Mito Extrait by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo 2013


Post by Val the Cookie Queen



From LuckyScent: Mito is Vero’s long-awaited fourth composition, inspired by the magical gardens of the 16th century Villa d’Este on Lake Como in Italy. The myths the name conjures might be the gods and nymphs whose statues people the garden. But we’re rather inclined to think of the myths of perfumery. Mito, a glorious green floral chypre built around the Villa d’Este magnolias and jasmine, isn’t so much a descendent of the great Chanels and Guerlains as a wayward sister to Cristalle or Chamade who made her way to Northern Italy and thrived.

Mito Extrait by Vero Profumo 2013

Mito Extrait by Vero Kern

Mito extrait Vero Profumo Val

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Citruses, magnolia, champaca, jasmine, galbanum, hyacinth, cypress, moss

Mito Extrait is beautiful. A word sporadically used in the fragrant world today. A perfume that gives pleasure and exalts the intellect. The combination and quality of materials give fulfillment to both the mind and the senses. Outstanding perfumery is not dead, but you need to search for it.

Vero Profumo Mito Vasnetsov_samolet WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

A few drops of the Mito melt into the skin, moving with your body. It invokes swirls of pinks and greens, juicy, luscious, sophisticated. Deep within the citrus, magnolia, white flowers and moss, is an exquisite succulent tuberose, completely hidden at first glance. In the same way that Kool-Aid makes your mouth water, the tartness of the tuberose stimulates your olfactory perception. And yet it conforms to the artistic model of the old classics. and you feel that this is not the first time you have smelled such beauty. It belongs to a bygone era, to an established and accepted tradition of perfumery. The addition of civet the acme of excellence.

Vero Kern Mito Extrait

Magic Fairy Princess (Spirit 1975)

You´re the one, you´re the girl in a million my friend
It is you fairy princess I will love to the end
You´re the magic fairy princess to me
I thought my life was over, but now I see

So alone, I was alone for such a very long time
Then I came and understood and our love began to shine
You´re the magic fairy princess to me

Lying here all alone and I´m thinking of you
I would climb the highest mountain
Slay a dragon for you
Because you´re the magic fairy princess.

Vero Profumo Mito Orlando Furioso WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Further reading: Perfume Posse and Australian Perfume Junkies
LuckyScent has $180/7.5ml
Surrender To Chance have EdP samples from $6/.5ml

Who does not need beauty in their lives?

Retro Electric Bussis

(Ed: Unmarked photos donated by Val & Vero. Thanks Girls.)

23 thoughts on “Mito Extrait by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo 2013

  1. Fabulously put, Val. I see Mito in pinks and greens too.

    It’s true, the good stuff is out there but you do have to look for it – and encounter a lot of dross along the way 🙂


    • Hi Tara! Do you? Amazing. Colour and perfume is nothing new of course, but Mito is an explosion of pink and green every time I wear it. Not the EdP though. Gold and green for that. Hugs. xxxxxx


    • Hi Sandra. Long time, no see. 😉
      At least you have them on your doorstep, and if struck by the desperate need to have a drop ……… xxxxx


    • Hey Undina! I think we are surrounded by beautiful things, but we miss them. I find Mito the odd one out of the collection, and all the better for it. 🙂 xxx


  2. “… gives pleasure and exalts the intellect.” Yes! I think this duality is found in all of Vero’s perfumes. It is one of many reasons they’re such a pleasure to wear over the course of years. Nice work, Val!


  3. I love my Mito VdeE, and am looking forward to the extrait someday. Of course I want to try all the extraits, because you never know what will be the one. Val, you make it sound as beautiful as I was sure it would be. A wonderful description.


    • Hello Empliau! Nice to see you. All the Mitos are beautiful, and I wear each one. The Extrait is really the icing on the cake though. It is stunning. I hope you at least get to try it one day. xxxx


  4. The Mito range is my favourite of Vero’s, and you have captured the extrait most ‘lusciously’!

    Great picture of Vero there – the pink, white and blue are really striking together.

    And what can I say about those lovely drawers again…ahh!


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