Bohemian Spice by April Aromatics




Hey, hey APJ! How has September been treating you all?

There is a tangible chill in the air. After months of dry heat, it is finally a bit crisp in the mornings and evenings. The days are warmish, even with sun sitting lower in the sky. For the first time in months I have needed to wear a cardigan on the school run and with that comes the need to pull out the duvets, organize my jumpers and wear sneakers instead of sandals.

Bohemian Spice by April Aromatics

Tanja Bochnig

The April Aromatics website lists the notes as patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver, sandalwood, frankincense, sweet orange, cistus, lavender, vanilla accord, perubalsam and ylang-ylang.

It well and truly feels as if autumn is upon our door step. Trying to achieve my goal of 10,000 steps every day seems more attainable with my brisk step and earbuds blaring rhythmic music to keep me energetic and focused on the end destination. As I explore new areas of Baselland, I can just imagine what will be in store for me in a month or so with the hills surrounding us turn into the vibrant golden and orange hues as the trees ring in the change of seasons.

As I mentioned in my last post, I tend to rotate perfumes with the seasons, reaching for warmer embracing scents in the cooler months.

April Aromatics has a wonderful and eclectic selection of perfumes. I am going to be bold and add that they have something for everyone. The joy for me has been discovering Tanja Bochnig’s creations and getting to know them slowly and surely. As the temperatures dipped this past week, I picked up my sample of Bohemian Spice.

When I first spray Bohemian Spice I smell a slight citrus orange note veiled with some spices. Patchouli comes to play but in a non dirty, non naughty way. It is a comforting earthy scent that when paired with the frankincense really shines. Frankincense is a special note for me invoking a peaceful and serene mind, bringing my stress levels down. I wonder if the frankincense used in Bohemian Spice is silver frankincense as I find the scent particularly pure and comforting. When the patchouli and frankincense are paired together the perfume calms and centers me. I adore the patchouli in Bohemian Spice.

Vanilla and sandalwood are used with Tanja’s deft hand to create a warm bed on upon which the patchouli and frankincense rest peacefully. Two spritzes last almost twelve hours on my skin, which is a miracle in and of itself.

Bohemian Spice is a kaleidoscope of autumnal colours. As we transition from the green outdoor comfort of summer to the colourful palette of autumn, I have the desire to wear warming spices and woody notes. Bohemian Spice satisfies this need with its complex and elegant composition.

Do you have a perfume which suits your needs during a transitional season? Please tell me as I would love to explore some more.

Until next time. Oodles of fragrant kisses,

Sandra xo

17 thoughts on “Bohemian Spice by April Aromatics

  1. For fall, I bring out the resins and ambers! I love Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens in the cold. I tried a sampler set of April Aromatics and didn’t find one for me. I don’t really like that herbal quality that a lot of natural perfumes have. A friend of mine is in love with all things AA but I can’t really warm to them though I think Tanja is amazing.

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    • Hey Gina, oh how I adore Ambre Sultan! I find it smells divine on men and women, so sorry that you haven’t found your favorite in the April Aromatics line. Thankfully there are plenty of perfumes out there.
      Sandra xo

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  2. Some of my transitional perfumes that quickly come to mind now are L’Artisan Safran Troublant, 10 Corso Como, Naomi Goodsir Iris Cendre, Prada Infusion d’Iris Absolu. I wear amber, woody, spicy perfumes once the season is already in full.

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  3. Hey there Sandra,
    LOVE that you are really digging the April Aromatics.
    My mid season wear is all over the place, and I’ve had so many new arrivals recently that most of my faves are lucky to get a wear at all.
    Sampaquita by Ormonde Jayne is getting a bit of wear and so is Slowdive by Hiram Green.
    Portia xx

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  4. I have pulled out Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita which is soft spicy floral; Hiram green Shangri La; and Yves Rocher Accord Chic. Although I can’t wait until the days are equally cool and I can start in on my ambers!!

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  5. I love the patchouli in Bruno Fazzolari’s Ummagumma. As for April Aromatics, like Gina, I don’t often enjoy the herbal aspect of natural scents, but Calling All Angels is lovely. I am a big fan of incense, AG Encens Flamboyant and Heeley Cardinal are big favourites.

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  6. I had the pleasure of sampling some of April Aromatics. I appreciated them but like Gina and TaraC, they were not for me as FB purchases.
    My transition to fall and chillier temperature perfumes include Chanel Bois des Isles, Chanel Coromandel, and any Amber, including Amber Sultan, Ambre Russe, 411, and Amber Nomade.

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  7. I have a hard time with incense as a note, except the dry and rather sheer varieties. One perfume I find very good for outdoors (still have only had samples of it) is the Aedes de Venusta signature scent with the dry notes coupled with green rhubarb. I imagine it would fit now (+10C in daytime next week) and not only in early spring. Any light ambers are also easy to wear now when temperatures don’t go higher than +15C even on a sunny day.

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    • Hi Ingeborg, I would really like to love the Aedes de Venustas original perfume but it disappears rather quickly from my skin. They have some good ones. I hope you are enjoying your autumn.
      Sandra xo


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