Naja by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo 2017


Val the Cookie Queen


Salutations APJ

It might be fair to say that Vero Kern considers NAJA to be the jewel in her superb collection of fragrances. A triumph celebrating ten years of the .vero.profumo. perfume house. This is no mean feat in an age of disposable scents and the ‘here today, gone tomorrow, and forgotten’ releases. Behind the facade of promising pictures, engaging copy, and olfactive promises from hell to breakfast, this is one bitch of a business to be involved in.

I have observed the pleasure and the pain in watching Vero bringing NAJA to life. It is the inclusion of a small part of Vero Kern´s soul in each of her perfumes that give them their strength and vitality. How can one create with no heart?

The origin of NAJA is the Sanskrit NĀGA, pronounced with a hard “g”, meaning snake. NAJA is the genus of venomous snakes known as cobras. Vero took the attributes of these serpents as the inspiration for her jubilee creation, with their embodiment of two opposing symbols. Healing and death, order and chaos, life and destruction. Shamanism is a practice that involves the practitioner reaching an altered state of consciousness, a trance, to practice divination and healing. Tobacco is considered to be one of the shamans’ most powerful drugs and is found in many of their rituals.

Naja by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo 2017

Naja: Vero Profumo 10 Year Jubilee Scent: Floral Tobacco

Tobacco absolute. Linden blossom. Osmanthus absolute. Melon. A combination of contradictory elements.

GREEN, FLORAL AND TROPICAL! Let´s think South America, Caribbean, New Orleans. NAJA opens with a remarkable lime green surge, which is made up of Vero´s own citrus accord, including both neroli oil and bergamot. The neroli is sweet, and somewhat metallic with a green and piquant dimension, the bergamot both zesty and floral. Spices in the background, enhancing the lushness. Continuing the idea of contradiction the linden adds a bright floral as well as a honeyed shading, the osmanthus a flowery suede. As a consequence of Vero Kern´s understanding as both an aromatologist and aromatherapist, the tobacco absolute spreads its aromatic, golden and therapeutic warmth, and depth of character throughout NAJA.

“Take me in tender woman
Take me in, for heaven´s sake
Take me in tender woman,” sighed the snake
“I saved you,” cried the woman
“And you´ve bitten me, but why?
You know your bite is poisonous and now I`m going to die”
“Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin
“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in …..”
The Snake. Written by Oscar Brown Junior. Sung by Al Wilson.

I am indebted to Vero for having been allowed on the NAJA journey over the last two years, with all of its ups and downs.

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LuckyScent will have Naja when it comes in

have you tried any of the Vero Profumo scents yet? Have a favourite?

Jubilant Bussis

28 thoughts on “Naja by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo 2017

    • Hey Portia (and Jin) It was amazing that we hooked up in Milan. Who´d have thought that would ever happen. One day it will be Sydney, or Paris. 🙂 xxxxxxx


  1. Hey Val!

    Vera’s perfumes are -all- stunning and genuinely unique. I’ve got different & strikingly personal associations with each one. Interestingly they seem to manifest themselves as strong women to me. For example, I hunted down Onda, trying to decipher notes and accords – and she was like – well, no, it doesn’t work that way – there’s a story here that you must listen to first….

    I can’t wait to try NAJA. I’ll tell you all about it.

    xx Tina G


    • Hey Tina G! I wonder why we even bother to decipher notes. I guess it comes with the perfume junkie territory. Thy really are unique. There is nothing else like them, a feat that is close to impossible to achieve in these days. It is what I love so much. They are not for everyone, thank goodness. Have a brilliant time in LA ….. Big hugs. xxxxxx


  2. Wonderfully put, Val
    The world needs soul now more than ever and it seems down to artists to provide it.
    NAJA is the jewel in the collection’s crown and completely timeless.
    I adore it.


  3. Her scents are unique, and organic and lush. I remember wondering (wrist to nose) is this tomato leaf? How can it smell so right??

    Being as I love a gorgeous green anything, I’m sure this one will be tested. Thanks Val!


    • Morning Tara! I have to say, that possibly with the exception of Kiki, it is the one Vero that I can and want to wear days in a row. I am so looking forward to having a bottle of it. See you very soon. xxxxxxxxx


    • Whoops, sorry Moira. Sheesh. I always make some mistake when chatting back to the commenters!! I think we can call this a jungle green ……. I do hope you get the chance, I know that the Vero Profumo line can be hard to get hold of. And yes, they are unique, that is what pulled me into the VP fold! xxxxx


  4. It sounds wonderful and I will absolutely try it. Recently someone sent me Mito in EdP and I love it, big chance that either Mito or Naja will be my next FB.


    • I know you already have an idea of how it smells. 😉 Let me know what you think of the totally finished product! Oh how I wish I could just pop over to SF and have coffee with you. xxxxx


  5. Beautiful review, Val. Must have been quite a journey to create Naja. For you as well to experience it’s creation. I heard that in the Andean (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador) tradition healers or shamans use tobacco as well in offerings ( together with coca leaves and other things) as gifts to give thanks, the Andean tradition was very close to my heart in a period of my life. Very much looking forward to scent Naja! Xxx, Esperanza


    • Hi Esperanza! It has been a great adventure and quite frustrating at times. I wonder if people really realise how much work is involved in creating, preparing, and launching a perfume! I´m excited to hear what you think of it. I really must visit. We#ll coordinate when I go to Rotterdam to see Sandra huh? xxxxx


    • It is rather exciting. Contrary to what people think I only have about 5mls of NAJA and although that is 5 more than most people (!) I truly cannot wait for a whole bottle. 🙂


  6. You really paint Naja as an experience. A performane rather that stritcly a bottle of perfume. This is exactly how I experience Vero’s work. I will be lined up at LuckyScent in LA the day it hits. Thanks, Val. Great piece.


    • Hi Jtd! So good to see you here. 🙂 I am sure you can preorder from LS. Should be available by the end of May according to my insider sources. Mind you, they are not always as accurate as they pretend to be. Hahahahahaha. Bussis. xxxx


  7. Hi Val, I enjoy your posts very much. Vero makes really interesting perfumes. I’ve tried some samples in the EdP concentration and they all share the same DNA, I’d say. To me they feel like blurred pictures, it’s hard to describe them. They all have a strong and independant personality.
    I love green notes, so Mito is maybe my favourite, but Rubj follows very close. The only one I did not like was Kiki, but I have a problem with lavender so it’s me, not the perfume.
    I’m very curious about Naja, linden blossom is one of my favourite notes so I’ll be sampling it for sure.


    • Hi Neva! I must admit I didn´t like lavender until I tried Kiki. And even then it took me some time to get into it. And now It is my most worn Vero, and the only one that I have had three bottles of the extrait of, and two of the EdP …… I look forward to hearing your impressions of NAJA and hope you get the chance to try it. If I get a good stash of samples I´ll give some away on APJ. Keep your eyes open! xxxxx


  8. Glorious review in every detail – I love the photos too! I am sure you were a great support to Vero during the development of Naja, and you have certainly been a fine enabler since its launch! Thanks for the linkage and for the sample, which is a lovely reminder of our meet up. xxx


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