Methaldone by Rodrigo Flores-Roux for Aether 2017




Heya Fumies,

Life is a roller coaster. Jin and I had the most amazing trip around Europe last month. One of the highlights was catching up with Nicolas and Enno. They are the guys behind Le Galion and Aether Parfums. We took them out to Jin’s favourite Korean restaurant in Paris because we love them. Clever, funny, handsome and really passionate men about their fragrance, lives, love; just about everything. Seeing them is always a joy.

Methaldone by Aether 2017

Methaldone by Rodrigo Flores-Roux


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Metallic notes, incense, amber, woody notes, resins, musk

The Aether perfumes line is dedicated to using only captured molecules and they have done a very interesting job with this one. Methaldone is created to the brief of recreating the scent of hot metal.

My nose smells sparklers and cooking popcorn. So that’s my experience and these two leading images last in  my head for the first hour or so until the fragrance warms through with resins and sweet amber coming up from underneath and gradually taking over. Personally I am loving the way it smells and the way it lingers so tenaciously, especially on clothes and you’ll need to wash them before the scent goes. My washing basket has never smelt so good.

As you can see in the pic I’ve already used quite a lot of my bottle, it’s YUMMY!

I wore Methaldone last weekend to a party where it got 3 unsolicited compliments, which rarely happens for me in party situations. One friend coming in for an extra cuddle so they could smell it more. So Methaldone is a WIN!

Surprisingly for something that sounds so out there it is remarkably wearable and would be a superb go-to scent for everyday wearings.

Below we have a fab giveaway, thanks to Nicolas & Enno, get to it
Portia xx



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26 thoughts on “Methaldone by Rodrigo Flores-Roux for Aether 2017

  1. Hey Portia,
    I would wear it to work 🙂 Love mixing it up and wearing something a little unexpected to work.
    Cheers, Lil xx

    P.S. I follow by email


  2. This sounds incredibly interesting!!!! I don’t know what captured molecules are in fragrance. Hmmm. I work in a manufacturing environment. I would wear it to work. They won’t know if it is me or the machines that they are smelling! Perfect camouflage.

    I follow on Facebook and email.


  3. The notes description sounds so interesting, something wearable for work in winter. I wonder if it’s anything like Bond no 9’s Andy Warhol Silver Factory. I follow the email trail.


  4. Did someone really give a perfume a name that’s only one letter away from “methadone”?

    “What’s that you’re wearing tonight, Chuck? … Methadone? … Sorry didn’t know you had a monkey on your back.”

    Looks like focus groups aren’t always a lost effort.


  5. I was curious about the review of Methaldone ever since you’ve first mentioned it during your visit to the Esxence. The notes sound warm and cozy to me so I’d wear it on a cold day with a scarf and hope that the smell would linger on the scarf over the next days.
    Following via email.


  6. This sounds so interesting! The popcorn note you mention makes me want to wear Methaldone to the movies 🙂 I follow by email, thank you.


  7. Portia, I follow APJ via email. I am a newbie, though.

    I would wear this to work. I am an apprentice truck mechanic and I am always seeking something that will stand out at work (for my nose), yet be at home amongst the oil, grease and welding.


  8. I follow your lovely blog on WordPress

    I would wear it to a heavy metal concert or maybe just to the hardware store.

    My condolences on the loss in your family. Best wishes to you and your family.


  9. What an intriguing scent! I would wear it to work – I work at everyones favourite Aussie skin care brand (guess!) so scents are kind of a big thing here. In the office we don’t have to wear our own brand and I like getting comments on my fragrance of the day.

    I follow via RSS using Feedly.


  10. Hello,
    I follow by e-mail.
    I would love to try this for a “date night” with my partner/husband. It would be great to fine a metal scent that also has some warmth.


  11. This sounds really interesting, despite a name reminiscent of prescription drugs. (Methadone plus aldosterone? DDJ has a point.) I’d heard about Le Galion, but Aether is new to me–I haven’t been keeping up with perfume blogs lately the way I used to. I love a perfume that’s weird or difficult for the first hour, but ultimately wearable. I’m in the US, and I’d wear Methaldone to a Little League baseball game.


  12. Hi Portia, I follow you via email.
    I would wear this scent to go to the cinema to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. Don’t ask me why this movie, that was my first thought =))


  13. I would wear Methaldone while visiting a car repair shop. I follow APJ through email and FB. thanks for the generous draw. I am in US.


  14. This sounds fabulous! Would love to wear it to work. Thanks for the generous giveaway, I follow APJ by email and FB.


  15. This sounds so good! I would wear it taking my mom out to lunch 🙂 thanks for the chance, I follow via RSS


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