Scent Diary: 17.12 – 23.12.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

Holy Hectic this week has been a lot. Sweaty humid hot weather then ferocious downpours. Hot/Cold/Hot/Cold it’s driving me a little more bonkers. Loads going on too. Fragrance, friends, work, food, art, fun and SHOPPING have been the order of the week. Managed some quiet Jin time in there too.

Scent Diary: 17.12 – 23.12.2018

Monday 17:

SOTDay: Gentry Jockey Club by Oriza LeGrand. A 10ml gift from Scotty. Bloody hell, it’s so good. This is how I like my leather perfumes. Not too discrete and a little rough around the edges.

Didn’t exercise today.

Weighed in and even though I’ve been eating a LOT still managed to drop 200 grams. I’m seriously hoping to hit 110kgs though next Monday. It would be nice to have that to brag about at Xmas!

Got my Trivia Q&A done really early.

Jin and I hung out in the evening. You know I can’t even remember what we did

SOTBed: Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations

Tuesday 18:

Swim and Aquarobics.

Home and gave myself a little spritz of OR ± Damask by UER MI. Rose, vanilla and patchouli. So nice, perfect lightweight summer spritz but interesting too.

Lunch with Ainslie. She’s now working at Glasshouse. It’s an Aussie candle and home fragrance manufacturer. They gave me some stuff to try, can’t wait.

Dyed, Bathed, Shaved

Thunked CdG Avignon sample. Got a couple of comments as people hugged me goodbye for the year. I have a bottle around here somewhere too, YUM!

WORK. Last Tuesday for the year. Everyone had such a wonderful time, it was excellent.

SOTBed: Rose Royale by Parfums de Nicolai. Thunked my 2ml spray sample. There’s something poopy behind the roses. It’s naughty and intriguing. LOVE IT!

Wednesday 19:

Vero Kern died overnight. Huge bummer. Here she is with Neela at dinner in Milan earlier in the year. That night was one of the highlights of the trip. A small crew of us ran away from the Esxence hoopla for a quiet meal and some quality time. Vero, Val the Cookie Queen, Judith (Val’s BFF), Neela and her husband Tony, Margo Kubiscik, Jin and myself. The whole night was tinged with the glow you see in the picture and the food & wine was so good, we all went crazy eating, talking, laughing.

Gym in the morning with Jin. Chest, Triceps, Calves. Feeling it already.

SOTD: Niki de Saint Phalle


Dogs got their monthly bath

Lunch with Ainslie again. Too much catching up to do for one lunch.

Seriously loving the Glasshouse and El Circe products Ainslie is now working on. Can’t wait to see and smell the suff she produces for them.

WORK. Wendy and I went a little early and had dinner together. It’s our Wednesday ritual and I love getting special us time.

Thursday 20:

Early up.

Wearing Vero’s Kiki in her memory

Bus & train to town.

Hot, sweaty, steamy day filled with sunshine. It was heaven.

Lunch in the Members Lounge of the NSW Art Gallery with my girlfriend  Suzanne. Such a good catch up and happy adventure hanging with her. Then we had the tour of the Russian Hermitage Modernists. The paintings were wonderful, our guide was shite.  Didn’t ,matter, we ran away and toured it ourselves.

Wearing Aftelier Honey Blossom. It was so lovely, cut through the heat and only required a couple of top ups to get me through the day.

Home with Jin and the weather is so hot I jumped in the dogs shell pool. It was delicious. The dogs looked at me with great disdain.

We had Vietnamese Rolls again because it’s the best way to keep me thoroughly on track diet wise. I can eat as much as I want 100% guilt free. Now I’m SO full. Groaningly happy.

Jin decides our TV viewing most of the time and tonight he picked a Jennifer Anniston movie, Dumplin’. It was really good. We laughed and cried and got thoroughly involved with a bunch of anti pageant pageant girls. It had drag queens, glamour girls, cute boys and a bunch of Jennifer being a really good imitation of a pageant cliche. All done to a rocking Dolly Parton soundtrack, seriously you MUST see this. Promise.

See the Dumplin’ trailer here

SOTBed: Un Jour d’Ete by Keiko Mecheri. I wanted to float away on a sea of very lightly salted vanilla jasmine. MMMMMM

Friday 21:

Woken by the delivery guy.

Came to my office and spritzed Rubj EdP by Vero Kern.

TinaG came over and we chatted while I packed up bags to send to the Post Office. A couple of cups and some laughs. it was really nice to have some just hanging out time together.

Working tonight at a Christmas Party. Had to organise the Q&A so they were suitable easy and fun.

SOTNight: Peau d’Aillures by Starck. A quietly green whisper of adventure. A gift from my mate Tim, great taste.

OMG! So I’m in full drag, ready to go to work, get in the car and run into the garage wall popping my passenger rear tyre!! THREE POINT COLLAPSE! I ring Jin and he talks me through the tyre change process. I pop one of my heels, get thoroughly filthy, am a complete wreck but do it. Jin is like a proud parent. I run upstairs, clean up, change shoes and make it to the gig in enough time to still be 10 minutes early for my start time.

Gig went swimmingly.

SOTBed: A little spritz of Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations.

Mohur Neela Vermeire Straight Milan 2017

Saturday 22:

Up, spritzed Miss Dior EdT, got the tyre fixed, went to the Post Office and came home to hang with Jin.

Jin and I did a spot of food shopping.

TV and lunch.

Went and had dinner at the new Imperial Hotel in Erskineville. A fully revamped place since the days we shot Priscilla: Queen of the Desert in it. Phil and Amal were looking fine and in good form. Dinner was excellent.

More Miss Dior for bed

Sunday 23:

SOTDay: Pluie de Soleil by Phaedon. If you like rich, almost over ripe fruit then THIS will be your jam. Amazing.

went and helped BFF Kath and her Dad get the garden in order for Xmas Day. Just some pruning and trimming really. Gave the pool walls a brush. Nothing too strenuous for us but quite out of Mum & Dads abilities now.

Had my bath and shave, realised halfway through that I hadn’t dyed my beard. Oh well, the white will show through for Xmas. Don’t care.

SOTAfternoon: Sublime Balkiss by The Different Company. Light but fragrant, perfect for summer evenings.

SOTEvening: Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

Worked at Austral. It was the last TRIVIA of the year so we had a Christmas Party! So much fun

Went and had a cuppa with Anna Maria, Johnny and Mark. Suddenly remembered I had to go home.

Nearly forgot BFF Kath, Jin and my annual pilgrimage to the Sydney Fish Markets to get Christmas prawns and have dinner. We caught the train and light rail down, shopped, ate and Under-ed back to Kath’s.

Home now. ZONING OUT! Night all.

SOTBed: Resonance by Provision from the nearly last of my sample.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

42 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 17.12 – 23.12.2018

  1. Kirk arrived on Friday from England. He brings home home for us. Judith picked him up. After four intense Vero days, privately, on social media, and with emails, I am curled up on the sofa nursing a cold, drinking ginger chai so strong I think it took the germs out in one gulp. Feeling thankful for a lot of things. Drowned in Micallef’s Vanille Aoud – something as far away from my norm as possible. It’s so delicious. Bussis to all of you down there. ❤️

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  2. another busy week for you, P! yipee on the tire change! I am proud of you too ! and keep up the good work on the weight loss.

    another busy work week but I have a week’s staycation with all the Marzipan’s home so that is nice.

    yesterday brunch with my parents, today breakfast with my BFF of 50+ years.

    Perfume wise lots of thunking but this week I am sticking with Casablanca…the best release of 2018 to my nose.

    For those who celebrate Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to all APJers around the world! Love you guys xxoo

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  3. Lisa and Mia loved Dumplin too so I’m going to watch it with mum over Xmas.
    This week has been off the charts in all sorts of ways. Completed on the flat Monday, finished work Tuesday and got the sad news about Vero, moved Wednesday, Thursday was a blur, Friday was new furniture arriving and assembling, Saturday was a lovely day out in London including festive afternoon tea at the Saatchi Gallery restaurant. Today I’m not sure what to do with myself.


  4. Quiet here and sadly, no snow, just rain. Off work from 12/21 through 1/2/19 and so happy about that. Taking myself out for a grand prix fixe gourmet Indian dinner on 12/25, then visiting friends on 12/26. Happy Christmas to you, Jin and the fur boys, dear Portia! < 3


  5. Merry Christmas to you all, APJers!

    Portia, I love your weight loss progress, you’re unstoppable! Your week was fabulous as always, even the tyre change story, I can almost see it!. Mine was low-key: worked some, got some nice fragrant stuff from a friend and the nameless iris from Dusita (she sent me two samples but a greedy fucker stole one 😦 somewhere on its way to me). Watched Bodied, a rap battle movie that Eminem has produced, loved it sick! Am also binge-rewatching Veronica Mars. Of course, I bought some gifts for my friends but will have to go once again, and I still haven’t bought anything for myself. Maybe next year, lol?


  6. Firstly, that feathered head dress is to bloody _die_ for. And that red coat: swoonsomely majestic. Major wardrobe envy going on here.
    And seconding the recommendation of Dumplin’.

    Pretty quiet week here: doing some study stuff, providing endless snacks for recovering cat, training. Plus a wee flurry of stress as the super-quiet paperwork-only official-legal wedding for my nephew next month turned into Family Drama. Of course it did. My family *specialises* in this stuff. But, all worth it because my beloved nephew gets to marry his gorgeous man in three weeks. And we just booked our flights out to join the main wedding party in Hong Kong (where they live) in April. I’ve not been there since the mid-eighties when I lived out there…very exciting!

    …and my plans for today all went awry when I had to escort someone across the city to A&E after they dropped a barbell on their head. He’s fine, just slightly concussed…


  7. Am with Crikey on the fabulous red coat. Have just received a bunch of cologne decants so have been happily sniffing, even if it’s not exactly cologne season. Wishing everyone happy holidays!


  8. That red coat! Absolutley beyond fabulous. Is it vintage?
    Well now, most impressed with the continued weight loss (YAY). But changing a tire? In full drag? 😂 That is some first rate determination.
    On my side of the world, plenty of partying but even more working. Picked up a contract to put in a top-notch home spa for friends of the Wealthies. I’ll be working straight through the holidays with Christmas Eve/Day excepted to get going on construction drawings. Not complaining, I have to take the work when it comes my way. Highlights of the week included my husband coming out of seclusion bearing gifts. A travel spray of Parfum de Thérèse and a warm weather get-away in Guadeloupe early in the new year.
    A very joyful Christmas to you, Jin and the puppers. And ditto this to all you wonderful APJ’ers.


  9. The coat! Just holy cow it’s fabulous. Specially made I’m guessing? What colour were the shoes is what I’d like to know? You really go hell for leather sometimes, I hope you relish a bit of a break for a few days. Who’s cooking for Christmas? Is Jin having any time off work? I’m being terribly nosey😏
    My week was busy busy too, fancy party, talked some perfume and skincare with the ladies on my left, one of whom I know slightly, the other not at all. Both older than me and one with a terribly obvious facelift. But fun girls with stories to tell. Visited relatives we haven’t seen in ages, a few drinkies, more visiting relatives. A spot of work in the midst of it. Staff night out, great fun and nobody got drunk and disorderly 🤪 Collected Smallies, cook, eat, wash up. Repeat continuously- kids always seem hungry. Visit more relatives, bring my bro in-law his favourite whiskey. Home. Cook, eat, wash up. Relatives visited us, photos all over the table from the new in-laws for everyone to look at and compare who my hubby looks most like. Last night some friends dropped in, repeat performance of Friday, basically. Up early this morning again and hit the ground running. Brought Smallies to giant toy shop in the afternoon as grandad promised his little bestie that he’d take her. She’s so good, didn’t go wild and want everything she saw. The small man who wants to run everywhere was put into one of the plastic carts and I pulled him around. He was mega impressed and laughed his head off. Their mam met us there and we offloaded them and their toys and sent them on their way. A sudden outbreak of quiet. Called into my niece who lives just down the road to set up the new WiFi router, some wine, Home, relax. House seems very quiet after the hurricanes. TV for adults, but couldn’t concentrate on anything Bed. Bliss.


  10. Wow, love love love the silk red coat and headdress! And changing your own flat, in a dress, heels and full makeup no less, bravo! Congratulations on the continued weight loss, I’m sure you can break 110 by the end of the year.

    This was a really sad week for me due to the passing of Vero. I panic-bought 5 more bottles, unfortunately was not able to get any more Rubj, all sold out, but I stocked up on Kiki and Rozy. Holding thumbs that there is more produced.

    Nice quiet week at home with pup and hubby, holiday supper with SIL and family Thursday, the only day everyone was off work. Hubby’s birthday is boxing day, so will be making his favourite treat, butter tarts.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Jin, thank you so much for running this site and allowing us to have this community!


  11. Many excellent fragrance choices Portia! I am off work from 12/20 through 1/2. I drove with pups two days to arrive in Fountain Hills, Arizona to spend the Christmas holiday with my Mom visiting from Canada, at my sister’s/husband’s winter home. They escape from Winter for the cold months. It is warm, beautiful, scenic and cozy with them. My sister, who has also been very inpatient with gift giving, gave me a gift of Baccarat Rouge body cream already. It’s her signature scent, and the cream is even more beautiful than the edp I believe. I brought samples to play with and my favorite so far is Mona di Orio Musc. Surprisingly more heliotrope and powdery than musky. Gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas to all!


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