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Hello my friends! It’s Narth here from from marvellous Melbourne. I hope you’re all enjoying your change of seasons whether you’re cooling off or finally warming up as we are down under. The air is full of scents! Freesias are magically appearing everywhere and flowering trees are glorious with fragrance! It’s been been a beautiful Spring.. I’ve been wearing a discontinued beauty, Carolina Herrera Flore which was released in 1994.

Flore by Carolina Herrera 1994

Rosendo Mateu and Carlos Benaim


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Aldehydes, Bergamot, Fruiits, Green notes
Heart: Rose, Lilac, Iris, Jasmine, Lily of the Vally
Base: Iris, Sandalwood, Musk

I have treasured my 30ml tester I got at Perfume Connection, a long gone mainstay of shopping centers. Their tester sales were amazing because they had so many bottles squirreled away that were never seen in department stores. But now it was time to hunt down a replacement as my little 30ml was on it’s last dregs and I am an ABUNDANT sprayer.

I knew it was likely to be a different colour but those ebay pics were so very bleached out, surely it would only be faintly different? NOPE! We have water and we have whiskey! I was quite nervous, what if this was just some flat floral and had none of the bright depths of my beloved little brown Flore? Well friends I am happy to report that after extensive testing they are identical. The only differences are in my overly susceptible imagination.

This is a beautiful scent that evolves and morphs with the weather. In the winter the fruits come out, lying on a bed of greens.It’s a floral with a heart of tropical jungle reminding me that better days are coming. In the warmth of spring the lily of the valley is radiant, it’s just so very happy in the sunshine. While Carolina Herrera Flore gets compared to lily of the valley scents like Diorissimo this is a very different perfume, rich and juicy in contrast to the more proper lily of the valleys. It’s less office and more rolling around in a field of flowers. It’s sweet, the way freesias and daphnes are sweet, that delicious floral sweetness you just want to drink in. Carolina Herrera Flore makes me very happy!

Have you ever had dramatically different coloured bottles of the same fragrance and what differences in the scent did you detect?




Art by Kim Jom Sun, Spring Has Come (or as I call this piece, Happy Horse)

2 thoughts on “Flore by Carolina Herrera

  1. Hi Narth,
    I also had this fragrance in my collection for a while. It was beautiful but I had to be in the right mood for its heady overdose. It lasted forever and continued pumping out its loveliness for hours and hours and hours.
    Nice to see it’s still remembered fondly.
    Portia xx


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