Scent Diary: 16.12 – 22.12.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

Silly Season is upon us. Running hither and thither trying to see the people we love. What a happy kerfuffle.

If you, or those around you are suffering during this time of enforced merriment here is a link to the Australian Helplines, covering most bases 24/7. Crisis Help Australia 

Scent Diary: 16.12 – 22.12.2019

Monday 16:

Damnit! I set the alarm for PM! Didn’t get up in time for aquarobics. NAUGHTY!

SOTMorning: Eau Absolue by Mona di Orio

Did the dusting, clothes washing and hanging, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. Folded the dry washing, some on the line still.

Interspersed this housework with writing Trivia Q&A.

SOTAfternoon: Liberté by Cacharel. Razal very rightly said I wear it a lot lately. He inspired me to spritz with abandon.

Jin came home. He seems to be developing a cold. Took him up to the sleep place where he got kitted out like a terrorist bomber.

While he was getting his sleep Shit on I might have hot Mecca and tried the new Le Labo, Bain 19. It’s nice. I did happen to see the full selection of CdG Incense Series and FINALLY grabbed Jaisalmer and

Home and we had leftover Katsu Curry for dinner. Jin is on the couch watching Korean TV.

Spent the better part of two hours faffing around on the computer. Social media, blogging, shopping, searching. Waste of time but very enjoyable.


Jin trotted off to bed at 7pm. He’s really on the downward spiral.

Faffing about for a couple of hours. Some TV, fed & walked dogs, social media. Suddenly it’s 10.30pm!

SOTNight: Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations. Lashings of my favourite rose fragrance. So beautiful in warm weather too.


2.30am and I’m done.

SOTBed: Leather Oud by DIOR

Tuesday 17:

Terrible sleep.

Woke up groggy as.

Fed & walked dogs.

BATHTIME! Shaved and cleansed.

SOTDay: Oriental Mint by Phaedon. I smell like a candy cane and am loving it.

Bus & train to town.

Had High Tea with my girlfriends Linda, Marian and Sue at the Sir Stamford. It was really nice to get a Xmas catch up in. Aren’t they beautiful?

Back home and straight into bed for a nap. I’m such a NANA!

Organised my weeks papers and some pressies for the Trivia crew.

Got gorgeous.

SOTEvening: Joy EdP and extrait. One of our conversations at High tea made me yearn to wear this vintage beauty again. It’s so magnificent and bombastic, how could they not love it?

74 players tonight. It was very festive and fun. Our second last night in this club before the new one opens in January! Really excited to see what they’ve done.

Fed & walked the dogs. I’m loving this cooler night air.

Watched some Netflix

SOTBed: Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. Sometimes nothing else is good enough.

Wednesday 18:

Woke at 8am. Not ready to human yet.

SOTZombie: 4711 Remix Cologne

Back to bed. ZZZZZZZZZ

Suddenly it’s 10am and I’m wide awake, ready to face the day.

SOTMorning: Tobacco Nuit by Atelier Cologne

Today is present wrapping day. YAY!


SOTEvening: Beyond Paradise Blue by Estee Lauder. Cool aquatic jasmine bomb. So good for summer.

Tonight was another big one at Greystanes Inn. 52 players and everyone was in the Xmas spirit. Super fun night.


SOTNight: Brasil Dream by Estee Lauder. This ridiculously dreamy, creamy tropical fragrance is so glam. I might have hit my Estee Lauder box today and found some gems.

Thursday 19:

The air is thick again with smoke, it’s hot and it feels like the whole world is about to expire.

SOTMorning: Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford. You know, I’ve had this for years and it never gets worn because all the other colognes have much better longevity and seem more interesting. I’m going to wear it this summer as an early morning pick me up (when I remember).

Had to do a Post Office run, got my hair cut.

Came home for some breakfast.

SOTDay: Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder.

More present wrapping.

Back to the Post Office, did a little grocery shopping. It’s 42C outside so I came almost straight home. Too hot to function.

Fed & walked dogs. Really late and way too hot but they seemed happy to be out and about. Did their business, had some sniffs and exercise. Straight to the waterfowl and their beds afterwards.

GRIMM! on Netflix.

Jin came home from work and we went for dinner. Entree at Sushi train, Main at Pho Vietnam where we had beef noodle soup. Freaking delicious and both of us fed and full for under $40 all up. WOO HOO!

Lazed around. Did some last present wrapping. Cleaned up the table. Faffed on the computer.

SOTEvening: Eau de Gloire by Parfum d’Empire

It’s been nice spending the evening around the house with Jin.

Walked the dogs around the suburb tonight. Much cooler this evening.

Remember I Mcd Anna Maria’s daughter’s wedding reception a couple of weeks ago? Domenica and Luke sent me this picture. I love it.

Watched some GRIMM after Jin went to bed.

SOTBed: Vintage Youth Dew by Estee Lauder. SO GOOD!

Friday 20:

Woke on my own time like surfacing in a swimming pool.

Fed and walked the dogs. It’s already stinking hot, smoky and I can smell the bushfires.

BATHTIME! Korres Basil Lemon Shower Gel bubbles in a half bath of cool water.

SOTDay: Mon Guerlain EdP by Guerlain. A perfect foil to the smoky haze outside.

Jin and I wandered down to the Parramatta Ferry and caught it into Barangaroo.

Ferry Jin Portia Dec 2019

There we met up with Alice, Jo and Kath for a steak lunch at the Meat & Wine Co. SO DELICIOUS! Yes, I was having such a good time I completely forgot to take photos.

Then we trained and bused it home.

I went to the Post Office and did a little grocery shopping.


SOTAfternoon: Caron Pour Un Homme

I made Bacon, Cheese and Beetroot Sandwiches for dinner. YUMMY!

Our mate Alice bought Jin and me a GOAT! Kind of anyway. She bought a goat through the OXFAM Unwrapped project. It will be given to a family in need who will use its milk and fur in daily life and breed from it for meat and trade. It’s an amazing gift for people who already have so much more than we need.

We watched some Korean Fishing TV and then Hustlers and The Boss Baby. All terrible but it was really nice to spend time at home with Jin. Jennifer Lopez owns every scene she’s in in Hustlers, even though the whole movie sux she is magnetic.

SOTBed: Belgravia Chypre by Penhaligon’s. All the woodsiness and some sweetening extras at the top. Not really a chypre, much more a woody modern niche offering

Saturday 21:

Today was a whirlwind

Quickest dog walk

SOTDay: Iris Tubereuse by Creed

Jin joined me for a lunch with some of the sniffy crew. It was a really fun afternoon adventure and so good to see everyone before Xmas.

Home for a nap.

SOTEvening: Granville by DIOR

Went back to town, grabbed Phil and went to Graham and Phillip’s for dinner. These invitations are the best because aside from adoring the boys and having some mutual friends in common the food is amazing. Drop dead, over the top, amazing. Tonight we had Vichyssoise, Roast beef with EVERYTHING and then a dessert choice between sugar free hazelnut torte and Pavlova! Conversation flows easily and everyone gets a go, loads of laughs and we even went a bit deeper into politics and our modern times.

We had to leave around 10.30pm because Jin starts at 5am tomorrow.

SOTBed: Our Moment by One Direction

Sunday 22:

BUM! Jin woke me as he left. I got up, cleaned my teeth, checked the computer for a few minutes

SOTMorning: Bulgari Man In Black

Went back to bed and slept till 9.30am.

Up, fed and walked dogs. The air smells like rain. Please let it be so. Great pelting gouts of rain please. All over Australia’s east coast.

SOTDay: Lolita Lempicka EdP.

Cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. It was like walking into a war zone. The rest of the house can wait till tomorrow.

Went for lunch with LayDee Kinmee. So much to talk about and catch up on. I bloody forgot to take a photo too. Sorry. He looked so good in his new shirt too. We had Eggs Benedict with crispy bacon and spinach, plus a side of sweet potato chips. Such a good brunch, I’m really lucky to have him in my life.


SOTEvening: Le Bain by JOOP!

Every year for our last night at Austral Bowling Club the crew gets dressed a bit Christmassy. This year was no exception. I freaking love these guys so much.

WOW! Exciting news from Dawn! Go check out American Perfumers site.



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

29 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 16.12 – 22.12.2019

  1. What an amazing week you have had and what a blessing to always be surrounded by the love of family and friends. Thanks also for the reminder that there is help available for mental health issues during this holiday season. I too hope you get some much needed rain.

    To quote Cassie I had a feckin banjaxed week with work shite and home health worries so I look forward to a quiet and peaceful holiday season.

    Thanks to my APJ family ( Kathleen, Marcella, Tara C and pl67) I wore some beautiful perfumes this week and even reconnected with some from my distant past and also did some massive speed testing of brands new to me as well as fragrances I have been wanting to try. Thankfully no lemmings born because there is no money for new bottles lol 😂

    I hope everyone has a safe and stress-free holiday season. I for one will be happy to kick 2019 to the curb and look forward to 2020 being a better year for all of us. 💙💚💜


    • And I also have to thank Cassie for beautiful wearable art that isn’t perfume! Random acts of kindness really warm my ❤️


    • Hey there Brigitte,
      Yeah, chock full to the brim this week of fab, fun people I love.
      Sorry to read your week was shithouse.
      How good are the APJ crew? We are so lucky to have you all.
      A brighter 2020 for you and everyone who had a less that stellar year this year.
      Portia x


  2. What a great week you had Poria! Like Brigitte, I have to say that I love the group of wonderful friends you have. You guys enjoy, have so much fun together and are always there for each other. That is a blessing!
    I attended two holiday parties at work this week and this year they were really good. The food was amazing and the decoration of the whole place is also very beautiful.
    I baked some Christmas cookies yesterday and made Dulce de Leche gelatin for the holidays. I am planning on making chocolate covered bacon and spanish flan early on Christmas Eve. This year I will leave the Panettone to my brother in-law, who makes a very delicious one. Despite all our plans for our usual small family gathering on Christmas Eve this might not take place. Mom is seriously ill and we are not sure if she will be home for the holidays. So far it doesn’t seem possible. However, we are all in a very positive and optimistic mood and looking forward to a new year full of peace and health.
    Wishing you, Jin and all APJers Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year 2020! The best to all of you! 🎄🎉🎁💕🍾🥂


    • 2019 has been a difficult year for you, my friend. I hope 2020 brings some ☮️.
      Thinking of you and your family ♥️💙🙏


    • Hi there PL67,
      Of all the things I count important after the basic necessities it’s friends that play #1 role. They are everything to me and I constantly look around and am happily surprised at what good people we share our lives with.
      YAY for holiday parties. Glad you’re enjoying the hubbub.
      CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON!! Is that really a thing? How is it?
      Good luck with Mum. A parent on the edge is a serious and sad thing. Hugging you from here.
      Thanks, all the good stuff to you and your crew in 2020.
      Portia xx


    • Sorry that your mum isn’t the best, but make the most of your time together. Christmas can be a very challenging time in lots of ways. I must say, your family sound like great cooks and bakers.


  3. Merry Christmas to all APJ’ers! I wish everyone a fun-filled joyous holiday season. Portia, you are always such a dear, thoughtful thinking of all and remembering those that might be suffering and not feeling the merriment during this time of year.
    We drove for two days from Colorado to Arizona to spend the holiday with my sister, her husband, and my Mom who flew down from Canada. Milder weather and gorgeous desert landscape! I will enjoy my time off work and relaxing family time.


  4. Love the picture of you from the wedding! And I hope you get buckets of rain. We are supposed to get a week of rain starting tomorrow. The week started off great with a box of goodies from my sweet friend Brigitte. We share a love of all things chocolate & marzipan. 🙂 The rest of the week has been quiet and fragrant, just the way I like it. So glad to not be invited to any parties, as an introvert being home with my husband and my dog is the best of times. We will be feasting on potato latkes tonight for the first night of Hannukah.


  5. Happy Hannukah, Tara C! As an introvert myself I would also love to be very quiet at home not having to go anywhere, like you. Hopefully, some day. Enjoy the holiday!


  6. No big Christmas parties here, we went to the tennis club wind up which was as noisy as I can stand. Much preferred the dogs Christmas at training on Saturday!
    Merry Christmas to everyone and stay safe if in Bush fire territory xxx


  7. That picture of Jin! OMG! Can he really fall asleep with all that gear on him??? I. Could. Never!!!! Poor guy. He’s been getting the short end of the stick these days with colds, working weird and difficult hours and now sleeping problems. Give him a big smooch 😘
    The last couple of weeks have been a blur of holiday parties, tying up work loose ends and endless kitchen duty. I’m looking so forward to Christmas Eve. Just me, LH, the girls and their SOs. This is my favorite part of the season. We will have a standing rib roast with Yorkshire pudding and this year I am making a classic English trifle for dessert. I prepared the custard today (homemade, of course) and baked the lady fingers. Tomorrow I will shop for tiny sugared violets to decorate the top and make the raspberry jam. We will be feasting. And, of course, my perfume will be vintage Shalimar. Tradition rules!
    Beyond that my clients have agreed to suspend work for a couple of weeks some time in February so Mr LH and I will be heading somewhere hot and sunny with a beautiful beach and fancy cocktails. It should go a long way to help us through this brutal, unforgiving winter.
    Best wishes to both you and Jin and all my fantastically sweet, clever and funny friends here at APJ. May you all celebrate with joy and happiness and look forward to a bright, new decade with optimism and hope ❤️😘❤️


    • Heya Marcella,
      Jin really WAS in the wars that day. He slept about three hours then got tangled up and was wide awake for another two so we undid him. He has been kicked royally in the ass in 2019 by his health. Fingers crossed for a healthier 2020 for him.
      Your Xmas Eve sounds fabulous. I hope it’s all the good stuff for you and the crew.
      YAY for holidays. that will be super fun.
      We love you to girl. Thanks for being an integral part of our APJ family.
      Portia xx

      Liked by 1 person

  8. This has been an Estee Lauder week for you. Is Man in Black like Spicebomb if you have smelled the latter? You did not like Boss Baby? I find the concept funny but have not watched it yet!


    • Hey Fazal,
      Yeah, I opened up the treasure trove that is my Estee Lauder box and grabbed some forgotten favourites to put them into rotation.
      Man In Black is like a woody, figgy spice bomb for men, rather than boys. I love it sick.
      Boss Baby was terrific and terrible. Did I HATE it, no. Will I ever watch it again, no. Could I have turned it off halfway through, yes.
      Portia xx


      • Estée Lauder has made some great perfumes. Bronze Goddess has been a constant here since it was released. Have the matching oil and body cream, too.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. I’m Larry Late this week. Too busy all the time lately. Life is a constant whirl of parties, gatherings, catchups. All the good stuff and am blessed to be able to do it and have amazing people to do it with. You have been a total dynamo this week, Portia. You have a great circle of friends. Continue to have great times every single day. Hope Jin is up to the task of cooking for Christmas, he has had a tough old year. I really wish for rain for you all there. Unthinkable carnage and loss of lives. I think I’ve been hanging around here for about two years now, and it’s a great community. Easy, entertaining, educational and above all, friendly and welcoming. What a bloody great bunch you are. Onwards into the next decade for us all. Christmas will be low-key, just some light cooking, nice wine, and Smallies for a few days to entertain us. Will wander in and out of neighbours and family nearby.


    • and Cassieflower, we love having you as part of the APJ family too.
      Poor old Jin, he’s looking 100% better and has already started cooking his famous Pork and Crackling.
      Thank you. Rain would literally be a life saver right now.
      WOO HOO! We all go fragrantly onto 2020!
      Enjoy your sallies and your low key Christmas.
      Portia xx


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