Still Life in Rio by Dora Baghriche for Olfactive Studio 2016


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Hi there APJ!

Friday 5 August 2016 marks the beginning of the XXXI Olympiad, with the start of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Summer Olympics being held in a city which is renowned for its celebrations and colourful festivals, wide open beaches, and friendly people. We have quite a large Brazilian contingent here in Sydney and whenever our paths cross I feel like I’ve been swept up into one large loud colourful party – It’s not optional! You must relax and have fun! Well, OK then…. 🙂

Still Life in Rio by Olfactive Studio 2016

Still Life in Rio by Dora Baghriche

Still Life in Rio Olfactive Studio FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Yuzu, ginger, lemon, mint, mandarin orange
Heart: Pepper, black pepper, pink pepper, coconut milk
Base: Rum, copaiba balm, leather

On either side of the party you have the warm relaxed recovery times, lazy days by the beach enjoying the long sunsets, drinks and food. I feel that this is where Still Life in Rio fits in. As a fragrance, it is bright and invigorating. It opens with a burst of lemon pith and juice that is tart at first then warms with ginger and mandarin, with a touch of mint and a general milkiness (is that coconut?) behind it all. It’s a fragrance you want to wear on sun kissed and salty skin, the lemon taking centre stage for the first few hours. The ginger gets stronger by way of a ‘taste’ sensation on the back of my tongue, however I’m not sure that I pick up the peppers which are listed in the notes for this fragrance – the ginger is predominant as a spice.

After about 4 hours I find that I’m really enjoying the mandarin, and realise that the whole effect of the fragrance is like a mandarin caprioska, juicy and refreshing. I don’t find there’s much development in the fragrance after this but it has a good longevity of at least 10 hours, and I’ve noticed the fragrance wafting around me as I’ve been going about my day so it has a decent sillage. A great summer scent, light and easy wearing. You might head toward this if you enjoy the freshness of a cologne but enjoy the sophistication & longevity of a well-crafted perfume.

still-life-in-rio- Flavio Veloso olfactive-studioOlfactive Studio

I remember the Sydney Olympics back in 2000, it was such a fabulous time! A relaxed happy party atmosphere, the trains actually ran to their timetables (!!!), and you could stop and chat to anyone on the street with a smile and a laugh. Really great times. We had a ball. And although the world is a different place now to then I sincerely wish the best of everything that the Olympics holds for Rio.

Rio Olympics

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First In Fragrance has €90/50ml + Samples
Libertine Parfumerie will have it in stock soon for the Aussies.

What fragrances do you wear in summer to beat the heat?

Till next time, Tina G. xx

12 thoughts on “Still Life in Rio by Dora Baghriche for Olfactive Studio 2016

  1. Hi there Tina,
    I have long loved this brand but still no FBs in my collection. I’m hoping to remedy that soon.
    Portia xx


    • Hey Portia, me too! I’d be stuck deciding between Ombré Indigo, Still Life, or Chambre Noir. Such a great line.

      xx Tina


  2. Yuzu, ginger, lemon, mint, mandarin orange black pepper, coconut milk, and rum? Sounds like an excellent ice cream flavor to me! Maybe it’s time to dust off the ice cream maker 🙂


  3. Hi Tina,

    In summer I wear Borsari 1870 Acqua Classica, Morris Maria Amalia and Pirouette Wild Spruce and Tobacco, among others. So far we’ve had a nice, cool summer here so I am still working through my ambers. Also, in summer I sometimes wear big, heavy orientals. They bloom when it’s hot!

    I really like the Olfactive line, especially Autoportrait , the first Still Life and and Chambre Noir. But, like Portia, I have yet to purchase a full bottle.

    Azar xx


    • Hi Azar, your summer fragrances are three that I’m not aware of, so have just looked them up. I found your review of Morris Maria Amalia, sounds lovely as do the others. Interesting!

      Maybe there’s a full bottle of OF in each of our futures… 🙂 I know I’d be hard pressed to make a decision, perhaps that’s my reason for not splurging as yet.

      Tina G xx


  4. Hi Tina and thanks for the review! I’m looking for a summer cologne with a good longevity so I must check this one out. I’m happy to hear it’s not a predominantly coconut fragrance because coconut reminds me too much of suntan lotions from my childhood (Coppertone).
    I have tried Still Life and it was not fresh enough for my taste. The honeyed orange was a bit suffocating. I liked Panorama and Flashback from Olfactive Studio very much.
    In the summer heat I like perfumes from Acqua di Parma or Bulgari’s Au The Vert. Biotherm has also a line of well made Eaux which my mother uses every summer.


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