I Am Trash by Etat Libre d’Orange GIVEAWAY




Hello APJ Crew,

Let’s have a giveaway on APJ. A new bottle to my collection. A Press Sample from my mate Bronwyn at Gascoigne & King who imports and distributes Etat Libre d’Orange in Australia and has some of the best ambient scenting products on earth. Perfume is about sharing the love and I thought you all might like to try some new stuff too.

I Am Trash by Etat Libre d’Orange GIVEAWAY

I Am Trash by Etat Libre d'Orange

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Rose absolute, Apple, Atlas cedar, Sandalore, Akigalawood®, ISO-E-Super

According to Parfumo Akigalawood is a Givaudan perfume note which is fractionated from patchouli oil, described as woody, spicy and floral.

That initial apple burst is mesmerising, with an outdoor woodiness and a modern, cool metallic rose. An airiness that doesn’t feel ozonic and a dewiness that doesn’t feel aquatic, yet alluding to both of them. Without being exactly the smell of any of these I do get images and impressions of them: wet cardboard, pre-rain excitement, nighttime beach runs, a freshly hand washed & dried glass and putting a cold spoon in my mouth. It’s surprising to me that white flowers or violet leaves aren’t mentioned in the notes. A plastic vibe runs through the heart, concurrently bringing a salty resinousness.

I Am Trash is a terrible name for a beautiful fragrance. A darker, more intricate and interesting fruit-chouli. It won’t scare off the teens but I’m thinking it might also win over a few genre haters. That it is about our lack of care for the world and meant to inspire a deeper involvement in its nurture is a wonderful idea. I’m not sure the name conveys ELdO’s intent very well but if you can get past the name you may very well fall in love with the scent.

Tell me where you’d wear I Am Trash in the comments below. Five lucky people from anywhere in the world will get a generous decant.

Have you tried this beauty?
Portia xx


19 thoughts on “I Am Trash by Etat Libre d’Orange GIVEAWAY

  1. I’d wear it on my neck and throat while going about my busy day looking after my residents st work. They love my perfumes as much as I do, I wear it every day, no matter what I’m doing. 💐

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  2. I tried a 1 ml sample of this and loved it at first. The top was great. In the base I downgraded it to okay. I would give it another go. I love ELDO and own tons of theirs, but not this one. To my nose: a tart, sweet, tangy fruit fragrance with prominent green apple that almost has a rhubarb meets pomegranate meets grapefruit vibe in the top; as it dries down it quickly starts to decompose and become less sweet almost salty buttered popcorn note; that burns off and comes back to a subdued tart sweet apple peel. I probably would wear it to work, because that IS trash, or to the barn, where my horse leaves trash and eats apples, mainly because those seem to be the two main places I go nowadays.

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  3. I haven’t tried it but I’d love to. Your review is very intriguing and all the mentioned notes feel normally good to my nose. Happy that there is no oud, yay!
    I’d wear it to a classical concert to stand out from the crowd that usually wears Coco /Mademoiselle, Aromatics Elixir and recently Mon Guerlain.

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  4. Haven’t kept up with the latest ELOs. I’d wear Les Fleurs de Déchet (see, French IS useful, in prettying up the name a bit) on a walk down the city streets. It would be interesting to find out how it would hold up against exhaust fumes and the occasional passing garbage truck…

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  5. I would wear it like an urban cool kid in downtown Montréal, in my hoodie sweatshirt and Blundstone boots. 🙂 And I can cal, it Les Fleurs de Déchet, which as AnnieA says above sounds much more appealing. Thanks for the draw!!

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  6. I ordered a tiny sample when it first came out and was wowed by the opening. Sweet ripe fruits, dominated by orange–I was so in love. Then the fruit party very quickly ended and all the guests left except for a subdued strawberry. It was great fun while it lasted. I wanted to try it again to test if the longevity was a fluke, but forgot about it with the unrelenting slew of new releases always on the radar. Would love a decant, fingers crossed! And I agree, what a terrible name for something this delightful. I’d wear it anywhere except in close quarters, it might be too much for some.

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  7. This has awkward tinder date where you’re desperate for talking points written all over it. If I’m going to crash and burn, I’m going to do it smelling incredible in trash.


  8. Terrible name for a perfume, indeed. I’ve tried a few ELDO fragrances and liked most of them. After reading the notes list i think i would wear it on a casual day or walk in the city. It sounds kinda nice for my taste but probably not groundbreaking 🙂


  9. Your review makes me want it, Portia, as do many of the comments. I don’t have a fruit-chouli and must admit it’s not been something I’ve sought, but this … could be gorgeous. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


  10. I’d wear “I Am Trash” to parent/teacher meetings. I’m afraid I’m a bit of a rebel and if I have to hear about how my kid isn’t wearing the official school socks and this is the bringing about an education apocalypse I am going to be wearing “I Am Trash” and being secretly pleased with myself.


  11. I think I would wear this outside, perhaps when going shopping on a Saturday? I hadn’t noticed the French name before it came up in the comments here. The French name is indeed more bearable, plus most people I know hardly know French at all, so the name would just sound fancy to them.
    I have never owned a full bottle from this house, but have liked most of what I tried from ELdO, so would love to try this. Please enter me in the generous draw!


  12. Thanks Portia for the draw- I’ve fallen hard for this brand of late. They have some awesome scents. And your description of this one is most intriguing. I think I would wear it for a night out with friends, sitting outside, with wine and cheese and laughs. Could be a good Saturday morning running errands kind of scent.


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