28 by Cecile Hua for Le Cherche Midi 2013

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Not so long ago the crew at Le Cherche Midi came to my attention through the Perfume Shrine and at the time they were doing a Kickstarter fundraising drive. The crew seemed very dedicated to producing beautiful scents and I thought it a good idea to get behind them and help with a post. Though they didn’t make their goal I have kept in touch with proprietor Nathan Motylinski and he has kindly sent us 5ml Travel Sprays of their current fragrance 28 to give away so a few of you can try their great product.

28 by Le Cherche Midi 2013

28 Le cherche MidiPhoto Stolen Le Cherche Midi

Le Cherche Midi gives these featured accords in one line:
Gunpowder, warm milk, leather flower, English pear blossom, midnight iris, amber incense

From the Le Cherche Midi site: 28 brings two opposing worlds together, combining the explosive fury of the Greek Gods with the nurturing comfort of Mother’s milk in an olfactive tour de force.

The opening of 28 is all cold oily gunmetal and something sweetly, awkwardly floral which has a hint of the metal zing of blood and a slight fruity flavour that is both interesting and unusual. There is also a wet smell, not like wet anything but as if the metal has dew upon it. I have never smelt anything like 28 but there are parts of it that remind me of other sideways fragrances like Bull’s Blood by Imaginary Authors, LEau d’Issey and , dare I say it, Secretions Magnifiques. NO, don’t get all freaked out: not the same just a couple of similarities I am wondering if it’s the milky accord which doesn’t read like milk to me at all.

28 Le cherche Midi Light_Painting WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

28 is so beautifully other and lasts on my skin for hours and hours, being so different from anything else I wear it catches my attention every huff and again I think how lovely it is. As if aliens had created a perfume, or if a computer wanted to take the next step into olfactory stimuli, then this is what they would create and wear. There is something clinically clean and industrial about 28 until around the four hour mark where there comes a very slight warming through bet it’s still cool as a cucumber. This is my 3rd morning in a row choosing to wear 28, that speaks volumes about its inherent enjoyability, mornings are all about my enjoyment of fragrance.

Le Cherche Midi has 28 in EdT $110/100ml or $15/5ml Travel spray


giveaway TheTruthAboutMummy Photo Stolen TheTruthAboutMummy

28 by Le Cherche Midi GIVEAWAY


This week there are three winners, each will receive

1 x 5ml Manufacturers Travel Spray of 28 by Le Cherche Midi
P&H Anywhere in the world


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To be eligible for the draw go to Le Cherche Midi<<JUMP find a fragrance NUMBER and ONE INGREDIENT IN IT.


Then leave a comment with NUMBER + INGREDIENT and how you follow APJ.

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Entries Close Monday 21st October 2013 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winners will be chosen by random.org
The winners will have till Thursday 24th October 2013 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.


47 thoughts on “28 by Cecile Hua for Le Cherche Midi 2013

  1. 35 golden tobacco – couldn’t go past tobacco as a note. Follow via email. I love having ‘different’ in my perfume wardrobe. I’ve smelt the same things for so long that perfumes outside the standard commercial box seem somehow fabulous. Thanks again Portia, for taking us on the journey with you.


  2. Le Cherche midi no 12 is my pick with the williamine pear sounds interesting to me.I follow by e-mail but i will also follow by your new feed.Thanks for the drawing!


  3. No 11 (my lucky number) and ozone. I’m intrigued by the more unusual ingredients in Le Cherche – gunpowder! I follow by email.


    • Believe it Jaybee,
      The gunpowder smell is so real and has that fizzy, fireworks smell. I am really liking the Le Cherche Midi stuff,
      Portia xx


    • Hey there Nancysg,
      Peat moss is the stuff that grown in bogs and they harvest it and dry it for fires, It cuts like bricks it’s so dense is my understanding. But I have been wrong before.
      Portia x


  4. I love that this fragrance review uses the words “awkwardly floral” and “sideways perfumes.” (Is “sideways” a common Australian term?) No. 6 blackberry loukoum, and I follow by email.


    • Hey Nemo,
      We use sideways as an adjective for something different, quirky, unusual or that tilts/skews regular perception sideways. An oddity or absurdity, something that makes you rethink your position on a previously set in stone view.
      I don’t know if it’s regular Aussie but among my circle we use it quite a bit.
      Portia xx


    • Hi There RuthF,
      They are exciting. I don’t know why other blogs aren’t going a little crazy over them,
      Portia xx


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  6. thanks for the giveaway
    no 35 and it’s sandalwood sounds great and 28 is very interesting
    I follow by mail and just liked you on FB


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