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Hiya APJ,

Woo Hoo! A piece of Ainslie’s very own magical fragrant history. Lucky winners, I am yet to smell it too.
Portia xxx


Nocturne Vial 2


This week we will have 3 winners who will receive:
1 x Carded Manufacturers Sample of Nocturne
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Nocturne by Ainslie Walker 2016


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A couple of weeks ago we talked Nocturne: my ambient fragrance designed for the Alexi Freeman fashion show at MONA on Tasmania. Today in want to let a few of you try it for free.

See below,

Ainslie Walker

Nocturne. Ainslie Walker for Alexi Freeman

Nocturne Vial 2

Nocturne Vial

APJ READERS OFFER: contact Ainslie Walker to order sampler in card, including postage for $20

Nocturne Ltd edition Candles $65 Ainslie Walker

Nocturne Ltd edition Candles $65 Ainslie Walker 2

Nocturne limited edition candle from Ainslie Walker or Alexi Freeman’s Studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Limited edition Nocturne parfum via emailing

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This week we will have 3 winners who will receive:
1 x Carded Manufacturers Sample of Nocturne
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The winners will have till Sunday 24th July 2016 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
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Nocturne. Ainslie Walker for Alexi Freeman


Post by Ainslie Walker


Hello my favourite fragrant folk!

Earlier this year I developed a fragrance to accompany the scenic launch of Australian fashion designer, Alexi Freeman’s latest collection. The scent was released ambiently during the catwalk showing of White Noise trans-seasonal 2016 on the clifftops at MONA Museum, Hobart – possibly the most southern and most scenic catwalk in fashion history!

“As daylight shifts to the still of night, silhouettes move upon a cliff face. Ultra violet light reflects from pale, voluminous and translucent threads. Nearby vineyard fruits sweeten the air. Vapor escapes from shimmering bitumen. White leather treads, pulsing the earths surface. Light amber woods waft upwards carrying the salted air if the river towards us. Soon darkness reigns, broken only by the glimmer of the star filled sky”

Byron Myers, Alexi Freeman, Ainslie Walker

MONA is one of the worlds most iconic Art Museums. I am honored to have been the first ‘fragrance artist’ to scent the iconic outdoor space. Here’s hoping there will be more scent events at MONA in the future! Over a few glasses of the local Pinot Noir I talked to owner, art collector David Walsh, discussing ‘scent as art.’ David finds wearing perfume “misleading.” He likes to smell the “natural scent of a person,” deeming it sexy, rather than “a false mask that wears off and is no longer there in the morning.” We discussed basic instincts and attraction in humans and the potential to find a lover attractive due to their natural odor and how wearing fragrance can potentially mess with proceedings and attract the wrong person! (The concept of odiferous ‘beer goggles?!’)

Curator Brian Ritchie (ex bassist Violent Femmes!!)

The event was curated by Brian Ritchie, ex-bassist for The Violent Femmes. Each day as he passed by me he opened his collar for a few squirts of Nocturne and a giggle. He loved it and even read it’s description out for the whole crowd!! (My teenage-90s-grunge inner child SQUEALED all the while, believe me!)

Ambient scent plug tested by MONA officials

Morag from Aussie Fragrance Network Facebook Group came along to the show with her daughter and here she describes the evening:

“We walked uphill from the bitumen car park past lawns and sculptures. Looking out over the river we watched the mix of fashionistas and conventionally styled audience members drift in. We took our seats on heated benches beneath the ** installation, to wait for the fashion show to begin.

We basked in the change from daylight to night, watching the silhouette of gum trees against a darkening sky. The sculpture’s coloured lights shifted through the rainbow, whilst seamlessly melding with the sky.

All the while, the air was filled with colour, Ainslie Walker’s Nocturne. Rich, luscious fruits and florals – deeply velvet. Byron Meyer produced accompanying soundscapes which in turn carried ethereal gowns, white on white, floating and gliding past us: Alexi Freeman’s White Noise collection. Shorts and tank tops, beautiful gauzy dresses over bodysuits threaded with silver and textural contrasts of leather and perspex glowed under UV, surrounded by the darkness of night.

A feast for all the senses. A subtle fusing and truly experiential. A sensory experience full of provocation.

Wearing Ainslie’s Nocturne, I am transported to that evening and beyond. Because what I smelt that night was just the beginning. On the skin, the scent is much much more. After the voluptuous ripeness dissipates, there is a calm quiet center of gentle leather and musk. The easing into the night after a spectacular sunset.”

Nocturne. Ainslie Walker for Alexi Freeman

Nocturne Vial 2

Nocturne Vial

APJ READERS OFFER: contact Ainslie Walker to order sampler in card, including postage for $20

Nocturne Ltd edition Candles $65 Ainslie Walker

Nocturne Ltd edition Candles $65 Ainslie Walker 2

Nocturne limited edition candle from Ainslie Walker or Alexi Freeman’s Studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Limited edition Nocturne parfum via emailing

PS big thanks to Morag for her support and story xx

Please tell me about a scent installation you’ve attended?

Xx Ainslie

All Photos donated by Ainslie Walker

A mixed tape from Geza Schoen? Ephemera by Unsound


Post by Ainslie Walker


Hi Fumees! Hope you are well?

I am a big fan of nose, Geza Schoen’s work, which includes creation of the Eccentric Molecules collection, many Ormonde Jayne fragrances, Beautiful Mind Series, the naughty Kinski and plenty beyond.

Late last year I observed Geza was working on a project linking sound and scent, so I reached out and got in touch. A week later I received three fragrances with specific and intriguing instructions, printed on transparent paper, explaining the method behind creating the fragrances and allowing me to follow the same journey as the nose himself.

 A mixed tape from Geza Schoen?

Ephemera by Unsound

The project was called Ephemera, the initiative of Unsound – one of the worlds leading electronic and experimental music festivals.

The letter clearly indicated not to open the fragrances, instead diverting me to a link, suggesting I also pop on some headphones:

Clicking on the first video is a track by Steve Goodman (aka Kode9) which inspired Geza to create the fragrance ‘Bass” I open the fragrance whilst listening and watching the video by Marcel Weber. With bass sounds interspersed with crackling white noise, I inhale and smell earthy woods, dirty, smoky cigar, rum, lapsang souchong tea, mossy robust leather and castoreum seeping into my olfactory system. I see tan/reddish brown but I feel a dark green presence too…something slightly soapy. A woody, kind of dirty, aromatic.

Neutralizing my nose I pop on the second track called “Drone” by Tim Hecker, whilst smelling the accompanying fragrance and watching the video, which I feel is a perfect match. Otherworldly…out-of-spacey and surreal to begin with visually…I hear an ethereal airiness in the music. Aldehydes sparkle and an almost citrus sharpness mix in a more hyper-real way with juniper trees, cold, possibly covered in snow…and there’s some definitely ‘unnatural’ aspects. Earthy and in time, getting more oily and rounded. Notes of patchouli, ambergris and vetiver pass by leaving a kind of cannabis and papyrus scent, which is not unpleasant, but strange.

After a third break, Noise by Ben Frost begins dry, peppered and pencil case-like-cedarwood with a saffron sour tang. Birch tar smoulders, reminding me of the scent after an Aussie bushfire, very thick and ashy in its nature. (Seen before in Naomi Goodsir’s Bois d’Ascese, but still quite different) Continuing smelling the ash turns a little like welding, metallic. The notes make total sense when watching the film, which to me looks like X-rayed smoke!!

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Wearability: I like Bass best, followed by Noise, then Drone (based on the drydown on my skin after an hour or so)

Interestingly the bottles are handmade in Krakow (see my article involving Polish glass and vodka tasting for APJ last year: Borscht, Vodka and Tears) I like them a lot, especially the design printed on the thick glass.

Naomi Goodsir, Andrea Maack, Byredo, By Kilian, Nasomatto and Comme de Garcons fans, these will most certainly be up your street

Which of the three fragrances do you want to try the most and why? What scents do you have at home that you would match to the videos/music?


Ainslie Walker Scents Alexi Freeman at MONA


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Hey crew,

Our very own Ainslie Walker is making her way in the big world of fragrancing events and this is set to be the biggest yet. As one of our APJ Contributors (and my buddy) we are incredibly proud of her achievements to date and wish her another major popular and critical success. Hopefully we will get a post event story from Ainslie because it’s so hush-hush that I’ve only now been allowed to tell you. Stay tuned.

Ainslie Booze frags #11

Here is a short interview with Ainslie, I wanted the details.

Good Luck Ainslie, couldn’t be prouder of you.
Portia xx




What is it you are scenting?
The runway/catwalk of a fashion show for the launch of Australian designer Alexi Freeman’s latest collection which is set on a cliff top on the rooftop of the Tasmanian MONA museum, so completely outdoors in the elements and interacting with an art piece situated there.

How did they find you to do the job?
Alexi and I went through my fragrance portfolio 2 years ago in Melbourne and he kept me in mind for future reference. When he was asked to launch his collection at MONA he saw this as a great opportunity to collaborate.

How do you go about creating a scent for someone elses vision?
Initially Alexi wanted something very natural based around Eucalyptus, in keeping with the natural beauty of Tasmania, leaving things quite open for me to experiment. However as the collection evolved and I understood it further we talked about night time/dark/twilight and wanted to play with dark and light and play of moonlight/ultraviolet light onto white fabrics/flowers. So I went from creating a very dark scent to a much lighter scent, based on materials Alexi is using. Billowing white fabrics, leather etc.

How is the scent being released in the air?
I am using a few different sized scent diffusion machines…plus the natural flow of air created by the models passing by. if weather is wild I have a few other options up my sleeve! Also I have created scented candles in dark pots that look like the Tasmanian night sky for people to purchase as part of the collection which will be sold at MOMA (Mona market) and then on both Alexi and my websites

What is the major note and why?
Peony: to represent the white fabrics reflecting ultraviolet lights
White leather: in the collection
Musks: representing wet bitumen /cement: which glitters at night around MONA
Patchouli and white woods: earthy/woody: natural component
Fruit note: to represent the MONA vineyard surrounding MONA


MudAustralia Candles: Re-Priced in time for Christmas 2015!!


Post by Ainslie Walker


As some of you know I’m involved in a scented candle collaboration with Mud Australia, who are an all Australian designer porcelain company based in Sydney. Recent expansions see Mud Australia stand alone stores in New York, London, Melbourne and a new Double Bay location in Sydney opening next week.

MudAustralia Candles

Re-Priced in time for Christmas 2015!!

I am happy to announce today that we have been able to reduce the price of the candles in time for your Christmas shopping

From $100 to $85!! at Ainslie Walker<<JUMP

Here is some further information from Portia’s APJ introduction & APJ Christmas Guide 2014

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #5

All their gorgeous porcelain designs (plates, bowls, mugs pendant lights, fruit bowls, vases etc.) are handmade in small batches in their Marrickville workshop, including the vessels for the candles. The hues and textures are gorgeous and the reason why they are in demand worldwide.

The candles burn for more than 80 hours. The vessels are reusable either by refilling with a candle refill (also available $40) or through use as a vase, drinking vessel, toothbrush/pen holder etc.

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #1

Mud01 – slate, milk or red

The collaboration Mud01 fragrance explores and draws from the soft hues and smooth textures of mud Australia’s porcelain. Ainslie uses a combination of white florals -tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom to create a smooth, creamy note, tolu Resin to add an earthy element, whilst green ginger and spices are used to add depth and warmth. The fragrance is feminine, yet strong, and reminiscent of Shelley Simpson, Mud Australia’s founder.

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #3

Mud02 – plum, dust or bottle

Features a fragrance with cedar, leather, amber and musks forming the base with neroli, orange, fresh cut herbs and sun dried hay floating above. The whole combines to give the effect of warm amber and deep woods throughout your home

Available now from Ainslie Walker<<JUMP and Mud Australia stores and stockists worldwide.

Christmas Perfume Masterclasses: Ainslie Walker + Nick Smart


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Hey gang,

OMG! Christmas is almost here!! For many small businesses they are so busy that they don’t have a moment to ask themselves what they will do with and for the staff this year as a Thank you. The eternal question “What are we going to do for our Christmas Party?” has just found an extraordinary answer. Why not treat your team to a Perfume Masterclass?

Christmas Perfume Masterclasses

Ainslie Walker + Nick Smart

Here’s how we think it. It usually costs about $150-300/head to do something fun and fabulous for your Christmas Party. Why not take your people to a Perfume Masterclass and give them each a $100 Gift Voucher towards a fragrance at their Libertine Perfume Masterclass. There will be a glass of bubbles, some nibbles and they’ll really learn something fun and helpful over the 2 hours. They’ll learn about their perfume preferences.

Sydney Libertine Masterclass #3

Great for the girls and the guys, who doesn’t want to look a little more savvy when shopping for their next fragrance. Ainslie and Nick will help with your fragrant vocabulary too so you will have an easier time explaining to sales assistants exactly what you want in a scent for yourself or loved ones.

Maximum of 15 people per class

AINSLIE_WALKER Libertine Masterclass