Scent Diary: 16.9 – 22.9.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

This week has been like a roller coaster. Busy, lazy, busy, lazy, busy, lazy. I’ve not been to the pool or gym once and I’m feeling the guilt, and the belly. LOADS of wonderful fragrances, some excellent gigs and time with Jin and a few mates. All in all a merrily chugging along adventure.

Scent Diary: 16.9 – 22.9.2019

Monday 16:

Up quite late reading.

SOTBed: Enslaved by Roja Dove. This morning, on waking, it is all powder.

Fed and walked the dogs.

SOTMorning: Aesthete by Le Galion. A seamless composition of saffron, woods, oudh, vanilla and resins. An elegant version of a modern niche trope. I particularly love the feel of these bottles, so mid century modern.

Had lunch with BFF Kath. Sushi train. she hates photos so I didn’t’t take one.

Dyed & trimmed the beard and bathed.

Curled up on the spare bed with Paris. Slept for an hour.

SOTEvening: Mitsouko EdT & extrait

Got beautiful and went to the DIVAs. Drag Industry Variety Awards. My mate Trevor Ashley was being inducted into the DIVA Hall Of Fame and he asked me to be the presenter for him. He is the most deserving recipient and has become a world famous cabaret and musical theatre star, all the while still maintaining his drag persona Cleopatra Coupe on the side. It was wonderful.


Watched Bastille Day (AKA: The Take) with Idris Elba and Richard Madden. Then started watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom but had to stop it because i was falling asleep..

SOTBed: Trayee by Neela Vermeire Creations. I needed something statement to go over the last gasps of Mitsouko. Perfect.

Trayee by Neela Vermeire Creations

Tuesday 17:

My body told me to get out of bed at 8.30am. It was most insistent that I use the bathroom. Then I was WIDE AWAKE!

SOTMorning: Oriental Brûlée by Guerlain. It’s deliciously cold and rainy here in Sydney! YAY!

At 9.30 I’ve made a dedicated start to the cleaning. Bathroom done, two loads of washing done and hung and third in the machine. Dishwasher packed and about to start on the dusting after I have this cuppa.

3pm Bubble Bath time. What a gorgeous soak in Tabac Original by Maurer & Wurtz

SOTAfternoon: Bijou Romantique by Etat Libre d’Orange. Does anyone else get a hint of Turkish Delight in this fragrance? It’s like a rose and sugar thread flying under the green woods and amber?

At 4pm three more loads of washing. They’ll take ages to dry on the balcony if this rain keeps up. NOT COMPLAINING, we need to rain so bad.

Whole house dusted. The couch has been dismantled, vacuumed, cushions turned and moved, reset as a couch cocoon. Floors vacuumed, kitchen, laundry and bathroom also mopped with my trusty microfibre cloths. Burned Indian incense and walked around the house chanting, “Capture all negative energy, leave only positive energy”. The house feels clean and ready for another weeks blissful occupation.

Jin arrived home at about 4.15pm. PHEW! The house was ready in time for him. Poor bugger. He is dead tired. Basically came in, said hello, said WOW! about how clean the house is, fed himself and went to sleep on the gorgeously reset couch.

Got gorgeous and went to work in heels for the first time in months. It was far les problem than expected, my ankle was and is fine. PHEW!

SOTBed: Bijou romantic is still powering on. No need for respritz. It’s like a heavy duty version of Guerlain Oriental Brulant.

Wednesday 18:

Woke to the beautiful sounds of heavy downpour. Water hitting rooves, branches, pavement and leaves. The running of it in the downpipes and gutters. Heavenly.

SOTDay: Le Temps d’Une Fete by Perfumes de Nicolai. In loving memory of spring sunshine and enjoyment of the rain.

Jin and I went out for brunch to the cafe around the corner. We love the girls that run it and the food is good.

After I went off and had my pedicure.

Spent the day doing nothing much. We watched some Big Bang Theory. Napped on the couch. I sat on the balcony with a cuppa and watched the rain. It was a lazy gorgeous day.

Into the boiling hot bubble bath and gave myself a good soaking. Bubbles supplied by Amouage Fate Woman Shower Gel. So luxurious.

Isn’t the new nail colour heaven?

SOTEvening: Fate Woman by Amouage. Just a light single spritzing of it. Perfect.

We had an excellent room at Greystanes Inn. Loads of teams and players. I didn’t count but there must have been about 45 players. Maybe a few more than that?

Home now and I’m yawning but alert. My body is sleepy but brain is firing on all cylinders. I’m going to go immerse myself in Netflix to shut it all down.

SOTBed: Aromatics Elixir by Clinique. Perfect chilly rainy night wear.

Watched Indiana Jones Temple of Doom and Crystal Skull. They’re so bloody entertaining. Cate Blanchett is HILARIOUS in her Crystal Skull role, her speech pattern bouncing across continents and countries, being the ultimate schlocky villainess. Magic. Shai LaBouf also does a very nice turn in it.

Thursday 19:

YAY! Today is my day off for this week. I’m spending it at the computer blogging. ALSO found this little nugget of wisdom.

The rain seems to have eased to a light sprinkle and the dogs LOVED wandering through it this morning.

Did loads of blogging. Very pleased with myself. There are about five fragrances warring on my body. FULLY FRAGRANT.

Had an afternoon nap.

SOTEvening: Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Jin came home from work, we went for Indian Dinner. YUM!

Home. My farts are so outrageously stinky that I’m going to sleep in the spare room so I don’t disturb Jin who starts work again at 5am, so up at 4am.

Watched Divergent on Netflix. This is my fourth time watching the series. I’m madly in love with Theo James. What a honey.

SOTBed: Honey Blossom by Aftelier Perfumes.

Friday 20:

In woke early then went back to bed and slept till 10am. WOW!

SOTMorning: OE by Bogue. Antonio Gardoni had this slightly smashed bottle and didn’t want to take it home so gave it to me. It’s a one of a kind.

Loving this cool grey weather in Sydney. No rain but it’s ominously threatening. The dogs were positively skittish in it.

Off to the Post Office to drop off some PPPs and collect parcels.

Bubble Bath


SOTEvening: CHANEL 1957. This is no masterpiece, actually I find it a bit synthetic smelling, but it does smell innocuous and wears well for both events and day to day. Happily under the radar but fragrant. Perfect for people who don’t really like perfume, and me of course. I like it enough to wear it regularly too.

Had a wonderful time at the Concord P&C Fundraiser. It was held at Espresso Organica in Concord and the food was absolutely amazing. Everyone had a stellar time and I really want to go back with the crew. Nearly 60 players and it was good to see these Mums and Dads out to support their children but also to make friends in the area. Doubly fabulous because they gave me a pizza to take home, which I ate 2/3 of before I could rein myself in.

Watched both Allegiant and Insurgent on Netflix. Having watched these a few times now I find them much less demanding than the Hunger Games series, so perfect watching material when you’re half asleep.

SOTBed: Eau Soleil by Parfums de Nicolai

Saturday 21:

SOTMorning: Vintage Joy EdT by Jean Patou. Just a swipe to enjoy its magical beauty.

Jin and I walked the dogs together this morning. It was lovely. Joy smelled amazing in the cool spring morning.

I made us brunch sandwiches from a bunch of fresh ingredients Jin grabbed and some sliced ham. YUMMY! We watched The Big Bang Theory for an hour or so.

Off to Bunnings to get some beige spray paint to colour my Viking hat horns from silver to horn colour. Not perfect but infinitely better.

Home and MORE Big Bang Theory with Jin.

Came into the office to do some computer stuff. Very chill day.

Bath time.

SOTEvening: Velours by YSL

Tonight was the spectacular Balgowlah Public P&C Viking Trivia Fundraiser. OMG! These guys went to so much trouble. The hall was decked out in Viking array, the tables were dressed and the 250+ guests were the scariest bunch of vikings I ever saw. They were ready to have an excellent night raising funds for their kids school and the cash poured in. As you can see I went full Viking Warroir Queen. Even found me a flirty Viking lover.

Came home and was in need of some calm TV time so watched Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant on Netflix. It’s a cute kids story.

SOTBed: 4711 Remix Cologne. I bought this fior about $15. It is an excellent orange/mandarin cologne. Lasts really well. Next morning I’m smelling of soft focus white musk and hint of citrus with maybe some feral woodsiness (or that could be my smell).

Sunday 22:

I woke up when Jin came home around 6am and was restless so got up, used the bathroom, had a coffee and went to bed in the spare room till about 10am.

SOTMorning: Alahine by Teo Cabanel

Got up and came straight to the computer to get Scent Diary in order. Also we have some new contributors coming on board this month so there’s a little extra editing. As well as the usual tiny bits and pieces of editing for our long time contributors. It’s a relaxing hour or so typing away.

The dogs got fed and walked very late, nearly midday. Jin wee walks them when he gets home so no balcony mess. The local area is so pretty with the spring flowers blooming everywhere.

Started on my TRIVIA Q&A.

BATH TIME!! Had a delightful soak. Gorgeous hour in the tub.

SOTEvening: Kiehl’s Original Musk. Smelling fine.



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

33 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 16.9 – 22.9.2019

  1. You have had a very fragrant and lovely week.
    and I love that quote 🙂 I am going to think on it myself.
    Tough days at work but trying to keep cheerful so I will say it was a very fragrant week for me with a mix of testing my many new decants and wearing some of my old loves from full bottles like Brigitte and First Cut…was alerted to a sale which is now over so bought another bottle for Mr. Marzipan for Christmas. And Diane has released two new fragrances 🙂
    Today I made my own version of Jergens Original Scent Lotion by adding my vanilla bean oil and bitter almond oil (which actually smells like sweet marzipan) to La Fille de Berlin…this is cherry almond goodness and I am loving it. But the vanilla beans are clogging up the sprayer so I have to splash it on. I might stick with it for the morning for the entire week and test new decants in the afternoon when it wears off…one of the benefits of scent devouring skin is that you can test multiple fragrances in one day.


  2. I read the Divergent book series before the movies came out then watched the movies. Enjoyed them. I also read the entire Cirque du Freak series. I didn’t know they made a movie of it. I am still waking up today, but I plan to go on a trail ride with my horse then see Downton Abbey. I call that a perfect day!


  3. Portia, I look forward to reading about your week every Sunday morning as well as all the commenters’ week. I find Alahine an under the radar gem as well, happy to see that you enjoy it as well. Your photos are fun, I love you as the Viking Warrior Queen! And the quote you shared is so true.
    The highlight of my week dog play dates, sampling many beautiful fragrances, loving my new purchases Bengale Rouge and La Pausa, and enjoying the cooler and crisper fall air with the beginning of fall colors.


  4. The Scent Diary is my favourite perfume post of the week and I always look forward to it. The Decant Month is continuing and I have emptied the Puredistance Antonia. Wearing it several times in a row confirmed that choosing Mugler Supra Floral over it was the right call, and not just from the wallet point of view.

    Good grief, it is just sluicing down today. It’s definitely fall, and definitely a day to catch up on chores around the house.


  5. I’m happy to read that you’re getting rain deluges there. Not only because you need it so badly, but because all the clouds must have moved over from here and gave us a break😉 We had lovely Indian summer weather here all week. I spent the time wisely and power washed all the paths and the deck. A few hours each day from Monday to Wednesday. My shoulder and arm muscles didn’t know what had happened them! I was able to enjoy the fruits of my labour for an hour on Friday evening by sitting out enjoying the last day of the sun. I loved your Viking head gear, you’re quite the warrior. And wohoo on being back in heels again, your ankle must be heaps better. You’ll be summer sandals ready in no time. My week was low-key, no dramas. Had my Smallies here for a couple of days so I was flat out cooking, cleaning, washing-up, rinse, repeat. This morning after her bath I asked Smally what’s the most important thing we do here after bath time and she ran laughing into my bedroom and shouted ”Perfume!” I put some Clouds Illusion on her. Gotta keep up the training schedule so that one day she can enter the Perfumista Olympics. Have a lovely week everybody.


  6. What a glam Viking warrior you make. Love your toe nails, beautiful colour.
    I’ve found my bottle of Prada Infusions D’Tuberose, but sadly not my bottle of Idyll. Have to keep looking !!!


  7. You had such a cool week, Portia!
    I had an exhausting one at work, which is pretty usual for me lately. On Saturday, I met 2 of my high school friends for lunch. We headed up to one of the Jo Malone boutiques after, because one of them wanted to get some home scents. She purchased a couple of candles and a diffuser. I had a spritz of Myrrh & Tonka and the new Poppy & Barley perfume, which was kind of meh for me. I might need to try it again later to see if I change my mind. We ended up our gathering having some tea and desserts at a very nice bakery. We had a great time and hope to meet again before the year ends.
    Leaves have started changing the colors a bit. One of the very few things I love from the season. I wish summer was eternal!
    Wishing you all a nice and peaceful week!


    • Hey there PL67,
      Catch ups are the best. So glad yours was fun. Bummer about the Jo Malone, most of them leave me numb but Jin wears a woody one that smells unbelievable on him.
      Enjoy your autumn leaves, though I am pretty comfortable in all seasons summer is my least favourite. I don’t want to wear more clothes than boxer shorts or leave the house in the heat.
      Wishing you same,
      Portia xx


  8. Lots of great fumes: Enslaved, Oriental Brulant, Fate, Alahine! So happy to hear your ankle is better. You make a great viking. 🙂

    This week I went to a super fun Guerlain event where my DH bought me the fume of my choice, Mon Precieux Nectar. Sweet floral almond goodness, a favourite winter scent along with Oriental Brulant and Cuir Beluga. There was a woman there hand-painting the bottles so I had mine done (it was free) and they loaded us up with samples and a lovely winter candle gift with purchase. So decadent. Then on Saturday I went to see the symphony with a friend, which was gorgeous. Haven’t been in eons and never to the beautiful one in Montreal, so it was a great experience.

    The weather has been just stunning all week, a goegeous cool sunshine, the perfect autumn. Three weeks until we fly south so I am starting to get things sorted. Excited!


    • YAY for glamorous Guerlain events TaraC. Lucky you. I adore Mon Precieux Nectar but never wear it because I don’t like the puffers and won’t dab. So it sits here forlorn and unworn.
      What did they play at the symphony?
      YAY for autumnal weather, and for journeying to your winter home.
      Portia xx


      • I always decant my bee bottles into regular spray atomizer bottles, I hate puffers and dabbing too. The symphony was Mahler, plus a couple of other miscellaneous harp pieces (I didn’t get a programme so I’m not sure).

        I sent you a message thru the contact form, did you get it?


  9. I am testing Nicolai Patchouli Intense today for the first time. Really hoped to like it but not my cup of tea. What is weird is that every other review indicated it is not really a patchouli perfume but more of a geranium and other notes, with patchouli playing a secondary role yet patchouli is the most dominant note to me from the very beginning until the very end. It does last a long time though as I could still smell it 12 hours later with an application of only 2 sprays. Givenchy Gentleman has ruined it for me because it is so perfect as a patchouli perfume that every other patchouli perfume smells boring now, with possible exception of Coromandel which I have not tested properly yet.

    Aromatics Elixir is amazing and so is Black Orchid. Lot of beautiful perfumes in Tom Ford’s Private Blend Line but I believe Black Orchid is still the best ever by Tom Ford whether in main line or private blend line though personally I enjoy Oud Wood the most. Black Orchid is to Tom Ford what Opium is to YSL.


    • That’s so interesting Fazal,
      I never thought of Givenchy Gentleman as a patchouli scent. Now I’ll have too revisit it. For some reason I always thought it was a vetiver.
      WOW! Love that you analogise Opium and Black Orchid. What a great way to look at them.
      Portia x


      • The notes list includes Vetiver so it makes sense for you to note vetiver. Different people may notice different notes more prominently. I view Gentleman as a honeyed patchouli and I can see how you dont view gentleman as a patchouli scent because after smelling every other patchouli-dominant perfume, Givenchy Gentleman defies your expectations given how expertly and uniquely it employs patchouli.


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