Scent Diary: 13.1-19.1.2020




Hey there APJ Crew,

We FINALLY have rain. It’s good in Parramatta and has helped cool the bushfires elsewhere. Sadly it’s not enough. Also the ash being washed into the rivers has polluted them to the point of unlivability for the fish and other water creatures. The stories of dead, dying and injured wildlives are horrifying. BILLIONS of our native and feral creatures have died with many localised subspecies completely wiped out. A lot of it is due to poor governance and lack of resources for proper management.

Meanwhile, as the populace has been choking under a literal smokescreen the government rushes to put in new laws enacting religious rights to discriminate and giving the Adani mine unlimited water usage for the foreseeable future.

Scent Diary: 13.1-19.1.2020

Monday 13:

January 13 is the anniversary of my Mum dying. I’m not surprised and aghast at the date anymore, she went on to the next great adventure in 2001. It does leave a yawning pit in my stomach though. In her honour I’m giving myself a midnight spritz of CHANEL No 5, her going out fragrance.

Did all the clothes washing. Couldn’t sleep. Finally hit the hay sometime between 4 & 5am.

Jin woke me to go to Aquarobics at 7.30am on his way home from work.

We went. I loved being there even though I was completely groggy till halfway through. Did a couple of laps.

We went and grabbed coffees, Jin got his lunch organised.

Home and I’m not quite right today. Yeah, it’s 19 years today since Mum died but the second thing I noticed when I woke up was a couple of close people’s messages of support BAM. Also, 5 years since we put Gucci, my beautiful blonde Greyhound down BAM.  Australia is still burning, 147 fires in my state alone BAM. Now the Liberal National Youth are going to Drag Queen Story Time and spreading their homophobic hate BAM and it all feels like shit. A mountain of shit.

SOTMorning: I Am Trash by Etat Libre d’Orange


Cleaned the house

Had Chinese reheats for dinner. Delicious.


Watched some TV with Jin.

SOTEvening: Vol de Nuit vintage extrait by Guerlain.


Couldn’t concentrate. Went to bed.

SOTBed: Rahele by Neela Vermeire creations

Tuesday 14:

Up early. Straight to TRIVIA Q&A

SOTMorning: #7 Plata by Loewe. A very pretty, lightly green, fruity floral with a soft resinous base. Love the 15ml size too.

Dogs fed & walked. Bumped into a few of the locals with their pups. The weather is lovely and smoke has dissipated from our city air.

Grabbed Anna Maria at Strathfield Station. We had a little time before lunch so I decided to go to the Barber Shop that used to be my Dad’s Jewellery, Watch and Gift Shop. I’ve never been back since 1976 when Dad sold it. The man that bought the shop, Theo, is still there. He cut my hair and we reminisced. Some of the things in his Barber Shop are remnants of my Dad. A glass display case, shelves along the walls and a set of built in drawers. He took us out back to the residence that he has made infinitely larger and more comfortable. It was a very happy trip down memory lane for us both.

After, I took Anna Maria for her first Peking Duck at my favourite Chinese Restaurant. It’s two doors down from Dad’s old shop. Liu Rose. We had such a grand meal. MAGIC! We always have so much to talk about and plan, laughs, friends, family and reminiscences. I love Anna Maria so much.

We headed to Parramatta Westfield where I had a few things to buy and we girls had a PEDI. We also went to Chemist Warehouse and tried about 10 or 12 perfumes each! Fully fragrant.

Rocco, Anna Maria’s son, joined us for coffee. We had a chatter filled 40 minutes and then they caught their train home.

I came home and watched some TV.

Jin came home and we hung for a while.


SOTEvening: Aftelier Rose Face Elixir. It smells so good that I need no extra fragrance for at least an hour. My skin drinks it up, leaving me looking glowing and fresh.

Watched TV. Fed & walked the dogs. Did some computer stuff.

1am SOTBed: Rose et Cuir by Frederic Malle

Wednesday 15:

SOTMorning: Lipstick Rose by Frederic Malle. Seeing Tara had spritzed Une Rose on Monday sent me to the Malle box. MMMM

Remember this. A simple reminder. If you’re constantly chasing them, let it go.

Lunch with Karim. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant that Jin & I often visit. I had the Beef Noodle Soup. YUM!

Home and watched TV.

SOTEvening: Eau de Sud by Annick Goutal

Off to work. Greystanes Inn was heaving. Such a fun night. This is my new love Christian, so damn cute!

Home. Jin and I walked the dogs.

HOT! Sweating in the heat.

SOTNight: Granville by DIOR

Thursday 16:


SOTMorning: Cologne du Coq by Guerlain. Something light and bright to get the day started.

Fed & walked the dogs. Hung out with Jin for a while. It was a slow paced morning.


SOTDay: Dolce Patchouli by I Profumi de Firenze

Jumped a bus & train and headed into town to meet Alice, Michael and Lisa for lunch.

I completely stuffed up where we were meeting and by the time it all worked out, Michael already had to go back to work.

Alice was going back to work after lunch so Lisa and I walked with her down to Barangaroo and wandered the waterfront till we got to the Lindt cafe in Cockle Bay and spent a lovely hour chattering.

Then we wandered back up to the CBD and down to Circular Quay where we hot the Museum Of Contemporary Art for a while and then upstairs to the cafe to rehydrate.

We caught the brans new Sydney tram a couple of stops up to Town Hall.

We then went off to Mecca Strand Arcade and did some fashion shopping while we were there.

Afterwards, Lisa treated me to a McDonalds Grand Big Mac! O M G! So freaking delicious.

Bus and train home.

On the bus I had a HUGE freak out. Supposed to be at dinner 10 minutes ago!! So manu apologies.

Off to dinner with my mate Mark and one of his girlfriends at the local Chinese. It was really good to catch up and hang out.



I’ve done over 15,000 steps today. WOW!

SOTNight: Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford.


Friday 17:

Blessed rain here in Parramatta.
We had a couple of wet the ground a bit showers through the week. That’s good because It meant that it was ready for real rain and is soaking it up. We should have some green grass in the parks next week!

SOTMorning: Bronze Goddess. by Estee Lauder. MMMMMMMM

Jin and I lazed around. Fed and walked to dogs at lunchtime because there was a rain break. We had ham salad sandwiches.

I cleaned the house for dinner guests tonight.

SOTAfternoon: Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens. So crunchy and caramelised in the warmer weather, thank goodness for the woods and almonds keeping it grounded.

Went and did some grocery shopping.

SOTNight: Liberté by Cacharel

Saturday 18:


SOTEvening: Niki de Saint Phalle

Dinner with Lisa, Alice & Jin at Gordon Thai.

SOTBed: Mitsouko EdT by Guerlain.

Sunday 19:

Slept late and woke heavily.

The weather is cool and still spitting rain. The grass around our area is already starting to show some signs of regreening.

SOTMorning: Vaninight by Hermetica

Jin and I watched some TV. Netflix. Finished Grace & Frankie Season 6. We watched Seasons 1 & 2 together and I got bored towards the end of Season 3 and he watched the rest. We had some time and he really wanted to watch this season, so I caved. LOVED IT! So funny, a bit uncomfortable, real and outrageously unreal.

BATHTIME! Well, we watched TV for so long I only had time for a quick shower and shave. I do smell freshly gorgeous though. Perfect base layer for todays fragrance.

SOTEvening: Le Bain by JOOP!

Excellent night at Austral BC. We had a huge new team join us and they fit in perfectly. YAY!

SOTBed: L’Heure Mysterieuse XII Cartier. The sweetly resinous patchouli bomb. Magic.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

78 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 13.1-19.1.2020

  1. Your week started in a funk because you were missing your mum so much, and then every single thing got on your last nerve and was a perfect box of shite. I get it😉 Hopefully you’re feeling a bit more upbeat now. Your visit to the barbers must have been so bittersweet, but a cracking idea I think. It’s great that there are still elements of your dad’s time there. Congratulations on your 15,000 steps. Wohoo, go you. And rain! Yes, hope you get more of it. Unfortunately the deluges in other parts of the country have wrought their own havoc. As you said, the river pollution with ash has had its own devastating effect on river life. There is no balance at all. My week toodled along ok, some major annoyance in family reared its head on Friday and I don’t know what the outcome will be. I’m very worried is all I can say. Hope yours and everyone’s week is a good one.


  2. Even though Fragantica list Cologne du Coq as male, I really enjoy it. Fresh and light. I also have Vetiver and Habit Rouge. Love them both.
    It’s my birthday today. I’ve had Guerlain LPRN Velours from one of my Grandaughters. A lovely Lalique gift set of perfume and a matching scarf. Packaging is beautiful. I’ve had money from my sister and another Grandaughter….. Straight in the perfume pot !
    Back to my sister’s tonight for birthday meal. Note to self… Do not spray Jardins de Bagatelle. Ha Ha

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  3. Cassieflower really said everything I was thinking – sad and sweet memories of your mum & dad & Gucci. Plus it sounds like you have a shit government just like the US. Such a distressing situation. We have regular bad fires in California too, often followed by mudslides when it finally rains, adding insult to injury. I can’t even watch the news there is so much bad stuff going on.

    I did have a really good perfume week with lots of compliments on my Guérlain Parfum du 68 and Mon Précieux Nectar. That Dolce Patchouli looks yummy and you’ve inspired me to wear my decant of Cartier L’Heure Mystérieuse today. I just love patchouli! Hiram Green Arbole is on the list too for today, probably my evening scent. I hope you have backup(s) of that Cacharel Liberté, you wear it so much and it’s getting dangerously low!


    • Thanks TaraC,
      Yes, it seems democracy has failed or is failing all around the world with only a few bright lights of brilliance. The only ones I know that seem to be really working are Canada, Germany and New Zealand. There must be others.
      WOW! I love my Mon Précieux Nectar but never wear it because it’s in that ridiculous bottle.
      How was your Cartier wear?
      Oh yes, there is about a litre of Liberté here. That picture was taken a while ago and the bottle is about to be thunked. I am also halfway through another bottle that sits in my easy access tray.
      Portia xx


      • I quite like the Cartier XII, if it weren’t so expensive I’d consider a bottle. As for the Mon Précieux Nectar and all those bee bottles with the miserable puffer things, I decant them into regular glass atomizers so I can spritz happily!


        • Yes TaraC,
          The Les Heures are expensive. They’re all being DCd now so you won’t see them much around.
          I know, the problem with me decanting is that the decants go in a box for tidiness and rarely get a look in. GRRR! The trials of having WAY too much. LOL
          Portia xx


          • Actually I think the Cartiers are being repackaged and relaunched, have a look at them on They have white collars with coloured strings around the necks of the bottles now.
            And when I decant my bee bottles, I’m not talking 5-10mls, I buy 50-60ml atomizer bottles and then store them on the shelf with my full bottles. I can’t deal with pitzy little decant sprayers either.


  4. Hi, Portia! I understand perfectly why this week wasn’t kind on you, at least at the beginning. Your mum surely was an incredible woman, nineteen years can’t have been enough to erase the pain of losing her.
    I keep thinking about all these lost lives, so many animals … There aren’t any words to express how tragic that is.
    Air hugs and lots of love to you!


  5. I am so sorry for the tragedy in Australia, it is very distressing for all. Thank goodness for some rain! I’m sorry for the deep feelings of your sorrow for your losses. Anniversaries trigger the heartbreak and void so very much. We miss greatly because we loved so much. Your No 5 scent memory of your Mum is beautiful.
    I love that you visited your Dad’s shop and felt his presence there!
    I have been enjoying sniffing fragrance samples and discovering new loves. This week’s fragrance highlight was a purchase of vintage Cristalle EDP, I’m quite sure it’s from the original release in 1993. It is gorgeous!


  6. Anniversaries of the death of loved ones are always difficult. No matter how many years have passed when the date comes up it all feels so new, fresh and raw. It’s something you never really get used to. I understand completely.
    The devastation in Australia is beyond heart breaking. I can no longer bear to look at the images or watch news reports. The other day I saw a photo of a koala trying to lick water from the road surface after some rain. So much suffering and loss caused by these fires. My heart goes out to you and the rest of your fellow countrymen ❤️
    Life here muddles forward in the thick of winter. I’ve worn Carnal Flower and Amouage Bracken. First Cut has also had some skin time. All in a bid to remind me that summer will eventually return. It’s tiresome – this very long and bitterly cold winter. I feel like I haven’t been properly warm since August……okay….I’ll quit bitching 😉
    I think I’ll wear Dryad today. Dank forests draped in moss. Humid wafts of a living green. Sounds good!
    I signed on a new client yesterday, so I remain gainfully employed. Work will commence when I return from vacay. Wrapped up the latest work project last week and the carriage house conversion is really starting to take shape. I’m very pleased with it.
    The flu and all the complications that came with it have left me working hard to regain my usual level of energy. It’s coming, but oh so slowly. I haven’t been in the gym since before Christmas. In all likelihood, I will wait until after basting myself in sun and heat later this month.
    Do take good care. I hope the conditions in Australia improve soon. Sadly, the damage had been done and extracted a high price. xoxox 😘


  7. Thank You to everyone who has posted Happy Birthday messages. I certainly did have lovely pressies. Just come back from my daughter’s house. 3 of my Grandaughters were there, one was working. Another one lives in another part ofthe UK. So I have had phone calls as well.
    Ive had Baileys Red Velvet Cupcake in the red bottle. Lots more dosh from the girls to go in the perfume pot. They sure know what I like.


  8. A local perfume friend has just bought the travel spray of Malle Rose et Cuir. The only thing she didn’t like (besides the price I bet) was the name. She thought it was both boring and inaccurate, ‘cos she does not get any leather.

    I offered to come up with another name and she liked my very first try: Jardin du Chevalier. The knight has put away his riding tack and is now enjoying his retirement in the garden…


  9. Just EFF death. I hear you. I put my beloved baby girl Gwyn to sleep on Jan. 8. Our household is out of balance and just feels sick. No perfume makes it better. Hugs to you, Portia. I am sorry for your losses and the losses of all of us. We grieve together.


  10. Death anniversaries are always very tough. It is still very hard for me to remember my dad on that day and still every day. Sending comforting hugs to you Portia. I am glad the rest of the week went much better for you. It is so sad and overwhelming what it is happening in Australia. I finally made donations to some wildfire rescue organizations this weekend. I hope from the bottom of my hear that the fires cease soon.
    Nothing especial for me this past week. Worked, saw my nieces yesterday, running errands today and got two packages ready with decants/samples to be sent to some perfumista fellows. I wish you and all APJers a peaceful and healthy week.


  11. Sorry you have had such a shitty week. I know you know, but it will pass…(I think we all need reminding). I had a somewhat shitty week too, bad cold, bad headaches, cold sore, nose sore, pain in my foot still bothering me so I can’t wear real shoes (for a year now)…that sometimes gets to me. But still, I am alive, and life is good, even when it is not. So happy some rain is falling, and in on our media (where Australia is an item every day) a pic was shown of a eucalyptus making new leaves. I hope this was a true pic, and although some things may have been lost forever, not everything. As far as that bloody mine goes, I hope Australians will fire their government at the first chance. It is sickening how far greed goes.
    I have been wearing April Aromatics, always a comfort. Pink Wood is such a radiant rose oud, very beautiful. Big hugs!


    • Damn Hamamelis,
      You had a REALLY bum week. Hugs buddy.
      Most of Australia don’t care about the mine and the damage 7 destruction it will cause. They just see money. Even though it will all be flowing to India, not Australia.
      April Aromatics makes beautiful scents. You smell amazing.
      Portia xx


  12. Sending hugs to everyone!!! It’s been a rough week for many of you!
    And happy birthday to Matty!
    Been giving my full bottles a whirl and backing off the testing. May do the same in the upcoming week.


  13. Oh Portia!! So sorry about your dear Mum and also Gucci!! Makes the visit to barber shop even more special and the memories of Lui Rose even more xx
    So happy we had a lovely day I hope it’s eased the pain and the grief

    Happy birthday to Matty!!! Yay lots nice gifts!!
    Have been wearing my Allure Sensuelle at work to finish my bottle…I really love it xx
    Disgraceful of our government to give Adani coal mine the rights to our water supply. They are.. see you next Tuesday. …… and in the midst of so much devestation still going on..


    • Anna Maria, a day with you is balm for all the worlds hurts and ills. Jin and I are so grateful you came into our lives to brighten and share it.
      I’m particularly, and selfishly, happy because it means I can take you to all the shittest places on earth.
      Portia xx


  14. My parents have been gone even longer than your mom, Portia, and yet the anniversaries of their death are still in my bones. I feel something is off even if I am not cognizant of the date beforehand. Same with lost brothers and a sister. It never really goes away and I think all in all, that’s a good thing. It keeps them with me, at least a bit, and not in the form I’d prefer. (Well, except my sister . . . Bad.)

    My week has been fending off back pain that I got in such a ridiculous way I am embarrassed even to admit it to myself. But also taking the little break before term time begins to read things for fun and catch up on some work, when I am able to tolerate the computer. I have been smelling wonderful, if I do say so myself, since I am by myself or just with my person mostly and can stink up the place.

    I can’t think of the sheer number of killed animals in Australia right now without feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Meanwhile, my fearless hunter of a cat has caught *four* mice this week, all of which I was able to release from his mighty jaws relatively unharmed and send back out into the wild. We have to figure out a humane way to get the mices to move on!


    • Hey Amy,
      Yep, you get it.
      About your sister, every family has one.
      OUCHY WAAA WAAAA on your back. Sending quick heal vibes.
      Cats are evil buggers, they torment and/or kill anything they can. I get that they’re also good company and beautiful but if they were ugly you’d all be on to them in a flash. Jin is gunning for one currently and I’ve given him some fairly reasonable parameters. Let’s see what happens.
      Portia xx


      • Ha, yes, with my family we had a few, to be honest. But I still miss them all. Even my sister.

        Ah it is hard with cats, especially if they go outside. We are usually apartment people and cats are good there with very little to harm aside from the furniture. But we’ve just bought a house and that’s an entirely different story, although we won’t let them outside. Then it would be birds and bunnies and snakes and every other thing imaginable. A big no for me. Plus the fishers — you might not have them there but they are terrifying and can take out a large dog — or foxes or coyotes can get to the cats. A bell on the collar apparently helps the birds stay away from the cats, but it just seems too risky for everyone to me.

        As a friend said to me when I was speaking to fondly of my kitties, “if they were bigger they would eat you.” Most likely, but I still love them. They are soft and their fur smells beyond amazing! Keep us posted if one arrives in your home!


        • Isn’t the smell of cat fur amazing? My previous cat was meticulous about grooming himself, indoor cat only., never had a bath. He smelled of baby powder and lilacs. It always amazed me.
          My current cat; bad hair, he doesn’t care! He’s not as keen on keeping his coat perfect but he still smells good.


      • One more thing Jin and I have in common. P, get a cat!!!! You won’t regret it. Those fluffy little fur balls can melt your heart. A music teacher once told me that studies were done proving that the frequency of the cat purr has healing properties. Once that little feline baby’s little head falls asleep in the palm of your hand your heart will be mush. Dogs are wonderful but cats are on a whole nother planet!!


  15. your un bois vanille has started changing color, reflecting the fact there is lot of vanilla in the composition. BTW, have fires beginning to fade in Australia or the worst is yet to come?


  16. Dear Portia,

    Hugs to you. I feel your pain about the fires. Let’s hope it’ll get better. I want to cry in such cases: I feel extremely helpless.

    My week was hard/busy but it was tolerable compared to several previous. And we had a three-day weekend. So I won’t complain.

    Hold on to friends and loved ones and wait until a better week. It will come. ❤


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