Opus X by Pierre Negrin + Annick Menardo for Amouage 2016


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


Hey Hip APJ Cats.

Ever taken acid? When you place it in your mouth there is a distinct metallic sensation and a little apprehension for what is about to come. Are you familiar with (electric) Kool-Aid Magic Twists? Normally Kool-Aid dissolves to match the colour of the packaging. The Twists don´t. You empty the green powder into the jug, add water and it turns red. Pretty cool, and weird if you don´t expect it.


Amouage Opus X by Amouage 2016

Amouage Opus X by Pierre Negrin + Annick Menardo

Opus X Amouage FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: May rose, red rose, rose
Heart: Geranium, leather, varnish accord
Base: Metallic notes, laotian oud, ylang-ylang, ambrarome

“”Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers, that grow so incredibly high.” (The Beatles)

Opus X erupts with droplets of green and an aluminium red blast, roses dripping in metal and varnish. Your consciousness needs a little time.

“Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream …” (The Beatles) The cacophony of notes smooth down into reds, cerise to crimson, cherry,
scarlet and vermilion. Layers of roses, the deeper you look into the mirror the more you see. The hovering silvered sheen prevents you
from going to deep. Never look into the mirror for too long. The Opus X meanders into a gentler territory softening up with leather, oud, and the
duskiness of a pile of rose petals. Stellar longevity. Bewitching.

The Rose with Kaleidoscope Eyes.

Opus X Amouage garlandcannon Caja Esquelética Lucy in the box with roses FlickrFlickr

Further reading: Chemist In A Bottle and Candy Perfume Boy
Libertine Parfumerie has $487/100ml with FREE AUSTRALIAN POSTAGE
First In Fragrance has €320/100ml

From First In FragranceThe wealth of rose facets in Opus X reflects all the stories that the red violin experiences on its journey through the centuries. The centifolia pluck the first string of the violin and play a magnificent, radiant and sensual melody. From the second string a dark rose chord resounds, which lends mystery to the composition. On the third string, rosebuds play a lyrical ode full of brilliance and luminosity. The rose oxide lies like a fine veil upon the composition, culminating in a vigorous and multi-faceted rose. In different pitches, it shows all its perfect beauty and its olfactory richness. The sensual texture of leather, woven with fine geranium notes, accompanies and intensifies the fragrance. The final impression of this woody-floral composition is created by the warmth of ambrarome, the seductive aroma of ylang-ylang and the elegance of Laotian Oud. Opus X lives through its contrasts of light and darkness, innocence and seduction.

The Red Violin Official Trailer – Carlo Cecchi Movie (1998)

“The ´60s aren`t over; they won´t be over until the Fat Lady gets high.” Ken Kesey

Do you see perfume as a drug?

Groovy Bussis

22 thoughts on “Opus X by Pierre Negrin + Annick Menardo for Amouage 2016

  1. Definite addiction that makes you feel better but instead of self-medicating to cope with life or escape, it enhances life. Creation versus destruction.


    • Nicely put Gina! Although I have had some experiences that have definitely not enhanced my life. Hahahahaha. Nice to see you here! 🙂 xxx


  2. Oh wow, what a fabulous review Val. Loved it. Opus X is indeed a surreal rose dripping in liquid metal, blood and varnish. Quite the trip.

    I absolutely do treat perfume like a drug. I use it to comfort and bolster myself but also to enhance, as Gina says above.

    It can be a glorious escape.


    • Hi tara! Thanks. I am ploughing my way through ten mls extremely fast. I love it. It is amazing in the heat. It is a drug for all of us. Constantly o the search for an even better hit. Still, saves boredom huh? AND it is how we have all gotten to know each other, and that is just the icing on the cake. A hundred bussis. xxx


  3. I love your review, Val! Smooth and so groovy. I can almost smell the varnish accord and the metallic notes – and the roses too!

    Yes, I do see perfume as a drug, my drug of choice, actually! “Feed your Head…” and your nose too!

    Azar xxxx


    • I am sure you can smell the metal and varnish, it is that powerful but it is a thing of beauty. The last thing in the world I expected to love, but life is full of surprises. Besides, nothing like an ice cold glass of Kool-Aid huh? Chemicals at their very best. Remember what the dormouse said. xxxxxxxxxxx


  4. LOL at ‘The Rose with Kaleidoscope Eyes’! Very amusing review altogether. I don’t experience hallucinogenic trips as such when wearing perfume, but it is definitely a comfort, like alcohol, crisps and chocolate – as well as being occasionally transporting or compelling and addictive like catnip.


  5. Well dear Val, when you write a fab review like that, i feel like a perfume junkie and want to smell it NOW…. Definitely perfume is a drug, thankfully a safe one (unless you overspend on the credit card, lol). In my case i think i have found the ‘one’ greatest perfume…. and then another ‘greater high’ comes along….. There are some bad trips as well man…… but lets forget about those! 😉


    • Hi Patsi! An electric scented party? I am sure I could come up with some green note cookies for it. 😉 I don´t really search for “the greatest” any more because I am inevitably disappointed. my vero addiction has never left me. hence the utter surprise of loving this Opus X. Thanks to an amazing Fairy God Tante I have 10 mls to play with. Which is a fair amount of an Amouage, let´s be honest. Great big hug. xxxxx


  6. Hi Val! What a great review!! I am so curious to try this now. That is what is great about the Amouage perfumes – they bloom in the heat. I think of perfume as a drug – definitely. Xoxo


  7. Perfume is very much a drug. Some days it works better than others though. I love your review but I think this one might not be for me. Roses and I don’t always get along. I could easily see this going sour or screechy metallic on me like so many do.


    • Hi Poodle, yeah I agree it works better on some days than others, but in a way that is with most things. Even the cookies, who lose their minds when the weather is hot. Of course it might not be your cup of tea. At 320 Euros a pop does it matter? BUT if you ever get t he chance to try it you might be surprised. I do not have a a single rose scent in my collection …….. this really shocked me! xxxx


  8. Hey Val!
    I love a good metallic rose, and Opus X doesn’t fail to deliver. Need to wear this a few more times to get to know it better. I have a small sample. I find the Library Collection bottles hard to hold, some perfume bottles seem to have been made for men’s hands. It’s too big for me to hold and spray, I need to use both hands. A pain.

    Perfume, drug? No. Enhancer. Makes the world a more interesting place. Why would you not want more of that?

    Love to you
    Tina G xx


    • Isn´t a drug an enhancer? I have never held one of the bottles, but they do look rather large to say the least. But who needs 100 mls anyway? I see Portia mentions a 50ml bottle, but I do believe they are the ones made for the special people by Amouage, press etc. Sadly I/we do not fall into that category. Yet. Hear me Amouage? I will swop for cookies.


  9. Fabulous review! My days of acid and mary jane are over, but fragrance is definitely my drug of choice these days and I just can’t get enough – that’s why I’m an Australian Perfume Junkie!


  10. Hi Val!
    I loved this post! Why yes, I dropped acid back in the day and it was glorious. So true, the door does remain open and what a joy.
    Sounds like Opus X is a must-try. Interestingly enough, many of the Amouage frags smell like headshop on me. Or, perhaps I myself (still)smell like a headshop and they just enhance that.

    Holly xo


  11. Val I find your associations with the Beatles lyrics and the picture of the Rose with Kaleidoscope Eyes and the movie trailer absolutely charming. Opus X seems to be amazing and I really need to try it after reading this review.
    Perfume is definitely a drug, my drug at least. I feel nervous and restless when I go out and don’t wear the right perfume.On the other hand, when I spray the right stuff at the right moment – the world is totally at peace 😉


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