RICHARD LÜSCHER BRITOS Terroir 44°N 03°W EdP by Andy Tauer 2013


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Before we start please hop over to my piece on Olfactoria´s Travels for an introduction to Richard Lüscher Britos (RLB) and their fabulous natural perfumes.

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Terroir 44°N 03°W EdP by Andy Tauer 2013

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RLB´s Terroir 44°N 03°W is drop dead gorgeous. Forget everything you ever knew about naturals. What is it with Swiss chemists? I know of two.
Albert Hoffman and Andy Tauer. They both created potions that last a very long time, whether used internally or applied externally. The average trip, olfactory or otherwise,
being between eight and twelve hours. Terroir 44°N 03°W lasts about ten hours. I was stunned. I thought naturals had a short life span. But this is a Tauer.

Andy says 44°N 03°W is free of any isolate and consists exclusively of essential oils, resins and absolutes. It includes wild mountain lavender harvested in the
The Cévennes, a mountain range in south-central France,hence the coordinates), black pine resin, the green fragrance of juniper, and of course, a hint of rose oil!
Thie lavender smells nothing like any lavender I have ever smelt. It´s fruity and herby and soft. Creamy, vanilla-y and lemony. I don´t start to even recognize lavender until a few hours into
the trip. (Check out Andy Tauer´s blog for an in-depth write up on his Cevennian lavender picking adventure.)

French mountain air. In a bottle. Stunning. Astonishingly divine. And no, it´s nothing like any Tauer I have ever tried.

http://www.richardlü (You´ll need to brush up on your German folks!)

I had the honour of being invited to the launch for RLB by Andy Tauer and Vero Kern, followed up the next day by tea at Tauerville. Spoilt, I know. Here´s a few piccies.

RICHARD LÜSCHER BRITOS Malvin Richard, Andy Tauer, Me!

RICHARD LÜSCHER BRITOS Vero Kern forcing me to smell her new rose perfume, whilst taking afternoon tea at Tauerville.

RICHARD LÜSCHER BRITOS Andy taking a picture of Vero presenting her Terroir.


RICHARD LÜSCHER BRITOS Andy with his Terroir

RICHARD LÜSCHER BRITOS Lukas Lüscher, Andy Tauer, Malvin Richard, at the launch

RICHARD LÜSCHER BRITOS Malvin filling me an EdP sample

Isi and me

May you have a peaceful holiday season, wherever you are.

Bussis under the mistletoe.

28 thoughts on “RICHARD LÜSCHER BRITOS Terroir 44°N 03°W EdP by Andy Tauer 2013

  1. I wish i could have come for this with you. It sounds amazing, and so much fun. nice report Val.
    Portia xx


  2. A natural that lasts 10 hours sounds quite remarkable! I look forward to trying this blend of essential oils. Thanks for the review, Val.


    • Hi Tora! I have tried it 5 times now. Every time it lasts forever. That´s what happens when Andy Tauer gets his hands on stuff. 😉
      Val xxxx


  3. Hi Val,
    Thank you for this detailed post! I met Andy at the Scent Bar in LA for the launch of Ingrid and he was talking about the lavenders that grow at different altitudes… and this is it! Fascinating and beautiful! I went on the website, but did not see samples nor scarves. Will look again. Thanks again for sharing this delightful experience.
    Cheers from Santa Fe, Jackie


      • Hi Val,
        Appreciate the encouragement. @;^)
        You must visit the Scent Bar: it’s a wonderland and the people are delightful. Andy said he’ll be back next spring. Perhaps we can all meet?!
        Salzberg: I hear music. How lovely!
        from the surprisingly early, winter wonderland of Santa Fe,


  4. Hello Val,
    Thank you for the review, the report, the links and the great photos. “French mountain air. In a bottle.”? Wow! And what a sweet pug!
    Azar xx


    • Hi Azar!! That is Isi – Vero’s dog. He’s brilliant! And it is absolutely lovely perfume. Good to see you! Are the stockings hung by the chimney with care yet? Bussis. Val xxx


  5. Hi Jackie! Oh I am so jealous! I would love to go to the Scent Bar for an event. Well, just to go there would be good! Maybe next year when I visit family in California. RLB told me that the prices of the scarves were 125 CHF so I guess they must have some to sell. They don´t do samples at the moment but I am sure that will have to change that. Luckily I had several empty 5ml vials in my bag (as we all do huh?), and Malvin was kind enough to fill them for me. I wish I had the words to really describe Andy´s Terroir. It is lavender as I have never known it. Absolutely beautiful. The other ones seem to be lovely too, but its this one that I have been busy with.
    Cheers back to you from a fairly mild, not much snow yet, little town not far away from Salzburg. Love, Val xxx


  6. Usually natural perfumes do not work for me – and not because of their short life on my skin, but most of them are just clearly inferior to their mixed media relatives. And I do not like names in the project. But I have an utmost respect for perfumers involved so I’ll definitely give these perfumes a try when I get a chance.
    Thank you for the review!


    • I could´t agree with you more Undina. And yes, the names are worrisome. But I can remember this as 4403 because I really, really love it. It is just gorgeous. If I get the chance to send you a sample, I will. It surely changed my mind about naturals. Although as fate would have it I have another natural coming up in January, which is also stunning. Hmmmm. Strange coincidence. Hugs. Val xxxxx


  7. Oh you lucky lucky thing!

    Truly blessed!

    I was reading Andy’s lavender adventure just the other day a it happens…

    I am so curious to inhale this one, and you have most certainly inflamed that desire further!

    Thanks CQ!


  8. Hi Val,
    Surrender to Chance has a great weekly special today: all three RLB perfumes. I ordered the high altitude lavender by Andy!!! Can’t wait to give it a sniff!
    A fragrant hello from Santa Fe,


    • Oh that is so great!! I don´t have any right now. Long used up. Extremely beautiful fragrance!! Enjoy it. Glad to see that they are putting themselves out there now. It must be really tough getting totally new perfumes on the go. Thanks for checking in here!! xxx


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