t give the place its usual dust down but the world won’t end. Jin couldn’t care less.

Tonight Jin wanted Sun Gyup Sai (Pork) so we brought out the table cooker. I cut up some potato and onion, washed lettuce and opened the pickled radish. Jin mixed up his famous Shredded Shallot Salad. We ate till I was groaning full. SO DELICIOUS.

Watched a couple of episodes of The Big Bang Theory together.

Jin hit the hay around 10.30pm.

SOTEvening: Snob by Le Galion. The lily is refreshing and prim. Good working scent, pretty enough to be noticeable but  introverted enough to let me think.


Tuesday 10:

Finished up TRVIA Q&A around 2.30am. NOW I’m wide awake.

SOTBed: Notes by Robert Piguet. Very slightly dirty clary sage, geranium and vetiver fragrance sweetened with tonka and zinged with some metallic aldehydes. YUM!

Watched Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper in The A Team. It’s dumb fun. Totally engrossing.

Started watching Aquaman but more about that later.

Got to bed at around 5.30am. Went to the spare room so I wouldn’t wake Jin.

Jin came and woke me at 9.30am. BASTARD! Ha. It was sweet. He came in for a cuddle. I Death Breathed him and rolled over, slept till 11am.

SOTMorning: Shalimar EdC by Guerlain. So good. The king is in.

Organised my weeks worth of trivia stuff. Very chill morning.

Got some amazing arrivals! YAY! Postcards and Tea Towel! So spoiled.
LtoR Postcard from Diana in Russia!, Tea Towel and Postcard from Rocco & Vera on their Greek honeymoon, DIOR Postcard from Tim and South of France Postcard from Neela & Tony. The world at my letterbox. Happy dance.

Made some chicken salad with garlic sauce for brunch. YUM!

Watched Aquaman. I saw it at the movies and was completely underwhelmed. The terrible wigs and poor old Nicole Kidman, who now looks like a slightly melted Madame Tussauds wax figure, had me frothing at the mouth so much my enjoyment of story went right out the window. Well, it does get better on a smaller screen. So much that tormented me is forgivable when it’s not blown up 1000 times biggers.

Beard dyed, trimmed, bathed and shaved.

SOTEvening: Insolence EdT by Guerlain

Work was pretty quiet tonight. Only 51 players. I love the nights when just the really regular crew is in though. We all have such a good laugh. It feels more homey too.

Home and Jin is still gripped by The Big Bang Theory. I watched some with him.

SOTBed: The Afternoon Of A Faun by Etat Libre d’Orange. As it ages the immortelle becomes more pronounced and honeyed. It’s now a thick, treacle like texture and I love it even more.

Wednesday 11:

Jin and I walked the dogs together this morning in the glorious sunshine.

I came and did some computer time. Checking, commenting, answering and reading.

SOTMorning: Uptown Moonshine by DSH Perfumes. It’s Dawn’s birthday today so I’m celebrating by wearing her fragrance.

We were going to go to Hermès today but I am so angry and upset about their refusal to use my preferred name that I don’t want to go there. Yes, I’m a princess but this has been playing on my mind and making me sick. There will be no more Hermès shopping in Sydney. Jin rang me friend Jean and told her, at least they know.

So to make this big blue baby smile Jin took me to lunch at the Sydney Fish Markets. The sunshine was spectacular and these photos look amazing but still don’t do the day justice. I’m not really much of a seafood eater but add enough lemon and tartare sauce and I like it.

Afterwards we went to Birkinhead Point Outlet Mall and wandered around. The only thing I loved didn’t come in my size. I was bummed but my wallet was happy. Jin had a lactose free milkshake and I had coffee. It was a lovely way to spend the day.

Had a nap.

Bath time.

SOTEvening: Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens. All the vanilla, bakery and Iso E Super. MMMMMMM. You’ll notice my bottle is the older one with Palais royale logo. YAY!

Work was really fun tonight. I kept getting gorgeous whiffs of my perfume. YUMMY!


Netflix. I stayed up watching Olympus Has Fallen with Gerard Butler. The new Angel Has Fallen is out so they’re letting us watch the old ones on Netflix. YAY!

Then I started watching The Lucky One with Zac Efron but I was so sleepy that I had to turn it off.

SOTBed: La Colle Noire by DIOR

Thursday 12:

Jin left at 3am. He is the Special Ops Mechanic on the Broken Heel Drag Train. HA! Sydney to Broken Hill for the festival. Poor bugger, he was fairly foggy as he was leaving this morning. Here’s a pic my mate Christie took of Jin and Lada at one of the stops on the way.

As soon as he left I jumped into his warm spot in the bed and slept till 9am cuddling his pillow.

Up, fed and walked the dogs through a cool and cloudy morning. My perfect weather.

SOTMorning: Youth Dew by Estee lauder

It was my mate Penny’s birthday recently. We had a catch up with Pam at Penny’s, HIGH TEA! Loads of stories, laughs and chatter. These two girls are amazing. Their lives are so full and they live them with joy. Even the horror medical stories are full of mirth. Some people are balm for the soul. I left walking lighter (not that I was in any way down or dark, just extra lift)

Bathed and shaved.

Watched The Lucky One with Zac Efron on Netflix. One of the nicest chick flicks I’ve seen in ages. Zac Efron is totally believable, I was surprised at how much I believed his character. By about 1/3 of the way in I was 100% invested. Even cried in it.

SOTEvening: Idylle EdP by Guerlain. I recently grabbed this from FragranceNet for next to nothing. It’s even more radiant that my old bottle. Young, fresh and zingy. So good.

Worked at Lane Cove Golf Club tonight. It was really fun. Over 70 players for Turbo Bingle Balls.

Home and changed, fed and walked the dogs. now I’m going to chill.

OK, I watched Netflix. Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts as the evil queen. Then The Princess Switch, which I absolutely loved. It was corny and right at the start you already knew the outcome but it was so cute and lovely.

SOTBed: Alahine by Teo Cabanel

JIN UPDATE: They hit a couple of goats on the way to Broken Hill and they busted up three of the four locomotives pulling the train. They had to cannibalise one to fix the other two. What was meant to be a 12 hour day turned into a 19 hour day. They finished and left to hit the hay and had to be back on board in 5 hours.

Friday 13:

UP! Fed & walked the dogs.

SOTDay: Lipstick Rose by Frederic Malle. Spring!

Went and vacuumed the front of my car. Having lunch with my mate Lisa and she is very clean.

Got down to the Post Office to find a card from Aunty Tracey on her European jaunt.

Went and had the most fabulous catch up with my camera shy girlfriend Lisa at the Gunner Barracks in Mosman. We so rarely get together and it’s always a treat. She had the High Tea and I had the Chicken, Polenta and Broccolini, then I ate half her scone. It was so much fun, we were belly laughing at ourselves. Some days the world seems extra beautiful. Mostly the clientele is 60+, very calm and wealthy so us two laughing indecorously was not really in the mood of the venue. What did happen though is that the room got buzzier and by the end there were others laughing and the volume of the rooms chatter had increased to a loud thrum. I give us kudos for lifting the whole experience for everyone.

Home and I was going to watch some TV but Paris and I fell fast asleep together on the couch. Woke up at 7.30pm. That was a seriously deep sleep. I’m rested and groggy now.

SOTEvening: Tobacco Nuit by Atelier Cologne

JIN UPDATE: The railways somehow didn’t organise a changeover driver on the route at the halfway point today. Jin and his sidekick Lada were left stranded till a new driver could be got there. All the passengers were transferred to buses. What a shermozzle. He hopes to be home by about 3am tomorrow. ANOTHER 19-20 hour day. He’s going to be wrecked. Poor guy.

Quite late my body decided I was strivingly hungry so I went and cooked some SAUSAGES! Did a mix up of onion, potato, brussel sprouts, shallots and gravy as my side. It was freaking delicious.

Watched Reds 2 on Netflix. It was fun. The first one was better but this is a silly romp with a stellar cast. Yeah, I enjoyed it.

Started watching How To Train A Dragon. I LOVE this. Seen it before a couple of times, never gets old.

Jin arrived home at 2.30am. We went to bed.

SOTBed: Trayee by Neela Vermeire Creations

Trayee by Neela Vermeire Creations

Saturday 14:

Woke up of my own accord around 9am.

SOTMorning: Sampaquita by Ormonde Jayne

Fed & walked the dogs. The hawthorn hedge in the cemetery across the road is in bloom. There are hardly any bees around this year, normally it’s swarming with them. I did find one happy little camper though, she couldn’t get into enough of them.

Made myself some Vegemite Toast with Tasty Cheese Slices, breakfast of champions.

Jin woke around 11am, he was still so groggy and tired he ate something and then went back to bed. Poor little guy.

I FINALLY cleaned my fish tank. The whole clean. Emptied it of water, plants and fish. Took it onto the balcony and scrubbed it, the sand, the accessories and made it gleam. The fish are currently in a pristine wasteland. I’ll go grab some fresh plants tomorrow.

SOTAfternoon: 1845 Sandalwood by Mt Romance

Finished watching How To Train Your Dragon.

Jin got up and went to work. He looked 100% more alive and ready for a long night ahead.

I now have the evening to myself. BLISS!

Had a steaming hot bath with Olympic Orchids Amber Labdanum Bath Oil.

SOTEvening: Eau Absolue by Mona di Orio. It smells even deeper and richer over the amber base of my bath.

Watched The Witches on Netflix with Angelica Houston. LOVE it. Did notice the Grand High Witch had some fabulous perfumes on her vanity. They have added new labels to old favourites. I see Diva, No 5, Val a Versailles, Penhaligon’s and a couple that I have no idea.

After the movie I turned last nights leftover sausages into Curried Sausages! My favourite peasant food. SO BLOODY DELICIOUS!

After dinner I watched more Netflix. This time it was Sarah Jessica Parker’s All Roads Lead to Rome. It was cute, funny, sweet and mostly predictable. I really love that SJP allows herself to become such an ordinary, day to day mother in look and emotion. She played it like I remember my Mum being. You know, doing her best, exasperated at outcomes, shocked and appalled by the child she raised yet still 100% in love with that nightmare being.

It’s late.

SOTBed: Stash Unspoken by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sunday 15:

Jin came home around 7am. I didn’t really sleep properly after he got to bed so I jumped up and had a cuppa, then hit the bed in the spare room for another hour.

SOTMorning: Grand Amour by Annick Goutal

Walked the dogs through the warm spring sunshine.

Had one of my all time favourite breakfasts as a kid. Toast, Vegemite & Cheese with a cuppa. So simple yet utterly delicious.

I’m spending today on TRIVIA Q&A because tomorrow night I’m busy. It feels weird to be doing it on a Sunday.

At around 2pm I was only getting the creamy dregs of my Annick Goutal so I decided to add something a good deal heftier.

SOTAfternoon: Notes by Robert Piguet. That’s twice this week I’ve reached for this zingy aldehydic woodsy mayhem.

BLOODY BUGGERING BOLLOCKS!! I’ve just realised that Scent Diary went live at 02.30 instead of 22.30. How BEASTLY!  Oh well, carry on.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

35 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 9.9 – 15.9.2019

  1. Wearing Guerlain L’Instant today. I’ve got Stash Unspoken. I’ve also got Idyll somewhere, but I can’t find it. I’ve been looking for it for ages. Where do these perfumes go ??????


  2. You have had a fragrant week but how bloody aweful for Jin.
    Nice getting a postcard from Diana…I miss seeing her here and hope she is well.
    I have been sampling and thunking all week.
    Today my mom came up to visit. We were going to do brunch to celebrate her birthday but decided on a whole bunch of goodies from local bakery to bring home. Mr Marzipan made us coffee from fresh ground beans as we had a sniff fest. She went home with a bag of decants.


      • I hope she’s ok and please tell her we miss her. My mom was ecstatic because I presented her with the bulk of my samples and decants to sniff….she went home with goodies from Kathleen, pl67, Marcella, Tara C and you. I told her all about my APJ tribe and how we have a travelling perfume box. She was amazed at everyone’s kindness and generosity.


  3. Portia, dear, I am checking in to ask if you’ve ever tried Pegasus, by Parfums de Marly. I sampled it for the first time today, and a thought of you popped into my head. I think at some point in the past you are the one who turned me on to Dior Eau Noire (the only lavender I’ve ever loved), and the lavender in Pegasus reminded me of that perfume.

    Your devotion to wearing as many and varied scents as possible throughout the day is an inspiration!


    • Hi LisaD,
      YAY! That we found you a lavender.
      My memory os terrible but I don’t have a bell ringing for Pegasus. If you think I should try it though I will keep these nostrils peeled.
      HA! Thanks. My skin eats it up so quickly. It needs to be refreshed.
      Portia xx


  4. Portia, sorry to hear about Jin. What a rough time he had!
    Besides the usual mess at work, this was a quiet week for me. I went to visit one of my cousins today. We had coffee together and chatted for a while. Nice sharing with him after almost a year of not seeing each other. We had a good time! Then mom and I stopped by at my youngest sister’s place. She and her husband wanted to show us all they have bought so far for their twins baby girls they are expecting at the beginning of next year. They are so happy! Everything was so soft and sweet. Tomorrow, regular shopping, cleaning and my dog Yei will get a most needed grooming and shower. And ready to face another workweek….
    Have a nice and peaceful new week, everyone!


    • Hey PL67,
      Yeah, Poor Jin. He’s bounced back now but it was a tough couple of days for him.
      Hanging with your family sounds absolutely wonderful. It must be nice to have them close.
      Good luck with the shopping and cleaning. The dogs will be SUPER CUDDLY after their bath.
      Wishing you same,
      Portia xx


  5. What a great perfume week! I went on a Naomi Goodsir bender, then today switched to AC Santal Carmin. I was underwhelmed by the original Idylle, need to resmell it in the new bottle. And that Amber Labdanum bath oil looks amazing. Cute photo of Jin at work – sorry he had such a nightmare shift! You guys eat so much good food, I’m lucky if my husband makes me scrambled eggs or Kraft dinner. If I ever win the lottery I’m hiring a cook. I did bake a most fabulous apple pie though. It’s fall apple season here. :-). Speaking of apple, I tried Gallagher Perfumes Rose All Dae which despite the name is a huge boozy apple frag.

    Is there a P.O. box or some business address I can mail you a postcard to? Would love to join in the fun.


    • Hey TaraC,
      Woo Hoo! Naomi Goodsir! I love her.
      If you didn’t like original Idyll then you’ll not swoon for this.
      That Amber Labdanum makes the whole apartment smell amazing with only a few drops. I love it. My skin is supple and smells great afterwards.
      You cooked a PIE! That’s amazing. How freaking cool.
      Jin is amazing in the kitchen, he also really likes doing it. so we share the burden happily.
      Send me an eMail and I’ll send you the address . That would be awesome!
      Portia xx


  6. Thanks for reminding me about the Mt Romance, I bought that little spray when we visited the factory. Am wearing it today, soft and sandalwoody.
    This week was all about the house, fixing lights and touching up paint. Had two agents give us an appraisal so we can be ready to jump if another house wants to be our next home.
    So stressful, thinking about selling and moving.


  7. Hey Portia

    How backwards are Hermes? It’s 2019 FFS. Shame on them.

    For those interested, I’ve given up hope on CBD oil. No help with the anxiety or sleep problems but could help those with less severe symptoms. If you can get the high strength stuff in the States I’d say definitely worth a try. It’s just too diluted here for me even at 30mg a dose.


  8. You eat the best food! Jin is a marvel in the kitchen. My dream tag team would be you as Queen (of course, lol) of housework and laundry, with Jin as chief cook and in charge of home repairs. I’ll bet he wouldn’t even need half the arsenal of tools Mr. LH has in the basement.
    Discovered Burlesque and The Grand Affair this week. Both amazing perfumes. The patchouli in Burlesque is amazingly good.
    I signed another contract yesterday, so two projects on the go for the next few months. Going to spend the day with my daughters today. They are the best fun!


  9. Portia, I love reading about your fragrant week! Your perfume choices are an inspiration. I’ve noticed you’ve given Youth Dew several wears lately. When it cools down here, I’m going to be reaching for it as well, a classic!
    I went on a Tauer binge today, saturated with Le Maroc Pour Elle, Rose Vermeille, Les Annes 25, and L’Air Du Desert Marocain. Did you read about his new release, L’Air des Alpes Suisses? Sounds like a wonderful cooler weather outdoor fragrance, no doubt done in his special way.


    • Hey Kathleen,
      Oh yes, Youth Dew is a classic. What a fragrance. Still so good after all these years.
      WOW! You really gave yourself a TAUERing. I’m most intrigued to smell L’Air des Alpes Suisses. He has such a distinctive way of presenting perfume, I bet it will be a knockout.
      Portia xx


  10. I’m dead jealous of your lovely spring pics as we head into another long, dreary winter😌 Where’s the bloody lotto win so that I may chase the sun around the globe? You had another nice week having fun with friends, but poor ol’ Jin drew the short straw. He must have been sideways with exhaustion. He needs some spoiling! A nice low-key week for me, mooched through work and had a meet up with friends for a few hours yesterday. Today we went to my sister’s for dinner and my other sister and bro-in-law came too. I made a really nice fresh cream and strawberry sponge. It was demolished. Great laughs and chat. Have a good week everybody.


    • Hi Cassieflower,
      Yeah, spring is here and already heating up. YAY!
      We wish you to win at least 10 million on the Lotto, then you could live a comfortable life for the next 30 years, travel the world and enjoy all the good things.
      Poor Jin. He is back to his cheerful self now. Doesn’t take him long.
      YAY for hanging with your family. The cake sounds heavenly. One of my favourite things is having people over and sitting around the table gasbagging.
      You too.
      Portia xx


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