Scent Diary: 21.1 – 27.1.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

So many wonderful fragrances this week. Celebrating Guerlain Mitsouko’s 100 year anniversary. Being friends, eating wonderful food, even got a little bit of exercising in.

Honestly, the heat has me beat gang. I’m trying to stay positive and focussed but it’s been draining my will to live. It’s not that I dislike the heat per se, it robs me of my ability to think.

Scent Diary: 21.1 – 27.1.2019

Monday 21:

That looks nice until you see the humidity. It’s like living in Chennai India. Mildly uncomfortable. I’m expecting monsoonal rains at 3pm.

SOTMorning: Deauville by CHANEL. I really like the sharp green citrus opening. It’s a beautiful jolt of cool freshness.

Grabbed Wendy and we saw two doctors and a nurse. No good news today, all rubbish. On the flip side she was walking with a cane instead of her wheelchair. We even walked down her street in the rain with my jaunty rainbow umbrellas.

Got four loads of washing done and hung today and dusted. Jin’s asleep on the couch so I can’t get the vacuuming done yet.

SOTAfternoon: Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden. I have about 25 spritzes on. This bottle will be finished soon.

That Green Tea lasted all of an hour, not even.

SOTDinner: Infini by Caron

Jin and I went for a walk and had Turkish Kebabs for dinner. It’s nice hanging out with him and doing nothing stuff. Caught this fabulous sunset after dinner.

We came home and watched some Korean travel TV. I don’t understand a word but it’s amazing how much I understand just by body language and tone.

SOTEvening: Pour Un Homme de Caron. I need the calming properties of lavender to steady me as I write Trivia Q&A.

Tuesday 22:

I saw Matty’s SOTDay and decided Guerlain Insolence was the answer. Excellent choice. I love that lipstick style of fragrance.

Aquarobics at Lidcome Pool Complex.

Jin had his hair cut.

Lunch with Karim & Jin at Pho Pasteur. Vietnamese for lunch, so yummy and so much to chat about. I forgot to take a pic, bum.

Dog walking in the heat. Poor little boys. They wilt.

Collapsed on couch under fan. Dogs on their beds in the living room.

Bathed and shaved.

Read my book and slept.

SOTEvening: Guerlain Mitsouko, because everyone is talking its 100th birthday up and I wanted to be part of the fun.

Work was so much fun tonight. Getting ready was ghastly, trying to put make up on over sweaty man face. Hideous!

SOTBed: Liberté by Cacharel.

Wednesday 23:

Slept in. I didn’t even open my eyes till past 10am. HEAVEN.

Did a weigh in today. Happy day.

SOTMorning: Geranium Pour Monsieur by Frederic Malle.

We walked the dogs together. I love it when we both get to do that.

Also, got my mug shots done for Russia and Mongolia VISAs. I look OK for a balding, 50 year old, overweight, out of condition guy. These are the two shots they took. I’m happy.

Jin took me to lunch at the Pullman Hotel for a Date Day. It was lovely. We shared duck confit with green mango salad and coconut to open. Jin had octopus, tomatoes and pasta salad and I had a steak for main. We shared (I tasted and Jin finished) a chocolate fudge with almond ice cream and fruits at the end. It was lovely, so nice to just hang and chatter.

My mate David sent me a postcard from Canada! I love getting them so much.

The we went to ALDI to do some shopping. Sorry everyone. I can’t. Less products, less variety and that checkout with nowhere to pack your bags. Nope.

I was supposed to clean the house but Jin decided to stay home so I’ll do it in the morning.

Did some reading. The book is The Queen, Her Lover and the Most Notorious Spy in History by Roland Perry. It’s a bloody good read taking us from Queen Victoria’s childhood right through to……. well you probably need to read it. It’s a page turning pot boiler.

SOTAfternoon: Reem Acra. A really good spicy radiant white floral that is now available on the discounters for a song.

Went to work and we had a spectacular night! It was fun and super busy. Greystanes Inn was thumping! So fun.

Nearly ready to sleep. Watching more Grimm

SOTBed: Duel by Annick Goutal

Thursday 24:

Prize for DUM DUM of the day. I decided to clean the house because Anna Maria and Johnny are coming. I can’t stop sweating now. It’s like I’ve just stepped out of a bath, except SWEATY!!! The dogs think I’m a new, delicious, water creature.

SOTMorning: Mitsouko EdT.

Anna Maria and Johnny came over. We drank champagne, had Chinese lunch, sniffed some frags and watched Gladiator. I love these guys so much. We always have a ball, never run out of conversation and love so many similar things.

Then off to town. Met up with Jin, Evie, Lola and Mum Chaloner. We had Grill’d Burgers and the went to see Green Book.

O M G! Green Book! I cannot overstate how much we all enjoyed it.

Bubble Bath



SOTBed: Un Jour d’Ete by Keiko Mecheri

Friday 25:

It’s SO HOT! I’m sweating here in my undies. HA! Sorry, hideous visual for you all.

Jin and I got up and got waxed. Interestingly the heat made it less painful. No idea why. Bumped into one of my girlfriends, Chantal, there and the girl with her tongue out is our waxing queen Raquel.

Jin then cooked us dumplings for breakfast. SO DELICIOUS!

First In Fragrance order arrived this morning so I spent the best part of the day sorting, packing and sending that out.

I Thunked a sample of Reve d’Ossian by Oriza Legrande today. INCENSE!! Amazing. so wonderful in the heat.

This evening BFF Kath came over for Chicken Soft Tacos. We had dinner, walked the dogs and had an excellent catch up. Below is BFF Kath’s Chicken Soft taco shot, stolen from her Instagram.

On the couch, watching GRIMM

Hey, I made us a new APJ snip to go as the logo next to comments. It’s taken from the header, which is a picture of a Guerlain Chamade extrait bottle taken by my buddy Eve. It was shot in Sydney’s Manly looking into the sunrise. How do you like it?

Saturday 26:

When Jin got home this morning he woke me up, I dozed for about an hour but then I decided to bite the bullet and get my blogging comments up to date. Once the heat of the day starts I’m non compos mentis.

SOTMorning: Rahelle by Neela Vermeire Creations

After breakfast I thunked my sample of In The Woods by Cult of Scent. Dark cologne reimagination. Very nice. Jocelyn Fullerton, the Australian perfumer, has done a lovely job.

Tried unsuccessfully to get more blogging done. My brain is fried. So annoyed at myself. Today was specifically set aside to get a load of stuff done. Jin was sound asleep, I had the run of the house and basically did zip.

Watched GRIMM.

SOTAfternoon: Salamanca by Olympic Orchids. Deeply resinous and swampy. I love how Ellen Covey creates these turgid fragrances that are both heavenly and devilish. This is an old spray sample I bought years ago.

Went to dinner with Michael, Scott, Sonya and Jed! It was so fun and delicious. Michael paid, it was utterly wonderful and we all felt really special.

Scott, Michael and I went and saw Aquaman. It wasn’t terrible but the girl who played the female lead annoyed me because she sounded like Scarlett Johnson but wasn’t so good. Her wig was atrocious and lip line was so badly done. Also Nicole Kidman…… why? Aquaman and his dad, the bad king, his offsider and the vizier were all much better. I liked it and would watch it again on netflix when it gets there.

We went back to michael’s pad and stayed drinking and sniffing perfume till 3am! REALLY, 3am. I can’t freaking believe it. I have so much perfume on me I smell like a niche store.

Home. Bed.

Sunday 27:

Walked the dogs early to beat the heat.

Wearing my Amore Amore by Cacharel. A gift from Anna Maria and always makes me smile.

Met up with BFF Kath at Birkenhead Point. We had a wander of the shops and brunched. We have never ending chatter and laughs. I have seriously lucked out with my bestie.

Home to AC comfort. It’s about 47C in my car and I was thrilled to get out of it.

Nap time.

Woke up at 4pm. Sweating like a farm hand. No drag tonight, the make up would just be running down my face. I had a bath and then put on my newest acquisition from Michael’s sell pile. Velours by Yves Saint Laurent. MMMMMMM

Went to work in a thunder and lightning storm and came home in the dark in an even more ferocious one. I was driving 60km on the motorway because visibility was so bad.

Finally home safe. Going to cuddle up with the dogs in front of the TV> Night



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

69 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 21.1 – 27.1.2019

  1. Portia- you are just gorgeous! Those blue eyes and that amazing skin!!! (I am secretly jealous as I look at the wrinkles of my 50+ year old face-LOL!)….honestly, you don’t look a day over 30, my dear.

    My week? busy busy busy…Work wise this is the worst time of year for me with meetings and challenging folks to deal with. Will be happy when the end of April rolls around.

    Best part of the week was being offered a bottle of Reglisse Noire for a birthday present 🙂

    I have also thunked via confiscation a bottle of Mistral Patchouli and Sens et Bras with the stipulation that I can steal sprays whenever I want.

    I have been on a monogamous perfume kick so the entire week was Paramela (which was fine as it really elevated my mood with this crap weather we are having…Portia send me some of that heat!!!!…major snow /sleet/ice storm on Sunday which resulted in sore muscles until Wed due to having to clear the driveway of thick wet snow and ice). This week I am focused on my large decant of vintage 31 Rue Cambon EDT (so good….reads green to me but I think it’s supposed to be woody?) Next week will turn my attention to Paprika Brasil…I spray that one lavishly because the Hermessences are light on my skin…I think I have half of the bottle left. and I made two perfume oils blends which I have been enjoying at night…carrot seed oil and cedarwood oil do indeed make a rooty iris accord for those of you interested in knowing.


  2. How is it possible to look that good in a mug shot??!
    Another enjoyable slice of the fabulous life of Portia Turbo. Missed the Mitsouko fun but will wear your bottle tomorrow. I’m hoping we get snow this week and it cools down for you. Love the Date Day with Jin and your fun, easy times with BBF Kath. I’m very attached to your old gravatar but that’s my problem.


  3. Oh the heat you are dealing with right now looks like it’s completely off the charts. Congratulations on managing to do *anything* at all other than lying about in a tepid bath. We’ve had some lovely bright frosty days here. Wish I could share that freshness with you.

    Finally getting most of my energy back again! Hurrah! (though I still get caught up by waves of exhaustion that seem to come out of nowhere. Seriously, virus, just how long can you overstay your welcome?) Back to the gym, and didn’t die. Even better.

    A couple of lovely things this week. Museum of the Moon was installed at St Giles Cathedral this week. I went in daylight, which was pretty, but at night there was something beyond magical about seeing the glowing moon hanging there under the vaulting. Even more so during a choral performance of moon-and-heavens related stuff by the cathedral choir, from early music to modern settings of older texts. And bonus: bumped into a couple of friends who had been there too. The whole evening was pretty lovely: mr crikey and I went out for dinner, and found ourselves wandering through the small details of a trip we took together through Syria and Jordan. Amazing the clarity that starts to come back if you unpack and focus in on memories, and start joining up the pieces again. And then, ahead of the concert, took a little potter through some of the old closes and alleys around the High Street on one of those nights where that has been just enough rain to make things shimmer and shine. Felt like tourists in our own city, where everything feels like a new discovery.

    And a bunch of “ok, that worked out well” moments. (Bought a dress on eBay, which was so perfect for me it feels like I’ve had it for years. Got accepted to sit the referee’s exam for my powerlifting federation. My bottle of Naja arrived. Finally found some foundation that is a. pale enough for my winter skin and b. covers my nasty rosacea flare up. Charmed no-no-not-a-lap-cat-small-cat into sitting on my lap.) Nothing earth shattering, but you know, good small stuff.


    • Crikey!
      That sounds like a sensational round of wins for a week.
      Real life isn’t earth shattering, making the most of NOT earth shattering is what counts. That would then be building, right?
      NAJA! You are going to be the slithery snake goddess in it. Fabulous.
      Portia xx


  4. A very small dab of Opium. But this is really a question for all you ovely APJ’s.
    I have just found a bottle of Opium in a box in my bedroom.
    I don’t know how long I’ve had it.
    The box is oval…the bottle is oval, with a black tassel. I can’t see a batch no on the bottom of the bottle.
    Can anyone idenify how old this Opium can possible be from my pathetic description ?

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  5. Wait, we are Supposed to look bad in mug shots, why do you get to look so good!
    I’ve read about the heat wave in Australia and suffering of people and animals. Hopefully relief is in the near future. It’s difficult to imagine when we are in the midst of winter here in Colorado with a lot of snow. I’ve been taking my dog on many walks and thankfully someone loves the snow (him, not me). It’s deep enough on the trails to need snow shoes and my pup is so energized. I am reading Alyssa Harad’s Coming to my Senses, and she mentions many perfume bloggers that I am familiar with, so fun to relate!
    I have a bottle of Reem Acra, I need to pull it out of the armoire as I forget what it smells like. I’ve worn a lot of Guerlain this week including Insolence, Chant d’Aromes, Chamade, Jardins de Bagatelle, and Ne M’Obliez Pas. Today will be Mitsouko. I have a bottle of L’Instant Magic on the way from the discounters, unbelievably good price so worth a try.


  6. Oh poo, Portia! You look wonderful and youthful in your visa photos. As for being out of shape, while you may not be muscle bound, you certainly are active and still losing pounds. Love yourself as we all love you!

    I was going to get my hair cut on Friday, talking to the Uber driver about how weird our East coast/Northern hemisphere weather has been. One day torrential rain, the next day temps in the single digits, when I heard about the dreadful heat wave in Australia. Thought of poor you in a puddle right away. I “get” you about the hot weather. I lived on the West coast for decades where the temps are always mild, even in winter, and moved back home to the East coast 5 years ago and have dreaded and basically slogged through every summer since. When it’s cold, you can always add more layers. When it’s hot, you reach a point where there’s nothing left to take off. : (

    This month has been a reorganization one. Bags and bags of too big things/corporate “uniform” suits/what the hell was I thinking clothes, shoes and jewelry getting bagged and sent off to charities. I’ve maintained my 85 pound weight loss and don’t want any excuse to have the scale creeping up and going back to the false safety of old “fat” clothing. Also got a lot of my textile collection out of drawers and boxes and mounted and hung most of it. Such a pleasure to enjoy these beautiful pieces every day instead of having them languish in storage.

    Tried LYS MEDITERRANEE this week. Eh. Lasts maybe 20 minutes. I think it would bloom in the heat so I am going to revisit it when the temps start to soar here. Also sampled Cloon Keen’s Castana. The chestnut opening is good but I’ll need to spend more time with it before I can know if it’s an FB purchase. Rather doubt that as I am shopping my stash (several hundred full bottles) and not feeling inclined to add to that. For me, all the old scents I own are new again.

    As always, thank you for sharing and reminding me that there are no ordinary moments. They’re all precious and wonderful. XOXO


    • Hey Cee!
      Don’t you worry. I am full of self love, also realistic expectations. So when this shot came back so nice I wanted to share my real excitement because it’s so lucky to have these shots turn out looking nice.
      Oh yes. so you absolutely know how I feel in this heat. I want to take my skin off and lie around on my bones.
      Good on you for clearing out and also for displaying things you love. We humans are weird, aren’t we. We buy these wonderful, gorgeous things and then squirrel them away in boxes and drawers.
      Shopping the collection! It’s so good. There is a person on one of the facebook pages who is wearing their fragrance collection in alphabetical order. Isn’t that amazing?
      YOU are precious and wonderful and we love you Cee,
      Portia xx


  7. After weeks of Irisistible monogamy I am wearing Chamade Extract! I suppose unknowingly but happily celebrating the new APJ Avatar. I am still quite house and couch bound but making small steps forward. Walking without pain should be on anyone’s list to be thankful for! I long to make a nice long walk or even going to the supermarket (but please no Aldi here too). One of the good things is that I have plenty of time to read and enjoy it greatly, after Circe (thank you Tara) I am now in Essex (the Essex serpent, more thank you Tara!), and virtual travelling is lovely.
    Both Jin and yourself look smart!


  8. Ooh, that bottle of Insolence! I’ve never seen it in that bottle style. Had a good week here, after the rains it has been gloriously sunny and low 20’s, perfect. I cannot stand intense heat, I would be holed up under the AC. Those dumplings look so delicious, I wish I had a man who would cook for me. Lucky you!


    • Hi there TaraC,
      Yeah, I bought Insolence off someones Sale List, had no idea it was going to be this fabulous bottle! How freaking lucky is that? BUT, I did have to also buy another one because I wanted the original bottle now they’ve changed it.
      Low 20s sounds beautiful.
      Jin is a blessing in so many ways. His cooking is the cherry on top. Those dumplings are so easy though. He didn’t home make these. they are from the frozen food aisle in our local Asian supermarket. He just fries them up and makes a vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil and chilli flakes dipping sauce. The best fun was trying ALL the dumplings available and deciding our two favourites.
      Portia xx


  9. No Mitsouko for me… on my skin it gets a sour stone-hard peach. Nothing special happened this week, just work and went to the gym twice, so i am proud of me. Did a lot of cooking/baking in the weekend, so now enjoying some leftovers of leg of lamb with green beans and some white wine.
    If i would look half as nice on my passport photo, i would be thrilled….


    • Woo Hoo! Two visits to the gym is wonderful Tanja, good on you.
      Bummer about the Mitsouko, have you ever tried vintage? If not drop me your address (my eMail is at the top) and I’ll send smidges of vintage EdC, EdT and Extrait). It may not change the way it works for you but the original oak moss does give it a totally different vibe.
      Leftover lamb is a WIN! Do you have lamb and mint jelly sandwiches? YUM!
      Portia xx


  10. Ha, on my picture I look like the Border official! I am obviously saying, “You have GOT to be kidding”, aka a suspicious glare…


  11. Portia, you look amazing in those mug shots but I’m not at all surprised: you are photogenic. And the new gravatar is a thing of beauty, and I love what it represents. Plus, it’s a Guerlain!

    There’s not much to tell about my week (I have to change that) except that I’d met a really nice guy on the Internet last weekend and we spent the whole week chatting. I’m not entirely sure if this is supposed to be good news or the opposite since it turns out, I’ve become somewhat emotionally unavailable after so many years of being alone (and fine with it).


    • Thanks Diana,
      YAY! So glad you like the new Gravatar. Yes, although I’ve been a little bitter and cynical about Guerlain in the last few years it still is my house of choice. So many memories from my Mum in Shalimar to my first squirt bitch job as a Guerlain SA, going to the Champs Elysees store, collecting old and new bottles and my many years of devoted love for them. Guerlain is special.
      Woo Hoo! I love that you’re putting yourself out there. Don’t sweat the emotional availability. I was 100% ready to spend my life single and thrilled with it when Jin came along and ruined all those plans. I was 43 years old and had basically lived alone for 10 years. There had been short and mid term lovers and stuff but I was determined to live a solo existence with a greyhound and all my friends.
      Portia xx


  12. Late again! I’ve been very busy this weekend, both working and socialising. Nothing of note happened last week. I cannot believe we’re in the last week of January already. Normally I find it drags. Something very exciting happening next Saturday though. I’ll fill you in next week after the event. A small hint: I have to buy a very effective waterproof mascara and eyeliner!
    They’re great mugshots, mine always look like I’m an escapee from some institution. Oz has been on the news lately. Those are pretty fierce temperatures, I bet you love a good drenching when it happens. We take rain very much for granted here, we get copious amounts of it🙄. That rain is turning to snow in the next few days. The country will grind to a virtual halt , we are never prepared for hard weather. That Insolence bottle is beautiful, defo bottle porn. I have the old, original one. I’m well jel of yours. I want some dumplings in an awful bad way again. I could demolish some right now. Tell Jin I like his ‘do.


    • WOW! That’s a big post.
      Good luck with next week.
      Thanks, my mug shots are rarely photogenic too. That’s why this was such a happy surprise.
      Unfortunately Australia has been in or close to drought conditions for a few years on the eastern side. We are only dealing with heat here in Sydney, the farmers though are doing it really tough.
      Fingers crossed you stay safe in your snow.
      HA! Dumplings were dim,olished and I’ll let Jin know you like his new do.
      Portia xx


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