Rose Delight Body Oil by Andy Tauer for Tauer Perfumes 2016


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Hi Frag Friends!

Robert H. here writing from my (very warm) tiny island home in the Pacific Northwest.

The Tauer line of fragrances are kind of a “tough love” for many people. There are ones that don’t work on me at all (Zeta, Pentachords White, Sotto La Luna Gardenia), and others that absolutely sing with beauty and joy (Phi Un Rose De Kandahar, LADM, Noontide Petals etc…) The ones that work are not necessarily scents I would reach for on a daily basis, more like very special performance art perfumes. Often I will spray with abandon when I’m alone in the house and can wander around for hours encapsulated in my very own cloud of scented gloriousness!

Rose Delight Body Oil Tauer 1

What I really love about Tauer Perfumes, is Andy Tauer’s willingness to step outside his own box to create fragrances for a secondary range (Tauerville) that are like little masterpieces, and priced affordably so anyone can enjoy his work. To me, this speaks volumes, this attitude and desire to make perfume accessible to everyone! Rose Flash, Fruitchouli Flash, Amber Flash, and one of my favorites, Vanilla Flash are as great as anything you’ll find at five times the price!

Rose Delight Body Oil by Tauer Perfumes 2016

Rose Delight Body Oil by Andy Tauer

Rose Delight Body Oil Tauer 3

So when I first heard of the new and reasonable Rose Delight Body Oil, I jumped online to order, because A.) body oil, and B.) Another Tauer rose! Hell yes!

Tauer Rose Delight Body Oil, is a luxurious sheer body moisturizing oil described by Mr. Tauer thusly: ” …based on pure cold pressed jojoba oil, totally free of added other oils, free of added phthalates, antioxidants, parabens and stabilizers. The scent is rose petals on a gourmand base. A rose veil for a grey or sunny day.”

It is indeed a rose veil, at first simplistic and seemingly linear, but like a new bud opening up…. layers upon layers of rose and something spicy (Pepper? Clove?) all on a deep and absolutely captivating and hypnotic base. Absolutely gorgeous, as in eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head gorgeous!

Rose Delight Body Oil Tauer 2

Yup. Love it.

Available exclusively through the Tauer Perfumes website (CLOSED July 21-August 5), Tauer’s new Rose Delight Body Oil is a delight in every sense of the word!

Do you use body oils? What’s your favorite or go-to?

14 thoughts on “Rose Delight Body Oil by Andy Tauer for Tauer Perfumes 2016

  1. Robert my love. So nice to see your review of this.
    I jumped on the chance to get this when it came out, and I adore the scent. The carrier base makes for a great feeling on the skin, and it didn’t cause any reaction on my skin – rare indeed for a scented oil.
    The only issue I have is with the longevity – after about 3 hours, I can no longer smell the glorious scent. Then again, it is an oil, and not a perfume.
    How did it last on you ???


    • Tena, it lasts ages which is nothing short of a miracle for me, and that scent! Dear god it’s gorgeous! I actually bought TWO, at that price I couldn’t resist!
      Much love to you dear one ❤️❤️❤️


  2. My skin and hair are so dry that oils are my best friends. I usually use body oils on my hair too since most hair “oils” are actually silicone. I have a few I really like but can’t say I’m faithful to any one in particular. I guess the one I’ve bought the most is the Neutrogena Body Oil since its cheap and easy to find. Not very decadent or glamorous I suppose. I love Aftelier Ancient Resins but the scent fades so fast on me I can’t justify buying a bottle.


    • The older I get the drier I get, Poodle! Ugh. I am relatively new to the world of body oils, but damn it was a fast love! Xoxo


  3. Hi Robert! Great review of a new fave!

    I know just what you mean about the Tauers being like special performance art perfumes. I find that they can make a big statement such that I need to feel quite extroverted to wear them out of the house. I was a bit concerned about the Rose Delight Body Oil being in a similar vein, but it’s just so soft and stunning and wearable. Another plus for me is that it’s in plastic, cuz slippery shower hands.

    Some other oils I like are Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (rarely used, big square glass bottle must decant keep forgetting,) Aftelier’s Chocolate Saffron Body Oil (tall rectangular glass bottle also functions as lava lamp toy as the chocolate disperses and coalesces), Aftelier’s Ancient Resins (but I only have a dinky sample), Chanel No 5 Body Oil (plastic decant gifted) and Blooming Dream White Smoke Body Oil (yay plastic). You’d think I’d be very well-moisturized, but the truth is I usually forget and am too lazy to rearrange my bathroom to make all of my stuff convenient to use. 😉


    • Hi Holly! So glad you love this new Tauer, it’s really great. I love the Nuxe oil as well and often wear it as a scent because it’s so great. And like Poodle says above, the Neutrogena which thank god is available at Costco in those ginormous bottles, so you can splash with abandon! Xoxo


  4. Hi Robert,

    Thank you for introducing this one to me. I use two very different body oils on my hair (not at the same time – of course) . Lierac Three white Flowers and an Amber Labdanum oil from Olympic Orchids. The Lierac lasts for ten minutes. The Amber Labdanum or at least a day. I would welcome a light weight rose scented oil like this one 🙂

    Azar xx


    • Hey Azar, get on it quickly ’cause I don’t know if it’ll be around for very long! Andy Tauer keeps dropping little hints about the limited quantity! Xoxo


  5. I normally use just plain jojoba oil as a moisturizer. I love the Rose Delight body oil though! I can smell it strongly for the first few hours but it lingers delicately for another 5 hours or so. Andy didn’t design it as a perfume and said the scent wasn’t designed to last all day, but that’s fine with me. I wear it in the evening before bed or layered under my perfume. And the price is so good, I definitely feel it’s worth it.


    • Tara, absolutely! For some mysterious reason unknown to me, the scent last about 8 hours on me! First time that has ever happened on my scent-sucking skin! Xoxo


    • Hey Joseph! Just a smear on one arm is enough to get a decent scent cloud going! And it’s a Tauer rose… much yes! xoxo


  6. I love all things Tauer, except Lonesome Rider, and bought this as soon as it came out. It is part of my 5 or 6 rose products that I love to use after a bath. Yummy.


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