The Creation of a Natural Perfume #3


Post by Julie Nelson


The Creation of a Natural Perfume #3

Perfume for Portia by Aromatique Essentials

Let the creation be created.

Now I start to gather essential oils that I have chosen, luckily having the gift of being able to smell a combination of essential oils in my mind before I actually put them together. Of course I have worked with combining a wide variety of essential oils for 20 years and there is so much stored in my brain that this can be easy for me. Sometimes it’s a struggle creating a synergy that is pleasing. However I keep building on it until my nose takes pleasure in the scent and it reaches down to the depths of my soul.

Anointing or spraying a perfume is a ritual to me and one of my favourite times to wear a perfume is when I go to bed. I find myself smiling, my heart opens and I feel simply divine, in a place of absolute contentment, how beautiful it is to go to sleep feeling like this.

Fragrant Oil Bottles Damascus FotoPediaPhoto Stolen FotoPedia

Ok let us have a peak at Portia’s perfume; I am going to share a few of the emotional representations/properties of some of the oils used in this Portia’s perfume creation.

There are 3 citrus essential oils in this blend and one of the most significant emotional and psychological properties of citrus essential oils is that they are very uplifting to the emotions, they are highly used in aromatherapy because they are what we classify as having a happy, joyful effect. Citrus essential oils lend themselves beautifully to most combinations giving very pleasing top notes that are of course the first aroma smelt in a perfume. They are fresh, clean and lively.

Middle notes include the divine exotic ylang ylang meaning flower of flowers. This is a very sweet, heady intoxicating aroma that adds elegance, sensuality and body. Combined with Patchouli they are pure eroticism.

Oakmoss and vetiver are 2 of my most favourite essential oils. I love the depth of their earthiness. Oakmoss is full of mystery and vetiver has a deep smokey aroma that I personally find very sexy! Both are excellent fixatives that linger in your heart and mind.

Cardamom is a spice and I love using it in perfumes and like petitgrain has beautiful refreshing and uplifting qualities.

Peru Balsam is divinely sweet and balsamic and has a vanilla like scent.

Vanilla co2 is perfect to combine with spices, woods, citrus and florals, it gives warmth to any blend.

Ernst,_Rodolphe_The_Perfume_Maker WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Smell is the potent wizard that transports us across the miles and all the years we have lived ~ Helen Keller
I love that quote and it really rings true to me. I have spent near on 20 years working with aromatherapy and the plant world therapeutically, emotionally and energetically depending on what my clients have wanted.

More to be revealed…

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Julie x


3 thoughts on “The Creation of a Natural Perfume #3

  1. Thank you for this update. This is sounding wondrous. As you are independent are you able to use more than .1% oak moss and avoid all the other IFRA restrictions? That would be great for special orders.
    A fine thing it is to be able to smell in your mind. Occasionally this happens to me but not in a professional capacity.


  2. Citrus seems perfect for Portia because it has the same qualities that she does. I often think she has a happy, uplifting effect on people. 🙂
    This perfume sounds wonderful so far.


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