Scent Diary: 18.2 – 24.2.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

Another week of roller coasting. Thank everything for fragrance, it has buoyed me at times  week when all seemed lost. Friends and commenters on APJ too, you all know who you are. Thank you for being the wind in my sails this week.

BTW Some of you were wondering about Greg’s mega sale. His stuff is up on Fragrance Buy, Swap & Sell Australia. Australia only postage though. Yes, I might have purchased.

Scent Diary: 18.2 – 24.2.2019

Monday 1:

Woke up late. Missed Aquarobics.

SOTDay: Champs Elysees by Guerlain.

Straight to Kath’s Dad’s house for a Funeral Meeting.

Home to do APJ blog work and the clothes washing. I will run a vacuum around this place later but right now I can’t be assed.

SOTEvening: Myrrh Casati by Mona di Orio. It arrived today. Bought from my friend Morrigan who was moving her unloved babies on.

Writing my TRIVIA Q&A and smelling fine.

Have been a bit grief and depression crushed today. Tara Smith from A Bottled Rose called and now I’m feeling 100% more level. Friends, make everything better.

2.03am and TRIVIA Q&A done.

SOTBed: Wan Chai by Teone Reinthal. Luscious.

Tuesday 2:

Jin was a bit noisy getting home from work this morning and woke me up. I got up and by 9am have a whole load of blog and social media stuff done.

Even at 9.30am walking the dogs was a sweaty affair. They loved it though. We went in a direction I rarely take and it goes through a big park with a children’s play castle and stuff. The dogs love to snuffle at all the kid smells there.

Today I’m testing some stuff for New Sniffs. It’s starting to pile up here.

Worked at Parramatta RSL. So fun.

Wednesday 3:

SOTMorning: 1957 by CHANEL

Libertine Parfumerie Launch Day! So much exciting new stuff. I didn’t take any photos except of the one brand I’m yet to meet. These photos are from the Libertine, Agence de Parfum crew.

New to Australia is the Albert Morillas line from Switzerland, Mizensir. He has done all the fragrances and the couple I smelled were very good, like REALLY good shit.

The latest pink container of Carrière Frères candle holds a lovely rose scent. I can’t wait till these are available for purchase.

BLK are a new brand to Australia, based in the Palais Royale in Paris. Crème de Cuir was my favourite at first sniff.

Meant to have lunch with Kath but she is snowed under with funeral details.

Came home and starting watching The Umbrella Academy, at Jin’s request. He watched it and wants to talk about it.

SOTEvening: Grand Amour by Annick Goutal

More of The Umbrella Academy before bed.

SOTBed: Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations

Thursday 4:

SOTMorning: Ormonde by Floris. THUNK! This is an oldie, long DCd. I had been keeping it for good but it had started to evaporate. Better used than lost.

Met with the celebrant today to help organise Mum Waples funeral.

On the way home I thought I’d fill up on petrol. When I came to pay I didn’t have my WALLET on me and not enough cash to pay. MORTIFYING!! I had to leave my iPhone, drive home, grab wallet, return and pay. Thank everything that it was only three blocks from our flat.

SOTEvening: Silences by Jacomo

Doing a gig tonight. Bingo. It’s something I’ve not done in a while and I’m shitting bricks. We are fully booked out at 150 people. FREAKING!

OMG! 157 people LOVED the show. It was so much fun. Had an absolute ball. Everything went swimmingly.

SOTBed: Nuxe Shimmering Body Oil. OH so luxurious. A gift from my buddy Hyun, love it so much.

Friday 5:

SOTMorning: Uptown Moonshine by DSH Perfumes.

Off to the Dietician today. I cannot say how grateful to her I feel. So many things that I shouldn’t eat, some interesting things I am allowed, portion control and general well being. She also has lids and boxes of best brands and a list of different things available in which of our two largest supermarket chains.
So the upshot of all this is that in every way my body has improved. Even over the Christmas period where I was having bits and pieces of naughtiness and exercised much less. Fully dressed I am now 109kgs. That’s a loss of over 12kgs.

Jumped out of the medical centre and popped into the newly minted CHANEL Beauty store in my local mall. WOO HOO! So exciting to have one close by, and I know the manager. WINNING! They had kept a giveaway CHANEL 1957 sample for AFN on facebook.

Jin, Kath and I went out for Chinese dinner at Liu Rose. A chance for Kath to forget her Mums funeral & death and to just hang out with us. We ate, laughed, bitched, planned and generally had the fabulous time that best friends do, even in the bleakest of times. That’s what friends are for right? To fly with you in the good times and to sit with you in the bad.

SOTBed: Gentry Jockey Club by Oriza Legrand. A decant that Scotty gave me. YUM!

Saturday 6:

SOTMorning: Vintage Miss Dior EdT

Hung around the house. Got todays gig stuff organised. Walked with the dogs. Very chill morning.

Bathed, shaved and fragranced.

SOTDay: Sandflowers by Montale. Tanja reminded me of it in the New Sniffs comments so I grabbed it out. NICE! A furry aquatic with floral touches.

Got ready for work and wanted something a bit more cuddly than my Sandflower remnants so I gave myself a drenching in Velours by YSL

Gig was fabulous! A Hen’s Party overlooking Sydney Harbour from one of it’s most prestigious areas. It was hilarious. About 30 gorgeous, wealthy, fun loving women and they decided to have a Hot Pink Paris Hilton Party!

Home to Jin and we were going to go out for a night of dinner and Ten Pin Bowling but in the end we just wanted to go to the club and have a meal in the Bistro. This is Jin’s Rugby League teams club. He comes here with his friends sometimes. I’ve never been before to have a bistro dinner. Afterwards we played $10 each on the Poker Machines. I came home with my $10 but Jin lost his.

We came home and watched Ricky Gervais movie Invention Of The Lie. Shit but good. Jin loves it. We had a few laughs and I let it roll over me. Watching a movie that I don’t love is the least I can do for this sweet man.

SOTEvening: Mon Guerlain. YUM!

Sunday 7:

SOTMorning: Youth Dew Amber Nude by Estee Lauder. This is a decant bought years ago that surfaced from my box of samples and decants. I bought a bottle when It came out but was bitterly disappointed. Now I’m rethinking my position. Smelling mighty fine, and I think I sold the bottle on. B U M

Up early and at the computer. so many great answers to this weeks Saturday Question about Fragrance Cocoons. I have been enjoying reading and replying to them immensely.

Jin and I went to the Westfield Mall nearby to grab some meat and veg. While there Jin decided to have some mall food. He had a Chilli Dog and Fries. Smelled disgusting but he LOVED it. Simple guy. How I love him. Thanks universe for this gift.

BFF Kath found this treasure from Christmas 2003. Ma & Pa Waples, Kath and her nice Rachel with a very smiley Portia.

Todays bath time included Aromatics Elixir by Clinique bath oil, body lotion and fragrance. I smell freaking amazing!

Off to work. I love Sundays at Austral BC so much. they are a fab crew.

Exciting news from Oliver & Co. 16ml are back in stock with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Plus the Nebula range is now available in 30ml! Woo Hoo! Get you over to the Oliver & Co website.

SOTEvening: Kasbah by 1969


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

58 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 18.2 – 24.2.2019

  1. I am so glad that you are being supported by family and friends during this difficult time. And yes, how blessed you are to have Jin.
    An APJer gifted me a bottle of Youth Dew Amber Nude and my 81 year old dad confiscated it 🙂 I don’t mind…for almost fifty years my parents enabled my perfume obsession so I now happily share all of my treasures..and I like to think that my friend is happy that some of her neglected bottles are getting lots of love no matter who in the family is wearing it.
    Busy busy busy work week for me. I am facilitating a book talk at work, Mindfulness for Beginners. We had our first meeting (three hours AFTER work one night a week for five weeks). A room full of 14 participants with various personalities. It’s tougher than I expected. The two men who are in this group are so open, humorous and insightful and I am grateful to have them as participants. Some of the women are a bit of a challenge (one is an “expert” on the subject and wants to take over the discussion to impart her wisdom and another spent the entire time complaining about everything from having to sit on the floor while I taught some basic meditation to the temperature of the room and noise coming from next door and yet another made noise during the mediation piece and also walked out in the middle of it). The highlight was I brought four of my essential oil body blends and everyone enjoyed those…the favorite one being cardamom and vanilla with a touch of rose. Moving forward I think I need to structure it differently to make it run a bit smoother with less complaints or interruptions. An administrator will be popping in (probably next week) so I would like for it to be running smoothly. Plus, I am getting evaluated on this by everyone who is participating.
    I hope everyone else has had a decent week 🙂


  2. I also love the 2003 photo, such a precious gem! I love many of your fragrance choices this week; Youth Dew Amber Nude, Champs Elysee, Nuxe oil, Mon Guerlain. And Envy your Chanel store! I am still loving 1957. I know it didn’t impress you much, but it just makes me happy.
    My week has been dog-focused. I’ve been caring for an elderly dog with cancer who I adore (I’ve babysat him since a puppy); our good dog friend Buttercup crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday at the age of 12.5 (I’m heartbroken); and my 2 year old pup has had many play dates with youngster pups to keep his energy level manageable.
    Portia, you have so blessed to have good friends and Jin to support you during difficult times, and so many friends and communities are blessed to have your kind and generous spirit. I hope this will be an easier week for you.


  3. LOVE the photo with you and Kath’s family! And congrats on your weight loss progress, Portia!

    I’m rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer to try to forget some of the issues this week has brought, the Umbrella Academy is going to have to wait 😉


  4. Luckily my work week was just 4 days, so my weekend was a bit longer than usual. Had a nice meeting with my new employers-to be and they are happy to hire me. So i am waiting for my contract!
    Did a lot of cooking this week and finally made a new batch of Kimchi. Had a nice walk with the boyfriend on sunday, because it was super-sunny and warn and drank a cocktail on the balcony afterwards.


    • Hey Tanja,
      Good luck in the new job, you’re going to be fab!
      KIMCHI! Woo Hoo! I hate it but Jin, obviously, adores it and often makes his own. Suddenly he has a million Korean friends who come and get some. It’s hilarious.
      Cocktails on the balcony sounds very glam.
      Portia xx


  5. Obviously the big highlight of my week was the British Bench Championships. (And, I am so touched by the good wishes and the idea that some of you were even watching. Thank you!) Sorry… longish write up below…

    It was a good result for me: three good lifts, and all white lights (i.e. no technical faults). I am slightly amazed to have managed this, even at the relatively low weights of my attempts. I was *massively* nervous before hand–shaking and feeling like I wanted to throw up. It was like it was my first competition all over again. The adrenaline surges were out of control. I’m usually kid-before-xmas with competitions, so this was confusing–but probably stems from the way that my last real competition was over 18 months ago, and was the final straw of a major injury. This jangling meant I was all over the place in warm up–unfocused, and rushing–and I managed to set up carelessly for one and fail it and pull a muscle in my shoulder while failing it. Small quiet freak out, but it was too late to change my opening attempt to a lower weight. Argh! Decided I would have a go anyway, and if I got it, just leave it at that. So I was shaking and almost crying while waiting, because, bloody hell… all this prep and I just messed it up and and and…brain in seventeen directions at once…

    But something happens when they call “bar loaded” and you walk out onto the platform: nothing else matters. It wasn’t that I found my focus, so much as everything else just *vanished* and focus was the only option. I realised I could adjust my set up to reduce the amount of pain, did that, gritted my teeth, and somehow got that lift without making it hurt more. So, I decided to carry on with the smallest jumps of weight between the attempts allowed, just adding 2.5kg each time, but to stop if I failed the next lift. It’s funny watching my third lift: you can see that I stop and think about it half way up, decide it’s ok, then carry on. (Thinking and lifting rarely mix well, but I got away with it.)

    There were no other competitors in my weight-and-age-group. It’s always better when you have other people to push against–everyone does better that way, and it’s always a lot more fun. So, officially I am now a British Champion, but I don’t feel that I can brag about that, because it was a default win. (i.e. not a win.) But it’s absolutely a personal win for me, because a year ago my original injury was still so bad I couldn’t get dressed without help, or push open a door. I’m not yet back to full strength, but pressing 1.2x my bodyweight at 50 years old isn’t too shabby. When I hit 1.5x I will be demanding a goddamn parade though 🙂

    Also, it was fab to see so many lifters lifting their socks off. Good chat, too. Even had a wee perfume chat with one. Home now. Phew.

    (p.s. pulled muscle is just that… nothing more serious. It’s a wee bit stiff but that’s all, the swelling is already reducing.)


  6. Good friends are a lifeline during the ups and downs!! The 2003 photo wow! Jin is just gorgeous!
    You are a great friend to many, and spark joy in others as much as any perfume. Perfume is a bonus xx
    You smelled amazing last night Aromatics elixir heaven 😘


  7. Congratulations on your continued weight loss and quest for good health! At this rate you’ll be looking like that 2003 photo by Christmas. 🙂

    I’m still dealing with my shoulder problem, but it’s tolerable. The menopause symptoms less so. But will keep a stiff upper lip and carry on, given the lack of options.

    I am really enjoying my bottle of Mon Guerlain too. Didn’t love it at first but it’s grown on me. Looking forward to trying that YSL Velours at some point, it sounds nice.


    • I hope you will forgive unsolicited not-quite-advice but… did you know that tendons/ligament issues can be a thing during menopause? They can be much more prone to injury, and general no-other-cause joint pain. The symptoms *wrecked* me–the short term memory loss, cognitive fog, and emotional storms were particularly hellish–but HRT has been a bloody marvel. Are you able to get your hormone levels checked out, or any other relief from symptoms?


      • Thank you for mentioning that, I was unaware of that connection. I have to wait another six weeks until I get back home to Canada and can see my regular doctors. I am on some hormones (birth control pills) but I think I need bigger guns at this stage of the game.


  8. This week was the start of semester One, a whole new group of first years. Love them, they are always so keen!
    I wore Cuir Beluga for their enjoyment.

    That Wan Chai is really nice, I have a couple of samples kindly gifted by our local meetup group.


  9. Thanks for the plug Portia. The sale has been mayhem since i put it up and it’s still going on.

    You need to set up Apple Pay on your phone. Then you can just pay with the phone the way you would with a card, and not worry about forgetting your wallet.


  10. Late check in for me again because Smallies. First things first, you are making amazing progress health wise, wohoo. Your GP and dietitian must be dancing for joy with your ongoing readings. Not easy I’m sure with what’s being going on around you, so an extra well done to you for your persistence.
    That’s a lovely photo with Kath and family, ha, your youthful little face. Old photos are just the best, I love diving into the photo chest, can lose hours there. Nice set of fumes for you too, and Nuxe oil is the bomb, I love it, put it everywhere, skin and hair. The Nuxe parfum is amazing as well, you should try it. It’s definitely beach scent to me, sort of like Terracotta, Bronze Goddess, Intense Tiare & Dune all got together and had a beautiful baby (even though the Prodigieuse scent oil has been around for yonks).
    My week has been uneventful, work mostly, and then Smallies Invasion on Thursday. I survived the weekend, ha, and we went out for dinner on the way back from dropping them off. Met up with some family and had a few little drinkies but home early like responsible adults (a rarity). This week I’ll be discovering new sniffs, thanks to Crikey. And it’s my birthday this week too, and I’m eyeing up a few little testers and decants to take the sting out of getting even bloody older.


    • I forgot to mention the bingo. I remember being hauled along as a child by my mother who went a couple of times a week. Waaaah, I hated it with a passion. The most boring thing under the sun as far as I was concerned. But your bingo thing sounds altogether different. You put the bing into bingo, I’ll bet.


  11. Congratulations on your progress, it is inspiring! I am happy to be reminded about Oliver & Co. For a long time I have been wanting to purchase M.O.U.S.S.E II, but had not seen the brand for sale in stores. Their website says now only available through it and a storefront in Madrid, but they do offer free worldwide shipping. I just signed up on the website for a 10% off coupon–bonus! 🙂


  12. Thanks for sharing your week Portia. So wish there was a mini Chanel beauty store at my local mall! Not much happening here – work is busy. My darling other has been on holidays – while avoiding the jobs he was supposed to do (painting and gardening in) he did iron all my shirts one afternoon!! Some family stuff to finish off the weekend, and then the beginning of a terribly hot week. Take care of you, sending hugs xx


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