CQ Snippets From The Week That Was.


Val the Cookie Queen


Hi there y’all

Been an active couple of weeks here in the heart of the Austrian Salzkammergut.  We are busy moving apartments.  Amazing how much crap there is to throw away after living in one place for twenty-five years.  Luckily we are only moving about 400 meters away, so we have been steadily taking the stuff that we want to keep and setting the place up.  Once we have moved in we have two months to clear this place out.  We are serial renters.  Having chose to live an – uhm – rather wayward life up until our early thirties, we have never been a position to buy.   We already own the home that my husband grew up in, as his parents put it into our names about fifteen years ago, so renting is just fine.  His parents will continue to live in it until they turn their toes up.  And when it is eventually properly ours we will not have to pay inheritance taxes or whatever.  Planning ahead.

CQ Snippets From The Week That Was.



I packed up my perfumes and moved them first.  Priorities.  I now have them all in a large perfume drawer, in a wardrobe, in a seldom heated room.



Hmmmmm.  What else?  Went to see The Lumineers in Vienna last weekend.  Was a brilliant gig, amazing from beginning to end.  And then Liverpool beat Manchester City the next day.  Could a weekend get any better?

IMG_0925 2.jpg


Went to Vienna again a few days ago to celebrate my up and coming birthday early with my BFF Dr Fox, some of you will know her from my Milan and Vero and Antonio adventures.  We went to my very favourite cafe.


Also dropped into the the perfume store to buy a bottle of Frederic Malle`s Rose et Cuir.  There is always 20 percent off of fragrance for the last six weeks of the year.  And you know, I have used nearly my whole travel so I absolutely needed a bottle.  I cannot stop wearing it.  It is quite the most fabulous perfume and one of my top four of 2019.

How old will I be you ask?  Sixty.  Holy shit.

Birthday Bussis.






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  1. Hey Val,
    You are doing so well to even get a post fitted into your tight schedule currently. Thanks for keeping us up to date with your fragrant goings on, and life adventures.
    There’s a birthday care package en route to you as we speak. You will click over into your next decade a few days before it arrives, sorry. This way you get to extend the festivities though.
    I’ve ordered 10ml of Rose & Cuir myself.
    Portia xx

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    • I cannot wait! And I have been celebrating all year. There is no late in 2019. 🙂 The more I wear the Rose and Cuir the more I think it could have only been created by a master. It is an amazing piece of work. I have worn it more than twenty times. And have no intention of stopping. (I know I will, but love the ride whilst it is going. Last time I had an experience like this it was with Hermes Cedre Sambac. Always time to fit in an APJ babble post. Love ya. xxx


  2. It must have been a good perfume year if you can only narrow Rose et Cuir down to your Top 4 🙂

    I know the stress of moving all too well but the way you are doing it is ideal. Especially with no estate agents involved.

    You are about to redefine 60.

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    • I do have four perfumes that made my grade. This would absolutely be number one if I was gonna put them into any kind of order, but I won’t. In theory, it will be my next potsherd. Let’s see. how it pans out!! xxxxx


  3. Happy birthday in advance! Glad the move is not too difficult or traumatic – you must have found a really great flat to move 400m away after 25 years. Me, I never seem to move less than 5,000 km at a time. LOL.

    I wish we had a store that gave 20% off for 6 weeks a year and included the big beauty brands! That is just incredible. I hope Aus Liebe Zum Duft offers a good coupon this Christmas like they did last year. I’ve been selling stuff in preparation to make my yearly order.

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    • Hey Tara! Well yes, luckily we have found an amazing flat, but not because we wanted to. Our home of the last 25 years has been an apartment at the top of a building owned by a bank. Most of the bank has now moved to the larger town of Gmunden, a few kms from us, And they are now selling the building, so we had no choice. We have to move. I could be sad, but that would not help a thing so ….. towards and upwards!! And thank you. Mwah. xxxx


  4. Dearest CQ! So so busy so few comments from me on various lovely posts (your vegan brownies included)…but nonetheless heartfelt congratulations for the big 6 O. I am sure you will set an example to follow!!! Stay sane, but not too, I will try and do likewise xxxx
    Hope to catch up when life is a bit more doable at this end…

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    • Sane? 😳
      We‘ll catch up after Christmas. I know how busy you are, it‘s all I can do to sit my ass down for half an hour — I do that in the gym. Ahahahahahaha. Thanks! ❤️


  5. Wishing you the happiest birthday. Big 6 0 is a great milestone. Many don’t make it. Have a wonderful year and celebrate at every opportunity. You sound like you have the moving malarkey down to a fine art. Perfumes first! Wohoo. Wear the hell outta the Rose & Cuir.

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  6. Happy Birthday dear Val! Wishing you a fabulous decade and more. Good luck with the move. I look forward to reading all about it. Sending you a big hug and a kiss.
    Love ya.
    Sandra xo

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  7. Dear Val,

    Keep your health and interest in life – and who cares what number is on the card?! 🙂 Happy Birthday! I hope you used that move as an opportunity to get rid off some old things you didn’t even remember you had and clearly didn’t need.
    Your collection looks very neat. If I had to move mine, it wouldn’t be that organized or concise. I admire you.

    Enjoy your new perfume. And, once again, Happy Birthday!

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    • I guess we have thrown away about half a ton of stuff and another half to come. Downsizing forcing it and of course you are right, so much stuff I had no clue we had. We have an amazing eccentricity that lives in our town — he has a massive library built into his garage and part of his home. He only has second hand stuff, in all languages, and has taken every single book, CD, DVD, and games we no longer wanted. Soooo happy to have it all go onto others. I have just kept the books I love. (Still a lot!!)
      I really don‘t have that much perfume so it fit into the boxes just fine. The only stuff not pictured were my travel Malles and IUNXs.
      Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! As most people say, as long as I keep my marbles ….. huge hugs to the three of you. ❤️

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  8. Sixty calls for a biiiiig celebration! Have a wonderful birthday, Val ❤ Of course you should do and buy everything you want to. Perfume first 😉 Enjoy your new bottle of R&C. It's wonderful!
    Apart from having to move all your stuff, isn't it a good feeling to get rid of stuff you don't need anymore?
    Fingers crossed the stress will be over soon.

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  9. Happy birthday Val! I wish you a birthday as beautiful as you are. Super exciting that you are starting a wonderful new decade with a fresh start in a new and de-cluttered apartment home. Fragrant hugs from afar!


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