Bas de Soie by Christopher Sheldrake for Serge Lutens 2010


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Hiya Fumies,

For some reason I have always overlooked todays fragrance. Not sure why. Nothing about it has ever jumped out at me but I’d also never read the notes list. Having fallen truly, madly and deeply in love with Apollo Hyacinth by Eric Buterbaugh Florals it suddenly seemed necessary to try another hyacinth fragrance and Serge Lutens often creates the benchmark, so it was to his that I gravitated.

Bas de Soie by Serge Lutens 2010

Bas de Soie by Christopher Sheldrake

Bas de Soie Serge Lutens FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Iris, galbanum, hyacinth, spices, musk

One year when we were kids my Mum splurged on a packet of Hyacinth bulbs. We were great gardeners, Mum & I, and spent whole weekends together creating and recreating the garden. Sydney is a funny climate and most bulbs get one year of fabulous and then rot in the ground. Anyway, this year the Hyacinths came up and were a beautiful blue, Mum was thrilled. Bas de Soie reminds me of the feeling that Mum & I had really achieved something to have these beautiful flowers to show for our efforts.

Bas de Soie reminds me of that spring. It’s alive, fresh, hopefull springlike green opening is so like the sap of freshly cut hyacinths. It has that glorious galbanum which smells both incredibly cool and aloof while also giving me a smooth, resinous, shiny and reflective smell. I am explaining it very badly but hopefully you understand.

bas-de-soie-serge-lutens hyacinth PixabayPixabay

Iris is green and only lightly powdery. Actually it’s like the cool spring morning air blowing through the lovely green and grey leaves of the iris, that makes the flowers shiver of their impossibly long stems. Then the startling cascade of colour, a positive riot of purples, yellows, oranges and pinks.

About 30 minutes in and then Bas de Soie changes. It warms through slightly, while still being green and light as air, maybe the spices and musk but it feels woody and earthy.

Now you will be fragrant, people will smell you, but there is little chance of your fragrance ever skunking anyone if you’re wearing Bas de Soie. It’s a very pretty floral. Maybe if CHANEL No 19 is a bit too severe then the friendliness of Bas de Soie could quite well be a better fit for you.

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LuckyScent has $135/50ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4/0.5ml

Do you have a hyacinth fragrance you love? Maybe something that smells so fresh and new?
Portia xx

15 thoughts on “Bas de Soie by Christopher Sheldrake for Serge Lutens 2010

  1. Hi Portia,

    Hyacinth is one of my favorites. The flowers (سنبل) and their fragrance bring back happy memories of Now Ruz in Tehran. In Springtime I have more than a few blooming in my garden, positioned strategically among the tea plants. Their fragrance helps to repel hungry deer. Galbanum is another fragrance note that I love. Thank you for lovely review! For me, Bas de Soie could be an easy blind buy – at the right price, of course.

    Azar xxx


  2. The only hyacinth fragrances I have are Hyacinth by California Perfume Company and Jess by Jessica McClintock. Both are just okay. I was thinking about buying a hyacinth oil fragrance but haven’t pulled the trigger. I love the flower.


  3. Funnily enough Portia, I also have a happy childhood association with hyacinths because they were in the sunken garden where my sister and I used to play.

    Sadly Bas de Soie didn’t grab me and I found it rather too chilly but you make me want to give it another try.

    Tears of Eros by Paul Schutze is an unusual hyacinth perfume because it’s overlaid with hazy incense.

    Chamade Extrait is the one on my Wish List though.


  4. I received a sample of this when shopping another SL scent in Berlin in 2013, and warmed to Bas de Soie the second time I tried it on skin.

    I like a lot of perfumes where galbanum is included and I love Chamade edp of which I have a full bottle. Chamade has hyacinth as a note, but for me it is mostly about the different shades of green, it is not very floral.

    I like the chilly aspect of Bas de Soie,I notice the iris most of all. With moderate spraying this would be very office friendly. However, there are too many scents on my wish lsit, so Bas de Soie hasn’t been put on that list.


    • Hi Ingeborg,
      Yes, the LIST! It needs a post of its own. The ever growing, rarely depleted Want List. Hopefully one day my need to acquire will slow.
      Chamade, like a sparkling green scarf. What a treasure.
      Portia xxx


  5. It’s interesting to note that most bulbs in Sydney do exactly what most bulbs do in Seattle – look gorgeous the first year and then rot, decline, or are eaten by squirrels after that. The hyacinths do well, though, coming back year after year, so there’s hope for your Mum’s continuing to bloom. Other bulbs that do well here are cyclamens and Bletilla orchids. I think I have tried Bas de Soie and liked it.


    • Hey Ellen,
      That was many many years ago and no we only got one year but they were spectacular.
      Bas de Soie is even lovely next morning, softest galbanum green wash. MMMMM
      Portia xx


  6. I love hyacinths. Mine bloom but this year they weren’t that great. At least they don’t get eaten by the chipmunks and the squirrels like my tulips did.
    Haven’t found a hyacinth perfume to love but I haven’t tried this. I’m like you. I never even looked at the note list before. I had no clue there was hyacinth.


    • Hi Poodle,
      I wonder why this one doesn’t get any attention. It’s so pretty and wearable.
      Maybe that’s the problem?
      Portia xxx


    • Good point Fazal,
      It’s nothing silk stockings-isa is it.
      Maybe you’ve discovered why it’s not so popular. The people who want to be sexy vamps would not look at this and the prim and fresh would not wear anything called silk stockings.
      Portia xx


      • You are so right, the name is quite misleading. It should have had some creamy, smooth elements. Instead, it is metallic.


  7. Oh, I completely forgot about this one. SL was the first niche line I have explored some years ago and I just remembered wondering what on earth has this got to do with silk stockings??? I remember it reminded me of spring and a fine soap but I didn’t pick up the hyacinths in it. Thanks so much for reminding me of this perfume. I feel I need it right now!


  8. I like Bas de Soie – probably not enough to go beyond the sample or two that I’ve got but I think it’s a beautiful perfume.
    Loved a glimpse into your childhood – thank you for sharing!


    • Hi there Undina,
      You’re welcome. The garden with my Mum are some of my happiest memories. It’s nice to share the feel good things with friends.
      Portia xx


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