Cookies, Perfumes, Shoes, and a Mountain


Val the Cookie Queen


Hi APJ from Austria in a heatwave

Last year I wrote a post for APJ – Scent of the Cookie Run. A Five Year Anniversary. This month will be my sixth year and last night I attended the opening of a new store in Innsbruck, the third in the city.


Cookies, Perfumes, Shoes, and a Mountain

I wore Vero Profumo´s Rozy Extrait for the event. As I recently mentioned to Tara of A Bottled Rose, I don´t wear spray perfume when I am in a close crowd, and especially not in an eating place. I think that´s damn rude. Extraits are perfect. So for the who went for the three kisses on the cheek route, mwah, mwah, mwah, Rozy said enough. Laughing as I write this, idiosyncratic perfumista behaviour at it´s most extreme. Talking of Vero Profumo, my bottle of the ten year jubilee scent, NAJA, arrived this week. Quite the highlight I must say. I have had various versions of it since 2015, and it has been a long and emotional journey, so to hold a bottle in my grubby hand was way cool.

I bought an amazing pair of shoes recently. Flat AND sexy. I live in Crocs for work, Timberland for winter, and Havaianas for summer. It has been years since I bought any shoes verging on beautiful. I mean have you tried buying a genuinely stunning pair of flat, comfortable, gorgeous shoes? When I saw a picture of these I followed the link and ordered them on-the-spot. The company were beyond good. They kept in touch via email, Facebook Chat, WhatsApp and there was a telephone number. Of course it is a bit risky ordering online when it comes to sizing, and the 39s I ordered were too big. Returning was as simple as can be and the replaced my order within three weeks. The shoes are hand finished, according to the orders they receive, and thus take a little longer than some other online companies. Winter boots here I come.

I am going with the BlondesWunder, Mirjam her childhood friend, and Dr Fox, my partner-in-crime, to Italy next week for five days. Caorle, about forty-five minutes northish of Venice on the Adriatic Coast. We have been together many times before, always staying in the same hotel on the beach, and we love it. There is something supremely comfortable about being hidden on the beach, sardined in amongst thousands of other holidaymakers. Anonymity pure. It´s a ladies only holiday. Which brings me to the perfumes BlondesWunder and I are gonna take. We have limited ourselves to three each, with the option of sharing! We are driving down there so it´s no problem taking bottles. (We only wear perfume at night, after dinner, when we go into the town 🙂 )

BlondeWunder has picked Guerlain´s Terracotta, Luten`s La Fille de Berlin and Malle´s Eau de Magnolia.
I’m taking Malle´s Une Rose, Mona di Orio´s Musc, and Vero´s Rubj EdP.

So there you go. Meanwhile Portia said I should throw in some pics of our “house mountain” the Traunstein. We are überlucky to be
able to see it from our balcony and it gives me great joy.

So whether you are summering or wintering, stay cool.

Perfumed Bussis

22 thoughts on “Cookies, Perfumes, Shoes, and a Mountain

    • The mountain has given me pleasure and peace and joy for more than twenty years. The main reason we never bothered to change apartments. Wouldn´t swop the view for a home twice the size of ours. Nope. And you are welcome to sit on the balcony for a year. I´ll include meals. Bussis. xxxxx


  1. What a great post. As usual, there is so much of you in it. If I had those shoes I’d be constantly admiring my feet. Congratulations on the new shop and your bottle of Naja arriving. Good times. I’m pleased you included pics of your mountain. Natural wonders like that and your tree can lift your spirits over and over again. Oh and I love both your and BW’s holiday scent choices.


    • Hi Tara! They are very flattering on the feet I must say. And so comfortable. And most importantly FLAT. Marvellous. I#m so in love with the MdO Must. Funny how things just suddenly click huh? I am waiting for my tree to start to turn colour properly. It´s already on its way. I´ll be there Sunday! Huge hugs. xxxxxx


  2. I’m getting homesick here looking at your beautiful pictures. How much I’d love to go ‘wandern’ there.
    I know Innsbruck, beautiful town. I’ve been on the ski jump many years ago.
    Love your shows!


    • Hi Ingrid! Yeah, Innsbruck really is quite lovely. Don´t make it down there often enough. Ski jump hasn’t changed! We are so spoiled for walks in this area. Autumn is the my favourite time to wandern, but don´t take the time to do it often enough. Yep, rocking shoes!! xxx


    • Thanks Lillibet! Nice to see you. I did enjoy my break, and have had a cookie free week. Normal life will start again on Friday. And yes, I loooooooove the shoes. 🙂 xxxx


  3. Wow the mountain in all seasons…..fabulous shots, thank you. I couldn’t ‘cope’ if I only wore perfume in the evenings, because I would feel ‘naked’ if nothing squirted on morning. lol
    Those shoes are quite cute, actually. Will have a peek at that website….wouldn’t mind a pair in red or green.
    I can say of those 6 fragrances mentioned I’ve only every tried the Terracotta.


    • Hi Saffyishere! The pics of those mountains are all within an eight week period! The look changes daily, hourly. I agree with the naked feeling, but in this case I didn´t bother to put perfume on for the beach. I hope you get a chance to try some of the Malles, Lutens and Vero sometime. No hurry. They are not going anywhere. (I don´t think!) The shoe website is gorgeous. Best hide the credit card though. 😉 Hugs, Val xxxxx


  4. Oh your mountain, your shoes, your perfume! What a beautiful part of the world you live in Val!
    Looking forward to hearing about your holiday Val.
    Sydney weather has been crap lately, cant wait for springtime.


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