CQ’S New Year, New Direction. Copper by Comme de Garçons. 2019.


Val the Cookie Queen


Hey there APJ!

Welcome to 2020.  New year, new direction.  I am not doing written perfume reviews any more.  Well, that is not quite true.  Once in a while IF I find something that I think amazing, then I will.   What I am gonna do is pick perfumes and the review will be contained in  the two or three photos.  Add a line or two, job done.


CQ’S New Year, New Direction.          Copper by Comme de Garçons.  2019.

Fragrantica lists the following notes:  Pink pepper, galbanum, and blackcurrant;  ginger, violet leaf, tobacco leaf, and metallic notes;  amber, vanilla, and myrrh.

I had heard such positive things about Copper that I walked into the parfumerie and hosed my self down with it.  And took a large sample home.




How can a perfume that made a number of the Best Fragrances of 2019 lists be so utterly terrifyingly horrible on my skin?   Theories please, on a postcard or in the comments.

Coppertone (I wish) Bussis


Brillo Pad Box –  Andy Warhol Foundation – no copyright infringement is intended.

Other photos from Unsplash.



28 thoughts on “CQ’S New Year, New Direction. Copper by Comme de Garçons. 2019.

    • Don´t ever bother. Stick with beautiful perfumes. But it inspired me to try this photos idea out. I have long wanted to do negative reviews but never felt comfortable about it. But this could be the way to go. xxxxx


  1. A picture says it all! But I love words too…I would never try Copper, I don’t do well with metal, heavy or otherwise. Why skin (or individual scent molecule receptors? Brain links?) makes such a difference I don’t know, it has rarely happened that someone’s whose nose I trust and know recommended something utterly horrible to me. I also wonder whose ‘best of list’ it was. I would really trust yours.

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    • I cannot write the words that I really feel about so many perfumes because I would be struck off. Hahahahahahaha. Yeah – this one kind of blind sided me and I really should have not been so stupid. In my defense I was buzzing on a lot of espresso and ran into the perfumerie fully motivated to stop being such an arrogant perfumista. Hence the spraying it with abandon. As I left the store the city pigeons keeled over dead. Thanks for the compliment – I was hard pushed to find five! But then again I never try anything because it mostly sucks. The struggle is real. Good to see you. Happy New Year!! xxx

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  2. Three pictures says it all. I think this is the way I could do perfume reviews if I could do perfume reviews. Instead it’s like love hate and a few vague descriptors and notes. This is one I knew I would hate even from the descriptions of those who loved it.

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    • Hello Amy! I swear it took as long to decide n pictures as it would have done to write something. But it is a brilliant brain challenge and I totally enjoyed it. And you know the pinky stuff hidden on the Brillo pads – that foams when it gets wet? Yeah. Hope that was not too hidden in meaning. I should have know I would hate it but why if I hadn’t? But my motto is hate everything until proved otherwise so I really should have known ……… HNY 2020. xxxxx


  3. I loved the bottle, I enjoy a lot of CdG scents, and it mentioned vanilla in the notes, so I ordered a sample. Persolaise and others listed it as a favourite, but I just don’t feel the love. I got no vanilla, just some scratchy green and metallic notes. So glad I no longer buy unsniffed.

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    • I would never in a million years have bought something like this unsniffed. Had I seen Persolaise´s list — we have totally different noses and opinions — I might have made a different choice. But shit happens and I survived it, even if the pigeons did not. Big hugs. xxxxxxx


  4. Does it smell like sucking on pennies? Or the smell of blood, that coppery note? I am scared 😦

    And that brillo pad pink stuff.. my teeth were literally on edge reading that. NO NO NO NO.

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    • Hahahahaha. Perhaps a bit penny like – suffocatingly sweet on top of galbanum, with a kind of metallic middle? But some people love it. I just ain’t got no time for shit. And no one will remember it in 6 months. Rubbish. xxx


  5. Love your new direction – synaesthesia reviews! Will show this to the chap who did that perfume talk I attended.

    Metal tasting perfumes remind me of those weird blood group ones that had their moment about 8 years ago.

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    • Blood Concept. Never tried them. I mean really?? Yeah I hope it will be fun to do and strenuous in a different way for my beleaguered brain. I have next to nothing to say about perfume any more. I will always be an addict but what is left to be said? We shall see. Sorry about the tardy reply. My brain is not what it once was. ❤️


  6. Love the idea! While I’m curious to read what others think about perfumes that I tried already or never intend to try, I usually skip those that I’m interested in for the fear of being influenced by the review. With pictures it’ll be just a fun game.

    CdG is an almost unknown brand for me. Of course, I know of it but I tried just a couple of their perfumes. And now, with Barneys’ demise, I do not have access to the brand at all. So, no real danger for me (and with that name I would have probably stayed away from it anyway – too mundane and unappealing), but I still enjoyed your take.

    As to your question, I had a (partially joking) theory that I shared a while ago after experiencing something similar. I’m not sure if you saw it, so I’ll give a link (https://undina.com/2016/05/17/chypre-mousse-the-royal-nonesuch-of-perfume/). Even if you don’t want to read, the picture I compiled for that post might give you an idea 😉

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    • Thanks so much for the link. What a brilliant piece. I did watch TBWP – weird. Too much swearing for me. And never tried the Chypre Mousse and had no idea it was hyped. I am über – fussy about perfumes and tolerance for crap is non-existant – except for when I lose my mind momentarily. I read very few reviews and believe even less. And will now believe none. Hahahahahah. Just read them for pleasure!!! Lots of love and coffee. xxxx

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  7. Great way to make a review, Val! Writing negative reviews (I mean those that actually make sense instead of “ooh, my bf said I smelled like an old lady”) is hard. I haven’t tried Copper, nor am I excited to try it, – metallic notes and I are incompatible, – but I get what you mean when you think: What’s up with all the favourable reviews? Is something wrong with me – or them? I felt the same reading about Nasomatto Nudiflorum and Black Afgano: I had to wrap the samples into a hundred layers of cellophane, they were radioactive (and just as harmful to my sense of smell).

    Looking forward to your reviews, written or otherwise 🙂 xx

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    • I think it is something wrong with them. But then I am an arrogant perfumista. 😎
      Black Afghano is horrific unless it’s the smoking kind. That stuff is nuclear and horrible and a classic example of people spouting bullshit Just see how many bottles are for sale on various sites. But I have to admit I got caught out this time – enough to bloody put it on my skin. I was SO mad. Hahahahahahah. Big hugs. ❤️


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