Carillon Pour Un Ange by Andy Tauer for Tauer Perfumes 2010


Kate Apted


Voice of an Angel!

Oh, sorry…I mean Carillon Pour Un Ange by Andy Tauer

My deepest welcome to you APJers,

The world isn’t making much sense to me right now. I am watching my boys grow up with a lack of innocence I had at their age. While I sit outside and watch the birds go about their nest building business, my boys are inside reading up on the news via social media. There is a strange dichotomy between hope and despair that exists within me. Nevertheless, I try to make our home a place of safety and trust.

To capture a sense of innocence I turn to a scent that is probably one of Andy Tauer’s less lauded offerings, but the one I consider to be his magnum opus. Let me introduce you to Carillon Pour Un Ange.

Carillon Pour Un Ange by Tauer Perfumes 2010

Carillon Pour Un Ange by Andy Tauer

Carillon pour un ange Tauer Perfumes FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Rose, ylang, lilac, lily of the valley
Heart: Jasmine, leather, lily of the valley
Base: Ambergris, moss, woods

The name translated into English is Chime for an Angel. This gives absolutely no indication of what lies in the bottle. And to be honest, I don’t give a care for what the official notes are. The star of the scent is Lily of the Valley. I am so mesmerised by the star that I just don’t register any other players. The Lily of the Valley is so high pitched in it that I think of Carillon as Voice of an Angel rather than chime for an angel. From opening to dry down hours later, Carillon is linear and carries that high note all the way through.

Carillon pour un ange Tauer Concierto_de_angeles WikiMediaWikiMedia

I suspect Mr Tauer is unapologetic in his creation of Carillon. If you do not like the opening, then there is no chance you will enjoy the scent at any stage. It was made to carry the glory of the Lily of the Valley. There is no taming of the notes sung. Unadulterated, perhaps amplified, but in no way tame or smoothed over. Mr Tauer has simply used his hand to elevate the Lily of the Valley to be seen (or smelt) by all.

I find it ironic that a delicate bell shaped flower which harks from a dip in the earth’s crust is one that Mr Tauer associates with angels so high up in the proverbial heavens. There is a poetic beauty in it. This is where I find the hope. If a little flower can sing so strongly to reach the heavens, then we can each hope that our small acts of kindness will reach outwards and have an effect. Like prayer beads used to focus the mind on worship and supplication, Carillon acts like a chime when I smell it. I am brought back to a moment of stillness and a reminder to stay focused on the ample good in the world.

Carillon pour un ange Tauer gerson_rodriguez PixabayPDI

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Do you have a scent you turn to when you have conflicting emotions? Do any of your scents bring you to a centred internal peace?

Love, peace and mungbeans,

Kate xxx

24 thoughts on “Carillon Pour Un Ange by Andy Tauer for Tauer Perfumes 2010

    • Hi Samantha! So good to have another fan who understands the beauty of Carillon. Reckon you’ll ever get through your bottle? K xx


  1. Oh Kate, what you have written is pure poetry to my eyes and ears prompting me to seek this scent out based solely on your words as I have no idea what lily of the valley smells like.
    Unfortunately I’ve arrived at the age where my sense of smell and taste has diminished and I can no longer distinguish individual scents or notes, I just kna particular perfume appeals to me. I’ll keep an eye out for this one, I’m intrigued.


    • Aww, Carolyn, thank you! It was pure delight to bring my love of Carillon to words. I did a number of versions of this post, but all have Carillon elevated to a thing of sonic gorgeousness.

      Even though you are experiencing a reduction in your sensory output, you can get an overall feel of a scent? Am I understanding correctly? In a way, it is just a different perspective. Somethings are to be enjoyed just for what it is, as a whole. Carillon is one of those. 😉

      K xx


  2. Wow Kate what a beautifull review. Now I do have try the Carillon as the lilly of the valley is a favorite flower of mine. I remember my mother putting a small vase with muguet and muscari beside my bed when I was ill. Also the Carillon itself brings back some nostalic feelings. In my hometown Groningen (Netherlands) they have a big one that plays quite frequently over the central market square. Here is a link with some Lou Reed on the Carillon of the Martini tower for you:


    • Jac!! FANTASTIC! I adore Lou Reed and this very song. What an absolute treat. Thank you.

      Such a sweet, simple flower yet so powerful in memory making. I think quite a few of us have fond recollections of the dainty LoV making a tiny gesture in our lives.

      K xx


  3. Thank you Kate for your beautiful heartfelt words. My only Lily of the Valley memories are with I think a Coty bottle, shaped like the flower, that my mother once had. and, of course, Diorissimo, which while gorgeous is a bit sweet for this green scent lover. I will seek this one out. When getting stressed I like to crush a rose geranium leaf, or thread fresh rosemary through my hands.


    • Bernadette, that is such a raw image! A crushed leaf can bring the most grounding and pure scent. I tend to agree that LoV scents are better with green and not paired with sweeter notes. A big reason why Carillon sits so well with me. I wish I could see the Coty bottle. I’ll try a Google search. Thank you. 💖 K xx


  4. This is such a beautiful review. I have never heard of this Tauer scent but I will now have to seek out a sample. When I am in need of comfort, I usually turn to vanilla based scents. But I have yet to find a scent that gives me hope on the days I need it. Maybe this could be the one. Someone recently reminded me that what you look for you will find, be it good or bad. It would be wonderful to have a scent that helps you focus on the good. The bad is so easy to see.


    • Kandace, honey, your comment struck me in through my heart. In a way of recognition. It is all too natural for me to focus on things considered ‘bad’, maudlin, depressive or dark. I have to work really hard on presenting as happy-go-lucky to fit in. I am of a mind that the world needs people of my ilk. We bring balance.

      Carillon helps me escape mentally and spiritually. I yearn for my soul to be free from all the fighting, angst and inequality. I’m sure you will find something that helps elevate your soul to a place where you can soar inwardly. It may not be Carillon; it may be staring into an art work, or bathing in a field of dandelions. We each have our happy places.

      I am glad you voice how you are feeling. It is honest and I thank you.

      K xxx 😊


  5. As has already been said, this is a lovely review, Kate; thank you. I am faltering a bit on my fragrance journey; I am buying but not using, gathering and stashing but not enjoying, and I have realised that it’s a metaphor for my life at the moment.
    You have reminded me, as a friend did a few weeks ago, of the importance of the small things, whether they are small kindnesses from or for others, or acknowledging the little things and moments of beauty that will always shine through.


    • I just realized I am doing the same thing. I’ve gotten into a bad rut of constantly acquiring without being able to savour anything. Time to change that and appreciate the small pleasures of life and the tender mercies.

      When I need solace, I turn to incense. Tauer Incense Extreme is perfect.


    • Howdy Sue! Oh, yes, that metaphor does speak volumes. A bit guilty of that squirreling here too… 😕

      From all I hear, Mr Tauer is a gentle, kind soul who has a depth of genuine care. It is actually kind of cool that he is the one to make this divine scent. In a way, I suppose I am linking to his soul through his message of Carillon.

      These small offerings are around. The key is letting ourselves to pause and see them. Thank YOU for reminding me of this today. I needed your message.

      K xxx


  6. Hi have a frag from Bella Freud, Ginsberg is God, which is a churchy, bookish scent, leathery, but with this fresh breeze over the top (fig and tomato leaf but it just smells like fresh breeze to me). It’s comforting and grounding and makes me slow down when I get that the-world-is-going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket feeling…


    • Halloo Accords! I sooooo need to try that Bella Freud scent. I keep sniffing from the sprayer and am yet to spray onto skin. That will be my goal for my next Mecca visit. Freud’s scents seem quite intellectual. I like that!


      • Dang! I tried it yesterday on a quick fly through at Mecca. But the SA was talking to me. I missed the nuances. Next time…


  7. I’ve not tried this one. I have huge adoration for LMPE – and my bottle just gets better and better thecooder it gets. I’ll be in Zürich in November. I’ll try and scrounge some off him!! I love mungbeans. Hugs. xxxx


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